Last Week at University Pt. 01

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Big Cock

This story follows on chronologically from ‘University Coming to an End’ but can be read as a separate story.

My time at university was all but over, I had about one week before the end of year ball and that was pretty much it. After that I had just a few days before packing up my belongings, leave Manchester and pending some job interviews, I would hopefully start my career as a graduate in London.

I had a long-term boyfriend, Sam, throughout my time at university although he still lived in my hometown, I only saw him occasionally during term time but he was joining me for our end of year ball. I hadn’t really been all that keen on him coming, for a number of reasons, the main one being that I’d cheated on him so many times when I’d been away from him, I was worried that he’d somehow find out, we’d bump into someone I’d sucked off or he’d notice me making eye contact with a boy who’d cum inside me and wonder what had been going on for the last three years.

I believed that most people considered me to be reserved, hard working and relatively shy. One of those people was Jack, a boy on my course who I’d fancied since the very start. He certainly wouldn’t still be carrying any of those initial thoughts about me because the last time I’d seen him, it ended in a threesome with another boy, Jack’s cum smeared all over my face. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my phone to see he’d sent me a message asking to meet me for coffee. I cursed the fact that he’d not given me much time to prepare myself but was happy to be seeing him again.

As I entered the coffee shop, I noted the glum look on Jack’s face, despite my eager smile.

“Look Charlotte, I just wanted to clear a few things up, just in case we bump into each other and I’m with Jenny (his girlfriend),” he told me as I sat down.

Jack went to great lengths to stress that he loved his girlfriend and he wanted to be sure that nothing about our lustful session should ever get out. I was disappointed because, even though I was also in a relationship, I felt a lot for him and I secretly hoped he’d split up from his girlfriend to be with me. I would have left Sam for him, of that I was sure. To be hearing this made me feel sick and Jack just kept on talking and talking.

“Charlotte,” he said to me, “I couldn’t ever be with someone long term, if I knew they’d give themselves to more than one person.”

I struggled to get my words out, thinking of his double standards as he’d been part of what had happened, I was close to tears.

“Jack,” our conversation was interrupted, “mate, can I join you?”

It was Chris, Jack’s housemate, obviously oblivious to what was happening as he chatted to Jack mainly, occasionally to me but he struggled to make eye contact with me and appeared a little nervous. I knew Chris but not that well.

Not wanting to hang around any longer, I made my excuses and left them to it, I was feeling really upset so I gave my friend Amy a call. She said that she was just on her way out with her friend Georgia to get some food and she invited me to join them.

I trusted Amy with my slutty secrets but I didn’t know her friend Georgia well enough to share them with her as well so I was pleased that she only stayed with us for a short while so that I could furnish Amy with the full details of what I’d been up to and that she’d understand.

It wasn’t long before food became drinks and the disappointment of Jack’s rejection became less painful.

“They say the best way to get over someone,” Amy said to me, “is to get under someone else and those two guys over there have been seriously giving us the eye.”

I wasn’t sure but Amy insisted it would be fun and made a point of making them know they’d got her attention, therefore, it wasn’t long until they’d joined us at our table and were buying us drinks.

They were two fairly average looking guys, both students and our age and with the alcohol flowing it wasn’t long before we were quite obviously flirting with them. It was fun and Amy was right, it was just what I needed. I didn’t have long left at university so I vowed to make the most of situations such as this and just see where it took me.

Amy had shown more enthusiasm from the offset so it was no surprise that the better looking of the two, Josh, was making more of the moves on her, leaving me with Toby. He was a solid sort of a guy and although I too preferred Josh, I was aware of the situation and I was having fun.

Inevitably the conversation became ever more flirtatious.

“Who Tuzla Escort has got with the most guys?” Josh asked us both.

“Definitely me,” Amy responded, “Charlotte here has a boyfriend.”

“Yes,” I said with a smirk, “and he’s the only one I ever get with.”

“She’d have to drink a lot before she even thought of another man,” Amy quipped, prompting Toby to head to the bar. He wasn’t really my type, I thought eyeing him walking across but I thought maybe he’ll have to do for tonight, I was going to get an offer from Jack again, of that, I was sure.

Toby reappeared at our table with 12 shots, 6 green and 6 red, I wasn’t sure what they were but the two boys obviously knew what they were doing as Josh announced it was time for a drinking game.

“Would you rather, that’s the name of the game,” Josh said, “you drink a green or red shot and then Toby and I drink the other one.”

“Amy, you go first,” Josh commanded, “green for giving and red for receiving, drink what you prefer.”

Amy helped herself to the red, leaving Josh to take the green, then it was my turn.

I went to grab the red shot as Amy had done.

“Hang on a second,” Amy stopped me, “we all know she loves giving it out more.”

I couldn’t help a sly smile from spreading across my face, Amy knew how much I loved a cock in my mouth, I’d told her often enough, as I offered my faux outrage at being directed towards the green shot, making eye contact with Toby as I knocked the drink back.

Lights on or off resulted in both Amy and I drinking for lights on.

Then the final question, “green for spit or red for swallow?”

Again, I made eye contact with Toby as I took the green shot. I noticed Amy’s green liquid had also gone.

I looked across to see Amy had wrapped her arms around Josh and was whispering something in his ear. I don’t know exactly what it was about this interaction that just turned me on.

The way she had moved her head to one side was just so seductive. If she was going to get with Josh then she was always doing a good job of preparing me for his less attractive friend Toby.

I couldn’t help but continue to stare as she pressed her lips to his in a slow sensual embrace. My attention only brought back to the man by my side as I felt his hand on the bare skin of my thigh.

I wasn’t convinced that I did want this man, at least not yet, so I didn’t turn to face him in a way that may have led him to think that he could have kissed me as his friend was to Amy.

I wasn’t convinced that I didn’t want him either, so I let him leave his hand on my thigh, as Amy and Josh broke off their kiss we resumed drinking with a definite sexual tension in the air.

I knew I was having fun, Jack was far from my thoughts as Josh invited us all back to his for further drinks. I could tell that something would happen between him and Amy but Toby still had work to do for sparks to fly between us two.

Josh and Toby lived in a shared house with one other boy and it wasn’t far from the pub. We had some more drinks when we got there and it was good fun.

The music had been playing since our arrival and the latest song encouraged Amy to dance even closer to Josh. He had removed his top and she ground back onto him, still fully clothed. I was enjoying watching this, she hooked her arm around his neck, pushing him to the edge of the table as he leant round and kissed her neck.

“Go Amy!” I shouted out, enjoying the moment, Toby still on the other side of the room.

I continued to watch as Amy turned around to face her man, pushing him towards the table and lying on him to passionately kiss him, her hands either side of his face.

“Oh get a room,” cried out Toby, reminding me that he was still here as I was fixated on my friend and her newest man.

They had moved to a standing position but continued kissing, Josh’s hands roaming all over my friend’s lithe body. I was enjoying the show, shouting encouragement from the sidelines so was disappointed as they did as Toby suggested and made their way to his bedroom.

Toby asked me if I wanted another drink. I was on the verge of leaving, he wasn’t really what I would consider conventionally attractive, although fairly well built, but I said that I would stay for just one more. As Toby went to get it, I made my way to the bathroom.

On my way I stole a glance into Josh’s bedroom, the door ajar. I watched them groping each other, Josh topless, Amy still fully clothed. Gebze Escort As I made my way back, I looked in again, Amy was lying on her back Josh kissing her neck. I could tell she was turned on and I was too. He grazed his hands across her body and I heard her gently moaning.

Toby owed this to his housemate Josh because as I returned to the lounge I was seriously turned on.

“Dance with me now,” I told him, the music still playing.

“Won’t your boyfriend mind?” Toby asked me. Not that it had stopped him because he said that after he’d moved close to me.

“It’s just a dance,” I replied, his hands roaming all over my clothed body.

I had dressed for the daytime, in my shorts, a black sports bra under my baggy white t-shirt but I had fixed my hair and makeup in anticipation of potentially something else happening with Jack earlier.

“Do you want me?” I whispered into his ear, in the back of my mind I was seeking validation again after Jack had brushed me aside.

“Yes,” he whispered back to me, “I want so so much.”

We kissed, still standing, his hands freeing my t-shirt and him removing his. We continued kissing, feeling each other’s bodies.

My hands on his waist, he took this as a cue to pull down his jeans. I could see the outline of his erection in his boxer shorts as I sat back on the chair. Kneeling on the chair I beckoned him towards me and reached inside his underwear to feel his hardening cock in my hands.

I pulled his boxer shorts down and his erection sprang out as I continued to play with it using my hands. Toby reached inside my bra from above my kneeling position on the chair lightly rubbing my nipples.

“I want to suck your dick,” I told him, moving down to the floor, kneeling in front of him.

He pushed his erect cock towards my face and I rubbed the head around my lips.

I took him in my mouth and held it there while I looked up at him from my knees.

“I love giving blowjobs,” after as I drew my mouth back, “tell me if you like it Toby.”

“Oh, fuck yes, I really do like it Charlotte…you’re good at this.”

I kept sucking him off.

“You’re too good,” he said, pulling away from me, “I don’t want to cum, not yet anyway.”

I took that as validation that I did good work on him.

He kissed me again, kneeling alongside me on the floor and then as he made his way down my body, I told him to kiss my neck, having seen Amy being kissed there I felt the need to have it done to me as well.

It definitely turned me on and he played with my nipples again but my sports bra remained on. I lifted my hips so that he could firstly pull off my shorts and then my thong.

He inserted one, then two fingers inside me before he started licking my pussy.

As we were both lying on the floor, I repositioned myself so that I was directly sitting on his face.

I moaned in appreciation at his work.

As I aligned my exposed pussy with his mouth, I took his dick again in 69.

As I was getting into the rhythm of doing this, my head facing the door I noticed it was ajar with some slight movement.

I spotted someone behind the door, I couldn’t work out who but I could tell someone was watching us.

This turned me on even more as I ground my pussy into his face, sitting on his tongue.

I could see a vague figure, I knew it was neither Josh nor Amy so I assumed it must have been the third housemate.

Facing the door, I pulled my sports bra over my head to reveal my perky pierced nipples to whoever I thought was watching. I was barely touching Toby’s dick now as I sat upright on his face.

I wanted to put a display on for him.

I rubbed my hands over my body as I sat astride Toby’s face.

“Your tongue feels so fucking good,” I told him, “it turns me on when I cheat on my boyfriend.”

My wet pussy wasn’t allowing any words from Toby.

“I hope you’re going to fuck me as good as you lick me,” I continued to cry out.

More of the figure by the door came into view, I definitely hadn’t seen him before and this just turned me on.

I made eye contact with the voyeur as I continued to grind my pussy on Toby’s face.

“Fuck, that feels good,” I knew what was on the way, “don’t move your face.”

With my hands pinching my nipples I could feel myself cumming on Toby’s face as I maintained eye contact with the stranger.

Composing myself, Toby led me to his bedroom, one hand on my naked arse, the stranger disappearing before his housemate Aydınlı Escort saw him.

“Sounds like they’re having fun,” I commented, passing Josh’s room where we could hear the sounds of please.

“We can too,” Toby told me before manhandling me, willingly, onto his bed, kissing me again, stopping at my neck, his hands all over my naked body. His erect penis toyed with the entrance of my wet pussy.

I gasped as he entered me.

“Charlotte, you’re so hot,” he told me as he started to quicken the pace.

“Does that feel good?” I asked him as he thrusted inside me, my legs now over his shoulders. My question was answered with a knowing nod and he just kept going.

“I love getting fucked by people I’ve just met,” I was feeling good and I wanted him to know.

He manipulated my body so that he pressed his torso down on to me and kissed my neck again.

“Oh god,” I encouraged him and he moaned back in pleasure.

He flipped me round into doggy and continued to drive himself into me.

“Fuck, I love your dick,” I continued to encourage him, “you use it as well as your tongue.”

“Charlotte,” he pulled my hair back and spoke in a lowered tone directly into my ear, “you’re so fucking tight, you have no idea what you’re doing to me.”

“Keep fucking me like this Toby,” I moaned, “and I’ll tell you exactly what you’re going to do to me…”

“Yes,” he growled back at me, slamming inside of me still.

“You’re going to make it happen again,” sensing what was about to occur, “keep filling me up.”

“I’m going to make you cum so fucking hard,” he continued and I cried out in pleasure, my body quivering with pleasure as he did as he promised.

With barely any time to recover, I was on my back again with Toby driving himself into me.

“Does that feel good?” He asked me.

“I can’t get enough of you fucking me like this,” I responded and he continued to drive himself inside me.

“Fuck,” he gasped continuing to thrust inside me, perhaps too lustily as he pulled his dick out and produced a stream of cum over my belly.

We took a few minutes to compose ourselves, I definitely enjoyed and needed that. He directed me towards his bathroom so that I could clean myself up and I retrieved my clothes.

As I made my way back to Toby’s room, the sounds coming from Josh and Amy had subsided but I noticed a light on and a door open to one of the other rooms. Looking in, I saw what must have been the third housemate, his closely cropped hair and face peeking out from under his sheets.

“I see you,” I told him, before teasing, “but I like it.”

I was ready to climb back into bed with Toby but he had fallen fast asleep.

Still feeling naughty, I crept back towards the other open door.

“Did you like what you saw?” I presented myself, still fully naked.

“Yes,” he mumbled back at me, seemingly unsure of what was going on.

“Well, you helped me cum, I saw you watching, would you like me to help you?”

I was naked, sat on his bed and he pulled back the covers to reveal his naked body and proud erection.

I set about sucking his cock.

I looked up at him to make eye contact, his face a blur of confusion and excitement.

Once I had eased it all the way inside my mouth, he would have seen his cock gradually disappearing from his sight as I took it all the way back to my throat where I gagged on it producing a load of spit.

I gasped and then repeated my trick. With my hands free I reached around and squeezed his bum.

“Do you like how I do that?”

“Oh yes,” he moaned appreciatively.

I held him at his base with both of my hands and swirling my tongue over his tip.

He murmured again.

I then simply bobbed my head up and down, his dick sliding in and out of my mouth, it went deeper and deeper. I held his cock in my mouth, not quite deep throating him this time but I used my tongue to move backwards and forwards over him.

“Are you going to cum for me?” I asked, slurping after his cock withdrew from my mouth.

“No, not yet, I want it to last longer.”

“But I want to make you cum in my mouth, right now,” I said, placing my hands back on his shaft and working in unison with my hands I made the most effort to get a man off, rising to the challenge.

I kept my lips firmly locked over the tip of his cock as I jerked it at the same time, it wasn’t long before he gave in, I could feel the tension in his body change before the release of his cum into my mouth. I kept going as his cum came spurting out, waves of thick white cream deposited in my eager mouth, as he gasped in appreciation.

I realised that I didn’t even know his name but I didn’t care, I only had a few days left at university and I wanted to make the most of it.

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