Kissing Cousins Ch. 13: Conclusion

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and as such, any similarities to real people, places or events are strictly coincidental. This work contains graphic depictions of a sexual nature between consenting adults. The story also refers to aspects of sexuality that may be offensive to certain people, such as humiliation and lesbian themes. If these topics offend you, then stop reading now, moving on to stories that you might better enjoy.

Kissing Cousins is a multi-part work of fiction. Taking place in the late nineteenth century, it contains references to period customs and mannerisms and is written in a style closely resembling the age. This is the final installment of Kissing Cousins. I hope that you have all enjoyed the adventures of Elizabeth and Sarah. Please be patient as the conclusion is not as sexually driven as some of the other chapters, at least to start with.

Thank you for reading.




The next many weeks were a blur, and I was hard pressed to even know what was happening to my poor cousin, Sarah. I began to feel desperately depressed. Eloise recognized this but offered little quarter in her treatment of me. Daily, I was walked and washed, my service to my Mistress continuing, as her dutiful and lowly sex dog. I continued to be waxed weekly, and Marjorie had noticed that my head was only needing very small attentions. It was a fact that delighted Eloise, but greatly disturbed me.

Each morning I could be found staring out the window at the barns, hoping to catch a glimpse of my cousin. I never did. It was as though she had been forgotten, by everyone but me. Finally, after weeks of whimpering and sullenness, Mistress finally dragged me out to the barns, but there was no way I would ever be prepared for what I saw.

The smell in the barn was stronger than I remembered it being, and there was no keeper in the vicinity of the pig sty. I was led up to the boards, and I found myself scanning the mud for any sign of Sarah. Barnard and Theodore stood in the corner of the pen, head to tail to swat away the flies, but my cousin was nowhere to be seen. The small pen that had offered her protection from the two behemoth hogs was gone, and I frantically searched for her, walking up and down, my nose poking through the rails.

I suddenly saw a small rise in the mud, which breathed. Buried beneath the surface of the putrid mud, was my cousin. I rose up, my hands rounding the top rails of the pen, looking down on her seemingly motionless body. “Sarah!” I yelled, knowing that my outburst would most certainly earn some ruthless punishment from Eloise. “Sarah!” I saw her hand before I felt it strike my face, brutally knocking me from my feet.

“Bessy, wicked dog!” I did not know what insanity overtook me, but I immediately lashed out at her, catching her entirely off guard. Losing her balance, she landed flat on her back, my full weight coming down upon her. Her breath had been stifled from her chest, my rage unbridled as I pummeled her face with my fists, not stopping until she no longer moved. Her mistake of leaving the pens unattended was her undoing. Would there have been an attendant, they most certainly would have stopped me before I had rendered her unconscious.

Frightened suddenly by what I had done, I dragged her into one of the adjoining pens, her limp frame face down in the dirt. I ran to the pigs’ pen, throwing open the heavy gate. The pair of monsters came around towards me, but skirted my legs to gain their freedom in the yard. I prayed their escape would not garner too much attention, too soon. I floundered through the heavy mud to come to the aid of my poor Sarah. My attempts to rouse her from the mud only marginally successful.

“Sarah! You must get up, I have committed the most grievous act.” Her mud-covered body rose from the sloppy muck, only to fall back into it’s sticky grasp. “Sarah, if you are to live, you must rise, now!” Suddenly, she was standing before me, and the sight of her was frightening. Her skin was mottled where indeed it could be seen. She resembled her pen mates more nearly than any human form I could imagine. The giant ring that hung from her nose, bounced on her upper lip as she swayed, her unsteady gate evidence of her forced hobbling. “Come!”

I led her through the back door of the barn, and into the pastures beyond. Being completely unfamiliar with my surroundings, I was hesitant in my path of escape. We were both completely naked, and I had yet to consider this, my only concern to escape the immediate pursuit of the Markworth staff. I had no idea how severely I had injured Madam Eloise, but if she were dead it would have been so much the better. I knew we had reached the edge of the property, as there was a wall that cut clearly across the base of a meadow, a stream flowing just the other side of it.

We slipped into the frigid water, and knew that we needed to clean ourselves in it. I worked quickly with my hands to Beylikdüzü Escort remove the mud and caked on muck that stuck so firmly to my cousin. Finally, after several minutes in the icy flow, I pulled us free of it. Upon looking on her I finally realized our predicament. Even if we were to escape, we were ridiculous in our exposed condition. Sarah, now cleaner than she had been in weeks, seemed ludicrous with her nose ring, so out of place on her now quite human face. What on earth were we to do?

Being away from Markworth, also left us exposed to whatever house or farm we came across. Be that as it may, we wasted no time, running across one field after another, finally coming to what appeared to be an abandoned building. It was an outbuilding of some sort, but had not been utilized in some time. We slipped inside, and found a myriad of rooms dividing the large building into small spaces. I did not know what we hoped to find among the metal scraps and empty tins, but we searched through each room.

“Elizabeth, you must do the unthinkable for me.” Sarah rasped, holding out a blade which she must have found among the scrap. It was the first time she had spoken, her rough broken voice so far removed from the feminine song I was used to, that it nearly shocked me as much as the blade. “You must cut this away from me.” She hung onto the hideous ring which was lodged so firmly through her nose. “You must cut me, here.” I shuddered as she lifted the ring, exposing the thin strip of skin which supported the very base of her once delicate nose.

“I cannot.” Repulsed by what she was asking of me, I shied away from her.

“It will not come out any other way, Elizabeth. You must.” She raised the blade once again. “I would do this myself, but I fear I would be left poorer for the effort.” I resigned myself.

“Come closer.” For the first time, I examined the ring, which was of solid metal, save for a small seam, which was not sealed. Taking the edge of the blade, I was able to fit the edge into the seam, but my hands alone offered no challenge to its shape. What I thought to do was perhaps nearly as dangerous as simply cutting the ring from her face, but it offered a chance to keep her nose intact. I led her to a window ledge and managed to secure a heavy piece of iron, and as rust covered as it was, would hopefully deliver the blade through the seam in the ring.

Sarah’s eyes were wide as saucers as she waited for the first blow from the ingot. With the first blow, she gasped, but the blade was forced into the seam, opening it slightly. The second and third blows only served to drive the blade farther into the ring, deeply embedding it between the arcs. A small bead of blood appeared under Sarah’s nose, and I feared I may fail in my task. I knew that I needed to be strong with my next blow, for it was doubtful I would get another before the blade was buried to the hilt.

Sarah closed her eyes, as I raised the rusty iron high above my head, bringing it to bear against the back edge of the blade. There was a sudden snap, and the ring split on the opposite side from the seam, falling harmlessly to the floor. Almost immediately, she threw her arms about me, thanking me for not listening to her frightening request. Despite our desperate plight, her body felt warm and inviting against my own, such touching forever denied by Madam Eloise. I suddenly realized just how much I missed her closeness, my mind all but boxed away as a dog for so long. “I thought I lost you.” I wept.

“And I, you, cousin.” Her voice still surprising me, nearly male in its hoarseness. I prayed it would return to normal. I feared that a pursuit might have already begun, our escape surely being noticed long before. We carefully exited the building, and made for what appeared to be a small gathering of houses. What we would do when we arrived there, was well beyond us, but it seemed to be our only real option. Our fear of discovery was overpowered by our assured capture should we not proceed.

We slowly crept along the back gardens of the small village, seeking what could only be an opportunity to steal some clothing from an available line. Each garden was backed by a low wall, which was only just tall enough to disguise our movements. The houses grew closer as the wood behind us became thicker, encroaching upon them. Our luck seemed to be poor as we encountered no clothing being hung out to dry that day. Neither of us had any idea what day it was, but we presumed it to be a Sunday, as the local church bells tolled out a call, and the villagers could be seen making their way to the pews.

Could our luck be so good as this, if the entire village be at church? Braving the possibility of the most humiliating exposure, we fled our protective wall for the back stoop of one the houses. Listening inside, we heard nothing at all. No voices of children, no footfalls, nothing. My heart raced uncontrolled, as I checked the back-door handles, Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan finding them to indeed be unlocked.

Once inside there was no more call to be guarded, for if discovered now, we may as well have been bold as bashful. We dashed into what could only have been a woman’s boudoir, and an open armoire presented itself to us. Gowns and frocks crowded its hangers and we gleefully grabbed as much of the finery as our arms could bear. Our luck had not yet run its course, for perching as proudly as ruffed grouse, were two blonde wigs, setting atop a dressing table. We chuckled at our good fortune, but needed to make a hasty retreat. Settling on a gown and boots for each, and leaving the rest in a pile, we donned the wigs and ran for the back door of the house.

No sooner had we reached the safety of the wood, than the church bells again began to ring, signaling the end to any safe amount of time we might have been allotted. Helping the other, we each quickly dressed, but rather than appear in the village as thieves, we chose to venture deeper into the forest. It may have been a risky venture, straying so close to Markworth once again, as I knew we were. We were back and forth with each other, over our apparent good fortune. After so much hardship, especially on Sarah’s part, we could not quite believe it.

What were the odds that we would stumble into a house with every accoutrement that was necessary to make us appear as normal women, and not the abhorrent slaves of an overbearing tyrant? The longer we were away from the confines of that estate, the more we knew that we both would rather die, than return to it.

It was some time before we were on the edges of Exeter, and a possible refuge from this flight. We were half expecting to be apprehended before we reached our goal, but with the blade still inside the boot that I wore, we had sworn to take the others life before being captured. Being a Sunday, and late in the day, we found the streets fairly quiet, and we were barely noticed as we traversed the narrow lanes.

When we finally arrived at the cul-de-sac lane that led up to Sarah’s home, we were tired and ready for shelter and rest. Of course, the door was locked when we arrived, and it was necessary for us to walk around to the back, utilizing a small window that Sarah knew to be open, always. It was decided that I would squeeze through the small opening, as Sarah was far worse for her confinement, and nearly spent. Having to shed my gown, I was once again naked, save for my boots. I barely fit.

Once inside, Sarah found the place to be in much the same condition as it was on that faithful day when she had come to my rescue some months before. A rescue that ended in both of us being under the auspices of that woman. We wandered about the place, enjoying the peace that it offered, and the relative safety. We thought that it might not be all that safe however, for surely Madam Eloise would be searching there. I had yet to dress, and Sarah seemed to enjoy my nakedness as we rested in the parlor. The soft brocade of the sofa was comforting against my skin as I reclined, so very tired. Sarah too, removed her gown and laid with me, our bodies pressed close but too exhausted to act on whatever impulses might have driven us.

We fell asleep, and were surprised that we had managed to sleep through the entire night, the morning sunshine beaming through the tall windows that looked out upon the street. How could it be that we had not been pursued?

“Good morning cousin.” I caressed her, as she slept, but as I did I felt that her skin was hot to the touch. She was ripe with fever, and I was distressed that I could not rouse her. Certainly, her exposure to such disease as would surely infest a pig sty, had settled upon her. I ran upstairs and found some suitable clothing, and one of my finer wigs, all of which had been left undisturbed. I rummaged in the closet until I found my old lockbox which Sarah had never opened. There was nearly one hundred pounds within it, only some of which I would need.

I wet some cloth and draped them over Sarah’s naked body, my heart racing with fear. I knew of a physician that kept his affairs just on the high street, only steps away from our door. Racing out, I was no longer concerned over my capture, but rather with saving my dear cousin’s life. The door was locked when I arrived, but with some pounding, there was motion within.

“Doctor, you must come quickly, my cousin is quite ill. We are just around the corner.” I begged.

“And who might you be, young lady?” He eyed me, obviously unfamiliar with me.

“Elizabeth Pendleton, Sir, and it is my cousin Sarah that is in need of your services.” He wrestled with his bag, and followed me out of the small surgery. Upon seeing her, and assessing her, he was somewhat shocked at her condition.

“What on earth happened to this woman?” I had no real choice but to tell him the truth. Upon Esenyurt Escort the telling of it he was shocked to his core, that something so unbelievable had taken place just miles from that very spot. He did his best to restore her health, but spoke frankly about her chances. “The injury to her nose is infected, and I have treated for this, but there is some deeper illness that has taken ahold of her, and we can only pray that her fever breaks, and her health is restored.” He paused in his explanation, while he tended to her, her delirious moans, indicative of her condition.

“Please tell me she will live, Doctor. She is very dear to me.” I begged.

“She very well may succumb to this illness, but it will not be through any lack of effort on my part, Elizabeth.” He smiled. “I take it, you escaped this tyranny upon the death of Lady Eloise?” He asked, quite out of hand.

“Her death?” I questioned.

“Oh, yes, it was all the talk yesterday. She had apparently been in the barns when the pigs escaped the pen in which they were contained. Lady Eloise was found, quite disfigured by their goring, forgive me.” I gasped, knowing that she had only been knocked senseless from my attack when we had escaped. The pigs must have returned to the barns, and found her. Dear god.

“Yes, we escaped during the commotion.” I explained, my lies seeming convincing enough.

“She was quite dead when they found her. What an unfortunate end, for anyone.” He said, dabbing a cool cloth across Sarah’s head. “We should know more by morning Miss Pendleton.” He began to pack his bag.

“Surely, you are not leaving, doctor?” I questioned.

“I must fetch more laudanum, but I shall return after a brief stop at my offices. You know of their proximity, so I shan’t be long.” I saw him to the door, thanking him for his services. Returning to Sarah, I was doing my best to remain positive, but she just looked so poorly. And what of Eloise? Would there be an inquisition over her death, or would the presumed manner of death be accepted as fact. I could only pray that there would be no inquiry.

What of her staff? They must surely know that both Sarah and I were missing. Perhaps now that she was dead, there would be no further pursuit. I knew of no living relatives that would inherit, at least that was I was made aware of during my time at Markworth. I was sure that some distant relative would come out of the woodwork to claim their prize, a cousin perhaps. Whatever the outcome, it appeared, at least for the moment, that we were safe.

I never left Sarah’s side that night, and she seemed to worsen ever so slightly as the morning approached. It was during this time the doctor was insistent upon my preparing myself. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks, as I held her hand, the doctor opening a vein in her arm to let out her blood. I never believed in such archaic practices, but he insisted that it would help.

By the time the first rays of sunlight filtered into the room, I noticed that Sarah was beginning to move, and then all at once her eyes opened. Her fever had broken. I flew to her side, my attentions temporarily diverted by the daylight, and the window.

“Cousin, speak, for you had nearly left us in the night.” Her eyes turned to mine, and then back to the doctor, who was encouraged by her condition.

“I feel dreadful.” She mumbled, as she tried to raise her head.

“You must rest, for you very nearly died.” Once again, he began to pack up his wares. “I shall return on the morrow, to check on her progress. Should anything untoward occur, you know where to find me, Miss Pendleton.” He bowed, but then I chased him to the door, offering him money, which he flatly refused. “You shall receive my bill in short order; we can settle our affairs at that time.” Despite the doctor’s orders, Sarah had propped herself up against the headboard.

“Some tea would be delightful, cousin.” She managed.

“There is something that we must discuss, cousin.” I pulled a chair to the side of the bed, and sat. “Madam Eloise is dead.” Her eyes shot wide open. “Before our escape, I pummeled her to the ground, but I think that my blows could certainly not have killed her.” I reached for her hand. “The doctor had heard that she was gored by the pigs, and was found quite disfigured by them.”

“If you are looking for any feelings on my behalf, you have nothing to fear. I loathed that women.” A slight smile crept onto her face. “I hope they found her tasty.”

“Sarah, my god!” I grimaced. “It is because of me that she is dead, however indirectly. I should feel some remorse for my actions, but am hard pressed to find any emotions.” I moved to the window, looking down on the small circle in the lane that rested below her windows.

“Well done, Elizabeth. You have liberated us, and put us out of harms way all in one blow.” She smiled, although her face was gaunt and pale.

“Tea.” I said, nodding. “I’m afraid there will be no milk, only sugar or honey.” I said, as I rounded the banister and headed for the kitchens. The stove was ice cold, so I would need kindling to restart it. I exited to the back of the house, in search of any small twigs. Due to my cousin’s absence, the yard was quite covered in suitable materials.

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