Kissing My Friend’s Girl Feet Ch. 02

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When I woke up after my first night staying at Brad’s, I found a sticky wad of toilet paper in the bed beside me. I vaguely remembered waking up in the night and jacking off into the toilet paper after drifting in and out of fantasies of Emily. Emily was Brad’s hot new girlfriend, and was sleeping with him in the room next to me.

I worried about how the morning and the rest of my stay would go. After all, I had sucked the toes of my friend’s girl, watched him fuck her…jacked off in front of both of them. I knew I had to leave the bedroom though because I had to piss badly. I stuffed the wad of paper in my pocket after I put my jeans on and ran into the bathroom, happy not to see anyone. I decided to shower and as I lathered up my thoughts turned again to Emily. I loved the way she had teased me, pushed her soles in my face knowing I would kiss them. I loved that she had felt so comfortable having me watch Brad fuck her while I sucked on her toes.

Suddenly the bathroom door swung open and I heard Emily’s voice “Get out her Mike, we have breakfast waiting!”

She shut the door and I was grateful the shower curtain was pretty opaque since I was sporting a significant hard-on. I finished up, dried quickly and managed to get myself under control. I took a deep breath and left the bathroom.

“Morning guys!” I said cheerily, thinking we might just pretend nothing had etimesgut escort happened after we got back last night.

They both smiled as I sat down, and it was Emily who spoke again, “So, you had a fun time last night?”

I looked up at her as she served my eggs. She was wearing a big t shirt that must have been Brad’s. It covered her ass but exposed a lot of very nice bare leg. I couldn’t resist looking down to see her feet. Emily was wearing flip flops and her small feet looked as good as I remembered. I felt myself harden again and wondered why she controlled me so easily. “Yes…it was…good.”

They both laughed, Emily sat down and we talked a little about what we might do today. I tried to look at Brad while we talked but my eyes kept going back to Emily. She looked so young and alive. Her blonde hair was down this morning which made her look even sexier. She had small tits, but I could see her pink nipples poking out through the shirt.

Brad said he had to catch up on some work emails before we headed out and went back to his bedroom. I felt nervous now that I was alone and tried to think of something to say. The silence felt like it went on far too long, but Emily just looked into my eyes with a sleepy half smirk on her face.

“So…” she finally said “…how long have you had such a foot fetish?”

I etlik escort reddened immediately and stumbled with some words gently denying that it was really a fetish. She teased me by asking if I had been fantasizing about her feet or her pussy last night. I was surprised she was so bold, but I admitted I had fantasized about both.

“Well Mike, you know you can never have my pussy, but you do make a very nice foot bitch.”

My face burned with shame but I remained rock hard.

“Why don’t you crawl under the table and remind me just how good you are at foot rubs?” she said sweetly.

I hesitated, looking over to the bedroom and Emily taunted “Go on, you know Brad doesn’t mind as long as you know your place.”

I had never been talked to like this before, but at that moment I very much wanted to please her. I got up, knelt, then crawled under the table. Emily did not move making it awkward, but I managed to position myself at her feet. I was looking right up her t shirt and was a little disappointed to see that she wore white panties under it. I picked up one of her feet, took off her flip flop and started to rub it. I really wanted to please her with a nice foot rub but her foot was right in my face as I sat cross legged under the table. I couldn’t resist kissing her sole, and once I had done it once eve gelen escort it was like the floodgates had opened. I kissed it again and again. Emily purred that I really was a good little bitch as she wiggled her toes in my face. Slowly her other foot crept up my leg and found my hard cock.

“You really do love serving me don’t you Mike?” she taunted. I could only respond by sucking her toes gratefully.

I heard steps coming and froze my lips pressed against her sole. “He’s at it again is he?” Brad remarked with a patronizing chuckle.

“Why don’t we show him that you can also serve well?” he said in a serious tone as he walked over to her.

He stopped right beside her chair and from under the table I watched Emily unbutton his jeans and take out his cock. Brad hardened quickly as she stroked it in her little hand, then I saw her take him inside her mouth. Emily started to suck him slowly and he grabbed her hair to direct her rhythm. I was staring up at them and had stopped kissing when Emily thrust her foot into my mouth rather aggressively. I took in several toes, but she clearly wanted the whole foot so I opened wide and took all of it in my mouth. I started to follow her lead, sucking on her foot at the same speed she was sucking on Brad’s hard cock. Emily’s other foot pressed into my cock, and I felt it start to throb with my heartbeat. Finally Brad was clearly close to cumming and Emily started to push against my cock even harder, stroking just a little. I gratefully took her little foot even deeper into my mouth and when Brad started to moan I felt myself spurt uselessly into my jeans.

I knew I had lost any dignity with Brad, but I was so grateful he had brought Emily into my life.

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