Lady Aphrodite

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Chapter 1

Let me introduce you to a boy. His name is Jack. Jack is 18 and has a twin sister named Amalthea.

He is tall. 185cm tall to be exact, with a slim, muscular body shape. He is no bodybuilder but looks good shirtless. His dark hair is short, but not very short. Since he was 16 he has exercised at the gym, running and swimming to keep his body in a good shape. Jack tried to follow his dad, who not only exercises but also plans his meals to get the results.

Jack’s dad wasn’t around. According to his mum, he was her boyfriend and he got her pregnant after the first month together. He left for college and never came back.

Speaking of Ianthe. She is the mum here. Next to Amalthea, she is the warmest, most understanding, and prettiest person Jack knows. As it was mentioned, Ianthe got pregnant at the age of 16. So in this story, she is 34 years old. She is a woman of amazing beauty. She is 161 cm tall. If you ever asked her, she would never answer but as a narrator, I know she weighs about 58 kg.

She wears her long, black hair down, spilling over her back and reaching almost to her waist. Her face is just like her daughter’s – perfectly symmetrical. Her breasts are her biggest pride and thus she often wears dresses with exposed cleavage. No wonder you take into account that her bra size is 36G and the dimensions of her body are 110-79-89 cm.

Her hips are nicely rounded, supplementing her massive breasts and giving her an hourglass figure. She is normally wearing baggy and comfy clothes, so she is not drawing unnecessary attention.

What Jack loves most in her are her big, light blue eyes. These two wonders are the most amazing to look at especially when she is happy and relaxed watching the sunset. The light makes her look supernatural, like a goddess, who just emerged from the sea with her eyes almost white.

The fascinating feature of Ianthe is her sharp mind. She is an IT specialist and recently developed an AI platform for DNA research. Jack loves the excitement and passion in her eyes when she tells him about her work.

Ianthe has a peculiar hobby – she collects everything that’s about ancient times. Especially the Greek and Roman cultures before Christianity. She managed to interest her daughter in it as well.

Which gives me a nice segway to talk about her now.

Jack’s sister – Amalthea. She is 163 cm tall and got her shape from her mum. She ties her dark brown hair in a ponytail. And just like her mother, she wears what’s comfy.

Her breasts are nice to look at with their perfect 34D cup size, which is complemented by her flat tummy and broad hips. Her body dimensions are 86-71-102 cm, so she has noticeably more ass on her than her mum with an expense of her breasts. Just like Jack, she is trying to keep in a good shape, however, in a milder way – she, and I quote, “don’t want to lose too much of the fat tissue”. She also puts her elbows together every time she says it, making her breasts pop.

She attends several group classes in the gym. The body shape isn’t the only thing Amalthea has from her mum.

She also has an amazing mind.

She is the girl with the highest scores. And her brother, who is also a very smart guy, admires that in her.

Ianthe is a bit crazy but a happy person. After she got pregnant during the first year of her first relationship, she went to Uni and graduated with no problems. The support and understanding from the grandparents were beyond amazing. Unfortunately, the children didn’t get to know Ianthe’s parents. Both of them passed away when Amalthea and Jack were too small to remember. Since Ianthe had no siblings she inherited a significant amount of money and a hefty investment portfolio. But she has never mentioned it to her kids and kept working like everyone else.

Ianthe didn’t break up after the most tragic year of her life. She always said that her children are her purpose.

She was always telling her children the truth about the world. There was no issue with telling them where the babies are coming from nor being ashamed of being naked around the house. That gave Jack and his sister and the feeling of being proud of their naked bodies. They never bother to cover up when going in and out of our rooms to shower. During the hot summer days, Amalthea walks house just in her bikini bottoms, totally topless, just like her mum. She told their kids that it is ok to like people of the same sex or to have sex in general as long as all are ready, and agree to do it. The other person must clearly say that he or she wants to do it. She told them when Jack and Amalthea were in their teens that it is ok to masturbate and that as long as they do not use pornography to support this activity it would teach them a lot about the pleasure of sexual relations in the future.

Amalthea got a small selection of toys from her mum. All were new and had weird shapes. Some looked like an erect, rubber penis, some were small and buzzing.

– I think you are ready Magosa Escort to start exploring your body. – Ianthe said. – Whenever you feel that tingling sensation in your vagina you can start making it stronger and give you pleasure.

– I know what masturbation is, mum. – Amalthea tried not to roll her eyes. – Right now I… I am using my finger to rub my clitoris.

– That’s the best way to start. – Ianthe took the 14 cm dildo and pointed at Amalthea – But have you ever felt the pleasure of the phallic shape filling your vagina?

– I have thought about that, but I am not sure if I want to lose my virginity to an object. – Amalthea said with a frown.

– Virg… – Ianthe wanted to scream at society, so she paused for a big breath. – There’s no such thing as “virginity”. And losing it? No, after your debut, you open the door to the swath of new experiences waiting for you to explore them. – She put down the toy and took her daughter’s hands in hers. – The hymen, when it breaks, is causing pain and bleeding. The fact that you have been told that “the one” has to see you going through this for his pleasure and to boost his ego is… wrong. You will not be a worse person if you do that. Quite the contrary. You will know what you like, and how to get it. You will be empowered by it.

Amalthea listened with her eyes open wide. She didn’t know that she won’t be in the centre for the “first time”.

But Ianthe continued.

– Honey, it’s 100% up to you how your sex life will start. I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be pain and blood. It can be tears of joy and laughter and talking with your partner about it. – Ianthe concluded.

– What about orgasm? – Amalthea asked. – You listed several things, but not an orgasm?

– Oh, either way, you will be too nervous about doing the right thing that you will be unable to cum. – Ianthe’s face twisted in an apologetic grimace. – So, toys…

Ianthe walked Amalthea through the dos and don’ts of sex toys, and how to keep them clean and safe.

After her sixteenth birthday, Amalthea made the decision. She was going to break her hymen and start a new chapter in her masturbation endeavours.

It was summer.

The hot July’s night.

She just finished her yoga and went to take a shower. Jack and mum went on a date together.

She started to wonder how many more evenings are needed before she will have to start addressing Jack as “dad”… Or maybe she should be called “mummy Amalthea” by him?

She liked both concepts and was smiling to herself.

She took the dildo out of the drawer on her nightstand. She had a brief staring contest with it.

– I need your help. – she whispered and ripped open the condom and put it on the toy.

She was nervous. She didn’t know what to expect. How much blood will there be? How much pain can she withstand?

She squirted the lube on the tip and lay down in the empty bathtub.

Her hands stopped shaking when she spread her legs and touched the cold lubricated dildo against her labia.

– Let’s do this. We will fuck like bunnies after tonight. – She said and pressed on the toy.

This time, she didn’t stop when the head of the toy disappeared in her pussy, but she kept going. The discomfort started to rise surprisingly quickly. Then she realised that it was just like ripping off the bandaid and shoving all of the toys in a single push.

– Aw! Fuck that hurts. – she screamed as she pulled out the dildo.

It was covered in a mixture of lube and blood. At that moment she realised that going through several minutes of humping is the last thing she wants right now. She finished her shower and went to sleep.

The door stood open now. She was looking at possibilities that lay ahead of her. She was calm and relaxed. She was thinking about how powerful it feels to have control over her sexuality.

As a mother, Ianthe was focused to teach her kids things that are much needed in life, but no school will teach them. She wanted to teach them about human anatomy. She knew that there is no way an education system will teach a young boy where is the clitoris, and urethra, and how personal hygiene can affect the health and well-being of the sexual partner. No school will tell a young girl that she should pay attention to her vagina and learn to like it the way it is.

She knew she has to do it herself, so she undressed.

Sitting on the floor with her skirt pulled up, she took a vanity mirror and put it between her legs to have a good look at her vagina. Amalthea did the same with her little mirror.

Before they started she told Jack what will happen and asked if he want to stay and learn. Jack was sitting next to his mum watching the reflection of her snatch. That was how he learned about the vagina, urethra and clitoris. Ianthe wanted this to be as brief as possible, but Jack had so many questions she was unable to finish when she planned. He asked about the hygiene of Kıbrıs Escort the folds of the vulva, about why the clit is so special. He got his answers from Ianthe, and Amalthea seemed to know as well. However, the attention Ianthe’s pussy got from a young boy made her heart race. With a shaking hand, she wiped the drop of moisture that started forming.

Before she said or did something she wasn’t ready for she asked Amalthea to explore herself further after the lesson was done and covered herself up.

The next part was Jack’s turn to undress.

All by itself wasn’t something unusual in their house after all. He wasn’t ashamed of his body. Now in his late teens, Jack wasn’t walking around the house naked as much, but still, he didn’t feel awkward.

They all sat on the floor, and Jack was so stressed out about memorising all of the information that mum threw at him that despite seeing an actual pussy centimetres away from him, he was flaccid. Ianthe asked if he felt ok doing it. Jack agreed. He had no trouble with that, so he pulled out his penis and pulled the foreskin. The motion opened the floodgates and with every heartbeat, he felt the blood filling up his cock. Ianthe stared at it for a moment when it was fully erect. It was the first time she saw it in this state.

This thick, almost 20 cm long, the fleshy pole was right next to her. She felt she wanted to touch it. Ianthe loved big boys with a big manhood. She knew at that moment whose name she was going to say while riding her big dildo that night. The reptile brain was on a rampage given her thoughts she has never expected to think, but her inner voice of reason took over, so she could continue the explanation.

Yet, she felt salivating and almost started to dribble.

– So, what do we do? – Jack asked, making his mother jump.

Amalthea, sitting next to her mother, was breathing heavily as she was staring at the cock in front of her. She has seen this penis before. But she didn’t realise that it can grow this big. The warmth started filling her stomach and spread through her body. It was like a radio signal and the specific body parts were the receivers – her skin was covered with goosebumps, her nipples got painfully hard, her heart started to race and her pussy started to tingle. She knew that kind of tingle. When she sees other girls at school change for PE class, or when this handsome boy smiles at her during the lunch break, she smiles back. But she knew that the only way to make the tingle go away was to masturbate. She was staring at her brother’s monster cock and was planning the toys and positions in which she’ll be doing it. At that thought, the tingle started to be accompanied by wetness. This also was a familiar feeling, but never before had she felt that wet in her life.

Both Amalthea and Ianthe were planning on coming with Jack’s name in their fantasies.

Only poor Jack was unable to read the room and stared at them blankly.

After a short moment, Ianthe asked if he could pull back the foreskin. This way they could see small, pale dots around the head of the penis where it was connected with the skin.

– These are the sweat glands. – Ianthe said. – Keep it clean, use only the gentle facewash, and remember to moisturise. This pink tissue at the tip is very fragile. Also, if you could clean it before you stick it in a female, that would be great. You will reduce her chances of yeast infections or UTIs.

The session ended, but the ladies continued talking about it as they sipped their tea. Jack left them at the breakfast table when they were discussing grooming versus hair removal. Amalthea was getting her laser clinic session booked soon.

During the following days, Jack noticed his sister is very tender around him. She was always his cuddly buddy, but the physical contact significantly increased. She was sitting on his lap at the dinner table, resting her head on his shoulder and wrapping her hands around him when they watched the movie on a couch, she’d ask him for a foot massage. Most of the day she had her hand on or around him.

He didn’t mind. However, he started to notice this change when he felt sad when the movie ended or when his sister had to go somewhere and do something.

On top of that, she started to be very clumsy – having wardrobe malfunctions around him daily, almost tripping over while walking beside him, so he had to catch her. Something was going on, but our protagonist was a teenage boy. And teenage boys tend not to be able to get everything that girls do on time to act on it appropriately.

Things got even more peculiar when Ianthe joined in the activities. Jack was now sandwiched between both of them. Whenever one requested his attention, the other was too.

He didn’t expect that, but he started to like that – two pairs of breasts pressed against him, two of the most perfectly shaped asses sitting on his lap. He got encouraged by this and soon, Jack started to put Lefkoşa Escort his hand on the thighs when one or the other sat on his lap. With his hand gently brushing the smooth tanned skin he was making them smile. Once Amalthea almost purred like a cat when he did that.

Ianthe on the other hand was gently stroking his cheek and allowing him to rest his head on her cleavage.

The knock-on effect of Jack showing his affection was the encouragement that both girls received from him. Thus, he was watching his sister sucking the peanut butter off her finger and trying not to keep the obvious eye contact with him, spilling liquids on her breasts, touching his chest and complementing his physique and along with her Ianthe would start talking about how they like a well-built man and “as a joke” would start caressing his butt.

His mum on the other hand ditched the bras around the house, was changing her tops in the living room when he was there and started cleaning floors on all fours. Amalthea and Ianthe also started to be quite vocal when they masturbated at night.

For a long time, both ladies were at him to the point where Jack’s daily masturbation involved him imagining doing it with his mum or his sister. He’d scold himself for that shortly after the orgasm bliss evaporated, but after a day or two, the fantasies were back.

One evening he put on his headphones and listened to music as he browse the internet. He came across the site .com, where he found so many stories of boys and their sisters or mothers having happy sex lives. As he was reading, he was stroking his cock. In his mind the guy was him, the mother, whom he was fucking was Ianthe and his sister was kissing him. He could only wish to live through this fantasy since the main character was fucking his mother and sister bareback and both begged him to cum inside.

As Jack was reading the sex group scene, his hand was moving fast stroking his cock.

Because he had his headphones on, he didn’t hear Ianthe opening the door and watching him. She got closer and read the story over his shoulder. It was a steaming hot sex scene of a mother screaming that her boy is “finally back home”. She snuck out of her room. She felt that she actually can pull it off and be happy with him.

As Ianthe left Jack’s room, she left the door open.

A few moments later Amalthea was passing by and she saw him sitting there jacking off as he read something. She noticed the headphones and entered to see what is he reading. She managed to read a bit herself. It was about a guy fucking his sister and mother in a threesome.

She stood there as he started grunting. He was close.

– Ah, fuck sis, I want to fuck you so badly… – he panted as ropes of thick cum shot out of his cock.

Jack thought he heard something and turned around. He was in his room alone.

His sister, however, felt dizzy and with a trembling heart went to her room. She had one shot to make this work.

The following day Amalthea sat down next to Jack as he was reading his book on the sofa in th eliving room, and had this “please-let’s-tlak-just-you-and-me” face. She had her oversized tracksuit trousers and a hoodie on. She looked like a cosy fluff ball.

– What’s up? – Jack asked looking at his sister sitting next to him with a cup of tea in her hand.

– I just wanted to know how are you. – She said with an innocent smile and took a sip of her tea.

– Ok, I see. – Jack put down his book. – Don’t play games with me. You know you don’t have to. Tell me what you need and I will help you.

– But I am not sure how to ask. – She looked down looking worried.

Jack put his index finger under her chin and pulled her face up to look her in the eye.

– If there is a guy or a girl who broke your heart, and you want him or her to disappear I will do it for you. – He said with full reassurance in his voice.

– Actually, it’s not that dramatic. – She said as her voice slightly shook and wobbled. – It’s a silly thing but promise, you’ll not judge nor laugh.

Jack knew his twin sister well. He knew that she is looking ok, but she might explode with tears at any moment.

– I’ve never judged you and I promise that I will not laugh. – he said as his hand moved from Amalthea’s chin to her shoulder. – I might smile if your worry turns out to be a tiny bit silly if that’s ok. Now, tell me. What is it that my brilliant sis needs my help with?

Amalthea drew a deep breath.

– Ineedyourtohelpmelearnhowtokiss. – She said the whole sentence so quickly that it sounded like one word. Jack struggled to understand it.

– Ok. – He tried not to laugh, so he just smiled.

– You see, everyone I know has already done at least that – She was starting to circle into a crash landing with that and Jack saw that. – and because I am so busy studying, reading books and hanging around with you and mum…

Jack saw his sis calming down a bit before she finally spits it out.

– …I have never kissed anyone. And I know from Lisa, that you had a girlfriend… – Amalthea felt vulnerable and wanted to run away. – …and I thought you might be able to… I want to know how to do this for this one guy.

Jack’s heart was pounding in his chest, but he kept a straight face.

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