Kyra Ch. 02

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Supremacy Hunt

Jack fired several rounds at the approaching losch from behind the cover of a car, striking two of them in their knees. They fell to the ground, yelling in pain while the other two continued running forward guns blazing, their shots deflecting on the car’s hood. Running out of ammo for the rifle, Jack moved to the rear of the car while out of sight. The two enemy soldiers split up to attack on two sides and Jack was prepared for it.

Popping out of cover, he threw his rifle at the nearest one and drew his pistol, shooting him just underneath his helmet in the neck. The reptile grabbed at his throat, gurgling magenta blood as he tried to breath. Jack tried to quickly unsling the dying alien’s rifle, but the other fired several shots into his back, forcing him to dive to the ground, putting the car between them once again. Taking aim underneath, he fired into the soldier’s ankle, dropping him and offering Jack a neck shot.

Receiving fire from the two other losch, he quickly maneuvered himself around the car, pulled the downed enemy’s helmet and pressed his pistol against the back of his neck. Firing one shot, he unslung the rifle from the body and took aim at the last two. Having seen that their two comrades were dead, one of the remaining losch tossed a grenade under the car.

The explosion shook Jack awake as he grabbed for the pistol at his right hip that wasn’t there. Looking over to the human as he finished the docking procedure, Drohn recognized the traumatic stress.

“Are you alright?” he gently asked.

Forcing his heart rate to slow with a deep breath, Jack simply said, “Fine.”

Drohn felt bad, but having very little practice with his social skills, especially when concerned with another’s trauma, he didn’t know what else to say. Once the shuttle airlock was repressurized, another set of doors opened and the platform Drohn landed on moved deeper into the ship, taking them to an open storage bay. After the platform locked into place, Drohn led the human out of the ship, and they headed deeper into the space station.

“We’ll go to the Infirmary first, get you checked out, then we’ll meet with the captain so you can tell him about the losch invading your planet and make your request for help.” Drohn said.

Jack nodded without comment as he took in his surroundings. The deep blue floor in the wide hallway was as solid as concrete, as were the light grey walls and high ceiling. With strips of lights running non-stop along each corner between the walls and ceiling, it was brightly lit. A few other dragens walked by and the glare one of them gave Drohn didn’t go unnoticed by the human, but since his new acquaintance didn’t react to it, Jack said nothing as they reached an elevator.

“Infirmary.” Drohn said, then looked down at the smaller male. “Do you have many bad dreams when you sleep?”

“What?” Jack asked, before he remembered. “Oh…sometimes.” he lied.

“Have you spoken to anyone about it?”

“It didn’t start until the losch invaded… there weren’t many counselors taking patients after that.”

“We have counselors here…”

“It was just a dream.” Jack sternly interrupted.

Drohn could tell he wouldn’t be able to convince him to talk about it to anyone, so he left it alone. He’d just have to wait until the human became his kyra, then he’d have no choice but to do as he was told.

Once they reached the Infirmary, Jack was seen right away, given the lack of other patients. A cellular metabolism enhancing gel was applied to the cut on Jack’s right cheek by the female nurse. She had a feminine face and figure by human standards, but a completely flat chest. While dragen men were taller and kept their hair no longer than three inches, dragen women averaged Jack’s height of 5′ 10″ and grew their hair out at least three times as long as their men. After treating the human’s face, her topaz-colored eyes studied his rugged features.

“Any other injuries I should know about?” When he removed his uniform shirt, revealing several bruises on his lean arms and torso that varied in color from blue to black, her eyes grew wide. “I haven’t seen anyone who’s been shot this many times and still lived.” she said in a concerned voice. “Maybe you should give up the life of a warrior and do something safer.” She smiled into the human’s dark eyes, much to the annoyance of Drohn, who said nothing.

“That would be nice, but my people need all the help they can get.” Jack remarked.

She had him lie down on a medical bed and proceeded to give him several injections of the metabolism gel, one in the center of each bruise, with an air injection gun. Each injection felt like painfully sharp pinch, and that didn’t include the pain from the bruises. Once that was done, she took several medical scans over the next hour to learn more about his physiology.

“That about does it.” she said. “We’ll study what we’ve got and see how many of our other medical treatments can be applied to you and what the risks are.”

“Thanks.” Jack replied, putting his shirt back on.

“Any time.” she smiled. “My shift Çeşme Escort ends soon…would you care to join me for a meal?”

Before Jack could respond, Drohn grabbed his arm and said, “He’s busy.”

While being pulled away, Jack struggled with the buttons of his shirt. “Well, that was rude…”

“You’re mine.” Drohn replied as they exited into the corridor.

“Did I miss the part where you hunted and captured me?” the human asked, causing Drohn to stop and sighed. “I’ve seen the looks you get from others, and I understand how irritating it can get.” Looking up into the bigger man’s green eyes, Jack continued. “But being dismissive like that isn’t helpful. You need to humanize yourself to them.”

Tilting his head, Drohn simply said, “I’m not human.”

Jack sighed, annoyed that he was either being intentionally obstinate or the word just didn’t translate. “You need to make them see you as a person with feelings that can be hurt; make their empathy stop them from treating you like that.”

“Warriors don’t express vulnerability to others.”

“You did with me.”

Caressing the human’s cheek, Drohn said, “That’s different.” he paused. “There are things about dragen culture you don’t understand, but I’ll try to explain it to you after we see the captain.”

After having spent half an hour explaining the situation to Captain Ludor, the lighter-skinned dragen expressed his sympathies, but there weren’t enough ships in the area to assist.

Feeling frustrated, Jack forced himself to be calm. “Captain…my planet is less than thirty lightyears away. If they conquer us, they’ll probably use earth as a staging area for future attacks against you; starting with this space station.”

“I understand that,” Ludor began, “but our forces are spread thin at the moment. I’ll recommend that helping you should take the highest priority when the ships are available, but until then, there’s nothing we can do. I’m sorry.”

Jack hated the result, but he understood the need to prioritize resources. After leaving the meeting room, Drohn took the defeated human to the canteen for a meal. Sitting down, Jack looked down and away.

“What can I get for you two.” the dragen waitress said with slightly forced politeness toward Drohn.

“We’ll need a few moments.” Drohn replied.

Jack looked up and saw a dragen woman and saw that she too, had a completely flat chest. Do their women just not have breasts, he wondered?

“Take your time.” she said, relieved to walk away from the outcast.

“What kinds of food you like?” Drohn asked.

“I’m not feeling very hungry.” Jack answered, then asked, “Why do you serve in a military where everyone treats you like that?”

“I’m a warrior who hears the call to serve his people.”

“Most human soldiers do too, but when we’re getting shot at, we fight for the guy fighting next to us. How can you do that when they don’t like you?”

“I don’t…outcasts are trained to be lone warriors.”

“That’s a good way to get killed.” Jack remarked, adding, “Maybe that’s why they want you to fight alone.”

Drohn was touched that the human cared about him, despite the dragen’s desire to take him as a kyra, even against his will. “Try to forget about that right now and focus on keeping up your strength.”

Drohn pointed to the screen in the table in front of Jack and pressed a button, causing it to tilt upward in a more comfortable reading position. “I can’t read your language.” the human remarked.

“Touch the box at the end of each description to see what it looks like.”

Pressing box after box, Jack found something that resembled a chicken pasta dish, but doubted it would taste the same. After they made their food and drink selections, Drohn pressed the call button and the waitress eventually returned and took their order.

“How do you know she’s not going to spit in your food or something?” Jack asked.

“That is a risk.” Drohn acknowledged, then changed the subject. “Tell me about yourself, Jack. How have you become such a skilled warrior?”

In getting to know each other, Drohn learned about Jack’s own experiences being an outcast when he was just a child because of his homosexuality, but was glad that things had changed for him as he got older. Drohn, however, kept his desires a secret upon reaching puberty to prevent becoming an outcast. It wasn’t until he had begun living on his own that the depression of living a lie had become unbearable and he finally decided to speak the truth about himself. The result was a great weight lifted from his shoulders, but also becoming disowned by his parents, two brothers, and his sister. Not to mention all of his friends.

Jack felt bad for the dragen and had a better understanding of why he was willing to take him as a sex slave against his will, despite knowing the immorality of it. Social creatures like dragens and humans can survive in the absence of social contact beyond ordering food from people who inwardly despise you, but mere survival was never enough.

After eating, Drohn took the human back to his quarters Çeşme Escort Bayan for a much needed, relaxing shower. Seeing Jack fully naked for the first time, Drohn’s lust for him rose higher, despite the sparse fur covering him. Seeing the nipples, he wondered why he had them, considering that male mammals weren’t breast feeders. Dragens, on the other hand, had no fur covering them other than the mane on top of their heads that went down their necks to their shoulder blades, eyelashes and eyebrows, and the males had no nipples. He then wondered if they were as sensitive for him as they were for dragen females; or so he’s heard.

Having stripped off his own clothes, Drohn stood unashamed before the human. His muscles were big and very toned, showing how often he worked out. Jack noticed the lack of nipples, but his eyes lowered to the man’s groin and saw some loose skin where the balls would be on a human and what looked like a four inch penis with the head covered in thick foreskin. As Drohn’s eyes explored the smaller male’s toned body, though, his large balls descended from inside his pelvis and his dick hardened, becoming thicker and extended out of his prepuce.

The reddish-colored head was shaped like a flattened bulb with a fleshy ridge around the edge and the shaft was the same color with several large veins running along the eight inch monster. Some light reflected off of it, revealing to Jack that it was coated in some kind of fluid. Despite the alien-ness of the bigger man, his own organ hardened to its six inch length.

“Like what you see?” Drohn teased as he stepped forward.

“It’s…big…” Jack said as his heart pounded in his chest.

“I’ll be gentle. At first…” the dragen pulled him into a kiss and explored the human’s mouth with his inhumanly-long tongue.

Jack’s hands caressed the muscular body, reaching down to stroke the pre-lubed alien cock and causing a sexual growl to come from the man’s chest. Breaking the kiss, Jack looked into his emerald eyes. “You know…you can always ask me out on a date and forget about this hunt of yours…”

Drohn smiled. “Trying to get out of it?”

“You didn’t want to risk rejection…now you know that won’t happen, why not?”

Giving him one more passionate kiss, Drohn replied, “Because I want to own you completely…”

Jack smirked and pulled away. “Then no sex for you.”

He then entered the bathroom, leaving Drohn standing there, dripping with pre. With a playful smile, he said, “I’m going to punish you after the hunt for this…”

Joining him in the bathroom, Drohn gave his rear a spank and started the shower. Looking up at the bigger man, Jack replied, “You can’t punish me for sticking to what we agreed.”

Drohn couldn’t argue with him there, but he didn’t want to. He was just enjoying the company of another male, or anyone for that matter, for the first time in eight years.

It was two days later and Jack hadn’t had any nightmares since the short nap on his trip to the space station. He thought it odd, considering that they were an ‘every-time-he-slept’ kind of occurrance, but wondered if having such a big, strong man holding him during the night triggered an instinctual sense of safety. Or maybe it was the fact that he really was safe; far away from the genocidal reptiles.

Drohn’s request for a fifteen day leave was granted. Having no social life, he rarely took time off, so he had saved up over a year of paid leave during the course of his career. Him and Jack were on a planet called sheilk where the blue-skinned inhabitants, called nom’ahn, were friendly and welcoming. They looked similar enough to humans, Jack thought, except the shape of their legs reminded him of what dog legs would look like on a person.

Drohn had commented about how the human would look more beautiful without his body and facial fur and Jack remarked that he was never a fan of it. So the first thing they did, even before going to their hotel, was to have it permanently removed at a cosmetic clinic.

“I’m not doing this for you…” Jack told the dragen. “This is for me to tease you when you lose the hunt.”

“Sure it is… Drohn played along as he watched the nude human become furless.

All of Jacks injuries had fully healed and the dragen had to admit that he was enamored with his attractiveness. Perhaps it was more because of his loneliness, but that didn’t matter. He had someone in his life that he would have as a mate, even if, no matter how small the possibility, Jack evaded him for the entire hunt. He’d just have to be extra careful not to overwhelm the human if he did lose.

Once the hair removal was complete, Drohn felt his malehood try to escape its protective prepuce against his will. As he watched Jack begin dressing, he said, “Slow down, tulip. There’s no need to rush…”

Jack smirked. The term ‘tulip’ was the dragen equivalent of ‘baby’, but it still felt weird to be called the name of a flower. “Look all you want, but you’re not getting any.”

“Not until you’re my kyra…”

Afterwards, they checked into Escort Çeşme their hotel and enjoyed the view overlooking the ocean from their room’s balcony. Jack leaned over the railing and Drohn positioned himself behind the smaller male, wrapping his arms around him.

Smiling, Jack asked, “Eager to start the hunt?”

Scenting the human’s neck, Drohn kissed it and said, “As much as I enjoy holding you, I want more.” One of his hands slid down the front of Jack’s pants and gently squeezed his groin. “And there’s only one way for me to get it. Are you ready?”

With a soft moan, Jack replied, “All you have to do is call off the hunt and you can have me now.” He leaned in to the dragen’s embrace.

“Holding out for a higher reward is a sign of intelligence.” Drohn turned him around and pressed their lips together. “Grab your scanner and let’s go…I plan on having you for dinner tonight.”

“Then you’re gonna starve…” Jack smirked.

Retrieving his scanner and strapping it to his wrist, Jack exited their room with Drohn’s arm wrapped around him and headed for the nearby spaceport where they left their ship. Once there, Drohn flew to a forested area that was unpopulated for hundreds of kilometers: a preserve used for supremacy hunts. Setting down on the large landing pad, he saw two other ships there.

“Looks like we’re not the only ones here to settle who’s going to be the dominant alpha.” Drohn commented.

“We’re not here for that.” Jack corrected. “We’re here because you refuse to date without owning me as your property.”

Drohn looked at him with a smirk. “That would imply that I’ll be the alpha no matter what happens.”

Jack partially opened his mouth to retort, but instead replied, “Let’s go.”

Following the human with excitement, Drohn exited the ship and closed the hatch behind him. They then entered the nearby building and registered for their hunt, making sure to customize the timeframe in the legal documents as well as the hunt’s purpose. The hunt was normally for consenting couples and was almost never used to determine whether or not someone became a kyra. The cute dragen female named Jilla that worked behind the desk had seen hundreds of couples pass through there, but rarely one of a mixed species and certainly never one of the same sex.

“Are you sure you know what you’re getting into? she asked Jack with amused pale-blue eyes.

“I don’t really have a choice.” he replied, noticing that, like all other female dragens he’d seen, she had a completely flat chest. “We made an agreement and he refuses to date me without it.” He smiled and looked into Drohn’s eyes.

“And you know why.” Drohn leaned over to kiss his future kyra, just to annoy the female.

“Aww, you two look so good together.” she said, surprising both males who then stared at her. Opening her scanner, she projected a holographic image of another dragen female that looked like a solid statuette, rather than the transparent holograms in human science fiction. “This is my alpha wife.” she smiled. “It’s always good to see another outcast find a mate.”

Jack could easily tell that the woman was more muscular than the average dragen female because of the lack of a shirt. As he suspected, dragen women had the chest of a man, but unlike dragen men, had a pair of perky, pencil eraser-sized nipples.

Perhaps the lack of breasts caused no cultural issues with shirtless women in dragen society, he supposed. “What’s her name?” he then asked, studying the image. Her blue-green eyes and her smirk had a playful display, as if Jilla had said something amusing before the picture was taken. Her dark mane was braided tightly along her scalp which, coupled with her muscular physique, reminded Jack of female MMA fighters.

“Teritha; she’s going to graduate from the Academy of Marines soon and become a full warrior.” she lovingly studied the image for a few seconds before closing it.

“If she gets posted at Dorrousen Station, look for us.” Drohn smiled.

“Is it difficult living among a dragen majority as an outcast? Teritha and I moved here after our families disowned us…”

“You get many distasteful looks almost everywhere you go,” Drohn explained, “and it’s impossible to make friends unless there’s another outcast where you’re stationed.”

“Are there many at Dorrousen?”

“Just me.”

Jack looked at him. “Are you cancelling the hunt?”

“No…” Drohn said, confused.

Looking at Jilla, Jack said, “Then he means just us.”

She smiled. “He’s witty.”

“He has his moments.” Drohn smiled.

Retrieving a data stick, Jilla said, “I’m sure he does…” she paused. “Now just let me upload this into your scanners and you’ll be good to begin your hunt.”

Drohn and Jack set their arms on the desk and she plugged the stick into each scanner. The program that was being uploaded was designed to prevent the scanner’s owner from using it until the hunt’s time ended (in their special case, one sheilk day), unless a code was entered in case of emergency. That would then activate the scanner’s distress signal and alert the search and rescue team to head out. Accidents and wild animal attacks were rare, but they did happen. Another aspect of the program was that Drohn would have to enter his personal code into Jack’s scanner before the day was over in order to become the human’s legal owner.

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