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As always, I’d like to thank Dr. Bob for his fine insights in editing this story. LeftyLoo always gives his support, too. This is a little story of seduction and the surprising places that love can be found. Please enjoy.


It was a Friday just like any other Friday. I went to work and spent all day every day staring at my computer screen. I am a CPA with a tax law degree and my days are filled with tiny numbers filling computer screens. The tiny numbers belonged to other people doing whatever they did. What they usually did was screw up my meticulously planned and executed budgets, forecasts and conclusions. When they did, as they always did, I sighed and fixed it with more meticulously planned and executed budgets, forecasts and conclusions. While my job paid extremely well, at times it got to be repetitive, frustrating and boring. While it was each of those things at different times, all three rarely coincided on the same day. Today was a significant coincidence day. A major client had gone off the deep end and spent something with at least two commas and six zeroes on a ridiculously oversized yacht that he thought could be a tax write-off and/or be chargeable to his corporation. The repetitive and boring part was poring through the tax codes and his business bylaws trying to find, what I already knew to be, a nonexistent loophole for this jackass. Of course, I never displayed my disdain for his idiotic behavior, hence the frustration. Several times today, I went to the ladies room, pulled a handkerchief out of my purse, stuffed it into my mouth and screamed into it. The respite from the buildup of the anger and frustration, each time, was welcome, but all too brief.

My boss was sympathetic, but she said to exhaust all possibilities before telling the jackass that what he wanted couldn’t be done. Sometime well after five she came into my office and laid a compassionate hand on my shoulder and told me to go home. “Cassandra,” she said, “it’ll be here on Monday. Go home, take a long hot bath, have a glass of wine and forget it for the weekend. You’ll never find it tonight, anyway.”

I sighed, “Thanks Margaret, I think I will.” She patted me on the shoulder and left my office.

I shut down my computer, packed up my briefcase, my laptop and all of my other stuff and headed toward the door. Margaret was turning out lights, so I helped her, then she locked up and we rode down to the parking garage together. She sympathetically patted me on the shoulder once more before I climbed in my car, drove home and parked next to my apartment building. After gathering my things, I walked to the building and rode the elevator up to my floor. When I got out, there was a girl in front of the apartment next to mine, struggling with grocery bags, a laptop case and keys, with everything seeming in immediate danger of falling to the floor. She seemed to be stuck so I rushed to her side.

As I set down my things, I asked, “What can I do?”

She looked up and smiled at me gratefully, “Could you grab my keys and open the door?”

I took them and opened the door. She rushed in and dropped everything on the dining room table. When her shoulders sagged in relief I giggled to myself and thought, ‘Been there done that’. I picked up my things and stood at the door. I hadn’t paid really any attention to her until she turned around. I saw that she was tiny; maybe five foot one or two, slender with long, thick, shiny, blue-black hair with random streaks of lavender running through it, combed tightly to her head and pulled into a high, tight ponytail. I found the streaks to be very appealing and disturbingly sexy. The ponytail flipped up at the end and swung and bobbed cutely behind her. She was Asian and very pretty. She wore a black London Fog trench coat that she had tied loosely with the belt. Hers looked a whole lot better on her than my matching grey one did on me. Of course, on mine, the buttons were all buttoned and my belt was done up properly, so the difference in appearance was probably in presentation. I was stiff and proper and she was anything but.

She pulled off her coat and draped it casually over the back of a chair. She was stunning in a black, form hugging, long-sleeved, knee length knit sweater dress. The neckline was a loose turtleneck that left just her pretty little face, her hands and little else uncovered. Her feet and legs were covered with soft, black leather boots with a two inch heel that came to just below her knees, leaving about two inches of black stocking covered leg showing. Overall, it was a breathtaking presentation. She stood by the chair for a moment steadying herself as she pulled off the boots. As she stood without the boots, I realized that she was five feet tall at the most, tinier than I first thought. I felt like an Amazon next to her.

She finished with her boots, and after pulling the tie out of her hair and shaking it out, walked up to me and stuck out her hand, “Thank you so much, I’m Mashita Reiko. Please Ankara bayan escort call me Reiko.” Now that we were calm, I noticed her accent and it startled me. Maybe it was a little bit of stereotyping rearing it’s ugly head in me, but the last thing I expected was a southern drawl. I giggled, the unexpected accent throwing me off.

She tilted her head and grinned, “It’s the accent, isn’t it?”

I reddened and nodded.

“My father was one of the first executives to come over from Japan when Toyota bought land in Kentucky for the auto plant there.” She said smiling, “I was born and raised in Georgetown, along with my three brothers. We all have dual Japanese and American citizenship because my parents wanted us to be part of this country and culture. They were both raised very progressively and don’t follow the more restrictive parts of the Japanese culture very closely… actually, they don’t follow any of it at all. They tried very hard to make us part of the community and now my brothers and me sound very much like what we are: natives of Georgetown, Kentucky.” She grinned, “It drives my parents’ nuts.”

She was still standing there with her hand out to be shaken and when I realized it I reddened again. I took her small hand in mine and shook it. “I’m sorry, I’ve been so rude; my name is Cassandra Davis.”

Reiko came closer to me, pulled me down to her and kissed me softly on the lips, startling me once again. It surprised me that she kissed me, but what stunned me was that it felt so good. Her lips were soft and sweet and her touch was feather light. It was a brief kiss, but it was full of wonder for me. I felt my heart flutter and suddenly found myself short of breath. I didn’t close my eyes, but she did and then when she opened them as we parted, I saw the deep richness of her dark brown eyes. She smiled a little when she saw me staring. Pausing, as if to consider what she would do, she closed her eyes and leaned back in to kiss me again. I closed my eyes and allowed her to kiss me again. Her lips touched mine with the tenderness of an angel’s kiss and I melted a little with the longer, yet still too brief, kiss. She pulled away slightly and opened her eyes. I sensed her looking at me and opened mine, too. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was dizzy, breathless. The smile was still in her eyes and I decided that I liked it, I liked it a lot. I closed my eyes again and leaned forward. I lost my balance, stumbling a little because she wasn’t there, she had withdrawn. I was confused for she was still holding my hand in hers from our handshake.

I opened my eyes and saw that she had stepped back a half-step, creating some space. Evidently, she read my disappointment and said, softly, sympathetically, “Come, sit with me.” She drew me to the couch.

I put my stuff down, sat with her and she took both of my hands in hers. She looked into my eyes and asked something that I totally didn’t expect, “Do you prefer Cassandra or Cassie?”

In my completely fluid, elegant, Ivy League educated conversational style, I responded eloquently, “Huh?”

She smiled softly and repeated patiently, “Do you prefer Cassandra or Cassie?”

I regained a measure of my composure. “Uh, Cass or Cassandra, Cassie reminds me too much of my childhood.”

She smiled sympathetically. “Teasing?”

I sighed, the memories still too fresh and painful. “Yes, I was always tall for my age, and consequently, clumsy and graceless. To hide my embarrassment I became a real smart-ass.”

She smiled again, tipping her head to the side, “Sassy-Cassie?”

I blushed, “Uh, yeah.” I had no idea why I was telling this girl any of this. I don’t share personal stuff… especially with strangers. Personal stuff got you hurt.

She smiled gently and reached up and touched my face. “Well, I don’t know about the smart-ass part, but you’ve certainly outgrown the awkward part.” Her grin took on a devilish crook and she cocked her head again. “You’re always gonna be tall, but the rest of your body has caught up. You’re graceful and gorgeous and I’ll bet with that strawberry blonde hair and those beautiful freckles there’s more than a little Irish in your family history.”

I blushed again, unable to respond.

She giggled, reached up and gently caressed my face again, “Those little blushes are just breathtaking; I’m sure men are just beating down your door.”

I could feel my blush deepen. “No, not really, I don’t date much. I don’t do well with boys…um, men. I was embarrassed by my lack of coordination and the fact that until we were in high school, I was taller than ninety percent of the boys in my class. I was five eleven in the sixth grade when most of the boys were still around five feet. Of course, I’m still five eleven; this is all the taller I’ve ever gotten.” I giggled nervously, “Thank God! Anyway, I threw myself into my schoolwork and books. Kids hated me because of my grades and the fact that I screwed up the curve.” I hesitated, Escort bayan Ankara thinking again that I shouldn’t be pouring my heart out to this stranger, but I couldn’t seem to stop. “I stayed away from other kids as much as I could. My mom tried to get me involved in other things and sometimes I actually tried to participate, but the kids were always so mean to me.”

Reiko scooted around, then knelt next to me on the couch and hugged me. “You poor baby, did it get better in college?” Her cheek rested against mine and felt soft and cool and nice.

I sighed, “A little. At least boys looked at me differently.”

I felt her smile against my cheek. “I’ll bet they did. You’re tall and willowy and have a killer body.”

Her compliments seemed a little strange, but they did make me feel good, although I was blushing furiously, it made my face feel as though it were on fire. I smiled nervously, feeling a little better about myself, “Yeah, but I didn’t and still don’t know how to talk to boys, ummm, men. I always end up embarrassing myself. Dates don’t go very well.”

She hugged me tighter and I let my arms go around her. I was completely confused. I had never told anyone about this…any of this, not even my mom. But for some reason Reiko felt safe. She squirmed a little in my arms and I tried to let go but she didn’t let me. She pulled my head into her shoulder.

“No,” she whispered, “let me hold you…you need someone to make you feel loved.”

Her kind, soft words helped me relax; my face in her shoulder. It was remarkable, this beautiful stranger made me feel more loved and comfortable in the last few minutes than at any time in my life. She squirmed some more, fiddling with her dress and suddenly she was in my lap. I looked down and she was straddling me, her knees bent in a kneeling position. I was stunned to see that she had pulled her dress up around her waist, exposing her panties and the lacy tops of her thigh high stockings. I couldn’t keep myself from staring at the tiny black panties, the smooth skin of her bare thighs between the sexy stockings and the silky panties. I saw the groove of her womanhood in the silky panties and idly thought that I didn’t see any evidence of hair. The more I looked, the more I told myself to stop, but I was mesmerized. After what seemed an eternity, I felt her fingers on my chin, urging my face up. As I looked at her, I found myself having difficulty breathing. I could feel that my blush had deepened. I was confused, other girls didn’t appeal to me, didn’t affect me, but somehow Reiko was different. She was kind, she was sympathetic and though I didn’t want to admit it to myself, I thought she was amazingly beautiful and sexy. She was soft and smooth and as I breathed I realized she smelled incredible. She leaned forward just a little bit and stopped. I think she was trying to gauge my reaction. My eyes fluttered as I leaned toward her. She closed the gap and her lips brushed mine. The light contact was like an electric shock and it caused me to take a deep shuddering breath. Reiko pulled back a little and looked into my eyes before drawing me into her arms again and gently hugging me to her body. Her body felt soft and firm against mine. I was in heaven but still totally confused. She leaned back, and when I felt her fingers at my chest I jerked away. I looked down and was embarrassed that I had overreacted very badly. She was merely unbuttoning my coat. She pushed it off of my shoulders and helped me pull my arms free.

I blushed, the heat flickering on my face. I hung my head and Reiko lifted my chin. “I’m so sorry,” I whispered, “I-I didn’t realize what you were doing.”

She put her finger over my lips. “Shhh, you were just startled.”

Honestly, what I did next, I did without thinking. Her finger was there and it smelled as good as the rest of her. I kissed it. I looked Reiko in the eyes and just kissed it. It made me smile because she was momentarily surprised by my kiss.

“Oh!” she squeaked.

“Was that okay?” I whispered against her finger, worried.

She smiled warmly, “Oh, yes. It was surprising, that’s all.”

I smiled, happy with her answer and kissed it again. “I like the way your finger smells and how soft it is. It feels nice to kiss it.” I giggled and kissed it again.

She cupped my face and gently pulled us together, whispering, “Then you should love this.”

Her lips met mine again and again the softness of her lips and the gentleness of her touch reverberated through me to my soul. Chills ran from my scalp to my toes and all of the tiny hairs on my body stood, causing my body to feel like one gigantic nerve ending. She rained tiny kisses over my face, her hands holding my head so gently that I felt as though I was being truly loved for the first time in my life. It felt so good, I felt so good that tears began spilling from my eyes. I took another shuddering breath as Reiko began kissing the tears from my cheeks. I raised my face, seeking Bayan escort Ankara her lips with mine. In the short time that we had been together I had begun to crave the feel of her lips on mine. I had never felt like this in my life, let alone feeling something like this so quickly and for a woman, no less. She met my lips with hers and I sighed softly. Her lips left mine and I whimpered; I didn’t want her to leave me.

I could hear the smile in her soft southern accent, “Not to worry, I’m not leaving you, Sweet One, I’m just exploring, will that be all right with you?”

I had no words for her, just a soft moan of assent. Her lips found mine again, briefly before she departed, going exploring. She moved to my cheek, lips brushing gently along the skin, barely making contact. I shivered again, her soft lips exciting me to an extent I didn’t think possible. Then, I started thinking about the fact that Reiko was a woman and I began to freak out. Panicked, I tried to pull back from her when she stopped and released me immediately.

She sat back, concern reflected in her eyes, “What’s wrong, Cassandra?”

“I, I, I…” I faltered. I couldn’t explain; I was torn… torn between feeling that this was all wrong and wanting her soft touch to return. As I sat there, my face buried in my hands, I felt her gentle touch on my chin, tenderly urging me to raise it. I resisted at first, but the softness of her hands, the kindness in her voice and the compassion in her touch compelled me to raise my head. Her soft brown eyes searched mine, solicitously assuring herself that I was okay.

“Cassandra, I don’t want to hurt you,” she murmured. “I want to make you feel good; I want you to feel loved like you never have before, to make you happy. Please let me do that for you.”

I held my breath; it was as though she was reading my mind. She somehow knew how she made me feel. Even though I was confused and unsure of what I wanted, I didn’t want to give up how she made me feel. I had felt more alive in the last few minutes than I think I had ever felt. I wasn’t completely sure what she wanted from me, though I suspected what it was and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. But, I wasn’t ready to give up how she made me feel…not yet. Uncharacteristically, I made up my mind; I’d go with this feeling, for now. I’d deal with whatever happened, later, right now I wanted her kisses, her lips on mine and wherever else she wanted them to be.

I leaned into her and kissed her, it wasn’t as sexy as her kisses, but it was as passionate as I could make it. I could tell it startled her by the way she stiffened, but she quickly recovered and returned my passion. I know I was awkward, but this felt good, right…maybe even perfect. Her lips were soft but insistent, and as awkward and inexperienced as I was, it felt as though she really knew what she was doing. She left my lips again, exploring my cheek, and then sliding to my neck. Just as before, my heart began to race and my breath and heart rate quickened. Even though I was unsure and maybe even a little bit frightened, I let her continue; my desire to experience her lips further overwhelmed my anxiety. She leaned away and I tried not to let my disappointment show. I don’t know whether I succeeded or not.

My white silk blouse tied at the collar, leaving a large bow tie. I gasped when I felt Reiko’s fingers toying with the bow, almost hesitantly fingering it. Then her fingers seemed to slip away just as her lips found my neck again. I sighed in lust, but also in disappointment, I realized that I wanted her to tug on the bow. I wanted her to get to my collarbone…and maybe further and then I pretty much stopped thinking. The soft brush of her lips on the tender skin had me dazzled and focusing on their gentle, but steady descent down my neck. I gasped again as I realized her fingers were back at the silk bow and now were tugging on it.

My immediate instinct was to grab her hand, make her stop, but a baser, more primal instinct was to allow what was happening to continue, and I did. Her kisses felt so good that my hand, which had begun to flutter, settled down to my side. I felt wonderful kisses, Reiko’s gentle kisses, sliding down my neck. My mind had come back to me a little and I was a little in awe of her and the way she made me feel. Suddenly, I realized that I felt her lips in the scoop of my neck, in the soft, sensitive little hollow. The bow was undone, as were a couple of buttons. I had been so focused on the silkiness of her lips that I completely missed the undoing. My head lolled back as Reiko continued to kiss along my collarbone, pausing to give the hollow a furtive lick. My stomach lurched at the touch of her tongue; it was so unexpected, but so very welcome.

My hands, which had been lying idly on the couch, rose as though with a mind of their own, to caress her thighs. When I felt the borderline between her silken skin and the lace of her stockings I lifted my head to look at my hands. I couldn’t believe that I was caressing the thighs of a woman, just inches from her vagina. Reiko sat back and watched me watching my hands. I glanced up at her and was startled to see her watching me. I jerked my hands away and she gently caught them.

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