Kim Ch. 03

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The Waitress (Kim Ch:03)

Two years, well almost two years. It was hard to believe that I had been doing this for so long. Don’t get me wrong I loved working for myself, but thing’s had just grown so fast. I have over fifty client’s on my book’s at anyone time, and they were spread all over the country, that’s why I am sitting on yet another train, being leered at by yet another, boring businessman. I felt sorry for him really, same man on a different day and it could have been a totally different story.

The business had certainly gown though, now I spent four day’s a week away from home living in hotel’s, two in Glasgow and two in Leeds ‘s. Still they weren’t cheap hotels, not when it was all expenses paid, one of the perk’s of having an accountant for a brother. I claimed everything, even half the mortgage for the new London flat. Now that was a real sense of achievement, buying my own flat and actually being able to pay cash, but then Mike stuck his accountant’s nose in and told me to take the mortgage and claim tax relief, after all it was my head office.

But so much had changed in the last two years, not just financially, but personally. I have had to face up to who I really am and what I want from life. My biggest decision? I am going to retire when I’m forty, and that’s why I work so hard. My biggest realisation? I’m a slut, or can be. I am so driven by my mood’s it scare’s me. I can be a prim and proper professional one minute and a rampant fucking machine the next, I can go from total disinterest to teasing vamp in the flick of an eye. Some of my sexual exploits worried me so much I decided to have a regular monthly medical check up. But then I can go literally month’s without any social contact because work keep’s me so busy, like the last few week’s, so when I do have fun I make up for lost time.

But at the end of the day I love my life, the good and the bad, and I love the person I have become, I am happy with myself. I have grown from a country girl who got embarrassed at the thought of sex, to a sex loving prick teasing flasher, god I just loved showing my body off, just a little at a time though. And then I have what I have now, a moment of absolute depressive boredom, and god help the world when I got like this.

The train pulled into Leeds station, I gathered my thing’s, got off the train and made my way to the taxi rank. It was poring with rain and all the taxi’s had gone so by the time I got a ride I was soaked. “Marriott Hotel please.” I said

The driver acknowledged but didn’t try any conversation, which was wise as I certainly wasn’t in the mood for small talk. I had been coming here for so long a lot of the driver’s knew me but this one didn’t look familiar.

I had a regular booking at the hotel’s I used both here and in Glasgow so they greeted me as a regular customer, all the normal paperwork and such not necessary just the need to sign in, “Could you get the laundry to clean this suit for me?” I asked “I need it for a meeting”

“Of course madam,” the receptionist said, “terrible weather isn’t it, will there be anything else?”

“Err, no thank you.” I replied, “I think I’ll have a shower and call room service, thank you.”

I took my key and made my way up to my room, same old room , lounge, bedroom bathroom, overlooking the swimming pool and gardens, my second home. I went to the bar and poured out a whisky, not my usual tipple but I was chilled through, I drank it down and poured another one. Then a knock at the door, “Shit!” I said, remembering the laundry. I opened the door and a young girl, no more than 18 or 19 year’s old stood there, “You were quick, come in I wont be minute”

She stepped in, shoulder length blond hair, nice figure and wonderful innocent eye’s. I stepped into the bathroom, not bothering to close the door, stripped off the skirt and jacket, slung a bathrobe around me and grabbing the clothes up went back into the lounge. I handed the clothes to her and noticed she was a little flushed, then I realised that my bathrobe was half open and she could see my boob. I handed her the suit and said, “In the morning will be ok.” she grabbed the clothes and almost ran to the door.

I gave a smile as she closed the door with a final quick glimpse, ‘No!’ I thought, ‘she cant be.’ I jut had to find out though, was she gay, or was she closet, she just gave off that feeling of excitement when she saw my tit, or just maybe she didn’t know. Well that thought kept me awake for ages but eventually I drifted off into a restless sleep.

I never wear anything in bed so when I woke up I dived straight into the shower, a minute later there was a knock on the door. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it round me, looking through the eyehole I saw that it was the girl from laundry, I rushed over to the bedroom and shouted, “Come in.” I was standing in the bedroom just to one side of the doorway, “Wont keep you a minute.” I started to get dressed, deliberately moving naked around the room but not showing anything.

I grabbed a Antalya Escort jumper and pulled it over my head then walked into the lounge, my boob’s were on full show, I slowly pulled it down, but the look on her face was a picture, her mouth was half open and she had pulsing red cheeks. I walked over to her and said, “That’s great, I have a meeting in the morning. I have a whole day to waste what’s the shop’s like around here, any decent clothes shop’s?”

“Oh yes” she said, all flustered and smiling, “We have a Next, Miss Selfridge, Etam, lot’s really I can show….” and then stopped

“Oh could you that would be great.” I said before she could say anymore. Even now when I was dressed she couldn’t keep her eye’s from looking up and down my body whenever she thought I wasn’t looking.

“Well I don’t finish work till 4.30 and then….”

“That’s fine.” I interrupted, “I have a lot of paperwork to do so I will see you then.” and with that I opened the door and let her out, obviously a little lost and bemused.

Room service knew me well in my hotels, I rarely ever went to the restaurant eating in my room as I worked, the would get the occasional flash and lot’s of cheeky comments but I had never fucked any of them. I spent the day, eating from room service and doing paperwork. My desktop PC at home was always online and all I needed to do was link my laptop to it by phone and I could access my email and file’s. As most of my contact’s were done via email it was essential that had this access and I used it all the time.

By four pm I was in the shower and by ten past I was sitting at the dresser brushing my shoulder length red hair, I had often thought of having it bobbed but really I don’t think I could ever have it cut short it was just so naturaly wavy and easy to handle and it looked so natural, I loved it as it was, mind you there were time’s when I felt like cutting it all off, like when you got a mouthful at the most impossible time’s. I was getting quite excited now, I had made a few plans but decided to play the maid by ear and see how it went. I didn’t want to rush thing’s and ruin my chances

At 4.15 there was a knock on the door, it was the laundry maid, still wearing her zip up overall. I opened the door, “Come in.” I said, I was almost ready, I had my skirt and top on but the top was undone and I was still brushing my hair, she stepped in and I turned round to face her, “Sorry I am not ready yet, but I wont be a moment, my names Kim by the way.”

“My names Carrie.” she said, nervously “I am a little early.”

She was looking at my boobs again and then turning away, then looking back again until she realised I was watching her, then she went bright red and looked around the room, anywhere but in my direction.

“Ok then lets go,” I said buttoning myself up, she looked rather relieved and smiling opened the door to let us out.

I handed in my key and said “Where would you recommend for some decent clothes then Carrrie”

Carrie looked at what I was wearing and said “Well you like good stuff so there is a place I know that should do.”

The rain had stopped and I had been in my room all afternoon so we decided to walk, we got chatting and I found out that she didn’t have a boyfriend at the moment and she didn’t go out much as she didn’t have many friends. She was a shy girl but she was beginning to relax.

We laughed a couple of times at silly things, I said how useless men were and she said “Yeah they only want one thing”

“And do they get it.” I quickly shot in. She went bright red “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, but I always say what I mean you’ll have to get forgive me

“No that’s alright you just surprised me.” she said, still reddening at the cheeks.

“That’s ok you don’t have to talk about it.” I said

She went on to tell me her sexual history how the first time it had been at a party and she had drunk too much and the usual routine of the bastard not wanting to know her afterwards, but telling everyone what had happened. After that she suddenly had a lot of boy friends. But then once she realised that sex was all the boy’s wanted and she didn’t really enjoy it anyway she stopped going out with them.

By now we were on pretty good talking terms, I had thrown in some of my uninhibited male chauvinist pig stuff and things were going well, she had visibly relaxed and I had looped my arm through hers so we were close together and she was leaning on me as we walked. Laughing and joking and openly taking the piss out some of the men we passed.

We walked into the shop laughing and started to look around. Carrie pointed out some of the more official stuff that would have done me for work and I found a suit I liked, short skirt low top, my usual work clothes so I went to the changing room to try them on, but mainly to see how big the rooms were. They were easily big enough for two people.

I tried the clothes on quickly and then I said, “Yeah that’s fine for work Antalya Escort Bayan but I fancy hitting the town tonight, maybe a meal and a drink, what have they got for clubbing.” I asked

“Over that side I think” she said, pointing across the shop.

This was where I hoped to make my first move, I found some gypsy tops and a couple of really short skirts. “Come on let’s try these on” I said, “you can tell me what you think” I grabbed her hand, pulled her into the changing room with me and closed the door.

She was a little flustered and embarrassed so I said “Well it’s not like you haven’t already seen it,” I whipped my top off and then my skirt.

I was naked now, and she was looking, I slowed down now and slowly put the skirt on, very short and split at the side up to a 3″ open zip, “What do you think?” I asked, looking at her,

She was still red cheeked but said, “You look really great, I could never get away with anything like that.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said “you have a great body and nice long legs, you would look great in this” I picked the top up and pulled it on, it was a size small so when my boobs moved it showed and the material constantly rubbed my nipples.

I was having fun, I cupped my boobs and said ” Not too much do you think?”

Again she went bright red, eye’s looking and then moving away always returning to have another look. “You look really great” she said.

This was where I had planned my first move and I hoped it would work, I removed the top and placed it on the chair and then I went to undo the zip on the skirt “Ouch!” I said ” I caught my nail” and put my finger to my lip,

She was standing in the corner so I turned to her raised my arms and said “Carrie undo that zip for me hun” and I took a step forward close enough so that I could feel her breath on my skin.

She looked into my face and as red as a beetroot said, “Wha, oh, yes ok.” She couldn’t help but brush my boobs with her arms as she reached for the zip and my nipples were throbbing, her face was almost touching my tit, and she was shaking like a leaf, but she managed to get the zip undone. As the skirt started to drop she made a grab for it and her face went into my boob, I almost came on the spot, I stepped back and turned to put my own clothes back on giving her time to recover, when I was dressed I turned round and she was looking at me, quiet and embarrassed.

“Ok!” I said, “Now it’s your turn lets get you something to wear.” she looked shocked, as I walked out of the changing room she chased after me.

“No I don’t want anything honest” she said

I looked at her and said, “Look the least I can do for all your help is buy you a drink, and you can’t object to that can you?”

Carrie was looking for something to say but I got in first, “And you don’t really want to go into a bar in that do you?” I said, pointing to her hotel smock.

“Well” She said, “not really, but you cant go buying me clothes, they cost too much.”

I held her shoulders and looked her in the face, “Look.” I said “I have a very important meeting tomorrow, if you had not taken time out to bring me here I would have had to wear the same clothes for two days, that wouldn’t impress my client very much, so how about we get you something to wear, we go out for a drink, and if you want we can return the clothes tomorrow.”

“Well I would have to ring my mum and let her know I will be late,” she said

I had a great big smile on my face “That’s ok,” I said, “we can call her from the hotel.”

The decision made she turned to go and have a look around but I hooked her arm and led her to the same rack where I had found my clothes, I had seen something that I thought would suit her and look really good, it was a purple cotton gypsy top and skirt, and the top had a tie at the bust to hold it together, from there it just fell open and the matching skirt was a short wrap round with the same sort of tie as the top. I held it against her, “I can’t wear that.” she gasped.

“Why not?” I laughed, “don’t you like the colour?”

“No I love the colour, but it’s, well it’s, it’s,” she stammered, “It’s too expensive.” She had a great big grin on her face as she said it so I knew that she loved it and just needed a little gentle persuasion. I grabbed her arm and took her to the changing room, pushed her in and followed in behind keeping hold of the clothes.

“Come on then,” I said, “get that thing off and let’s see how you look in these.”

She looked at me sheepishly and half turning away pulled the zip down and stepped out of her uniform. She was wearing blue bra and pants, her body was slim, youthful with long slim legs, very nice and I wanted it there and then but forced myself to be patient. I put the skirt down and held the top open for her to put on she slipped her arms in and I and started to do up the tie string, brushing her boobs gently a couple of times, accidentally of course, I was pleased to see her nipples respond. Escort Antalya I stepped back to have a good look and said; “Now that really suits you.” I picked up the skirt and moved in close to her so I could wrap it around her waist, which meant I had to bend down so my face was level to her erect nipples, I heard her take a deep breath as my face brushed against her, as I gather the end of the skirt and knelt down on the floor to do up the tie I could smell her, and I new she was having some strange feelings, I tied the skirt and said, “My god you look gorgeous look in the mirror.”

She turned round and her reflection showed how pleased she was with what she saw “No I cant have this.” she said, and started to undo the top.

I moved forward and held her shoulders saying, “I thought you liked it.”

“I do, I do” she said, “But it cost too much, I just cant.”

I took hold of the tie and started to do it up, I was rubbing up close to her by now “Wear it tonight and I will bring it back tomorrow.” I said, “they wont mind, you look stunning in it and I can see you like it so lets get out of here, come on.”

Carrie looked at me in the mirror not once trying to pull away, ” Well if your really sure,” she said “I do like it and I have never worn anything so daring in my life before.”

With that I helped her take them off and we took them to the till, I was on a high and I think Carrie was as well, she couldn’t stop talking and kept giving a nervous laugh, She went a little red when the till girl held the clothes up to fold them but took a deep breath and just kept looking ahead, she was getting brave.

Once paid for we left the shop and started for the hotel, on the way we came to a pub “Come on lets start the evening now” I said.

“If I start drinking now I will never last out.” she laughed

“That’s ok we will only have a couple and then go to the hotel and get changed” I said, “Then we can go for something to eat before we hit the hot spots.”

She was fine with that so we went in and ordered a couple of drinks, it was quiet, so we sat down at a table and chatted, she was excited at the prospect of going out in her new outfit and couldn’t wait to put it on again, we had another couple of drinks in pretty quick succession which had a very relaxing effect on Carrie who was making jokes and giggling a lot, then we made our way back to the hotel.

I picked up my key at reception and we went up to my room. I suggested Carrie ring her mum to let her know where she was and showed her into the bedroom, I left the room but stood by the door eaves dropping, “Hi mum.” she said “I am going out straight from work tonight, so don’t worry ok, no if it gets late I will stay at the hotel and give you a call in the morning, no Julie is lending me something to wear, ok, bye” and hung up.

I moved away from the door and removed my top as she came out of the bedroom “Everything ok?” I asked

“Yes, she’s fine as long as I let her know I am ok” Carrie replied.

I was stripped naked by now, “Ok,” I said, “help yourself to a drink while I have a quick shower and then you can dive in after me.”

I had to be in the bathroom first to break the lock on the door. It was one of those silver things and the bit that pokes out that you push was loose, so I wanted to remove it, luckily it was a screw in type so it came away nice and easy, I would take the bolt bit as I walked out after my shower.

I got in the shower and was surprised just how much I was turned on. As I soaped myself I couldn’t help slipping a finger over my swollen bud, but I had to call a halt as I didn’t want to be in for too long. I grabbed a towel and stepped out of the shower, I walked to the door and opened it slightly, removing the bolt before I stepped into the bedroom drying my hair.

Carrie was sitting in the armchair and this time her eyes never left by body as I walked naked up to her, “Ok your turn.” I said , as she got up I added “there is another towel in there if you want it.” and gave her a smile. She went in and I waited till I heard the shower running, then I grabbed my hairbrush and walked into the bathroom, I heard her panic but totally ignored her and looking in the mirror started brushing my wet hair, I kept talking, asking if she had any good clubs in mind for us to go to and slowly she seemed to relax and carried on showering, still brushing my hair I turned and looked on her totally naked body for the first time, She was lovely, long legs leading up to her paradise mound, not much hair but swollen lips, she soaped herself as I watched, trying to cover up her embarrassment.

I continued talking and looking into her face, keeping the conversation casual, after a little while I said “I am going to need the dryer on this hair.” and I left the bathroom and went into the bedroom.

She took some time to shower and when she finally emerged I was sitting in the chair in the lounge, I had put on my skirt and was just pulling up my stayups, she had the towel wrapped around her but the effects of the drink were still obvious, she put her clothes down and started to put her bra on keeping her back to me, it seemed strange that she didn’t go into the bedroom to dress, but then as I said she was getting brave now and the drink helped I think.

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