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It felt like we had been on the road forever. In reality, it had only been a couple hours. My girlfriend Erica and I were on our way to visit our mutual best friend, Kristina.

Kristina always claimed to be the founder of our relationship – our matchmaker. Maybe that was partially true. I definitely consulted her a lot when I first started dating Erica. I had known Kristina for a couple years before I met Erica and I had always confided in her. In truth, I had always had a crush on Kristina, but we were never single at the same time. Now, I was happily shacked up with Erica, but I couldn’t help still being attracted to Kristina.

Kristina and Erica had been friends for probably just as long, but in completely different circles, where Erica and I somehow didn’t meet each other until our senior years of college. People often mistook Kristina and Erica for sisters. My girlfriend Erica looked a lot like Keira Knightley, while Kristina looked a lot like Natalie Portman. Anyone who was attracted to one was surely attracted to the other. The resemblance was all the more confusing because they so often shared clothes, from jackets to jeans to bras – a 34C, making them each slightly bustier than their celebrity doppelgangers.

While Erica and I had graduated and entered the young professional world, Kristina had continued in school to get her Masters, albeit at a different university a couple states over. She stayed near campus even through the summer, so she could take a class or two and hold some internship or another. Missing our best friend, Erica and I set out on a road trip to visit our friend Kristina.

“I can’t wait to see Kristina!” my girlfriend exclaimed. “But I am NOT looking forward to sleeping on her couch for the next few days. Long car rides always make me feel cramped and sore.”

“Well, I’m sure if you asked nicely, Kristina would let you share her bed…” I suggested slyly.

“You wish!” Erica rolled her eyes at me.

I had a long tradition of implying a sexual history between Erica and Kristina, and they each had a long tradition of rejecting my implications. “I just find it hard to believe you two never fooled around. That’s what college was for!”

“I keep telling you, you horndog, that it never happened. There was just the one night where we compared our tits, but that’s only because we realized guys get to play with so many tits, and we only ever got to feel our own.”

“And I keep telling you, I wish I’d been invited to that.”

Erica playfully slapped my arm. This sort of banter at least kept me awake after a couple hours of driving through flat nothingness. “Now look, Tom. If you behave, I’ll make sure we have a little bit of fun this weekend while Kristina is in class. But we have to be sneaky about it. You know her long-distance boyfriend’s job isn’t as flexible as ours, so she hasn’t been able to see him in months. If she finds out we christened her bed before she did, she’ll be irritated with us.”

“Fiiiiiiine,” I exhaled.

“Promise?” Erica asked.

“I promise, I’ll be good.”

“Good.” Erica deemed. “But just for good measure, let’s relieve your sexual tension before we get there.”

“Oh definitely, I could do with a break. I think I saw a sign for a rest stop a couple miles-” I stopped, as Erica unclipped her seatbelt. She got up on her knees on the seat, twisted toward me, and bent her head down into my lap. I looked around, but we hadn’t seen another car for a while. She unzipped my shorts and fished out my penis.

“Eyes on the road, sir.” Erica instructed.

I was glad the highway was so flat and boring because my attention was divided. My girlfriend was usually so cute and demure, but every now and then she got a crazy streak, where she was outrageously horny and a bit impish. So her spontaneous blowjob was a welcome, but not so surprising surprise.

Erica put my semi-hard dick and my balls all in her mouth at once. The warmth of her mouth caused it to begin to grow immediately. She spit out my cock, but kept sucking on my balls, while her left hand reached over to begin stroking me against her face. Usually, I would try to hold on as long as I could – one, to prolong the pleasure, and two, because it forced her to become more and more creative in her techniques – but I felt our current situation was a bit risky. In no time at all, she had me hard as a rock and throbbing. I warned her that I would be cumming soon, so she stopped sucking on my balls and replaced them with the head of my cock. She swirled her head around the tip while sucking it tightly. She kept jacking me with her hand until I spewed three or four shots into her mouth. She continued to suckle me gently as she gulped everything down, making sure to not leave a mess behind. I uncrossed my eyes and noticed we were going about half the speed limit, so I got us back on track before anyone noticed anything suspicious.

Erica tucked me back into my shorts, turned back around in her seat, and rebuckled bahis firmaları her seat belt. “Think that’ll get you through until Kristina leaves for class tomorrow?” Erica asked, as she brushed her hair with her fingers.


We arrived at Kristina’s apartment a couple hours later. The girls hugged and cried and generally overreacted, I felt. I got my hug as well and we headed inside Kristina’s new apartment. She gave us the “not-so-grand” tour: the front door opened into a living room/dinette, there was a small kitchen beyond that, a smaller bathroom to the side, and a bedroom at the back of the apartment. We would be sleeping on the couch in that front room.

“Unfortunately, it’s just a couch.” Kristina informed us. “It doesn’t even unfold into a sleeper. But I have lots of blankets and pillows!”

“It’s perfect,” Erica responded. “We’re just here to see you, not sleep.”

“In that case, I’ll crack open a bottle of wine and we can catch up!”

Kristina and Erica sat at opposite ends of the sofa, facing each other, legs intertwined. I sat in the matching chair, 90 degrees to them.

“First things first,” Erica began. “When did you stop wearing bras?”

I choked on my wine, but the girls didn’t seem to notice. Kristina blushed as she answered, “Oh, you noticed?”

“Of course, I did. As soon as our car pulled up, your little torpedoes were pointed right at me! I’m sure Tom could feel them digging into his chest when you hugged.” The girls both glanced at me, but they didn’t wait for a response from me.

“Well, I just figured, why not?” Kristina explained. “I like to be comfortable. It’s too hot in this state to wear one. It’s my right. So, whatever!”

Erica laughed, “Well, if you’re not wearing one, I’m not wearing one.” And with that, she reached behind herself, unclipped her bra, and pulled it out from under her shirt. The girls laughed and shimmied at each other, and I watched as their boobs swung back and forth under their shirts, admittedly paying more attention to Kristina’s torso than my girlfriend’s.

We continued to chit chat long into the night, finishing the bottle of wine and a second. Kristina finally retired to her bedroom, Erica curled up on the couch, and I fell asleep sitting up more or less in the chair.


I woke up from a lovely dream. In it, Kristina was on her knees in front of me, shirt off, boobs out, sucking my dick. This wasn’t the first time I’d had this dream, but it was one of the more realistic times. As the dreamscape broke and I opened my eyes, I found the dream wasn’t far from reality, with the important exception that it was my girlfriend Erica sucking my dick, on her knees, in Kristina’s apartment.

“Oh, damn, Erica, that feels so good,” I moaned.

She looked up at me and smiled around my cock. She removed my cock from her mouth and said, “Good morning, sleepyhead. You were knocked out! I knew you shouldn’t have had so much wine. Kristina has already been up and around the apartment, getting ready for her day. She even made a smoothie and you slept right through that loud blender!”

“Oh sorry,” I said, as Erica resumed sucking me. “Where is she now?”

Erica switched back to jerking me off, while she informed me, “Oh, she’s in the shower. These walls are surprisingly soundproof; you can’t even hear the water running. She came into the living room to ask how we slept, but she saw your morning wood tenting your shorts, so she scampered away, embarrassed.” The idea of Kristina seeing my erection, even covered by my shorts, got me even harder. Erica felt it. “Oh, I knew you’d like that image. I bet you wish it were her down here sucking your cock, don’t you?”

With any other girl I’ve been with, this would’ve been a loaded question. With Erica, I knew it was just dirty talk. She was well aware of my attraction to our mutual friend and she was fine with it, as long as I didn’t act on it. I nodded, but decided not to volunteer any information about my dream.

“Good. Then you’ll be on board for the wicked idea I have.” Erica smirked.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“You’ll just have to see…”

“Well, you’d probably better hurry. Kristina isn’t known for long showers.” I advised.

Erica was already back to deep throating my dick. She was masterful. I’d never known a girl who could take me so deep, so easily. While my dick was planted in her throat, she wagged her tongue back and forth across my shaft, and hummed. I threw my head back and looked at the ceiling as I felt my orgasm building. Erica slowly withdrew her mouth from my dick, loudly slurping the whole way up, until just the head was in her mouth. She pumped my cock, and I grunted as my orgasm struck me. I came with what felt like one of my larger loads in her mouth. Erica kept sucking until she’d extracted every drop of my cum.

I grunted again as my body shuddered. “Ok, ok, enough, enough.” I told her. “I love your wicked ideas. That was a great kaçak iddaa blowjob.”

Erica sat back on her heels and smirked at me, but didn’t open her mouth. Then she got up, and strode still topless across the room. I watched as she picked up what was left of Kristina’s smoothie, opened her mouth, and spit what must’ve been three ounces of my cum into the travel mug. She swirled the smoothie like a glass of wine to mix it in and then she set it back on the counter, just as Kristina opened the bathroom door with a towel wrapped around herself.

“Good morning, Tom!” she greeted me.

“Uhh, good morning, Kristina.” I answered.

“There are bagels in the fridge, peanut butter in the cabinet, ummm, oh, I don’t know, feel free to look around and help yourself.” Kristina offered, as she wandered into her bedroom.

“Oh, we will…” Erica purred.

Kristina rolled her eyes. “Or, skip breakfast, and just spend the afternoon fucking in my apartment. That’s fine too. Just not in my bed! My boyfriend is finally coming to visit soon and I wanna be the first.” She called from the other room. Erica was giving me a devilish look and smiling. Kristina re-entered the living room in some tight jeans and a loose pink v-neck shirt, which I couldn’t help but notice did nothing to conceal her eraser-hard nipples. “Gotta run, loves.” she said, as she gave my girlfriend a quick, friendly peck on the lips. I can’t be sure, but I thought I saw a puzzled look on Kristina’s face as she pulled away from my girlfriend and licked her lips. Kristina grabbed her smoothie with one hand, gave me a one-armed hug, and left for class.


The moment Kristina shut the front door, Erica burst into laughter.

“Erica! That WAS wicked!” I chided her.

“Oh, relax. That little whore could use a little more cum in her diet these days. She needs the protein.” Erica laughed again. “It was a harmless prank. Fun fact about Kristina: she doesn’t swallow, that little tease.”

I was shocked by Erica’s wanton depravity. Well, not that shocked. As I said, she’s prone to random bouts of devilish horniness. Before I knew it, she was dragging me into Kristina’s bedroom.

“Come on, she’s only gonna be in class for a couple hours. Let’s snoop!”

“I’m fine right here,” I said from the door frame.

Erica didn’t seem bothered by my abstention. She just methodically began looking through Kristina’s room. “Look how clean her room is. It’s like she was expecting company. Ok, so, if I remember correctly, she keeps her toys in a shoebox under her bed. Ah, here it is. What have we got…vibrator, vibrator, vibrator, dildo, ooh butt plugs I didn’t know she was into that, nipple clamps I did know that…Nothing toooooo illicit, but I will tease her about the butt plugs later. What else? Oh! She left her laptop on top of her dresser. Think we’ll find any naughty photos or videos in her iCloud? We’ll get into that later… Ok, top drawer, lingerie. Tell me, Tom, do you think Kristina looks sexier in this red set, or this black set?” Erica held up two sets of lingerie.

I didn’t answer at first. I just looked at Erica, lightly judging her for her intrusiveness. Erica just looked back at me, unperturbed.

“Obviously, I’ve never thought of our dear friend Kristina like that…” Erica rolled her eyes at me. “But if you’re asking me to picture Kristina in lingerie, then that set, definitely the red set.”

“Agreed.” Erica said as she slid off her pants and her panties in one movement. Then she pulled on the red, sheer panties from Kristina’s drawer. They were so see-through, you could see her trimmed brown triangular bush through them. Then, she pulled on the red bra, if you could call it that. It was just two triangles of red strings that framed her boobs without covering them at all. I loved Erica’s nipples – they were like two Hershey’s Kisses.

When Erica finished trying on Kristina’s lingerie, she laid down on Kristina’s bed. “Now, Tom. Come fuck me.” Erica languished on the bed and stretched her hands toward the headboard. As her hand slipped under Kristina’s pillow, she stopped stretching and pulled out another vibrator. “Oh, looks like Kristina was as excited to see you, as you were to see her.” Erica smirked. She drew the vibrator in front of her face and sniffed it like a cigar. Then she stuck the vibrator in her mouth and sucked it like a cock.

That was the final straw for me. I leapt into bed and started sucking on my girlfriend’s nipples peeking through our friend’s lingerie. I pulled the vibrator from her mouth, pulled her panties to the side, and stuck the vibrator in her wet pussy. I started making out with Erica as she reached for my cock. We broke apart just long enough for me to strip naked and then I laid back down, where I could work the vibrator in Erica’s pussy and she could stroke my cock. Erica shrieked in pleasure as she reached her first orgasm. I tossed the vibrator to the side and lined myself up with her dripping hole.

“Fuck kaçak bahis me, Tom. Fuck me like I’m Kristina and you haven’t seen me in a year.” I pushed into her balls deep on the first pass, and Erica’s eyes and mouth opened wide in a gasp. I worked my arms under her and held the backs of her shoulders as I pumped slowly, but firmly. We made love with our faces inches apart and our eyes staring into each other’s. Erica whimpered with each stroke in and gasped for air with each stroke out.

When my legs and my abs began to tire, I suggested changing positions. Instead, Erica got up from the bed, grabbed my dick, and led me into the living room. She sat me down on the sofa, turned around, and lowered herself onto my rock hard erection. As she bounced up and down, I reached around and grabbed her bouncing tits to massage.

As Erica neared her second orgasm, the front door suddenly burst open. Kristina stepped into the living room with her clutch in one hand and a tray of coffees in the other. “Hey guys, I brought-” She stopped mid-step, and mid-sentence. Her face turned a deep shade of scarlet and she dropped her clutch to the floor. “Um, I’ll just- uh-” she started to turn toward the door, tray of coffees still in hand.

I had stopped thrusting, but Erica never stopped riding. “Stop!” she commanded.

Kristina froze in the doorway. “I’m sorry! My second class got canceled. I didn’t even think. I can go-“

“No,” Erica said gently, while continuing to ride me. “I know you’re horny. There’s no need to leave. This is YOUR apartment. Sit in that chair and wait for us to finish. Then we can all go to the pool or something.”

“I-” Kristina started.

“Sit.” Erica instructed.

Kristina closed the front door, set the coffees on the dinette table, strode across the living room, and sat in the chair I’d slept in last night.

“Take off your shirt, so Tom can see your tits.” Erica instructed.

Kristina complied without question. For the first time, I saw my best friend Kristina’s tits, in all their glory. They were identical to my girlfriend’s – firm, perky, round, and perfect.

“If you want, you can touch yourself while you watch.” Erica offered.

Kristina hesitated for a moment, but then unsnapped her jeans, and slid her hand down her pants.

Erica stopped bouncing up and down on my cock for a moment. Without releasing me, she lifted one leg up near her ear, rotated around, and then settled into a kneeling position on the couch, with me still inside her. Instead of bouncing, now she just ground her hips into me.

I could tell Kristina was enjoying the show because her breathing was getting sharper and sharper. She scooted her pants lower until I could see her pink panties showing and her fingers moving beneath them. As much as I enjoyed watching my girlfriend’s tits bounce as she ground into me, today I was distracted watching Kristina’s tits jiggle as she fingered herself.

Our arousal spiked sharply at having such a hot audience. Just a few minutes after Kristina joined us, I started convulsing as I shot my load up into my girlfriend. Simultaneously, my girlfriend shuddered on top of me and I heard Kristina’s staccato breathing as she came too.

Spent, Erica slouched and rolled to the side to sit next to me on the couch. Kristina’s eyes moved to my girlfriend’s pussy as she watched my cum leak out onto the couch, but Kristina seemed too tired to say anything about it.

We all rested for a bit, and then Kristina finally broke the silence. “Is that my lingerie?”

Erica and I laughed. “Yeah. Thanks, bestie. By the way, how’d you like your smoothie?”

“It was…slightly better than usual…why?” asked Kristina, suspiciously.

“Oh, I added a secret ingredient. I’m glad you liked it.” Erica smirked mischievously.

Kristina just shook her head at my crazy girlfriend.


The rest of the afternoon passed uneventfully. There didn’t seem to be any need to get dressed at this point, so I stayed naked, my girlfriend stayed in Kristina’s lingerie, and Kristina stayed topless. We ate lunch, and got caught up on our lives over the last year.

“I thought you said there was a pool in your apartment complex?” Erica asked.

“There is.” Kristina answered. “A couple, actually.”

“Well then, what are we doing here?? We should be chatting near the pool. Can I borrow a bikini?” Erica asked.

The two girls went into Kristina’s bedroom, while I cleaned up from lunch. By the time the girls reemerged from the bedroom, I had already changed into my suit and was waiting patiently, scrolling through my phone. The girls were stunning as usual, and side by side, their resemblance was uncanny. They both had their brown hair pulled back in pony tails. They were both wearing polka dot bikinis (Kristina in baby blue, Erica in pink) and denim shorts. I followed them out the door, but a few steps behind so I could watch their matching asses swing as we walked to the community pool.

It was a beautiful day, yet there was no one at the pool. “It’s like this all the time now.” Kristina explained. “Most kids went home or on vacation for the summer, so I mostly have this pool to myself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32