Lanzarote Adventure

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Me and my boyfriend Dave work 7 months of the year without a day off and sometimes, even though we live together, barely see each other. Opportunities to have sex with each other, let alone anyone else, are few and far between. As soon as the season finishes, we head to sunnier climes and so in early November we found ourselves in Lanzarote. No gay scene to offer but it was simply to recharge our batteries and get some sun.

We rarely ventured out of the apartment for 4 days except to walk down the beach every afternoon, away from the crowds, and slip out of all our clothes. Sometimes just lying there and seeing Dave’s shaved cock made me horny as hell and we very quickly made up for what we’d missed when we had been working.

Our week in the sun was coming to an end but we decided to go out for a drink and a meal, we had passed a little bar that was thankfully empty of children a few times so called in for a glass of wine before going on to eat. When we arrived, there were 3 others in the bar so it was quiet and we sat at the bar. The owner, a lady, served us and engaged in some polite small talk. As we finished our drinks, another straight couple arrived, she carrying too much weight and he had sat down so I didn’t notice his shape but he was wearing a smart shirt and jeans. They also engaged in some typical holiday conversation, moaning as Brits do about the food, the accommodation, the foreigners and especially the weather…

They explained they were early retired, both late 50s so about 10 years older than the 2 of us. They had been here for just over 3 weeks and seemingly Martin had been the life and soul of the bar’s weekly theme night whilst his wife enjoyed karaoke which we were most fortunate to have missed. Out came the phone and we were ‘treated’ to photos of Martin dressed as an Indian, Martin in a toga. You get my drift. He had even, though no pictures to demonstrate, dressed in a mankini, Borat style. I tried to see if he had the physique but as he was dressed and seated like us at the bar, I admired his happy and enthusiastic demeanour if nothing else. He wasn’t unattractive for his age, strawberry blond, blue eyed and clean shaven and had some colour from his stay. We exchanged more pleasantries and finished our drinks before departing, promising dishonestly to return again shortly.

Late the next morning, after I had tidied away breakfast and we had both showered, there was a knock at the door which I assumed would be the cleaner. In fact Martin stood there which took me aback but Dave had given him our apartment location ‘overlooking the pool, halfway down’ and he had come to the small complex and asked around until he found us. His wife and the bar owner had gone shopping and then to a spa on the other side of the island.

“Come in” I said and offered him a beer or a juice. Another thing the Brits do well is start drinking early so he and Dave took a beer, I opted for something gaziantep bayan eskort soft. Most out of character!

He stood just under 5’11 and was at a guess 12 stone so average build but he was wearing a t-shirt so I could see he had kept in shape, which I commented on and he explained was due to him having been a carpenter all his life, carrying his toolkit and various pieces of heavy wood, furniture etc.

He asked to use the bathroom and off he went, seemingly to piss. He hadn’t closed the door fully so we heard the splashing as the beer he had or the liquid refreshment from the night before perhaps hit the toilet water. I used the opportunity to give Dave my ‘what the fuck?’ look and he shrugged his shoulders, as neither of us knew why he had come round; we hardly knew him and he hadn’t been invited. Still, we could always make some polite excuse, I thought.

He emerged from the bathroom and hilariously, stood there in only the mankini he had told us about. Bought from one of the shops selling tourist tat down on the front, it was getting it’s second outing. Dave and I laughed, perhaps out of embarrassment, and Martin laughed too. I tried not to look at whether he filled the pouch part but admired further his arms and shoulders. To be far, I decided my original guess at his weight was wrong, he had perhaps an extra 10 pounds around his middle but wasn’t overweight or indeed in bad shape for a man of his age.

“Nice,” I said, “did it get you a prize or just a lot of women touching your arse?”

“A jug of sangria and the men were the worst” he said, explaining that in an effort to prove their masculinity, they almost all took a turn at pinching his bum. I wanted to ask if he would give us a twirl but guessed correctly that he had been asked by everybody the same thing the night he wore it. Seemingly the straight guys pinched real hard too and he said he had sore buttocks for about a week afterwards. I didn’t really know what to say or do as he stood there so I went to the fridge and got him a second beer. It gave me a chance too to check out his cheeks for myself, they were round, firm and smooth, covered in the lightest amount of fine hair the same colour as his head, but in the mankini you could see they hadn’t had any exposure to the sun unlike his legs and torso. I gave one of them a gentle squeeze and commented on the lack of colour. He laughed so I squeezed the other one too, he said I was far gentler than the husbands in the bar had been.

“I could be firmer,” I said, laughing and squeezing harder, and he laughed too, taking a swig of his beer. I took this as an invitation to continue kneading his butt cheeks like dough and we laughed some more. I disappeared into our bedroom, returning wearing only the backless underwear that I had purchased so Dave (and anybody else I wanted to) could enjoy my arse on holiday.

Dave was stood behind Martin now, squeezing gently so I walked in front of Martin so he could see my own naked buttocks. I turned to face him about 2 metres in front and decided I would indeed look at how full his pouch was. Or wasn’t! Seemingly, if you get a hard on in one of those things, it pops out and so the pouch contained only his bollocks and the bottom end of his shaft; there was a couple of inches of erection, foreskin pulled back and glistening with a drop of precum, pointing out and upwards before me. I made eye contact with Martin, smiled, and slowly dropped to my knees. It seemed he didn’t need an invitation as he moved towards my lips that I licked suggestedly, followed by Dave and his occupied hands.

Well, the drop on the end of his dick was a double delight as it still tasted of the piss we’d heard him having so I licked the head of his knob for a little while, hoping for more. Dave slipped the mankini over Martin’s arms so it fell to the floor as I tugged it, and dropped his own shorts. I caressed his butt cheeks, parting them so Dave’s own cock was nestled in the crack. I alternated between spending a moment just sucking his cock head and swallowing his entire erect shaft, about 7 inches all told, crowned by a magnificent ginger bush. Unlike Dave and I who had shaved our cocks that morning (and me my arse crack too) I doubted Martin had ever engaged in manscaping but I wasn’t bothered, it was a very attractive change. His balls hung there, not too low, the size and shape of two walnuts and he had a little hair on his scrotum that I eagerly licked before filling my mouth with his bollocks.

Dave disappeared briefly to the bedroom and returned with 2 condoms and 2 lube sachets. I had been butt fucked plenty already this holiday: 3 times in the apartment and once in the far end beach toilets when we had taken shelter from a brief but heavy shower in front of 2 locals who seemingly used them as a cruising area. Give me an audience and I’ll perform. So now I was thirsty.

Don’t for one minute believe there’s anything good about putting something (a cock or anything else) in your mouth when it’s been up someone’s arse. Fantasy is one thing, gastroenteritis is another. With a condom, hygiene and health are preserved. And so it came to pass that I opened a lube sachet whilst keeping my mouth toying with Martin’s cock, moistened my own ring piece and managed to squeeze the remainder in Martin’s crack so Dave’s hard prick could frictionlessly glide up and down. I wiped my finger on the nearest garment, the discarded mankini, and opened a condom, then slipped it onto the shaft directly in front of me, passing Dave the other. I stood up and turned around so I was facing away from Martin and reached behind, putting his raging erection pointed straight at my man hole. I eased back gently.

The first inch or so, the head, was in. I held it there and waited for the next squeeze of his arse by Dave to push him forward another inch. Right on cue, he entered me a little further. Dave rested his own condom covered hard on against Martin’s entrance and as he rocked backwards and forwards slowly and rhythmically he was about 4 inches of shaft in my eager arsehole and a penetrated lightly by a couple of inches of Dave. It was perfect for my as his knobhead rubbed my g-spot. He seemed to like it from the noises he made and Dave eased in a little further to rub his too. He was also able to control how much he both gave and took and I knew from above he’d have a perfect view of him fucking my arse.

I reached back to continue the playful pinching of his buns that had started this whole adventure and he moaned pleasurably. He rocked some more and quickened the pace a little. His breathing got quicker too as Dave played him like a fiddle, and he rode my arse and sent sensation after another with each thrust along my man spot. Just in time, I stepped forward and off his weapon and pulled off the condom as I again dropped to my knees, catching the first spurt of his juice expertly with my open mouth. It hit the back of my mouth but I didn’t have time to swallow or relax my tongue and throat muscles before the next release although by this time my lips were firmly locked around his cock head. He moaned very loudly until, after the sixth thrust, there was no further ejaculating. I swallowed although he had been so full, it took 2 very tasty gulps. He stepped forward and Dave slipped out of him, discarding quickly the condom from his own erect cock. Martin went straight away to the bathroom where his shorts and t-shirt were and dressed quickly as we both remained naked and somewhat shellshocked.

“Maybe see you tonight at karaoke!” he said as he headed out of the door.

“Mankini!” I shouted. But it seems he had left us a holiday souvenir.

“Wow, I need a pee now” said Dave.

“Don’t let me stop you” I said, and wrapped my mouth round his semi flaccid cock until I felt his warm urine trickle in to my mouth. He peed slow so I could swallow and drink it all without him take his cock out of my mouth and boy had he needed to go. When he had finally finished and washed away the taste of Martin’s cum, he started to harden. I squeezed the rest of the lube sachet on my sphincter and keeled over the sofa. Normally, he starts gently and slowly but I was lubed up and loosened by Martin so he was bonkers deep straight away and kneading my buttocks just like we’d done to Mr Mankini. I knew he wouldn’t last long, nor did I want him to, I just wanted to feel his jizz filling my innards. And sure enough, spurt after spurt arrived quickly. He slipped out an I climed onto the sofa, lay on my back and raised my legs above my head. Dave helped my get in position as I wanked, I was near to explosion too, and with my own cock just inches from my face, I pointed my own cum to my open mouth, only missing very slightly with the final squirt.

Dave kissed it off my chin and I lay there a short while, satisfied, before we took yet another shower… and gave karaoke that evening a miss!

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