Lake Pleasantview Adventures Pt. 05

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Another month has come and gone for Matt and Nicole.

They had grown accustomed to living as 2 nudists in the remote area of Lake Pleasantview with its close knit community and sharing in their love making with neighbors.

On a week day like today Matt could be found behind his desk in the study working away on his laptop.

The weather was warm and he was very at ease being naked as he knew only his wife could see him, and the occasional neighbor, but they had seen all he had to offer already.

Matt heard Nicole walk into his office and approach him where he sat with his back to the door.

Two large and very soft pillows enveloped the sides of his head and squashed up against his face.

He loved his wife’s large breasts. They seemed larger to him every week. Because they never wore clothes anymore it was tricky to know what size they were. They had grown larger all over but kept a very natural shape hanging down enough not to look fake, with big nipples that always stood at attention. They might be approaching the region of being a bit saggy because of their weight, but Matt loved them nonetheless and could not keep his hands off them.

They had only discussed her growing assets one time and Nicole confessed that there was something in the lake water that certain women reacted to like this, but that it was perfectly normal and safe and that she suspected it might also just be from going on the pill some time back.

Nicole explained that it had enlarged Kate and Rebecca’s boobs just the same.

Imagining all those large boobs, Matt found it easy to dismiss the ‘why’ and just enjoy the ‘what’.

“I think it’s time somebody took a break.” Nicole whispered into his ear.

“Hmm that does sound good.” he replied turning his chair to face her.

He let his eyes drift over her voluptuous body and admire her lovely form.

Her hair was a golden blond and becoming pretty wavy of late. Her hair hung loose in front of her chest, but could not hope to cover her nipples like they did in the past.

Her nipples were a dark red, sticking out a good half inch with robust areolas surrounding them.

Matt was sure he could see them pulsating in rhythm with her heartbeat.

Further down, her pubic dark bush made a bold announcement were it was growing untamed on her lower abdomen.

She even had a few wisps going all the way up to her belly button. Her stomach was still toned and looked almost out of place with such large breasts.

Her pussy was completely hidden in the forest of hair, and Matt judged her to be even harrier down there than himself. He would never have guessed his wife was so hairy since she had always kept it trimmed before coming out here.

Her jungle of hair hid her constantly aroused pussy that dripped like a leaky faucet. She was always hot and ready for action.

She walked over and straddled his one leg. Matt could feel her wetness smear on his leg as she moved closer to him and his penis growing erect in no time.

“I’m so hot for you.” She said with gritted teeth.

“Come sit on this then.”

She straddled him right there on the chair and sunk her pussy onto his waiting dick down to the hilt in one wet go.

“Ummmmm yes! That’s what I need.”

She was humping away blissfully for the next few minutes, making a wet mess of his crotch and the office chair.

They had taken to placing towels on all the furniture to soak up her excess moisture that constantly leaked out. Matt came in short order, and Nicole had her fix for the next few hours.

As she climbed off of him, Matt admired her behind as she walked away.

Her luscious booty has only gotten more perfect and round of late, but he also noticed a dark shadow of hair in her ass crack leading up from her pussy. He wondered if that had always been there…

They both got cleaned up and started making lunch together while they discussed the small get together that they were having at their place tonight.

The neighbors, Kate and Josh were coming over and also bringing Kate’s brother James along.

“So honey, you have been doing really well at you job lately, we’re getting good money and we inherited this house.” Nicole started.

“Yea, and..” Matt returned

“I was thinking, that maybe I don’t really have to get a job. I mean it’s cheap to live here and we have been getting on fine without a second income.”

“I suppose that’s true. I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t have a formal job but what would you do to keep busy.”

“Exactly what I am doing now love. Keep the house in order, make lunch and dinner and asyalı escort hang out with Kate and the other ladies.” She turned and smiled at him.

Matt smiled back at her and let his eyes wonder over her body. He saw his cum and her juice leaking out of her pussy and down her leg. She didn’t even seem to notice.

“If you’re happy with that then I’m all for it.”

“I’m very happy with you here. I could never imaging living back in the city, or even having to wear clothes constantly.” Nicole smiled at him again, checking him out at the same time.

“It is nice here, and you can’t beat the fresh country air. We have some strange people living around here though, but I supposed we’re a part of them now.” Matt thought out loud.

“I wanted to ask you about the things we’ve been doing when Kate and Josh are over.” He continued.

“We’ve all gotten drunk together and kissed and played with each other, but if things go further how would you feel about that?”

Nicole stopped what she was doing in the kitchen and smiled seductively at him.

“Well Kate has told me plenty of times that they have an open relationship, much like the other families around here and that sex is just something that they do between friends, something not to be taken too seriously. I’ve seen you checking her out and I know how you get turned on.”

Matt blushed, his wife knew him all too well.

“I’m not the jealous type, and I don’t think you are too, so I would be fine if we did more than just hand and mouth play with them.”

Matt gave this some thought and imagined Kate’s large boobs and the time she had sucked him off and how great that was, but he also imagined Nicole being fucked by Josh’s large tool. She probably wouldn’t even be able to take him in her pussy, so do I even have to worry?’ he thought.

“I’m fine with it, but can we just go slowly on the whole ‘open relationship’ idea? Perhaps just start with Kate and Josh, if things go that way. “

“Of course love, I want you to be comfortable with this, and to know that I will always be attracted to you, no matter what. And this way, no one has to feel guilty about getting turned on by anyone else or hide any sexual urges.”

Matt felt like that last comment was specifically about him as he almost always got a boner whenever Kate or Jessi hugged him. It was difficult to hide your attraction when you were naked all the time.

“I love you.” Matt said and walked up to her and embraced her.

“I love you too.” She replied.

Matt could feel her wild pubes brushing up against him and her hard nipples poke into her chest.

“Alright already!” Nicole giggled as the hug dragged on for too long.

We got to get ready for later, there will be plenty of time for fooling around then.

Later that evening everyone was having a good time and enjoying each other’s company around the table after dinner.

Matt started cleaning up and carrying dishes to the kitchen.

Kate and Josh were still sitting at the table busy talking about some upcoming trip and James was busy telling Nicole about some waterfall in the forest.

Matt was packing some dishes into the dishwasher and heard some music come on in the other room.

He returned a few minutes later to a whole different scene in the living room,

Josh was sitting on the sofa with Kate on his lap idly stroking his erect dick.

James had his arm around Nicole and they were both laughing at something.

“So we gonna play some board games or what?” her asked.

James turned around and smacked something into Nicole’s stomach.


“Oops, sorry about that.”

Both Nicole and James burst out laughing.

James had smacked his large erect dick into Nicole as he had turned around.

“That’s alright, damn this thing is big!” Nicole said as she placed her hands on the throbbing 15 inches of dick in front of her.”

Matt tried not to let the jealous feelings get the better of him and sat next to Kate and Josh on the couch. Try as he might, he could not help feeling his arousal build up with all the sexual energy in the room.

Nicole held up the massive dick with both hands and it reached up as high as her boobs.

She hesitantly brought it closer to her mouth and gave it a lick.

“Hmmm” James moaned.

Nicole gave James a naughty look and proceeded to stretch her mouth over as much of the fat cock head as she could.

Her jaw was stretched open to its limits and some drool ran down her chin as she swallowed as much cock-head as she could.

Nicole made some indiscernible ayaş escort noises and tried as best she could to move the phallus in and out of her mouth. She gave up and dislodged it with a loud pop.

“Man! It’s just too big. I’ve got to try this thing in my other holes.”

“What did you have in mind?” James asked.

Nicole got down on all fours on the carpet facing the couch and reached back and presented her luscious rear to James.

“How bout in here?” She asked pulling her cheeks apart to expose her wet hairy snatch for him.

James crouched down and lined himself up with her ready hole.

He went slowly at first but her wetness helped and after a few anxious seconds of pushing the big head against her opening, it popped in and slid in a good few inches.

“Ooooh!” Nicole gushed snapping her head up and making eye contact with Matt sitting in front of her.

Josh and Kate were leaning forward entranced by the scene in front of them. All the while Kate was absentmindedly stroking her husband’s enormous penis.

“Here we go.” James said as he started moving himself deeper into Nicole’s pussy and then slowly pulling back to the point just before his large head came out.

Nicole was biting her bottom lip from pure enjoyment. She had never felt anything this large before, and it was amazing!

Matt was completely hard at this point and also had a hand on his dick slowly stroking himself.

He could not hold himself back from enjoying the erotic site of his wife being stretched open and seeing her sex face.

Nicole motioned for Matt to come closer.

“Come here, I want that hard boner in my mouth now.”

Matt didn’t need to be told twice and stood in front of his wife so that she could proceed to suck him off while getting rammed from behind.

Nicole easily engulfed his entire 5 inches. It was a stark difference to James’s huge prick which she could barely fit past her lips.

Matt could feel Nicole whimpering and moaning into his cock. He had made peace with the fact that his wife was now getting fucked by another man and tried to just enjoy the feelings he felt emanating from his dick. He closed his eyes and pictured her big breasts swinging wildly as she rocked back and forth.

Matt would not last long, he never did when getting sucked off.

He came hard into her mouth and Nicole swallowed every drop.

Nicole was still being pounded by James who was grunting away behind her.

James could only fit about half of his big member into Nicole, but it filled Nicole up more than anything else she has ever had.

Matt collapsed back onto the carpet in front of Nicole. His shrinking member flopping out of her mouth with a trail of spit.

Nicole had her eyes shut and a look of pure ecstasy on her face and didn’t seem to even register that she had stopped sucking Matt.

“Uh! uh! uh!, yesssss, YEEESSS!” She screamed louder as she reached big climax.

Her wet pussy actually squirted out onto James where he was humping her.

“OH Goodness! Did you see that?!” Kate exclaimed where she and Josh were sitting transfixed watching the show.

James merely smiled and continued his thrusting.

Nicole had always been very wet during sex, but had never squirted before.

The room was filled by the wet sloshing of James’s monster meat pumping into Nicole while she moaned loudly.

“Get Ready! It’s so tight!” James shouted

“Aaaah fuck!”

James unleased a cannon blast of cum into Nicole.

She could feel the warm fluid fill up her pussy.

Nicole was clenching her jaw and seeing stars from the feelings emanating from her nethers.

James kept cumming for what felt like a solid 30 seconds.

Eventually, cum started leaking out of Nicole’s tightly stuffed hole because it simply could hold no more.

James slowed down and tried dislodging his swollen dick from Nicole’s used pussy, but after reaching his maximum erectness at climax his dick was still very inflated and the big mushroom head was securely locked in her snatch.

Nicole being utterly spent just collapsed on the floor and whimpered every time James tried tugging his dick out.

After a few tries he came free and a torrent of cum and girl juice flowed out of her hole which gaped open for a few seconds.

“That was hot!” Kate piped up and looked over to Josh with lust in her eyes.

Matt was still in awe of what he had just witnessed, but was slightly worried about his wife.

He checked to make sure Nicole was still breathing.

“She’ll be ok. I’ve seen this happen aydınlıkevler escort before to other girls.”

Nicole was slowly coming to again. Her hair was a mess and her face sweaty, but she looked very satisfied.

Matt helped her get up and walked her to the bedroom. Cum leaked out her stretched hole and down her leg.

He laid her down on the bed after placing a towel down to soak up her leaking moisture.

She hummed and curled up in the blankets. Matt stared at her for a second admiring her beauty.

His eyes drank in her healthy tanned skin, her perky nipples and big breasts.

With raised eyebrows he looked over her used pussy which was a swollen red, hairy mess at the moment.

He hoped that James hadn’t damaged anything in there earlier.

After making sure she was alright Matt turned off the lights and returned to the guests.

“She’s gonna be alright, just exhausted. Hope you guys don’t mind that she went to bed.

“Not at all.” Kate said “How about we have some fun Mr?” She called Matt over.

“What did you have in mind?” he returned. He felt like she also deserved some more action after seeing his wife literally being fucked senseless.

James was done for the evening and looked to be in a state of bliss where he was lying on the couch.

Kate must have handled Josh as he was sitting with his arms stretched out on the sofa with his giant dick no longer erect where it sloped over the edge between his legs.

Kate proceeded to direct Matt into a 69 position on the floor with her on top.

Matt would need something really stimulating to get hard again after having been sucked off a so recently.

Kate started stroking his flaccid member with a few fingers and moved her cunny over his face.

‘This will do!’ Matt thought as her hairy snatch entered his vision. She was hairy, probably still more than even Nicole, and wet as well.

She was practically dripping onto his face.

“How’s the view back there?” Kate asked still stroking his member back to life.

Matt could feel his soft 3 inch member starting to perk up again.

He had had sexual feelings for Kate from the first time her saw her and was waiting for a chance to see her love hole from close up.

“Wow!” Was all he managed to get out before Kate lowered her hot pussy onto his mouth.

It just about swallowed his face, but Matt started licking wildly to Kate’s delight.

“Hmmmm, that’s nice.” Kate murmured before she engulfed Matt’s entire dick and his balls into her mouth. The feeling was incredible and Matt went totally hard instantly.

Matt didn’t have the largest dick, but she must have taken it into her throat to fit all his 5 inch hard dick and balls into her mouth!

They proceeded to lick and suck each other for some time.

This was very different for Matt from eating out Nicole.

Kate’s pussy was meatier and seemed larger overall, also much roomier inside.

That was probably to be expected after having been fucked by her husband’s horse cock a few times.

He rubbed his top lip over her swollen clit while licking away in her hole.

Her pubes tickled his nose and he stared into her hairy forest as they ate each other out.

Matt could not even make out her butt hole from this vantage point, there was too much hair.

‘Is this what I have to look forward to with Nicole?’ He wondered.

‘Would her pussy also get this hairy and large?’

Matt felt himself approaching his second orgasm for the evening.

Kate must have climaxed a few times already, judging by her moans and the increase in juice that Matt swallowed every few min as her pussy pulsed.

Matt came hard, but didn’t have much left in his balls to ejaculate.

He tapped on Kate’s leg to signal to her to stop.

As Kate dismounted him, he swore he heard her pussy make a sucking noise as it detached from his face. Could he get a pussy hickey?

“Thanks Matt, you eat some good beaver.” She winked at him wiping her mouth.

If Kate had any feelings about Matt’s smaller member, she was kind enough not to voice them.

Actually everyone was really cool about it and never mentioned Matt’s clear lack in size compared to the other men.

Matt wiped the girl juice from his own face. His top lip felt a bit sensitive, like he got a slight rash from rubbing against Kate’s hairy pubes so much.

“This was fun Matt. We should do this again.” Kate said as she hugged him, mushing her large boobs into him as always.

“Yea man, tonight was something else.” James smiled at him.

“Tell Nicole she was amazing and I’m here for her, and her tight pussy anytime.”

They all laughed, except Matt who just smiled nervously.

Everyone said their goodbyes and Matt cleaned up a bit. The whole house smelt of sex.

He retired to his bed with where his sexy wife was sleeping soundly.

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