Kyle Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

1. Passed Out

This story is a true story of my first time sucking dick. I did change his name. All usual disclaimers apply. All sex is between 18 year olds.

My senior year of high school I partied a lot. I had great grades and was already accepted to my college of choice. I had some really close friends who liked to party too. We never got into anything other than booze and we were pretty responsible for drunk kids I guess (never drove around drunk or vandalized anything.) My best friend was Kyle. He was 6’2″ and really slim. Dark skinned Italian guy with a really smooth body. He wasn’t super dark; he just looked like he had a great tan year round. I hadn’t done anything gay and I really wasn’t gay for Kyle, I just respected his body. We spent so much time together people thought we were gay sometimes but we just got along well. We had the same interests, same dislikes, played the same sports, same advanced placement classes and honest to God, we even had the same birthday.

My parents went out of town a lot for long weekends and just before graduation they had taken a trip to TN or some shit so of course the party was planned. We had the beer and vodka, cards, dice and music. There were 9 of us at the party and we had been drinking for about 5 hours when everyone started passing out. I had an awesome alcohol tolerance and always out drank my friends, which was good for me this night. We had quit with the drinking games and were watching a movie when I looked up and realized everyone else had passed out. I was the only Esat travesti one still awake and I didn’t feel that drunk all of a sudden. I know I was wasted but I didn’t feel that drunk. Well, next to me on the sofa was Kyle passed out and holding a beer still. I grabbed the beer and set it on the table and he didn’t seem to notice.

I wondered what else I could get away with while he was passed out. I grabbed a blanket and threw it over our laps. He was sitting to my right and I put my hand on his left knee. I began to slide my hand up his leg very slowly while watching him and listening to his breathing. I reached his cock and still no change in his breathing. I started to rub it slowly through his jeans. Within minutes he was getting hard. I don’t know what came over me but I had to have more. I was so excited to be feeling my first hard cock I went crazy with lust. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and reached in. The heat inside his boxers was overwhelming. My fingers felt his pubes first and then bingo his almost fully hard cock. I wrapped my hand around it and was shocked. His dick was every bit as big as he had always said. I had just barely got my hand all the way around it and as I pulled it out of the hole in his boxers it was at least 8 inches long and cut. He hadn’t stirred through any of this. I began to slowly stroke his cock and some precum appeared at the head of his monster meat. Overcome with lust I just had to taste it.

I was pretty scared. I hadn’t done anything like this ever and what if he woke Kızılay travesti up. After weighing all the pros and cons I went down on my knees between his legs. I was under the blanket holding Kyle’s monster cock in front of my face. My tongue snaked out and gently licked up the pearl of precum…I lost all control and immediately put the whole mushroom tip in my mouth. I held just the head of his dick in my mouth and began to stroke the fiery hot shaft. I heard a groan from him and I immediately froze with my hand still around his dick and the mushroom tip in my mouth.

Then I heard his voice say “I don’t know who is under that blanket and I don’t care as long as they finish.” Those were the most inspirational words I have ever heard. I went to town. I didn’t know much about giving head but I was trying my hardest. I was giving one of the sloppiest blowjobs ever known to man. I was using my tongue to massage the crown on my way down and sucking with all my might on the way up. After about 3 or 4 minutes of this I felt his hand on the back of my head. He was pushing my head down on his big dick. The huge mushroom tip was at the back of my throat and my eyes began to water but I wanted every millimeter of his cock in my mouth. I swallowed and his cock entered my throat. It was amazing. I actually didn’t gag at all. He was holding my head all the way down on his dick and he started to thrust his hips into my face. I could actually feel his cock pulsating in my mouth. He loosened his grip every minute or so, so I could breathe Alsancak travesti but he knew I could deep throat it so he shoved it down my throat as soon as I got a breath every time.

I was too drunk to be thinking about him cumming. I was just focusing on the task at hand and that task was servicing Kyle’s cock. I was surprised when I heard his voice again. I had forgotten there was a person attached this gorgeous piece of meat. He said, “I’m going to cum! If you don’t want it in your mouth, get off now.” I just stopped for a second. I hadn’t really planned this out and I didn’t know if I wanted him to cum in my mouth or not. That decision was made for me. Before I knew it my mouth filled with an incredibly salty bitter taste that had a chlorine-like taste as well. I knew Kyle was cumming my mouth. I felt disgusting for a second then I started to love it. Here was my best friend shooting thick rope after thick rope of cum in my mouth. I was just holding all that cum in my mouth and his dick in my hand when for the third time I heard his voice, “I don’t mind if you spit or whatever. I’m going to get up and crash somewhere and I’m going leave this blanket over you because I have a feeling I don’t want to know who just sucked me off.” He did just that. And I swallowed my first load ever. That night transformed me from a straight/bi-curious guy, to a full on cocksucking/cumswallowing slut.

The next day about noon when everyone was up I had asked those who had stayed to help me clean up. Kyle came walking out of one of the guest bedrooms and I said, “Help clean up you lazy bitch.” Kyle leaned in real close to my ear and whispered so only I could hear, “My dick was in your mouth, don’t you think that makes you….my bitch?”

I always appreciate comments/critiques and feel free to email me feedback.

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