Kitten’s Day Out Pt. 01-02.5

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Big Dick

Thank you all for reading another one of my stories. I wrote this over several months just as a fun little story for a friend. Once again, I’ve gone back to Daddy and Kitten and realism has been bent in favour of fantasy.

Everyone involved is over 18 and fully consenting to the events that take place.

Hope you enjoy it.



Part 1

She had been told a very specific time for the day; Daddy had been very clear. Early or late she would be punished. She had arrived outside the shopping centre doors at 12:55, at 13:00 she was to enter, she was then to spend 5 minutes at every shop beginning at the smoothie bar just inside the entrance. Daddy had said the total trip should take her no longer than 3 hours and she would be permitted one-bathroom break that could last no longer than 15 minutes.

“Why was time suddenly moving so slowly!?”

Staring at her wristwatch, Kitten had set it that morning to be accurate to the second, but she was suddenly very scared of the battery going dead. Surely, she had been standing in front of the doors for hours. The sun was blazing and keeping her warm in her light flowery yellow sun dress, but the breeze was driving her crazy. It seemed hell bent on revealing the large green jewelled plug she currently had stretching her ass, or the purple device Daddy had inserted into her very wet pussy. Kitten was especially curious about the part which curved up outside to sit pressed into her clit. Kitten would have given anything to be allowed wear some underwear, but some rules were not meant to be broken.

Kitten could sense as eyes travelled over her body. She was caught in a vicious cycle. The looks and glances were really turning her on causing her nipples to poke imaginary holes in her dress and her wet pussy to drip down her thighs. Her clearly aroused state was just attracting more stares, a vicious cycle.

1 minute… 45 seconds… 30 seconds…







Kitten flew into the shopping centre. In her excitement she had let her skirt loose which flowed up in her haste flashing everyone a glance at her stuffed ass. Then she hit the cold air conditioning, her already sensitive nipples tightened even more. It felt just like Daddy’s teeth with ice, it was too much. Daddy had been teasing her without release for weeks and the exposure, the sensations, all sent electrical surges straight to her core pushing her towards the edge. Then it happened, the purple device Daddy had stuffed in her pussy came alive. Pulsing, vibrating and spinning in her very core, Kitten fell right over the cliff. Her orgasm exploded from her core. Kitten froze in the centre of the crowd, her body trembling. Surrounded by strangers she was cumming and she couldn’t have stopped it even if she wanted. Kitten was breaking Daddy’s number one rule and it was so good.

Her sudden freeze in the crowd had not been noticed by many people, she made a huge effort to remain quiet but couldn’t help but vibrate in place. She was in the middle of her orgasm struggling when the final straw broke her will. Daddy’s device, that infernal heavenly machine, the part firmly pressed into her already over worked clit, joined the party. Powerful vibrations took what was already a powerful orgasm and it tore away her control. A whimpering moan escaped her lips, causing the nearest strangers to look her way. Humiliation, which only prolonged her torture, flooded through her.

How long had passed? Minutes, hours? Somewhere along the line Daddy’s device had shut off but that had not made the pleasure stop, by then Kitten’s orgasm had a mind of its own and only time would make it end.

As she came back to herself Kitten did notice a few people watching, but most just hurried by, they had no time to enjoy her show.

Her face was no longer bright red just from her orgasm. She was so embarrassed at her loss of control. Her body was flushed red and sweaty while her thighs were glistening in a mixture of cum and sweat. She was still afraid to move, her legs felt so unsteady and she was certain there towards the end that her hips had begun to gyrate against her will. Kitten didn’t know where Daddy was, but this experience had really reinforced the lesson, Daddy owned and controlled her no matter where he was.

Praying her legs held her up, Kitten made her way to the smoothie bar the first shop inside the entrance. 5 minutes at each store, she could only wonder how this would all go. As she settled into her stool, certain she was showing even more of her slick thighs, Kitten’s phone alerted her to a message. As she fished it out a cute little waitress placed a smoothie in from of her, distracted by the phone and before she could even tell her she hadn’t ordered anything, the waitress had her by the neck and was kissing her. Kitten moaned into the young girls’ mouth almost immediately. Suddenly her tongue was gone, she gave Kitten a wink and headed back to the counter.

Where had that come from!? Kitten’s body was alive, and it seemed xslot like she wasn’t going to be allowed recover. She reached for the glass, taking a sip of her strawberry blast and noticing the napkin had a name and number, “Kelly – 086-*******”

She remembered her phone as the cold drink cleared her mind. It was a text message from Daddy.

“That’s One.”

Daddy chuckled as he put his phone and the remote back in his pocket, leaning back over the balcony he resumed watching his pet tremble a little as she read his text.


Part Two

The 5 minutes in the smoothie bar had allowed Kitten to recover slightly, the lack of new stimulation and the cool drink meant she was no longer flushed. Her thighs though were still slick with cum, while every step shifted her plugged ass ensuring her nipples remained hard and her pussy wet.

From his spot above the smoothie shop Daddy watched as Kitten made her way to Al’s Hardware store next door, he also didn’t fail to see his new step niece Kelly follow out of the smoothie bar a second later. That had been quite the surprise at his brother’s wedding, his brother’s new stepdaughter had turned out to be the 19-year-old Puppy he had been considering joining him and Kitten. It seemed his instructions to Puppy were being ignored, time for Plan B.

As Kitten reached the end of the first aisle, she came across a wall of rope and chains.

“So that’s why Daddy visits here so often,” she thought.

The store seemed to be deserted, apart from the little brunette girl behind the counter at the front Kitten hadn’t seen anyone else, so with still 4 minutes left to go she started to inspect the chains. Maybe Daddy was going to be nice and let her calm down a bit more.

Nikki was bored out of her mind. She had been stuck watching her dad’s hardware shop all week by herself and of course most of the misogynistic clientele did not want to buy their tools from a girl. Especially a petite 5 foot nothing who looked no older than their teenage daughters. It really was their loss since Nikki was in fact 23, had a master’s in engineering and was currently wearing a very short red plaid skirt with no underwear so she could easily play with her butt plug. What the customers would most like to know about Nikki though, was herself and Kelly were play partners, who regularly switched roles, and poor Nikki couldn’t help but feel very submissive when she saw her fiery mistress walk in to the shop, look to see it was empty, bar 1, and fix Nikki with a look that sent a shiver through her core. Nikki instantly felt her arousal, wet pussy, nipples tightening to push out against her tight t-shirt and her ass gripped her plug in anticipation.

Kelly was overjoyed to find the store empty except for her prey. Uncle K was going to be very mad at her for being so bold today and ruining his plans, but she didn’t care right now she had wanted Kitten since she saw her cum at the wedding when she thought they were alone. Kelly swayed up to Nikki, who was clearly aroused at the sight of her. She bent over the counter letting Nikki stare at her perky cleavage. Her breath on Nikki’s ear caused the petite girl to physically shudder.

“Be a good little bitch and lock up for lunch, then give me five minutes, strip and come meet my friend Kitten in the back.”

Kelly gave Nikki a nip on the ear and was gone, off towards the back of the shop and out of sight. Nikki came to the front of the shop and began drawing the blinds. As she reached the door, Daddy walked in. Nikki froze, this giant of a man was impressive. His very presence demanded her obedience and Nikki in her highly aroused state would give it. He smiled; her legs almost buckled.

“I see Kelly has roped you into her mischief?” he queried.

Nikki could only nod.

“Well finish locking up and we’ll talk first.”

Nikki obeyed, what had Kelly gotten her into?

Kelly came to the back of the store to find Kitten inspecting a length of chain.

“Perfect!” she thought.

“Hello Kitten.”

Poor Kitten nearly jumped out of her skin. Spinning around, she dropped the chain to the floor. Before her stood the waitress from the smoothie bar, Kelly the napkin had said. Not knowing what to say Kitten took a moment this time to check out the young redhead, smooth bare legs ran for miles up to the hem of a short skirt flared to accentuate the curves of a goddess which lead up to perky double D’s. Then there was her face, her lips were perfect and wearing a grin that got Kitten revved up all over again. Her green eyes were lit with desire and Kitten just knew she was in trouble; in her current state this girl could do anything to her. Daddy was going to be cross.

Kelly took Kitten’s silence and inaction as a good sign. She slowly sauntered up to Kitten, stopping just before their lips met. Kitten was frozen, her eyes filled with lust as Kelly’s scent filled her breath. Slowly Kelly squatted down, her perky breasts dragging over Kitten’s nipples causing her to moan softly. Kitten could feel as xslot Giriş Kelly traced a finger up her inner calf, then heard her as she sucked finger and tasted Kitten. Kitten could not believe she was so turned on the length of her legs were covered in her dripping cum.

The vibrator came alive.

Kitten gasped, her whole-body shivering and gyrating. Kelly could hear the buzzing beneath the flimsy summer dress. She picked up the chain and stood up, making sure to grind her body against Kitten’s. Kelly smiled, Kitten’s eyes were shut, her body shivering, her mind away in another place. Taking advantage, Kelly took Kittens wrists and bound them in chains. She led her new toy to the shelves; Kitten was unable to stop her as her whole consciousness seemed to be focused on not cumming.

Daddy was so proud of his Kitten, hidden from view two shelves over he had thought triggering the vibrator there would have gotten her. Glancing down he could see as Nikki’s head bobbed up and down his cock. The little minx was so eager to please and get a reward she was already throat fucking herself with his cock. Turning his attention back daddy watched as Puppy climbed the store ladder to reach the high shelves. She pulled the chain tight causing Kitten to stretch up on her toes, her delicious body arching perfectly. She came. Daddy smirked, that was 2. Kitten would probably let go altogether if she knew that this little stunt had Puppy earning double Kitten’s punishment.

Kelly came back down to find her new pet coming down from her orgasm. She wasted no time in unsnapping the straps on the dress causing it to fall to the floor. Her mouth began to drool at the sight before her. Kitten was struggling to breath, her chest heaving. The buzzing wasn’t stopping this time and she was now aware of how exposed she was to Kelly. Kelly hands slid over her body, explored her curves, sending pulses through her. Then her fingers found her nipples and twisted. Kitten had no more will power, no more energy to resist. She screamed and came again, bucking in her restraints and the force wracked her body. Then the clit vibe came on. This threw Kitten into a nothingness of orgasmic bliss, her last thought wondering how Daddy knew when?

Kelly couldn’t resist anymore; she stripped her clothes off as fast as she could. The sexual energy coming off Kitten had her already at the edge. She pulled her toy close and fucked her, grinding her slick cunt over the protruding toy. Fireworks instantly went off behind her eyes as the buzzing vibe ground into her clit sending electricity coursing through her body.

Both girls were cumming as Nikki crawled out from an aisle. Kelly alone noticed her but was in the middle of the best orgasm of her life and couldn’t stop. Her hips ground against Kitten as she watched Nikki crawl behind Kitten, she felt the renewed shudders and bucking from Kitten as Nikki started playing with the toy in her ass. Kelly loved Nikki’s anal obsession, the slut couldn’t see an ass without wanting to play with it and Kelly had no intention of stopping her. She could see as Nikki finally placed the toy on the floor, it was as big as her fist. How had Kitten been walking? Would she be able to handle that once Uncle K began to train her too?

Suddenly the vibrators power went up. Nikki must have found the dial. The little bitch had her face buried in Kitten’s ass, her tongue slurping up her cum and fucking her gaping ass.

Daddy felt it was time to intervene in the show. By his count Kitten had cum 12 times so far today without permission. 12 months of chastity, with 24/7 teasing to keep her aroused with no release and Puppy getting double. It was a good thing he had decided to keep Nikki now too, being the only good girl had earned her the helper role. She would clearly love torturing these two pets for a couple of years.

Now without clothes Daddy silently moved out into the aisle. Puppy’s back was to him and she clearly hadn’t heard him. He flicked the off switch on the vibrator as he slowly approached.

Nikki felt the buzzing stop, knowing what this meant she worked her way across Kitten’s ass to peak up at Puppy. She watched as Daddy approached and both pets obliviously rode out their orgasm. They had both been so bold and Daddy had told her she would be allowed help in their punishments. The little evil sadist inside her was really looking forward to it.

Kelly was gasping for air; all her focus being directed to keep her from collapsing. Kitten, by the looks of it, was being held up by the chains. Glancing down she could see Nikki peaking up at her from Kitten’s hip. Her little bitch was wearing one of her evil smiles as she looked up at her. Normally that would have set off an alarm in her head, but she was still to fuzzy from the orgasms, she just felt confused as she watched Nikki sink her teeth into Kitten’s hip. A semi-conscious Kitten giving a little whimper in response.

Suddenly, in the space of a second, a hand was over her mouth cutting off her breath, another arm had her arms swept behind her and held tight, xslot Güncel Giriş she was lifted back from Kitten and a cock entered her. The biggest cock she had ever taken was thrust fully into her. Her scream was blocked by the hand, her struggles amounting to a pathetic useless shrug. Her foggy mind struggled to make sense of what was happening. Nikki was still just grinning at her.

“What had she done?”

“You’re in big trouble Puppy.”

The growl swept away her panic like magic.


“Uh oh!” she thought.

Daddy knew what she had done and had her. He began to fuck her. Hard. Screaming into Daddy’s hand the last thing Puppy saw was Nikki smacking Kitten’s ass as hard as she could while Kitten tried to struggle.

Then the darkness took her, the pleasure making her pass out.


Part 2.5

Nikki was almost home and couldn’t wait. It had been a very long day and Daddy was away on a work trip, so the pets were all hers for the night.

6 months had passed since the events at the mall. Kitten was halfway through her sentence while Puppy still had 18 months remaining. All 3 of them were now living with Daddy and every day was like a porn filled fantasy experience. The 3 nymphomaniacs loved it.

For the first week the chastity had been playful punishment for the girls. The teasing and no release did nothing but arouse them. But then something began to change, it felt like they were getting less and less of a break. Nikki was surprised in week 3 when Puppy had asked for the old breaks back. Daddy had only chuckled and continued to edge them both.

Later when both girls were sleeping, he explained it to Nikki, their arousal was lasting longer. Before the breaks were enough for them to come down, regain some of their senses, but as they went longer without release and the daily edgings and play sessions they couldn’t cool down. By week 5 both girls were in a near constant state of horniness, their sweet pussies would continuously leak down their legs. Whenever Daddy was away, they’d beg Nikki for release. Loving her new role as pet tamer (sadistic bitch), Nikki would have both girls worship her, leading them on with hope, holding wands to the metal belts and watching them get so close. Only to giggle as they whimpered when it stopped right at the edge.

Pulling into the driveway Nikki skipped to the door in excitement, the ups gave anyone looking a great view of her bare plugged ass, the downs caused the plug to shift in just the right way. Skipping while plugged was so good.

Entering the house, the first thing Nikki noticed was a note on the key table.

“Have fun but remember the rule!” – Daddy

Nikki had had the rule pound and beaten into her ass the one time she had come close to forgetting it in week one. Puppies and Kittens are not allowed cum. Nikki wouldn’t forget again. Looking at the note again she focused on the good part, “Have fun…”. Nikki had a great idea for that but first she needed to find her toys.

Nikki found kitten first in her hunt; she was stretched out on the couch watching some daytime drama. Sneaking up as quiet as she could she snuck a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. Kitten jumped and squirmed until she realised who had caught her, her body shifting to docile and compliant. Nikki gave her belly a light scratch, slowly drawing her nails over Kitten tits, “Good girl,” she whispered in her ear. Be quiet and I might give you a treat.

Leading Kitten by her collar she quietly moved through the house. Without disturbing her, they confirmed Puppy was in her room listening to music and playing some video games. Drawing back, Nikki led Kitten to the toy box and set to work. Kitten was knelt on the padded table as Nikki started to dress her. Thick leather cuffs went all over her body: wrists, ankles, waist, thighs and biceps. Then Nikki started connecting ropes and chains. Kitten could feel her heat rising and she was restricted more. It was bad enough not being able to cum but bound like this she would have no hope of escape. As Nikki finished up and Kitten realised, she was now bound to only crawl until release she hoped this was it. Nikki’s little grin as she slipped the blindfold on told her, hope was for suckers. Following the blindfold Kitten felt a large gag forced between her lips, tied tight in place she wouldn’t be able to make a sound. Next came the sound of tape, Kitten could feel as Nikki strapped a couple of things to her chastity belt. “Not good,” she thought as a little whimper escaped her gag. That made Nikki smile. More tinkering with the cage soon led to Kitten moaning loud as Nikki’s lubed fingers slid into her ass. Like a desperate whore her hips immediately began to roll as she tried to fuck herself on those fingers but a quick slap on her ass brought her back. Kitten thoroughly enjoyed as Nikki put more lube inside her, each time her finger spread her open it reminded her of Daddy’s cock. Suddenly the intrusion was bigger. Kitten’s favourite plug was slowly forced in. Her tight ass closing in and holding it tight inside her. More tape and tinkering and Kitten heard Nikki whisper, “Just one last thing”. Nikki taped 2 small items to her erect nipples. Those were remote vibrators and with all that tape they wouldn’t be falling off.

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