Kyla, 38 and Her New Slave Pt. 04

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Continuing Nicola’s exploits with Slave Eric and her Slut Margarite.

She has put her foot down, setting out the requirements, her requirements if she is to stay on as Housekeeper rather than Nanny in their household.

If the Ffm or fFm dynamic is not to your taste then maybe you won’t enjoy these stories.

As Nicola put the phone down, Margarite lifted her mouth off Eric’s cock.

“Who was it Nicola?”

“It was Timon, he wanted to talk to you. I told him you were tied up.”

She laughed at the innuendo, but silenced any protest from Margarite by stepping back to stand behind her and nustled the ten inch dildo between her cunt lips, then drove the breath from her by thrusting it straight into her until she was in up to the hilt. Margarite cried out, throwing her head back as far as she could, despite her hands being bound behind her. Nicola reached forward and grasped a handful of her short hair.

“You fucking slut, I’ve a good mind to fuck you with it, while your husband fucks this tight little arse.”

She slapped her cute little buttocks, one stroke on each, which shook deliciously.

“Get his cock back in your mouth, keep it hard as I will be using it soon.” She ordered her slut.

Over the next ten minutes Nicola fucked Margarite, and Eric licked and sucked her clit to two massive orgasms, the first shook her slender frame for fully ten seconds as she thrashed around beneath her. As she cried out Nicola told Eric to stop sucking her clit, but Nicola kept fucking her, slowly at first, just keeping her on a plateau of pleasure, before increasing the pace and power of her thrusts until the older woman came again, her screams filling the huge house with noise, and she collapsed like a spent rag doll, bereft of any thoughts other than the animalistic pleasure which had filled the last three quarters of an hour. Not that Margarite knew what time it was, indeed what day it was.

Nicola withdrew the dildo and untied Margarite’s wrists, helping her off her husband, still lying prone on the desk. Margarite staggered on her high heels but Nicola wanted more from her.

“On your knees Slut” she commanded.

Margarite’s knees buckled as she knelt down, and Nicola held her elbow as she got her breath back.

“Are you ok?” she asked, concern in her voice. “Do you want to stop? Or should I just carry on with him?”

Margarite was exhausted but desperate to know where this was going next. Nicola had told her that she expected her to come five times, and she had only come twice, no three times! Actually Margarite had no idea how many orgasms she had had, indeed two of them had seemed to meld into each other.

“I think I’ll be ok, just don’t fuck me with that thing again.”

Nicola couldn’t help but laugh out loud, but grasped the black cock around the nobbly base and aimed it towards Slut’s face. Her husband lay on the desk eyes wide open, although he was looking at them upside down, his head extended back as far as possible.

“Lick it.” She told Slut, as she gently slapped her cheek with the wet dildo, coated in her own cream. “Share it with him.” she said as she aimed the cock head towards her bound slave.

Margarite took hold of the black latex cock and rubbed the head across her husbands lips.

“Taste my come Eric.”

“He’s called Slave now, remember that,” chided Nicola, “Both of you lick it clean.”

Their tongues ran up and down the dildo, around the head and the glans, until Nicola was satisfied they had done a decent job, but with room for improvement.

Nicola began to unbuckle the harness that held the dildo against her crotch.

“Take it Slut, and put it on.”

She allowed Margarite to lower it down her legs and she steadied herself using Eric’s head and stepped out of the harness.

Margarite stood to put her feet in the harness, but Nicola had turned and backed onto Eric’s face. She spread her lips and got into position.

“Tongue in me, now.” She commanded.

Eric’s tongue was aching but slipped into her hot wet vagina, and he licked around the vaginal walls about an inch inside of her. Margarite finished tightening the harness, then paused to watch her husband lick Nicola’s cunt.

“Come here and fuck me, slut.” Commanded xslot Nicola.

Margarite stepped towards her and Nicola moved slightly down, her slaves tongue slipping from her cunt. She reached behind her and pulled her fleshy buttocks apart.

“Rim me, mmmm.”

Eric did as he was told, his wet tongue sweeping around her arsehole.

“He’s never done that to me before.” said Margarite, a note of regret in her voice.

“Do you want him to do it to you? Because if you do, I will order him to, next time I fuck you.” said Nicola, extending her arms to pull Margarite to her. The latter gripped the ten inch strap-on near the hilt and as she stepped into Nicola’s arms, and slipped the full length, all ten inches of it into her hot wet cunt. Nicola gasped as it filled her up, her words muffled as Margarite’s mouth met hers.

She fucked her long and slow, then hard and fast for a full ten minutes, until Eric groaned into Nicola’s arsehole, and kicked his leg. Nicola pushed her slut away and stood up.

“I have cramp Mistress, ahhh, fuck, please help!” he pleaded.

Nicola and her slut rolled him over and untied his wrists, and he bent his right leg and tried to massage the cramp away, then stretched his leg, extending his foot, until the pain went, and then sat up on the desk swinging his legs over the side. Once the hideous pain had gone he looked to his right, but the room was empty, the door closed. He stood and walked towards it. He went to the foot of the stairs and was just in time to see Nicola and Margarite walking hand-in-hand along the landing, towards his and Margarite’s bedroom. Nicola looked over her shoulder and looked at him with disdain.

“Don’t forget your wrist bond slave. Or on second thoughts, bring a nice length of rope, oh and three pairs of knickers from my washing basket.”

They disappeared through the door which closed and then he heard the key turn in the lock. The click of the lock was like a shot to the heart, how could they lock him out, but at least he would be able to peep through the keyhole, which Nicola had promised would continue. He hurried away and thought of where he could find rope, quickly deciding that although he didn’t have rope he did have a fabric strap, used to secure items in the back of the car. He threw on his trousers, picked up the outhouse and car keys, and ran out to the garage accessed through the potting shed in the garden. It was just gone sunset and the sky was beginning to darken, although he had no idea what time it was. He soon found the strap and ran back inside and discarded his outdoor clothing on the kitchen floor.

He ran upstairs, stopping only to listen for any noise from the Master bedroom, maybe that should be Mistress bedroom, but it was testament to the good quality oak doors that he couldn’t hear anything. He ran up to Nicola’s luxury suite of rooms in the roof space, located the dirty washing basket and sorted out three pairs of lacy black, red and green knickers. He inspected the gussets and sniffed each pair, licking them to get a good taste. He sniffed then again and was sure that two of them had a whiff of spunk in the heady aroma. He wondered whose come it was, but put the gusset of the black knickers in his mouth and sucked until the only taste on his tongue was of Nicola’s fucked cunt. He returned back downstairs to the Mistress bedroom.

As he reached the bedroom door he knelt and was devastated to find the key still in the lock. Still kneeling he knocked on the door. Nothing. He listened but could only hear a muffed moaning.

Behind the door, Nicola had wasted no time in getting her Slut where she wanted her, that is on the crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets with her wrists tied to the ornate iron headboard with two of Eric’s expensive silk ties, the ten inch dildo jutting up from the strap-on harness.

Nicola stood by the bed, admiring her handwork, looked at the oak door, shook her head and turned her attention to her slut. She leaned over her and reached under the harness, grabbing her cunt and slipped her finger into her wet hole. She fingered her for a minute, then moved her hand up, spread her lips with forefinger and ring finger, then bent her middle finger to rub her engorged clit vigourously. Margarite gasped and moaned xslot Giriş and Nicola smiled down at her, then climbed onto the bed, left knee first, then swung her right leg over her slut’s head and sat on her face, muffling her moaning with her cunt. It was this muffled moaning that Eric heard as he knelt outside.

Soon, the moaning was coming from Nicola as well as her slut, as another orgasm built in her cunt. When it arrived it was just as powerful as the previous ones, left Nicola gasping for breath as her body shook with the sheer ferocity of it, and left Eric wide eyed and open mouthed. He stroked his cock throughout but stopped when he got close to coming, hoping to be allowed to come in either his wife’s or Nicola’s cunt.

Nicola climbed off Margarite and walked towards the door, her high heels silenced in the deep pile carpet. She slowly and silently turned the key, then walked back to the bed and climbed on top of her Slut again. This time she faced Margarite, and reaching behind her eased the dildo into her cunt. It slid into her and once she had it all in, leaned forward to kiss her Slut.

Nicola began to rock back and forth on the dildo, her cunt tingling. She lifted her head off her Slut’s mouth and said firmly and loudly “Get in here now Slave.”

Eric wasted no time in opening the door but remained kneeling in the entrance, open mouthed at the sight of Nicola straddling his wife. Nicola clicked her fingers.

“You may lick my cunt, slave.”

Eric hurried to kneel behind her and began to tongue her lips either side of the enormous black cock in her fuck-hole.

Satisfied with his enthusiastic worship, Nicola eased forward, then stood up, the dildo slipping out of her cunt. She stepped forward putting her feet either side of Margarite’s head then squatted down on her mouth, the slut’s tongue seeking out her lips and then her clit.

Another change in position had Nicola in the right place to accommodate both Margarite’s mouth and Eric’s pulsating six inches. It slipped in easily, her fuck hole dilated by the ten inch and impressively girthed strap on.

“Do not forget to ask for permission to come slave.” She warned him.

Eric fucked her hard, until she could take no more, and his orgasm, spoilt already, was going to be explosive.

“Come without my permission and you will regret it.” She said over her shoulder.

But Eric could hold off no longer.

“Please Mistress, please may I come. Please, please, I beg you, please.”

But before she could give her permission, his cock exploded inside her, spewing his load into her vagina.

“How dare you,” Nicola shouted. “On your knees, now!”

Eric’s softening cock slipped out, and her dilated cunt dripped spunk onto his wife’s face. He climbed off the bed and fell to his knees at the side of the bed.

Nicola untied the silk ties which bound Margarite’s wrists to the headboard, and climbed off the bed. Margarite rubbed her wrists and sat up. Nicola had stood up and walked over to the chaise longue under the window. She sat down and lay back, her legs crossed, her foot pointed at the couple.

“Get him over here now!” She snapped at Margarite.

Eric, a handful of his hair clutched tightly in his wife’s hand was dragged over to kneel before the magnificent Goddess he had just fucked. Once he was kneeling at her feet she reached forward and took hold of the black dildo jutting out from his wife’s groin.

“Lick it clean.” She ordered him.

“But it’s, it’s a cock. I’m not…”

Her slap to his face cut him off.

“You will do exactly as you are told. And if you don’t you will never have sex with us again.”

Her words shocked him. The last hour had been the most intense sex he had ever had, and the thought of not being allowed to do it again panicked him. He turned his head towards his wife who guided the black cock between his lips. For the next five minutes he sucked the cock head, gagged and then licked the veiny length obediently.

“Good boy,” said Nicola contentedly, “now we have the problem of your prior disobedience.”

She nodded imperceptibly at Margarite, who still holding a handful of his hair, turned him to face his Mistress. Nicola opened her legs, her ample xslot Güncel Giriş thighs spread wide, and leaned back against the chaise. Margarite skull dragged him towards Nicola, until he was knelt between her spread legs.

“From now on, every drop of come you spunk up without permission, will mean a punishment of 12 strokes, six from me and six from her,” she pointed at her slut, “and every last drop of come will be licked up by you. Now get to work, you have clean up duties to do.”

Eric was wide eyed and he turned to his wife, spluttering at her to please stop this.

Margarite merely pushed his head down, until his mouth met Nicola’s cunt lips.

“Open wide slave, tongue out. Good boy. Now lick every drop of your filth out of me, and don’t even think of stopping until my cunt is clean.” Nicola looked down at him, and smiled as knew she that she was very firmly in charge. “And once you’ve swallowed it all, you can put those black knickers on. The green ones will go in his mouth and the red ones on his face, Slut. You will then tie his hands behind his back and he can stand in the corner until his cock gets hard, then we will administer his punishment. Meanwhile we will see how many times you can come in one evening Slut.”

Margarite pushed Eric’s head firmly into Nicola’s cunt.

“Get on with it. The sooner you finish, the sooner I get to come again.” she whispered into his ear.

Once he had finished and Margarite had fingered Nicola’s cunt, inspecting to make sure he had done a good job (he hadn’t and his wife slapped his face before shoving his mouth back onto his Mistress’ cunt) then he was ordered to stand. He put the black knickers on, the silk and lace felt fabulous against his skin. Nicola’s slut then tied his wrists firmly behind his back with the fabric strap and pushed another pair of knickers into his mouth, the third pair onto his head so that the gusset was over his nose. Margarite could smell come but didn’t know if it was his that he had just licked up or if it was already in Nicola’s knickers. She smiled micheviously hoping it was the latter. Nicola stood and surveyed her handiwork. Satisfied Margarite had done it right she reached behind her Slave and slapped each cheek alternatively three times.

“Good. And in future when I walk into a room make sure you get on your knees ASAP. Do you understand Slave?” He nodded that he did, murmuring into his panty gag.

Nicola turned to his wife, slipping her arm around her shoulder and reaching up to fondle her erect nipple, then invited her to sit beside her on the bed.

“These are so, so sweet. Oh and while we drink prosecco, I will tell you about the gardener and his lovely thick cock. I love it when he comes on my face. Probably better to have him come in your cunt though, then my slave can be given a good taste of both of you. Now, before that, on your knees slave, while I run through a few rules. Firstly, your release, by which I mean your orgasms, are only allowed subject to your good behaviour and performance. I work on a three to one ratio. You will not be allowed release unless both I and your wife have both come three times. If you have performed as required then I will decide how and where you will come. Perhaps it will be in my cunt, or her cunt, but I expect that both will be increasingly used by other men. You will be required to perform clean up duties on a regular basis from now on. Which reminds me, the gardener will be round tomorrow.” She smiled at Margarite, whose cunt tingled at the thought.

Nicola continued:

“Other ways I might allow you to come might be to have your wife wank you off as I spank you. Or if you have been really good, to wank yourself off in my presence. I might even allow you to come on my foot or my stocking top.” She turned to Margarite. “The come will be licked up immediately of course.”

“Of course.” Said Margarite with a smirk on her face.

The other rules were reeled off, sleeping arrangements, delivering the morning tea with cunt licking to order, twice weekly formalised spankings, being allowed to watch when Nicola is using Margarite being subject to satisfactory performance, dildo cleaning, they seemed to be never ending.

Eric shivered involuntarily, bewildered as to how he had gotten to this position, but then the realisation dawned upon him that he finally had what he’d secretly desired all these years, a strict dominant Mistress to serve.

Nicola’s only thought as she closed the door behind her was “hmmm, like father like son.”

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