Late-night Encounter

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I knocked lightly on his door, hoping against hope that he was there…and alone. It was the middle of the night, and he answered slowly, obviously rousted from sleep. He smiled slightly, one corner of his delicious mouth turning upward in a sardonic grin. “I thought I told you this wasn’t a good idea?” he questioned.

“I know…but I’m so wet…so horny. Please let me in.” I stood there before him clad in only boxers and a T-shirt, my hard nipples poking through the thin cotton fabric. “Please?”

“You’re married. You know this isn’t a good idea. You’re gonna get someone in trouble…mainly me. I don’t want some jealous husband showing up at my door going nuts because I’m banging his wife.” Undeterred, I lightly traced my finger down his chest, weaving in and out amidst the dark tendrils of hair.

“That’s the beauty of it, honey. He knows already. He told me I should get someone to help him keep me satisfied, because I’m wearing him out.” I paused. “ He doesn’t want these juices going to waste…do you?” At that, I pulled his hand to me and let him feel the moist fabric between my legs. His eyes widened in surprise and he raised an eyebrow, questioningly.

“All that for me, huh?” he grinned again, and stepped back inside, a clear invitation for me to come in.

I followed him inside his apartment and stepped closer to him, snaking an arm up to play with the hairs on the nape of his neck. I breathed deeply, taking in the scent of him, then his lips were on mine, hot, insistent. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth expertly, making me want more. He drew me to him, and I loved the feel of his strong arms circling my waist. Then his hands were in my hair, caressing, grasping, pulling me into him. We kissed deeply for as long as we could take it, then, gasping, came up for air. I looked deep into his eyes and whispered, “Still not a good idea?”

“No,” he whispered back, matter-of-factly. “But I like it.” He took my hand and led me to his bedroom, stopping when he reached the side of the bed. “You’re sure?” he asked.

I pulled off my shirt to reveal my hard, brown nipples, planted on my more than ample breasts. “What do you think?” I grinned.

He cupped my right breast with his left hand, and lowered his mouth slowly, the tip of his tongue dancing circles on my stiffened nipple. His right hand gently kneaded the flesh of my left breast, Samsun Escort and a sigh escaped my lips as he sucked my rosy tip into his mouth. His breath was hot against my skin, and I noticed that the room was quite cold. Goosebumps covered me as his hands roamed over my chest and back. His fingers etched a line down my spine; my shudder was just the response he was after. His mouth left my breast and he made his way slowly up to my neck, gently kissing and nibbling on the way there. Once he found his mark, though, the tame kisses disappeared, replaced by harder, more lustful ones. His tongue played with my ear and his breath sent shivers through my entire body. When he again found my mouth, his lips were heated and unrelenting. His tongue dove between my waiting lips and darted, swirled, flicked around with mine in a passionate dance.

I could feel his hardness against my belly as we kissed, his silky boxers unable to contain the urgency he felt. I lowered my hand and tickled his balls lightly with my fingernails. His moan of pleasure told me he was enjoying my touch. Bolder now, I took his sac in my hand, rolling his balls around with the gentlest touch. Oh-so-slowly, I guided my hand up the length of his shaft, noting how thick and hard he was. “I’ve wanted you since I first laid eyes on you,” I whispered.

His answer to that statement came as a surprise: he cupped his entire hand over my mound, grasped me hard, and growled back, “Now you’ve got me. What are you going to do with me?”

Without saying a word, I pulled the silken material from his waist and dropped to my knees. His erection stood before me like a soldier at full attention, rigid, veined, the head purple with anticipation and need. I took it in my hand and drew it to my mouth, parting my lips and extending my tongue to meet the object of my desire. I lightly licked the engorged helmet, reveling in the taste of the precum glistening on the tip. I circled his helmet with my tongue, then traced swirls of moisture up and down the shaft. I licked the underside of his cock, from balls to tip, and back down again, stopping to delicately suckle his scrotum, first one side, then the other, bringing as much of him as I could completely into my mouth. I licked my lips and started my ascent to the shiny knob resting atop his pole, grasping the base of his shaft and bringing my hand Samsun Escort Bayan up in time with my tongue.

I waited then, poised to swallow his meat whole, and looked up at him, my eyes shining in the moonlight that invaded the blinds. “Now what do you think? Still a bad idea?” No words this time, just a slight shaking of the head. I silently vowed to convince him otherwise. Once more, I sent my tongue out to greet my new acquaintance, lightly flicking the tip of my tongue across his tiny hole. I thought, “If he tastes this good now, I can’t wait to drink down the really good stuff.”

Still on my knees, I licked my lips once more, parted them in a smile, and drew his cock into my mouth, the intense suction making him gasp as the head was overcome by heat and he yielded to the tight embrace of my lips. I continued to suck, pulling the length of him into my mouth, my tongue massaging his shaft as I engulfed his rigid tool. I stopped when I could feel the end of his rod brush my throat; I didn’t want to give him that particular pleasure just yet. As I leisurely pulled my face away from him, my tongue still working his inches, a groan escaped his lips. He again reached into my hair and grabbed hold of my head, reluctant to feel the chill of the air after experiencing the heat of my mouth. “Easy, boy,” I said through a mouthful of cock, “I’m nowhere near done with you!”

I suckled him gently, slowly, then, making love to him with my mouth. I wanted nothing more at that point than to suck him hard and drain his balls dry, but I knew that I had to make this encounter last. I took my time, experimenting with various techniques to determine what he enjoyed the most. I began by planting light kisses up and down his tool, gripping the root with my hand and milking just a couple of inches at the base. Then I increased the intensity and sucked him deep into my mouth, again working my tongue on his pole. I moved faster, my hand moving in time with my head, pulling his prick, licking, sucking, tasting. He moaned loudly, and I stopped. I didn’t want him to let go too soon. I had to make sure he was pleased by my presence. My hands traveled up his torso, and, finding his nipples erect from pleasure and cold, I circled them tenderly with a finger. He sighed; I could tell that his need to release was mounting, but I wanted to bring him there Escort Samsun slowly, build the exquisite tension a little at a time until he could take it no longer.

I ran my hands back down his well-defined body, taking in every nuance of his muscular build. Using slight pressure that sent goose bumps raging over his skin, I traced a line back and gripped his ass, massaging his buns, pressing my nails into him just enough to make their presence known. I teased the point of his rod with light flicks of my tongue, one side, then the other, top, bottom, tip, the gentlest of nibbles combining with the efforts of my tongue to make him ache with desire. Suddenly, he was filling my mouth again, pushing his cock into my face with a new fervor. He wanted to come, and I certainly wasn’t going to stop him. I grabbed his waist and silently urged him to stop moving. I wanted to do this for him. I began working his cock at a furious pace, pushing my mouth down on his cock forcefully, massaging his balls with one hand while the other gripped the base of his tool. I could feel his sac tightening, the semen churning in his balls as he readied for the impending release. I wanted to taste him, feel his hot load spurting into my mouth and down my throat, taste the delectable essence of him. I continued my efforts, and heard his breathing quicken, his panting a telltale sign of his impending orgasm. Sensing his urgency, I worked harder yet, sucking him with all my might, sliding my hand up and down his now throbbing rod in time with my mouth’s masterful pumps. He moaned aloud, reared his head back, and grabbed a handful of my hair, slamming his hips into me, fucking my face with his hot meat. Then came the sauce, a savory palette of flavors ranging from sweet to salty and bitter all in one huge dollop. I delighted in the feel of his hot juice spurting wave after wave into my waiting mouth. He groaned again, and I felt him shudder in my arms as a huge gob of liquid lust burst against my tonsils. Several more thrusts from him, accompanied by my journeys up and down the entire length of his rod, assured us both that I had drained from him every last drop of molten desire.

I rose to meet his lips, and he drew me close, his hands again in my hair. He kissed me deeply, passionately, the taste of his own juices still coating my mouth and tongue. His hands roamed hungrily over my trembling body, goose bumps sprouting up everywhere he touched. He flashed me that grin again, and my pussy absolutely twitched. “Now it’s your turn,” he whispered in my ear.

…to be continued

This is my first time writing a story of this type, so if you vote, please be gentle.

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