Kit’s Night In

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Big Tits

A low moan filled the room as Kit slowly slid her vibrator into the tight opening of her cunt. She smiled and arched her back slightly as the 8″ piece of plastic stretched her smooth walls filling her and sending a shiver of pleasure along her spine. She closed her eyes and began sliding it in and out at a slow pace, her finger reaching down to flick across her clit drawing soft gasps from her slightly parted lips. The pink vibrator glistened with a mixture of her juices and KY, making a quiet sucking sound as she pulled it all the way out before pressing it back in at an excruciatingly slow pace. She reached her other hand down and began to rub two fingers over her clit in quick circles while she began to fuck her tight pussy a little harder. Her gasps and moans began to get louder and she opened her eyes for a moment to catch a glimpse of someone standing at the end of the bed.

Darryl, her boyfriend, stood at the end of the bed, his shirt already off exposing his muscular chest and arms his pants unzipped as he stood stroking his large cock which was rapidly becoming rock hard.

She smiled playfully her voice a teasing question, “Enjoying the show, baby?”

He laughed softly his eyes roaming over her body, his voice quiet but commanding, “Don’t stop kitten…” he whispered moving to the side of the bed and sitting down.

His hands reaching out to move over her body, sliding up over her flat stomach and cupping her firm 36C breasts pinching the sensitive nipples smiling as she let out a low moan and began illegal bahis moving the vibrator in and out of her cunt at a faster pace.

“Oh yes Darryl…” she groaned pushing her pussy up harder to meet her vibrator, “Just like that sweetheart.”

He watched her for a moment his eyes raking over the lucious body that lay sprawled out on the bed before him. Kit was a gorgeous girl and she knew it, making her body arc and writhe on the bed her breasts swaying just right, her heels digging into the sheets and parting her thighs even further to give Darryl a better view of her already dripping snatch.

“Mmm…Do you like watching me fuck myself baby?” she purred her hips grinding in a steady rhythm, her tongue sliding out over her lips to wet them.

“You know I do…” he answered, his voice catching slightly as he watched the pink plastic disappear inside of her once more, “I want you to cum for me kitten, I want you to fuck yourself hard and cum with it deep inside of you.”

Darryl moved from the bed and stood back at the end. Completely unclothed now he stroked his hard cock quickly watching Kit as she masturbated for him.

“Move to the edge of the bed kitten,” he said motioning for her to take her place.

She smiled and nodding turning herself so that she was laying on her back with her head hanging over the end of the bed a smile on her lips at the thought of pleasing her lover.

“Like this?” she asked with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

Darryl smiled down at her moving forward to illegal bahis siteleri let the head of his cock rub over her lips, the precum dripping from the tip as her tongue flicked out to taste it.

“Just like that, kitten,” he moaned.

Opening her mouth she felt him feed her the thick head, her lips tightening around it as she sucked, the tip of her tongue flicking over it. Darryl rocked back and forth for a moment sliding his cock in and out, watching her lips stretch even further to take as much of him as she could. Her fingers still working furiously at her clit, fingering and fucking herself as hard as she could her body bucking on the bed, her breasts bouncing in rhythm to the cock pressing at the back of her throat.

“Oh yes, kitten! God I love fucking your sweet mouth.” He groaned as he pumped his hard cock in and out, “…But tonight I want to cum all over you…I want to see my white cum covering your tits and your face.”

Darryl pulled his cock out and began stroking it again, watching Kit as she masturbated for him, moaning at the feel of her warm tongue licking his balls, her mouth slowly taking first one and then the other into its moist warmth. She arced and moaned as Darryl reached forward his cock rubbing across her chin, his fingers finding her hard nipples, pinching and twisting the viciously, making her scream with mingled pain and pleasure.

“Yessss!! baby!! Oh yes hurt me baby. Pinch my nipples!! Harder!!” she screamed again and again her body beginning to writhe on the bed.

She canlı bahis siteleri thrust her vibrator into her tight pussy hard, again and again, burying the entire length of it into her cunt, her fingers rubbing over her clit quickly as Darryl began jerking off harder, driven on by her moans of encouragement.

“Fuck me Darryl!! Cum on me baby!! ” She screamed, panting softly, her breasts rising and falling as he stood over her, his balls rubbing against her face, his hard cock beginning to throb with his oncoming orgasm.

“Now Darryl!! Oh yesssss, god yesss…Oh I’m cumming baby…!!” she cried out, throwing her head back and letting her body begin to spasm in uncontrollable waves of pleasure.

Kit dug her heels into the bed and forced herself upwards, her vibrator completely disappearing inside of her tight sex as she came, her juices flowing out of her cunt and dripping down between the crack of her ass.

“Oh god Kit!!! I’m cumming baby…I’m going to cum all over you!!!” Darryl moaned, jerking his cock off hard quickly following her lead and moaning loudly squeezing her large breasts as he jerked his cock off over her face and chest.

Kit lay beneath him, her vibrator buried in her tight snatch, her hands coming up to rub the sticky white cum into her skin as it spurts over her breasts covering them and dripping down over her sides. She closes her eyes with a smile on her lips as she feels his cum begin to cover her face, the warm salty liquid coating her lips as she lets her tongue slide out to taste it. Enjoying the feeling of it covering her.

Finally they both lay there spent, Darryl sliding his cock over Kit’s slightly parted lips, letting her clean him off as they both caught their breath and prepared for round two.

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