Kitty Pimps out Her BootBoy Ch. 03

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Author’s note:

This is the third and last installment of how I pimped out my bootboy to one of my friends. It was written with his assistance as a ghost writer and is from HIS perspective, although I made lots of detailed enhancements. It was a bit odd putting myself in his shoes, as I am always writing from my own female perspective. But I think it turned out well and I hope everyone enjoys it!


She let me wallow just like that for a minute and then proceeded to lift up one boot, looking at it lovingly. She glanced at me to make sure I was intently following her tempting display as she ran her hands along the length of it, down toward the spike heel, then back up slowly.

Oh my god, watching her do that was so sexy, and she knew full well the power that it had over me. This girl was good!

“Well? What are you waiting for?” she accused, offering one boot toward my hand. “You said you wanted to touch it, so go ahead…bootboy!” I instantly fell for her trap, reaching forward slowly with both hands, but she just giggled and casually moved the boot away before I could get it.

“Awwww, ” she taunted as she bounced the boot up and down, keeping it away from me, “poor bootboy! He wants to touch my boots, I know he does. But he simply MUST be teased and denied first, before he gets even a little bit of what he wants!” Her eyes twinkled as the words flowed naturally from inside her kinky mind.

My eyes rolled back into my brain as her luscious denial washed over me, and she proceeded to offer her boot toward me again, whereupon I repeated my attempt to touch it. Sure enough though, she simply pulled it away again, giggling playfully at her irresistible power over me.

Again I simply absorbed her denial, and as she took the sexy boot away from me, my hands followed it for a few inches, but then stopped. She was showing me that it was in my nature to allow her teasing, to become an active participant in it. Why was it so easy for me to accept this?

Over and over she repeated the cruel game, teasing and denying, offering and rejecting, having her fill of her total control of me. Finally, just as I started to go simply out of my mind, she simply gave me her boot and let me have it.

My hands trembled as I looked down at it and cradled it gently, massaging the roundness of the leather wrapping around her foot. My fingers reached underneath and encircled the kinky spike heel, and she watched in fascination as I gently tended to every inch of it.

“Oooo, bootboy, I like that, very much…” she said breathily. I smiled as she encouraged my attention, but before I could enjoy it much longer, she slowly took her boot away again. But again she returned it after a moment, toying with my hands like before.

This cycle repeated several more times, with her toying with me for a minute and then letting me tend to her sexy boot before taking it away, but soon it was time for the next phase of her game, and she lifted one boot up and waved it close to my lips.

“You wanna give it kissies?” She giggled girlishly.

I nodded enthusiastically and reached out, pouting my lips to plant a kiss on it but she just smiled and took it away again. Wow, her teasing was quite skilled, it was clearly an end to itself and I was completely stunned at her mastery of this deliciously diabolical sexual game.

She taunted me several more times, just like that, showing it to me, encouraging my attention and then keeping it away, before finally shoving the toe of the boot in my mouth and ordering me to kiss and lick it.

I began doing what she said, but then I made the mistake of lifting my hands to caress her other boot. She simply kicked them away with it.

“Hands at your sides, Chuck.”

“Please, Miss Cheryl, please let me touch them some more. They are look so yummy, I just want to give them some attention.”

“No, Chucky, I know what you want, but you’ve already had a little bit, and you don’t get any more touchies just yet.”

And then she took her other boot and glided it over my hard cock slowly, just once, before continuing, “But if you obey me, I will give you sweet delights like you have never imagined.” My eyes rolled back in my head as the pleasure of her touching me like that sunk in.

“Please, Miss Cheryl” I moaned as she continued to stroke my erection, “please let me touch your sexy boots.”

“Soon, perhaps I will give them back to you. But first, will you promise to be my bootboy from now on?”

“Yes, anything, Miss Cheryl. Please!”

“Oh, so that IS what you want, hmmm? Well say it then!”

“Yes, Miss Cheryl, I promise to be your bootboy!!”

“Good boy,” she said, but instead of rewarding my promise like I expected, she took the boot off my cock, pulling the other one away from my mouth. She paused to watch my reaction as she took away my pleasure, studying the look of confusion and helpless arousal on my face…

Again she taunted me, patronizing me as she said, “Awww…now Maltepe Escort I told you I was going to tease you, bootboy! And if you don’t like it, if you don’t want me to keep doing it, you can just get up and leave right now…”

“No, Miss Cheryl, please, please tease me, tease me as much as you want!”

“That’s better. Very well…if that’s what you want, then that is what you will receive!”

After a long pause, one boot was then offered to my hands again, but when I reached for it, she pulled it away, denying me again. She just burst out laughing, her excitement at the ongoing treatment of me increasing.

My hands continued to chase her ultra-sexy boot playfully, but she effortlessly kept it away from me.

I suppose I could have just grabbed it, but something in me wanted to let her tease and deny me, knowing that if I let her have her fun she might be more likely to give me things that I wanted. After all, that was how this game was played!

So my hands moved slowly as they chased after it, encouraging her to easily reject me, and she laughed and continued the keep-away game for a little while before finally letting me have it.

I took a sharp breath as I was finally given what I wanted again, and I took her boot in my hand, caressing the instep and the beautiful spiked heel. Oh wow did it feel wonderful to have it, especially after being toyed with so deliciously like that!

“Mmmm, yes,” she cooed, “good little bootboy!”

As I continued to tend to it, she went to work on my cock with her other boot again, prodding and poking it, catching it but then letting it slip off to the side. It throbbed as it bounced around, and it was though it kept trying to escape her attack, but she was merciless, going after it each time it slipped away, hunting it down and capturing it over and over again, teasing it deliciously.

As the fun continued she smiled and said warmly, “Good little Chucky, now you just keep worshipping those sexy boots, just like that, and I’ll keep teasing your cock. Who knows, if you’re a verrrry good bootboy for me, maybe I’ll decide to keep you with me tonight!”

As she sweet-talked me, she continued to massage my erection, catching it between the sole of her boot and my stomach and squishing it, then rubbing it round and round. I struggled to concentrate as I massaged her other boot, but then I mindlessly started to run my hands further up her leg.

She pushed my hands away and pulled her boot away from my cock, taking away the pleasure she had been giving me.

“No Chucky, you keep your hands right where they belong.” I looked up at her, completely dazed at her sudden denial of more pleasure, and it took me a second to respond.

“I’m sorry, Mistress.” I finally blurted, and my hands went back down to her leather-covered feet and began squeezing and massaging them in her boots.

“That’s better, Chucky-boy. Now then…be a good boy and stroke yourself for me.”

I stared at her boots, needing them so badly that it felt like torture to take my hands off them. But it was for a good cause, haha, so I obeyed her and began stroking my hard cock.

She let me play with myself for a few moments, staring at the erotic sight of me doing it, and then she waved her boots in my face, showing them to me to visually encourage my masturbation. I focused on them as I stroked harder and faster.

She watched me carefully, sensing when I was nearing an orgasm, and right when I was about to explode she interrupted me, pushing my hands away from my cock with both boots.

“That’s enough of that! We can’t let you cum just yet, that would spoil all my fun! You wouldn’t want THAT to happen, bootboy, would you??”

“No, Mistress.” I panted, letting my arms fall limp at my sides as my cock bobbed and twitched. The head was all shiny and it had turned purple, and the veins on the shaft were bulging out, completely engorged.

“Very good,” she said, “now you can go back to touching my boots again.”

I did so happily, caressing them lovingly all over until she pushed my hands away and ordered me to stroke again. She repeated this several times, indulging me (and herself) by telling me to play with myself, and as I got closer and closer to cumming, she’d stop me and order me to touch her boots again, leaving my dick twitching and throbbing right on the edge of orgasm.

I was so confused at this point, torn between wanting to cum so badly but also wanting to keep caressing her beautiful boots. She was so undeniably sexy; it was my pleasure to allow her to control me, and the whole time I simply couldn’t take my eyes off her as she tantalized me and edged me repeatedly.

And then she did something that absolutely turned my world upside down.

I had recently confessed my desire to wear girly panties for Miss Kitty, and she had found a wonderfully sexy pair of white satiny panties (with side ties) for me. She gave me the link and made me buy them, telling me to ship them Anadolu Yakası Escort to her place, where she would pull them out to tease me whenever she was good and ready.

Suddenly, to my utter surprise, Cheryl reached into a drawer and slowly lifted out those very same panties…the ones I had been simply dying to wear for my Mistress. My gaze focused on them as my face went completely flush – my kinky panty-fantasy was right there in front of me…

How the hell did Cheryl get a hold of them? I was paralyzed with shock as my mind reeled at the realization that Kitty must have given them to her, but not only that, she had most certainly betrayed my desires to wear them to Cheryl too…

“Do you recognize these, Chucky?” Cheryl said knowingly, her eyes sparkling with excitement. She dangled them in my face, stretching the fabric out a bit between her slender, feminine fingers and watching me blush with excitement.

I couldn’t speak, so she just kept teasingly dangling the panties before my eyes for another minute and then started twirling them round and round from her sexy-nailed index finger. I was absolutely fixated on them, and she just kept twirling them and enjoying my fascination before suddenly stopping and simply dropped them right onto my hard cock.

“Of course you do, sweetie,” she continued with a wink, “Kitty told me all about it!”

I was frozen for a moment, and I looked down at the sight of the sexy panties dangling from my erection, and she giggled at my predicament. I looked up into her eyes, not knowing what to do, but one thing I did know was that I would do whatever she wanted, whatever she said!

She smiled at my hesitation and then ordered me to put them on. I reached down and mindlessly caressed my silky fabric with them for a moment though, and she scowled and snatched them away from me…

“Stop that!” she scolded, “I said put them on, not rub your dickie with them, slaveboy!”

And she began dangling them before my eyes again, taunting me with them and keeping them away from me when I tried to take them. She tormented me for a minute or two like that and then tossed them on my dick again. And this time I carefully took them off my erection and slipped my legs into them one at a time.

“That’s better,” she said sweetly.

Once they were on, I awkwardly started fumbling with the side ties, finding them difficult to tie up in my hyper-aroused state. God, I wanted to feel them on my erection so badly.

Meanwhile, she was terribly amused by my struggles…but somehow I managed to tie them up on both sides, and my hands fell away as I presented myself to her. My erect cock stuck out from one side of the silky panties, its masculine presence contrasted by the sexy girly white fabric.

I knelt there in front of her, red-faced with embarrassment about my panty fetish, and she reached out and tucked my aching dick inside the panties, so it was sticking straight up inside them. She gave it a few soft touches with the tip of her finger, gently rubbing it up and down the sensitive underside before pulling her hand away .

“Ooo, Chucky,” she teased, “look at YOU! You look so naughty with your big dick tucked underneath these sexy panties of yours!!”

And then she took the tip of her boot and very softly gave me one long stroke up and down it. Wow, oh wow!!

It felt sooo good being gently teased by Cheryl’s boot inside the silky, satiny panties, and my dick was throbbing and dripping by this time as she repeated her long, slow stroke.

A gasp escaped my lips.

“You are a real panty-boy too, aren’t you, Chucky” she said with an accusatory tone. She continued her soft teasing of my cock with her boot, shifting to the sole of it and using it to mush my dick up against my body.

The head of my cock started to stick out of the top of the panties as she watched my eyes roll back in my head from her sweet and sensual stroking of my cock with her beautiful boot.

“You are so easy to toy with, Chucky. I wasn’t sure I could enslave you with these boots, although Kitty said you’d be no match for me. But I simply had to see for myself.”

Then she stopped and pulled her boot away from my silky-panty covered erection. The feelings at this point were simply driving me right out of my mind!

“Please don’t stop, Miss Cheryl!” I begged.

“Did you like that, my pantyslave?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress! Please, please do it some more?”

She toyed with me for a minute, offering the boot toward my panty-covered cock but leaving it inches away, making me beg for it several times before she started in on it again, caressing my throbbing cock, slowly, then faster. I was close to cumming when she stopped again.

“I’m not done with you yet, Chucky. No, not yet, my pantyboy bootslave…”

“Please, Miss Cheryl! Please!”

“You know that if you cum for me, you will be mine forever. Is that what you want?”

She continued her assault on my cock, İstanbul Escort unrelenting, getting me closer and closer to orgasm, my arousal so obvious she could read it like a book. My cock was so hard, I don’t think I’ve ever had such a fully aroused erection like that.

“Beg me to make you cum, Chucky!”

“Please let me cum, Miss Cheryl! Please!”‘

Faster, harder, then softer and slower, she continued the exquisite assault on my sexual organ. I had never felt anything like it. My mouth was hanging open as I watched this gorgeous sex kitten teasing me, and soon I was moaning and panting as I begged her by name.

I was about to erupt when she asked the question that simply shattered my will, “Will you leave Miss Kitty and pledge your love and obedience to me?”

I fell silent as her suggestion washed over me, and I could feel the blood draining from my face as the thought of it terrified me. I simply couldn’t do it. I couldn’t imagine not being teased by Kitty again.

“Oh, Goddess…no, I can’t, please don’t make me, please!” I wailed.

Cheryl pulled her boots away, pouting her lips disappointedly. But she didn’t give up.

“We’ll just see about that. I told you I’m not done with you yet, not by a long shot, and you are going to keep begging for me whether you like it or not, you little pantyslave.”

She marched over to her bureau and took out a pair of silky white pantyhose, stretching them between her long-nailed fingers as she strutted back over to me with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. She sat herself down next to me and started stroking my hard cock with one hand, making sure it was fully and completely erect. And believe me, it WAS.

Then she took one end of the pantyhose in one hand and stretched it between her other hand, tucking it under my swollen balls and gently letting it glide along the super-sensitive spot on my skin just underneath them.

“Now then,” she taunted as she slid the silky hose back and forth, “what were you saying about my request to leave Miss Kitty and come be mine?”

I couldn’t speak as watched this luscious babe manipulating my submissive desires like that, but I just shook my head frantically, finally managing to blurt out, “Oh my god, please, please no!!”

Cheryl let go of one end of the silky hose and it slipped along my testicles as it fell away, and she casually purred, “You sure?” She eyed me carefully as she abruptly stopped the teasing stimulation, and my cock twitched and throbbed, bobbing up and down as the blood pulsed through it.

“Please!” I panted.

“Oh, now it’s please, hmmm?” Cheryl taunted, slowly encircling the stocking around my aching balls. Her long, slender fingers looked so lovely as she expertly ensnared my balls in the feminine, silky material, and I watched in complete and utter fascination.

Once, then twice, the silky stocking was wrapped around my testicles like a present, and I watched as Cheryl proceeded to wrap the stocking around the base of my erection. This served to trap the blood in my manhood, which caused my cockshaft to turn dark purple.

The veins bulged out even more, pulsing as the blood pumped through them. My god, this was most certainly the most intensely aroused state I had ever been in!

The head got all shiny at the same time, and she gently tied a knot to hold things in place. And she took a moment to stare at the results of her efforts, seemingly quite pleased with herself as she tugged on my sex like a prize.

And then she just stood up and beckoned me with her sexy-nailed finger, tugging gently on my cock leash to assert herself. As I got up, she started walking away and I followed her, my eyes moving up and down over her fabulous body, lingering on those kinky boots she had using to toy with me so effectively.

Then she stopped and turned around, kneeling in front of me. My cock was sticking straight out as she looked up at me and smiled and licked her lips. “You are so easy to enslave,” she said as she reached out with those pouty, dripping wet lips and planted a soft kiss right on the tip of my cockhead. The sight of her doing this was almost too much to handle, and need I say how it felt? I almost came right then…

Then, instead of proceeding with some much needed oral attention to my glans, again she just stood up and walked way, pulling me along with her. The pantyhose felt so incredible, pulling me along while caressing my swollen balls. “Stroke it, Chuck. Stroke it for your new Mistress!”

Of course, I obeyed. She asked me, “You want to cum, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress, so badly!”

“Are you going to be all mine? When you cum, you will be my slaveboy forever.”

I didn’t answer and I slowed down my stroking.

“Faster boy, and don’t you dare cum without my permission!”

Closer and closer to the edge I rose.

“Don’t you cum or I will tell Miss Kitty about all the things I made you do.”


“Are you going to tell Miss Kitty you are through with her or should I?”

I slowed down my stroking…thinking of Kitty’s big sexy tits bursting out of her favorite, soft angora sweater she loves to tease me with. I was so torn…I needed to cum so badly.

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