Kung Pao

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“Kung Pao chicken, sauce on the side…” It was him again. Lisa peeked around the corner to see the young man taking off his jacket and sliding into one of the red vinyl booths. Her father, who owned the Chinese restaurant, was taking his order today. He nodded, swiftly placed a pot of tea on the table, and swiped the remaining three teacups. The young man always ate alone.

Lisa had been watching him for weeks now. He was one of the young professors at the nearby university. She believed he taught Mathematics, from the intimidating notes littering the top of his table; also, when she was going to her own classes, she sometimes saw him scuttle to the Math building. Being a Psych major, she never had him in class.

Her father burst into the kitchen, “Kung Pao…” and disappeared into the back room. As she absent-mindedly poured oil into the wok, she peered at the boy through the swinging doors. His head was bent in concentration, those scary-looking equations scattered on the table. Occasionally, he would run a hand through his ruffled brown hair. She was so in love.

Jack noticed her the first week he started at the university. Tucked into a small street, he found this Chinese place, and a girl who worked there who was… gorgeous. Her glassy black hair was always tied into a bun, held up with, appropriately, chopsticks, and she floated in and out of the kitchen. It didn’t occur to him to ask her out, but he came back – repeatedly, just to catch a glimpse of her. Perhaps twenty-nine wasn’t too old to have a crush.

Lisa’s father came out of the back room and sighed. He shrugged on his coat and said, much too casually, “Hey, I’m exhausted. Why don’t you lock up today?” Without waiting for an answer, he put a large ring of keys on the counter. When Lisa reached for them, he put his hand on top of hers. “No funny stuff. I expect you home by midnight.”

She smiled. “Thanks, Daddy.” She kissed him on the cheek, and he walked out the front door with a last wink. Lisa quietly locked the door behind him.

She had fantasized about getting this professor alone for a long time, but talking certainly wasn’t part of the scenario. She sighed. Chances were, she wouldn’t even get that far with him. Every other time she came out of the kitchen, he hadn’t even looked up. He was either utterly clueless or found her completely unattractive. She picked up the steaming plate of chicken and sauntered through the swinging doors. By god, she would be noticed tonight.

Knowing he would never make a move, Lisa felt bold and opened her shirt one more notch, letting a peek of lace show through. “Kung Pao,” she announced, leaning in front of him, then straightened up. For this game to work, he could never know she was playing. Tilting her head sweetly, she asked, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” Picking up the pot of tea, she leaned over again, gently brushing his ear with her breast as she poured the tea. She doubted he even noticed anything, but she herself was getting excited. Leaning even closer, she breathed into his hair, “I’ll be right back.” Sashaying into the kitchen, Lisa smiled to herself. She may be a virgin, but she knew how men worked. He was no longer looking at his notes, and sat looking a bit stunned.

That was the most she could possibly hope for at this point. She wished to god he would have just grabbed her, kissed her roughly on the mouth, and shoved her onto the vinyl seat. Lifting up her skirt, he would have planted his knee between her legs, firmly pushing them apart to find an uncovered pussy, moist and hairless except for a fuzzy triangle. Pleased to find no panties, he would have grinned, “What a sweet little slut,” as she impatiently unzipped his jeans and put her hand around his hot, throbbing cock. She had never actually seen a hot, throbbing cock, but she had read in a romance novel that they did indeed throb.

In any case, thinking about him was making her throb herself, as usual. She pressed her legs together, but it didn’t help. In fact, it was only making it worse. “Oh god,” she muttered, squeezing her hand between her thighs and rubbing herself. Konyaaltı Escort She had to be quick. The gorgeous professor was waiting out there, probably wondering what was taking so long. He might even come back and find her like this! The thought was terrifying but was making her horny to the point of confusion. She quietly moaned and put her hand down her skirt, caressing up and down her dampening pussy lips. She thought about what it would be like, having those hands gripping her breasts as she rode him, fucking him, bouncing up and down on his cock in a frenzy, as he twisted her hair in his hands, pulling her head back…

“Lisa?” she heard him call. With a great strength of will, she took away her hand, and headed through the swinging doors. Trying to steady her breathing, she walked slowly to his table. He hadn’t touched his food. She didn’t care, she was just dying to get back and finish what she had started. She stopped suddenly.

“You know my name.” She was a little surprised.

“I’m sorry, I heard your father call you before.” He had been screwing up the courage to talk to her for weeks, and now she was in front of him, looking so beautiful with those little black tendrils falling around her face, looking adorably distracted and disheveled, and she was waiting for him to speak.

“Uh,” he blurted. “I’ll call you if I need you.”

The angel smiled innocently. “Sure you don’t want anything?” He could think of a dozen things he wanted her to do, but he just said no. “OK, I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.” She disappeared through the doors. As usual, he would probably be sitting at his table for hours with his papers and notes. Thank god. Now she could masturbate in peace.

Just in case he peeked into the kitchen, though, she went into the back room. It wasn’t the most romantic location, but it would do the job. There was a restaurant-sized freezer, shelves filled with cans of baby corn, and huge rice bags on the floor, stacked waist-high. Perfect. She pulled the chopsticks out of her hair so she could lie down, and, wriggling out of her panties, she lay onto one of the stacks of rice bags. Lisa opened her legs and sighed, running her fingers around her labia, rubbing over her clit, and lightly dipping her fingers into her vagina. She tried to imagine what his penis would feel like inside of her. Opening her legs even more, she pushed deeper inside and used her fingers to spread herself wide. She gasped. Electricity shot to her nipples. She squeezed her breast with her other hand. Quietly moaning, she imagined Jack’s mouth gently sucking it while he fucked her.

Meanwhile, the real Jack was getting very antsy in the dining room. Why hadn’t she come back yet? He had finally gathered up the courage to ask her to coffee. He’d planned the whole thing. It was going to be low-key, a coffeehouse on campus with live music, and maybe afterward they walk around town and talk. She probably wasn’t a first-date kiss kind of girl, but… where the hell was she? He got up and walked to the kitchen. He peeked in, but no Lisa. Pushing through the swinging doors, he heard noises. They were coming from the back room, strange little noises.

Moving to the back, he poked the door open a crack. He nearly gasped to see the lovely, gentle waitress naked and writhing on bags of rice, with her legs open, her hair flowing, one hand pinching her nipple, and fucking herself, shoving her fingers in and out of her pussy. Jack was speechless and watched, fascinated. He watched her as her eyes squinched shut and she arched her back in a massive orgasm as she mouthed, Jack. Jack. Jack. Blood rushed through him. Mesmerized, he pushed the door open and stepped in, the scent of her sex filling the small room. Impossibly, he got even harder seeing her prone figure with her legs wide open, and he walked over to her.

That’s when she heard him. Frozen, she kept her eyes shut and listened to his footsteps cross the room. It was no use covering up at this point, and how would she explain herself after moaning his name in orgasm? She felt his hand touch her elbow. Konyaaltı Escort Bayan It was ridiculous in its gallantry, seeing as her legs were wide open and the rest of her hand was soaked in her own juices.

“Don’t be scared,” Jack reassured. The sound of his voice made her eyes open. I’m not going to fuck you until you beg for it, he finished in his head.

“I’m not,” she replied, and gazed at him. He kissed her. Expecting a tongue to force its way down her throat, she kept them sealed shut. But while sucking on her lower lip, Jack caressed it, gently licking between her lips, back and forth, until she opened her mouth slightly, allowing his tongue to slip in and tangle with hers. She opened her arms, and he rolled on top of her. He pulled away, then grinned, teasingly. “You know my name.” She just smiled, looking down. She tugged at his sweater, and he bent down his head, letting her pull it off.

“I also know,” Lisa announced, “that you are twenty-eight, single…” She began peeling off his black undershirt. “You started teaching at the University last year…” She started unbuttoning his fly. Here, she ran into some difficulty, and he sat up and helped her. “I ‘googled’ you,” she admitted.

“And you’re Lisa,” Jack responded, “Your father owns this restaurant, and you’re gorgeous and sweet.” Lisa became quiet as he took off his jeans, revealing an irresistible bulge through his briefs. Unable to resist, she put her hand out to cup it in her hand.

“I’m nineteen, I go to the university… I think you’re amazing,” she said quietly, “And I’ve been on the Pill for a few months.” Not believing her own boldness, she looked down, concentrating on rubbing the bulge in front of her, which had grown slightly softer. Overcome by her own curiosity, she tugged on the elastic waistband of his underwear to expose this new delight. He gently moved the band over his semi-hard penis, and it flopped out entirely into her hands. It was unlike anything she’d ever seen before. Moving her face closer, she gently poked at it.

“I’ve never done this before,” she thought out loud. She had never allowed any other boys to take off their pants before. Considering how pushy and horny they were, she was afraid they would pressure her even more to have sex if they were actually naked. But somehow she knew that Jack would never pressure her, and this made her want him even more. And her new toy! Unable to resist the sponginess, she bent down and took it between her lips, softly sucking on the head, moving it slowly in and out as it pulsed and grew harder in her mouth. He moaned and gently pushed further inside. Encouraged, she pulled it even further into her mouth, instinctively tilting her head to allow more space as relaxed, taking it into her throat as he groaned.

“Lisa… I really want you,” As if in answer, she sucked harder, pistoning her head up and down his shaft, her petite breasts jiggling as she moved. “But we don’t have to,” Jack added, half-heartedly, “If you don’t want.”

“But I do want,” she replied, “Very much.” As if to prove this, she took his penis and gently rubbed it on her pussy. His dick was already coated in pre-cum and glided smoothly over the bump of her clitoris. Her eyes widened in pleasure, and she rolled the tip of his cock over it, again and again. He groaned and took hold of it, moved it up and down, along her outer lips, as he got even more erect. Opening her pussy lips, he rubbed it along the inside, as she got progressively wetter and started to snake her hips from side to side. He teased, “Lisa, I saw you doing something before that I think you liked,” as he began gently inserting his finger into her pussy. She whimpered and slid lower onto his finger. “And then you moved your fingers inside,” while he pushed his fingers in and out, widening her pussy with another finger, then another. God, she was wet. Taking a nipple gently between his teeth, he sucked her breast, her cunt making sloshing noises as he fucked her with his fingers.

“Ohhh…” Lisa moaned. She had been dreaming about this for god knows how long, but it was Escort Konyaaltı definitely not as intense as it finally turned out to be. “Jack…” she whispered urgently, wanting to ask for his dick, wanting him to fuck her. Frustrated and too shy to ask, she began undulating slowly on their makeshift bed. “Jack, I want you… deeper,” she panted. “Please.” The head of his dick swelled, straining to get at her sloppy-wet pussy, but he forced himself to hold back. He gritted his teeth. It was her first time; he wanted her to come so hard she’d remember it when she was eighty-five, that she would ask him to fuck her over and over again for years to come.

“Baby, I can’t get any deeper than that,” he said under his breath, rubbing his cock on her thigh, any part he could reach of her creamy skin. He rammed his fingers into her faster and faster. In frustration, her head jerked from side to side, her hair falling across her face. “Then I need your cock, Lisa murmured. Her pussy was throbbing, her whole body aching, she didn’t care what he thought anymore. A low, primal growl came out of her throat. “I need you to fuck me.” She bucked her hips. “Jack, I need your cock, put it inside…”

Shaking, Jack pulled his fingers out of her dripping pussy, grabbed her hips roughly, and pushed his dick as slowly as he could into her opening. There seemed to be no resistance; she must have been broken some time before. With a groan, he thrust his cock deep into her cunt. She gasped. It was much bigger than she thought it would be and slightly uncomfortable. He sat still, allowing her to become accustomed to his penis inside of her. After a while, she hmmmed curiously and moved her hips around, relishing the feel of his thick cock stretching her in every direction, pressing a warm spot deep inside of her. She squeezed her muscles around him, and he moaned.

“Christ, you’re so tight,” he grunted, fucking her with short thrusts at first. Lisa beamed; for some reason, she was quite proud of herself. Since she was obviously not in pain, Jack thrust deeper, pressing her G-spot again, and eliciting a sound of delight. He smiled and plunged into her, slowly at first, then building up a rhythm. She moaned, her eyelids closing in pleasure. Instinctively, she opened her legs even further and grabbed his ass, forcing him harder into her pussy.

“More,” she begged, thrusting her hips up to meet his cock. “Just keep fucking me.” She was so close, she needed something, she didn’t know what she wanted… instinctively, Jack pulled out with a pop, grabbed her ankles and plopped them on his shoulders. Partly amused and partly irritated, she giggled, “What are you doing?” but he just grinned, “Trust me.” She laughed weakly, overwhelmed. Leaning into her cunt with all of his weight, Jack drove his cock deep inside of her. Shocked with the intensity, she let out a deep groan. Again and again and again, he fucked her, the end of his cock rubbing her cervix, his pubic bone massaging her clit with every thrust. Lisa moaned. “I didn’t think… it went that deep… that feels incredible…” and she went silent as intense pleasure built somewhere in her belly; she closed her eyes, in deep concentration. Suddenly, without warning, she exploded. Screaming his name, she thrashed wildly as Jack felt her cunt contact powerfully and rhythmically around his cock. He tried to hold back, but feeling her throb around him was too much, and he choked out, “Baby, I’m gonna come…” and he shot his hot semen into her cunt.

“Wow.” They lay together, letting his warm cum drip onto the sweater underneath them. She was so incredibly warm and soft, and he lay his head on her breast. When he finally looked up, he was alone on the rice bed, and Lisa was back in her button down shirt and skirt, twisting her hair back into chopstick formation.

“Where are you going?” he sounded worried. Lisa turned around, walked over, and kissed him softly on the lips.

“I had to be home an hour ago,” she said. “My father’s going to kill me.” She put the final chopstick in her hair. “But I’ll tell him we had a wonderful time talking, and that I’m going to see you again.” Planting herself on his lap, she continued, “Usually I leave in the morning to study on campus, I go to class, then I come work at the restaurant… but I’d much rather study off-campus with a handsome young professor, if that’s all right with you.”

Jack smiled and held her in his arms. “That sounds perfect.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32