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Big Cock

After escaping the clutches of the Accountant and the Teacher and having a great one night stand with the Actress, I found myself starting to date a nurse, lets call her Louise (not of course her real name).

We met on an internet dating site, exchanged emails and text messages and spent sometimes up to a couple of a hours at a time just talking to each other on the telephone. She was so sweet and fun and quite a refreshing change from the more stuffy professionals I had to deal with on a day to day basis.

By this time I was 38 and Louise was just 30, the youngest woman I had dated since my divorce.

After a few weeks of chatting and getting to know each other we decided to meet up for a drink. As Louise was working nights at the time we met during my lunch hour in a bar quite close to my office.

I was surprised when we met as a Louise was a little bit larger than I’d guessed from her photos and the webcam video I’d seen of her. She was about my height, around 5 foot 8, but she was carrying more weight. Now, I have no hang-ups about weight one way or the other and my own had gone up and down over the years, though as a rugby player I’ve never been exactly thin. I have no prejudices and do not judge people just because they may be a size 16 (UK) and not a waif-like size 8!

Anyway, Louise had the loveliest face, pale skin, piercing green eyes and bleached blonde hair cut in a short, smart bob. Her smile and laughter were infectious and I couldn’t help hugging her as soon as we both spoke and made sure we had the right person.

The hour we spent together passed really quickly and we hit it off right away, though this is perhaps not surprising as we’d spent so much time talking and enjoying each other’s company before this meeting.

We parted when I had to return to the office. It was a hot June day. The sun was out and the sky was a brilliant blue and I would rather have found to a nice beer garden to spend a few more hours with Louise over a nice bottle of wine than return to the drudge of work.

The only consolation was that on parting I got a little kiss on the lips from Louise and we agreed to meet again and that we would speak the following day.

When we did speak the next day Louise told me she was off work for a couple of days and asked me if I wanted to come round to her house that evening.

I was a little surprised, despite my recent experiences, that someone I’d met once was happy to invite me in to her home. With hindsight perhaps my demeanour puts women at ease with me. My profession allows people to trust me and I under-estimated the fact that there seem to be women out there who are searching so hard to find someone to be with that they let their guard down very quickly. On the other hand, every woman I met since my divorce knew where I worked and what I did for a living and perhaps it wasn’t very likely that I would or could have any negative intentions that would jeopardize my career.

It was a little short notice for me but I agreed I would visit at 8pm and that would give me time to go home, shower and change clothes and then drive the 40 miles from my house to Louise’s house.

When I pulled up in my car Louise was looking out for me from her living room window. I parked up and she opened the door to greet me wearing a t-shirt and jeans. She immediately made me welcome, had prepared some food and offered me a glass of wine.

“I can’t have a drink,” I explained, “as I’m driving.”

“You can stay here tonight if you like,” Louise offered.

I was again surprised by this development that had come so early in the evening. However, it allowed me to relax and have a drink without the worry of having to get home. In any event, I’d booked the following day off work myself and there was nothing to rush home for.

After a couple of glasses of wine we watched a little television together and Louise told me to make myself at home and that I could put my feet up on her large leather sofa. I’d discarded my shoes when I came in to the house. The weather had turned very wet outside and the house was carpeted with light cream carpets in the entrance hall and stairs and the wooden floor the in living had a cream rug down, not a good match for wet outdoor shoes!

Anyway, Escort Beylikdüzü I did make myself comfortable and Louise immediately snuggled up to me, putting her arms around me and cuddling in. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves ignoring the television and filling each other’s mouths with probing tongues.

I took a great deal of enjoyment from this exchange and we spent the next hour with bouts of necking interspersed with small talk.

It was very warm and a combination of a long day at work, the heat and the wine had me yawning a little by 10pm.

“Do you want to go up?” Louise asked, a slight look of mischief playing across her face.

“It’s been a long day,” I said, stifling another yawn.

Louise got up.

“I’ll just rinse these glasses. You go up; it’s the first door you come to at the top of the stairs.”

I did as Louise suggested and found myself in her bedroom. A nice double bed dominated the neat and tidy room. I found and used the bathroom then stripped down to my shorts and hopped under the duvet, surprised at my own forwardness.

Louise soon came upstairs, used the bathroom and went to spare room which looked like it was kept as a walk-in dressing room. Moments later she came in to the bedroom wearing a short but not very flattering night dress. It was practical rather than alluring, though I didn’t need much stimulation as I was about to be joined in bed by a woman whose body was new to me, where the chance for sensual and sexual exploration brought all the excitement I needed.

It was almost dark outside and Louise turned off the bed side lamp, leaving the room quite dark. We each were laid on our backs staring at the ceiling when Louise sighed.

“I’m not really tired,” she said.

“Me neither,” I replied. The room was relatively cool compared to the living room and this, along with site of Louise climbing in to bed next to me, had revived me from my weariness. In fact, it had done more than that as I now had an erection.

We turned to face each other at the same time and began to kiss again and as Louise moved closer to me my swollen cock dug in to her thigh.

As we continued to kiss I felt a hand go up the loose leg of my shorts and grasp my erection. There is something I find electrifying about the first time a new lover touches me and this was no exception. Her touch was gentle but assured as she eased back my foreskin and then let her fingers slip down to my balls as my scrotum was tightening.

I instinctively reached out and grasped one of Louise’s breasts through the material of her night shirt. For a robustly built woman her breasts were surprisingly small and somewhat out of proportion with the rest of her body, but her nipples were sensitive to my touch and soon worked up to stiff little peaks.

We broke off from our passionate kiss and each of us moved our heads forward at the same time. I intended to fix my mouth on one of the erect nipples and I’m not sure where Louise was going, but our foreheads met with quite a smack.

“Ouch!” Louise exclaimed and then started to giggle.

“I’m sorry. Are you ok?” I asked, giggling a little myself.

“I’m fine,” she replied.

“After you,” I then said, graciously.

Louise bent her head forward again and as she did this I could feel her moving down the bed. She had released my balls from her toying grip and as she slid down my body she took the top of my shorts and pulled them down to my knees.

Now free, my erect penis sprung up and I again felt Louise wrap her fingers round it and gently ease my foreskin back. She then closed her mouth around my exposed knob and played her tongue across the tip before licking all around the intersection between my swollen head and the top of my penis.

This was the best oral sex that I had ever experienced and it wasn’t too long before I could feel the sap starting to rise and little twitches of my cock warned Louise of how close I was to spurting off in her mouth.

To prolong the pleasure I took a gentle hold of her head and lifted it off me, marvelling at my self-control that overcame the urge just to give in to the pleasure and let rip in her mouth.

Louise moved back up Escort Bahçeşehir the bed. She was laid on her back and I adjusted my position so I could push up her night shirt so it sat round her waste.

I then explored between her legs, which she readily parted. She was clean shaven I could tell as I let my finger run down to her pussy.

As I reached the entrance to her vagina I had to stifle a gasp at the size of her lips. I parted them and marvelled at how moist she was. Instead of probing deeper with a single finger initially, the space that confronted me was so big that I immediately slipped two easily deep inside.

I worked them in and out a little, spreading the moisture around and then felt for her clit.

And there it was, already standing proud of the surrounding area and feeling larger than anything I’d ever felt before or since. It was a monster.

Louise sighed gently as I eased a third finger inside her so that I was fucking her with one hand and used the thumb of my other hand to stroke her swollen clit.

She was enjoying this and her juices were flowing even more, lubricating and seemingly expanding her vagina further, though in reality it was just making it easy for my three fingers to slide in and out.

With a little pause and careful manoeuvring I managed to get my little finger in to her now and was using four fingers which just added to Louise’s pleasure. I eased my fingers apart so that my hand was flat almost as it went in and out of her and I’d never felt such a massive entrance in all my life.

I continued to fuck her like this and rub her clit until she caught hold of my hand and pushed it entirely in to her, thumb and all. Needing no further encouragement I gave her the lot, in and out, in and out, and she took it all, up to the wrist.

It felt like her climax was building when she suddenly said, “Wait. I need to get something,” and with this she again grabbed my hand but this time pulled it out and then hopped off the bed and padded off to the spare room.

Instinctively I lifted my sticky fingers to my mouth and licked, tasting her tangy juices which made my erection twitch again.

When she came back in the room Louise was carrying what in the near darkness looked like a dildo, but much bigger than any dildo I had seen used outside of porn movies.

She dropped it on the bed and lifted her night shirt over her head then lay next to me again.

She then reached down between her legs, gave herself a couple of strokes then reached for the large, flesh colored monster which I swear must have been 7 inches in circumference about 2 and a half inches wide and 10 inches long.

Placing the head of the dildo at the opening to her pussy Louise paused, took in a small breath and then fed it inside her, moaning as even her large hole was stretched.

“Fuck me with it,” she said, taking one of my hands and placing it on the half-engorged toy.

I did as I was told and gently began to move the latex penis in and out of her hungry chasm. As I did this Louise began to breathe more heavily and as I increased the speed her head began to loll from side to side and her moans grew louder.

My dick was rock hard as I fucked her and I yearned to grab it and jerk myself off as I worked her towards orgasm, but I needed both hands to control the monster.

With a scream Louise had an orgasm which made her whole body stiffen and then twitch for a good few minutes. As this happened she took control of the dildo and pushed it in as deep as she could so that very little was left showing.

I was so turned on by this sight that it didn’t dawn on me that I would have trouble filling such a hole with my modest tool.

The thought didn’t linger long. As Louise relaxed, the dildo slid from her gaping vagina and she reached out again and started to fondle my balls.

By this time I was starting to ache with the urge to come and to take my mind off this little problem I leaned forward and again gently caressed the still erect nipples, which pointed skywards, with my tongue.

“Why don’t you fuck me know?” Louise suggested and I guessed I would have to give it a go.

As I moved between her legs my prick slid easily up her open crack, though it was a little tighter than I imagined, having contracted a little following her orgasm and dried up a little.

My rhythm built up and Louise lifted her legs a little so I could penetrate deeper with my inward thrusts and she soon began to moan and moisten again. On a couple of occasions I withdrew a little too far and slipped out, but I soon found my target again without looking.

I neared the point of no return and as I got closer I could feel the tension build again in my chubby lover. I looked down as her eyes half closed and she slid her right hand over her pot belly and four fingers joined my cock in her pussy whilst her thumb massaged that huge clit.

When I began to come Louise spread her fingers and caught my shaft between her middle and ring fingers and nipped tightly. This served to heighten the sensation in that I was fucking a huge hole which had suddenly become quite tight.

My bolt just about shot a sudden louder moan came to signal the second orgasm of the night and I was released from the tight grip which had constrained my manhood to the dark, cavernous pit of a pussy.

Slumping down on the bed I put my arms around Louise and hugged her, kissing her tenderly on the neck. All I could say was, “Wow!”

We both snoozed a little and it was still dark when I was awoken by a faint buzz. I turned over to find I was alone in the bed but Louise was soon back in the room carrying what appeared to be a quite regular size vibrator.

“I love my toys,” she explained and went on, “I particularly like using more than one at a time but it can be so fiddly. Will you help me?”

“Of course,” I ventured.

She turned the vibrator on so that it emitted a low hum and then she played it across her nipples then down between her breasts, over her belly and to the top of her crack.

“Open me up,” she commanded and I complied by reaching down and pulling her large flaps apart.

She then worked the vibrator in until it hit her clit.

“Ooooooh, that’s the spot,” she purred and then added, “now, put that big boy in to me.”

I took hold of the massive dildo and rested its head at the open entrance to her vagina and rubbed a little. The clit massage by the dildo was doing the magic and Louise was already breathing in shallow, rapid breaths.

I kept just rubbing the monster in the slick opening until she suddenly pleaded, “Stick it in me, fuck me with it now!”

In it went, almost to the hilt and I turned it slightly as it went in.

Louise gasped as she took it all and then gasped again as I pulled it out and then plunged it in again, increasing my rhythm until I was giving her a good, hard methodical pounding with the beast.

My penis was erect again by this stage and I managed with a little more skill to work the dildo in an out with my left hand. This freed up my right hand which I used to start jerking off.

“Not too much of that,” Louise gasped through ragged intakes of breath and with that she dropped the vibrator and took over working the dildo with her right hand.

“Now, stick your cock in my mouth,” she ordered me, “and quick before you come over the bed.”

I moved up the bed until my groin was level with Louise’s face. She turned her head to face me, grabbed my cock with her free left had and pulled it in to her mouth. Her grip was stronger than that first touch earlier in the night and my body had no choice but to follow where my prick went.

As the giant dildo went in and out of its wanton receptacle, my foreskin was slid up and down my shaft whilst my knob was teased by a flicking tongue and occasionally gently nipped by careful teeth.

“This is going to get messy,” I thought to myself as Louise began to thrash around a little more widely and as I sensed her orgasm begin she suddenly released my cock from her mouth just as I was starting to shoot.

Her newly freed hand went straight to her crotch and she gave her clit one last big pinch as she climaxed and at the same time I was not quick enough to move back and spunk flew on to he neck and face.

I again flopped on to the bed and as I relaxed Louise moved to take my shrinking shaft in her mouth and licked and sucked it clean of my last dribbles.

“Don’t like to leave a job half done,” she confessed.

As I rolled over and was immediately caught by sleeps inescapable grip I heard myself say as if already in a dream, “Night nurse.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32