Large Girls Gotta Have Fun…

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They were an awesome pair and had grown up in homes next to each other. They’d been born within two weeks of each other and always looked much alike. As kids they helped each other in battles or arguments with other kids and as they grew their friendship remained intact. Even at their first signs of maturity they shared everything. In High school they were nearly inseparable and yet neither had dated.

Their daddy’s called them their little butterballs because they looked so much alike and had grown heavier than their classmates. Even then the two girls remained as happy as they could be while missing boyfriends. Boys did sometimes like them and joked about their closeness but none dared ask either out on a date.

After graduation the girls went to the same Community college and took the same classes.

Both girls wanted boyfriends and had no feelings for each other except the deepest friendship. However they talked and always swapped stories they’d heard about boys and sex. Remarkably the girls had gleaned a superior knowledge of boys and what they wanted. As teens they’d frequently babysat the same kids together and as a result of sitting with some male children near puberty they’d seen the male organ both relaxed and aroused.

One boy of that age loved to wait for his parents to leave and then strip entirely and run around the house naked. The girls had tried many times to get him to dress and not do it again but as soon as they had him dressed he’d run off and strip again. The boy had nothing sexual in mind but merely enjoyed running around nude. He knew when his parents would be home and had always dressed before they arrived. It was just one of those things they’d talked about.

They moved on to University after graduation from the two-year college and began sharing an apartment. They still hadn’t been on a date.

Another friend had confided that she thought the girls were too close and that it scared the boys away and so for one entire semester the girls signed up for the same classes but took them at different times so they were never seen together. They didn’t even meet for lunch and cultivated separate circles of friends.

At end of the semester they’d still neither been approached by a boy even though they’d each tried flirting openly.

After graduation they were each approached by the same company and hired into the same large department. In that department they were assigned desks at opposite ends of a two-hundred person department and were usually only together on the way to and from work and in their joint apartment. They began to commiserate and tried to develop a strategy that might work for them but it was no use. They’d almost given up hope of ever meeting, knowing or dating guys.

Suddenly one day things changed when they went to lunch together in the middle of a week at work. They shared one of their cars and drove to a small fast food place that had inside tables.

They were next in line when a tall guy only slightly older came in. They made instant eye contact and he smiled. They ordered and while they waited the guy said that he’d seen them both at work. He worked there too.

It was nice but they expected things to go along the same as they always had as the girls carried their food to a table and sat down.

One of the girls was named Dawn and her folks called her Donnie. While very small Dawn began calling her friend Bonnie and continued calling her that from then on. They were Donnie and Bonnie to everyone and then in college that even changed and they called each other ‘D’ or ‘B’.

As they sat down D glanced back at the tall guy in line and whispered “Did you notice the boner he had?” and B answered “I did and did you see the size of that thing?”

The words were barely out of their mouths when he came to their table and asked if he could eat with them. The girls looked at each other and giggled softly as they welcomed him.

He was a shy sweet guy and appeared to be very smart and they both liked him as they shared small talk and used the entire lunch time before deciding they had to hurry back or be late.

As they stood the guy looked at them and asked if perhaps someday they might like to go out and do something together. It took a moment to sink in before the girls realized he might become their first male friend. D told him they’d love to see him again and told him that they were usually both home after nine any night. Meanwhile B wrote their address and phone on a clean napkin and handed it to him. His smile was now bigger than they’d ever seen.

They waved goodbye and followed him back to work while they talked and shared their opinion of him. B was certain that his boner had grown throughout lunch and D responded that it looked like it was doubled-over in his pants and must be huge. B asked if D wanted to taste it as much as she did. D replied she might even want it more but first the guy would have to call them, ask them out and then they’d have to find a way into his pants. Both gebze escort girls laughed aloud in the car as they pulled in to work and parked.

The weekend came and the next week went without hearing from him and they’d begun to think he wasn’t going to call.

Friday night the girls went to an R-rated movie with some rather explicit sex scenes and on the way home B said she was so hot thinking about the scene that she was going to grab ‘Big Lon’ when she got into the apartment and see if she could put him to work. D asked if she had fresh batteries and B smiled as she said yes.

D frowned and said she had to do without batteries but that sometimes the size of her toy was good even without batteries.

B said she had dibs on the bathroom and D told her it was fine because her toy was silent and she could use it anywhere.

In all their time together the girls had frequently seen each other nude but had never shown any interest in watching the other masturbate even though they’d sometimes discussed the results.

It was just past nine when they arrived at their apartment, parked and headed into their place. The phone was ringing and B told D to answer it because she had a date with ‘Big Lon’ and headed to the bedroom.

B had named her toy after they’d each decided to buy one. She told D that she was going to call it ‘Big Lon’ after a boy they’d heard of in High School. They’d never gone anywhere with the guy but several of their girlfriends had and all of them bragged about the size of his package. As she’d remembered the stories she thought it would be great to remember the guy by naming something good after him. D had never named hers.

D answered the phone and then covered the mouthpiece and shouted at B to hold it and come back. It was him and he said he’d tried calling since before six but guessed nobody was home when he remembered they’d said they’d probably always be home after nine. It was a Friday night and if they didn’t have to work he wondered if they’d like to share a pizza at their place and maybe have a beer.

D told him she’d check with B and covered the phone again before she asked B. They agreed it would be great to have a guy visit the apartment and so D invited him over. He told her it would take at least thirty minutes because he’d have to order and wait for the pizza before he could get there. The girls were in every hurry and after the phone was hung up B reminded D of the bottle they had up in the cupboard. It was an unopened bottle of Vodka they’d purchased before Christmas the previous year.

They’d ended up not opening the bottle because they had no idea how much it would take to get them drunk and then they’d gone home for Christmas after all and put the bottle away.

Now B suggested they try and get the guy drunk and take advantage of him. D laughed and thought it was a great idea because didn’t guys do that all the time to girls?

The girls had decided to wear no lingerie, wear low-cut blouses and their shortest skirts with high heels.

It was almost ten when they heard a knock on the door but they were ready.

They invited him in and told him to sit on the couch. He picked a spot too close to one end and B went over and squeezed in between him and the couch arm so that he had to move closer to the center. B began talking with him while D turned on the TV, handed him a stack of movie DVD’s then went into the kitchen and returned carrying plates, napkins and glasses with the bottle of Vodka. D sat on his other side and asked what movie he wanted to see.

They’d preselected the movies to offer him and they were all porn except for one very old R-rated movie.

He didn’t know what to choose and tried to get out of watching any of them but the girls told him not to be afraid and pick one. They told him that they’d heard all of the movies were good but had previously seen only one of them.

He closed his eyes and picked a DVD and handed it to D without looking at the title. It was one of the DVD’s that actually showed more detailed porn than nearly any of the rest and she showed it to B and heard B laugh as she handed it back.

B began putting pizza on the plates as D fed the movie into the player and started it.

In a moment B suggested they open the beer but use glasses instead of the tall cans he’d brought. There were two six packs of Light beer because he’d heard that because the beer was light that girls would drink a lot more of it and could still get just as drunk. He wanted at least one of them drunk by the time they finished the Extra Large pizza he’d brought.

After tasting the beer D suggested they spike the beer with Vodka because the beer tasted kind of mild. They didn’t wait for him to answer because B said it was a great idea and he just went quietly along with them.

As he partially emptied his glass they poured more Vodka each time into it and sometimes poured their own into it to keep his glass göztepe escort filled so that it seemed they were drinking as much as he was. One girl would distract him while the other refilled his glass.

They pointed out the most interesting sexual scenes to him and watched his pants to see the effect. It was sizeable.

After each girl finished one glass he’d had at least three and began slurring his speech. By the end of the fourth glass he was definitely drunk and they began holding his glass and insisting he drink more.

B soon took the initiative and asked why he’d originally talked to them and he slurred his words as he answered that he thought they were cute and wanted to meet them. She asked if he always met girls this way and he answered that he’d never asked for a date in his life, had always wanted to but was too shy. He said that the only girls he’d been with were skinny, boney girls that asked him out.

She asked what they did and wanted him for and he told them girls always wanted to see his cock and fuck him because it was so large. A moment passed and he apologized by saying he hadn’t meant to use naughty words in their company.

The girls laughed and D told him it was okay and even arousing because they’d always wanted to hear a guy talk to them that way and it was fun.

He retreated then and said skinny girls always wanted to see and touch his cock and then when they were turned on by it they’d fuck him and many of them even gave him a blowjob. He said that only one gal he’d gone out with ever had good-sized titties and he loved big titties.

B asked him more about the girl and he told them it was terrible because she didn’t want to be touched but was all over him and all he could do was look. He added that her ass was as bony on top of him as all the rest and not any better to fuck. But she used to love to lick his cock and suck on his balls because she couldn’t get her mouth open enough to take it all in. He said he’d always wondered if her titties were real and if they were he’d wanted to tittie-fuck them real bad.

D asked him what kind of girls he liked and he told them he’d always wanted girls with big tits and a full ass and then after a minute he added that was why he wanted to meet the two of them.

B giggled and asked why he liked fat girls and he answered that he didn’t think they were fat but just nice. Then he said his sister was that way and all her friends and he loved them all.

D was surprised and asked if he’d had sex with his sister and he looked at her but couldn’t really focus and said that he never would because that would be wrong. She continued and asked if he’d ever had sex with any of his sister’s friends and he told them she was six years younger than he was and that was too young. Then he smiled and said he had a brother that was four years younger than he was and his brother had fucked most of his sister’s friends. His brother had told him how great fucking big girls was and ever since he’d wanted to ask big girls out himself and fuck them too. He was certain his brother was right because he’d always wanted to know a big girl himself and not have girls with boney asses riding him.

D asked if he thought they’d be fun to fuck and he smiled and said he was absolutely positive they would be.

B asked if he wanted to see their tits and then when he smiled they didn’t wait for an answer but pulled up their blouses. B asked him if he wanted to tittie-fuck their titties. It was funny watching him trying to see them both at once as his head swung back and forth and then he got dizzy and he reached for one to steady himself.

He’d been sitting on the edge of a couch cushion and now leaned back, rested his head and shoulders against the back of it and spread his knees wide while his arousal looked like it was still huge.

Finally he passed out and the girls began their fun.

They took turns touching him and giggling as his cock responded and grew even larger. Soon they felt they’d better take it out and give it some freedom. He didn’t even know what was happening and it took both of them to get his fly open, his pants down and his cock out. It was bigger than they’d ever guessed and seemed to them almost as large as the guy in the porn video. They thought it was beautiful and perfectly shaped.

B tasted it first and liked it before D insisted she have a turn too.

The two girls had Hope Chests they’d been stocking since they got out of High School and D remembered the set of King-sized sheets they’d bought for them. She reminded B that they couldn’t carry him into the bedroom because he was too heavy and besides they had twin beds they’d pushed together to leave room around the apartment’s only bedroom and allow them to get around. They each had their own bedding and kept the center sides tucked in all the time so that they’d never share a bed.

D went in and got the two extra-large sheets from her Hope Chest and haramidere escort then the two girls moved the coffee table out of the way and made a bed on the rug in the front room.

Somehow they managed to get him off the sofa and onto the sheets then B got their pillows and they put one under his head and undressed him completely. His body was perfect and exactly what they needed but even more importantly although he was drunk and asleep he still had a huge boner that loved to be touched.

The girls undressed now and lay on opposite sides of him and shared stroking and sucking him. D thought she’d tasted his precum once although they couldn’t get any more. They wanted to taste him when he climaxed but couldn’t get him to that point. D had heard that alcohol sometimes had that effect and reduced a guy’s sexual response so they made new plans.

B went in and got their video camera and tripod then brought them back to the front room.

B directed the start of the first scene and helped D pull his arms so they were extended on the rug straight above his head then had D get on her knees above his head and assume a position facing his feet. When she was in position B folded his arms over the lower part of D’s legs so that it looked like he was pulling D down, and then D spread her legs and lowered her pussy above his mouth. She was careful not to obstruct his breathing and then B told her to begin rotating her hips and hump his head as she recorded it. In the video it looked like he was eating D’s pussy.

Next she had D lean forward, take it into her mouth then suck his cock and begin bobbing up and down on it. D didn’t need any direction to enjoy it. It recorded perfectly and then B took D’s place and repeated that entire part of the video but B managed to get his cock deep into her throat and D asked how she’d done it. B said that she only had to relax her throat muscles and it slipped right in deep.

Everything went perfectly and then B climbed over his cock and fed his hardness in and began fucking him for real on the recording. She was just reaching a climax when suddenly his hardness went soft and she couldn’t finish so with the camera focused at her side she pretended he was still fucking her.

They swapped again and D felt left out because she hadn’t felt him in her pussy but for the video she pretended and it was filmed.

Finally they put the camera on the tripod and took positions on their knees on each side of him and stretched his full sized but flaccid cock out on his leg and with his huge balls in plain view. They filmed it now using the remote control to enable the camera and smiled as it looked like they’d swapped sucking his cock and finally got him off.

When it was finished they turned the camera off and crawled in naked on each side of him after turning off all the lights and locking the front door. They took turns all night holding his cock and stroking or sucking it and then about four that morning D had been sucking and woke up B to tell her he was getting hard again. D kept working and almost managed to swallow him before B told her she should practice with her toy until she could do it.

B took over and managed to get him off and when he climaxed she took about half of it before she grabbed D, pulled up and shoved D’s head and mouth down over him. D had never tasted anything like it before and really liked it.

When he was soft again they talked awhile before it was B’s turn to continue working and trying to get him hard again.

They napped and stroked and slept late until D had her hand wrapped around him again and he got hard. This time she climbed on top of him and fed his cock in then fucked him minutes longer than B had enjoyed before she woke B and told her. D had climaxed more than five times when she’d awakened B.

B took over orally and then had another idea. She used her fingers to get them wet and then told D what she was doing. She smeared her wetness on his upper hip and had D do the same with her own sweetness across his lower lip. They each smeared their nipples with their own wetness and B resumed her blowjob until he began waking up.

At first he was confused and started to sit up then noticed what was happening and relaxed with a smile on his face. D asked him if he was enjoying it and he shook his head yes. D took his hand and brought it to her naked breast then leaned down and kissed his neck.

He licked his lips and then said aloud that something really tasted good and he knew what it was but he was confused with the two mixed tastes. Slowly he tried to remember what had happened last night but couldn’t.

D told him how great he was last night and they still remembered it all. He tried and drew a blank before B paused long enough to tell him they’d filmed it and they’d show him in a few minutes but first he had to let himself go.

He smiled and did exactly what she’d wanted.

When finally B crawled off and used the sheet to dry their juices he sat up and began studying their bodies. He was completely turned on and began stroking his still wet cock as he told them how good they looked and how much he loved seeing them both naked.

D asked him if he really didn’t remember all that happened last night and he swore that he didn’t so she turned on the TV, rewound the record to the start and played it for him.

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