Kidnapping Rebehah

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I am not sure when it all started. I suppose it started as games that kids play. I can remember at the age of 12 or 13 playing Cowboys and Indians, or Pirates, or Gangsters or other such games. My friends and I would make up such games and play with earnest. We would choose up sides and wage war on each other, capture members of the other side, tie the captive up and pretend to torture them until the game was over. When I was about 13, my step-sister Rebekah, who was 11, wanted to play. She was a real cutie, but this was a boy’s game and we weren’t sure we wanted her to get in the way. She kept begging us to be allowed to play. Well, I finally gave in. As the games progressed, it seemed that she was always the captive. She was captured by pirates, Indians, outlaw cowboys, or gangsters. She would end up with her hands tied behind her back and was tortured until she was rescued or the game ended. It seemed that she spent a great deal of time in a bound condition. Tortures were in the form of mild spankings and Rebekah being bound in various and strenuous positions. She seemed to enjoy the action and was a willing captive. As time went on, and our games advanced, the bondage became more varied and strenuous, and the tortures became more painful. Rebekah would find herself tied, gagged, and mildly whipped or spanked. Rebekah never hesitated to be a captive.
As Rebekah grew older, her body began to blossom. Her black hair, blue eyes, and creamy skin looked great. In a bathing suit it was readily apparent that she had a nice pair of breasts, a tight ass and a great pair of legs. My friends were beginning to notice that Rebekah was a beautiful girl. It was all I could do to keep them in line. The fact that she loved wearing short shorts and miniskirts made her all that more appealing. I have to admit that there were many times when I looked at her, and especially when we were playing captive games, I was more than a little aroused, and spent a great deal of time trying to hide an erect cock.

One day when Rebekah was 13, almost 14, she was reading a book in which the heroine was captured by gangsters, and was tortured to reveal information on a rival gang. The bad guys undressed their beautiful captive, bound her and whipped her body. Other tortures were used as well as sexual abuse, including rape. I am not sure where she found this adult pocket book, but she brought it to me, her pretty blue eyes wide with questions. I read the book that afternoon. It was very exciting, and a turn on. After reading the book, I gave the book back to Rebekah.
“Is that what happens to girl captives, in real life,” she asked?
“Well, yes, that is true,” I stuttered.
“Wow, was all she said.
Rebekah thought for a minute, and continued, “So if we were to really play our games for real, then that is what would happen to me.”
I swallowed hard, “Well, I suppose so.”
She looked at me with a serious face, “In the book, it seems that the men who were kidnapping her were really turned on with what they did to her. They liked torturing her, and making her do sexual things. Would you find that to be a turn on for you?” Now what do I do. There were many times, especially after her sweet little body began to mature, that I would have loved to take her capture and torture to a higher level. But, she was my sister, and I had heard all the sermons about incest, so I did not. I have to admit when I placed her in bondage during our games, there were many times that I had an erection that was formidable. I looked at Rebekah, trying to give a politically correct answer.
“Well, yes, I suppose I was turned on. You’re my sister and I have always been told that I should not have those feelings.”
“Would you like to do to me what those gangsters did to her? Would you like for me to be your prisoner to tie up and abuse with sex, she asked?
Now, I did not know what to say. I thought for a minute or two, and then replied. “Look, you’re my sister. I love you and I love our games. I do not want to do anything that would stop us from having the fun games we play.” I hoped that answer would defuse the situation.
Rebekah pick up her book, and replied, “Thanks.” She left to go to her room, and read some more of the book. I was glad for her to leave me alone, because my rigid cock was aching to be released from my trousers. The problem was that we had talked about playing another game the next morning. Jerry and Carl, my two best friends were to come over and we were going to be gangsters and kidnap Rebekah. I did not know what to do. Rebekah had opened a big can of worms, literally. I spent a restless night, thinking about the conversation I had with her, and how much I would love to take our capture game to a higher, sexual, level.
Early the next morning, my hard working parents were off to work as usual. It was summer, and we were out of school. I was down stairs eating breakfast when Rebekah came down. She was wearing her bikini bathing suit. It was a delightful bit of nothing. My father had complained that it showed too much of her body, but my mother prevailed after Rebekah said that all the girls were wearing suits like that. I have to admit that it showed her off to a wonderful advantage. It was not a thong, but it sure came close. There was no doubt about how her sweet luscious body had blossomed.
“Good morning, I greeted, and then asked, “You’re going to spend the morning around the pool?”
“Yeah, I thought I would,” she replied.
“Well, be careful, some gangsters might kidnap you and hold you for ransom.”
“You’ve got to catch me first,” she grinned.
My cock leaped in my pants. It was all I could do to swallow my bite of toast. After breakfast, I called Jerry and Carl and told them our game was off, and we would do it later. I had a plan that did not include them. Reluctantly, they agreed to the postponement. As I hung up the phone, I looked out at the pool and saw that Rebekah was already on a deck lounge, sunning herself. She lying on her stomach and had unhooked her bikini top so there would be no tan line on her back. Her bikini top was lying loose under her body. You could see the sides of her breasts as they were pressed against the lounge cushion. Her bikini bottom was tucked neatly into the sweet crevice of her beautiful ass. Her arms were down at her sides. I could not resist. Quickly, I ran up stairs, changed into my swim trunks and retrieved several strands of rope from my athletic bag. I kept the rope hidden there for our captive games. As I passed my dresser, I picked out some handkerchiefs. In the past I had used these pieces of cotton material to gag Rebekah when she was a prisoner I eased out the back door and with as much stealth as I possessed, I quietly sneaked up behind Rebekah. In a second I was on her, grabbing her wrists and jerking them behind her. Quickly, I tightly bound her wrists together behind her back. As she struggled, I used a second piece of rope to tightly bind her elbows. She was supple, so it was possible to bind her arms to make her elbows touch in the small of her back. Now she was helpless. My cock was raging.
“Heath, my top is loose. It lying under me! Turn me loose so I can put my top on. Then I will surrender to you!” she exclaimed!
“No way, prisoner. In real life you would not be able to do it. You are my captive and this is for real. You have just been kidnapped. You’ll just have to stay like you are!”
Rebekah opened her mouth to protest. As she did so, I stuff a wadded up handkerchief into her sweet lips, effectively gagging her. A second handkerchief was quickly and tightly wrapped around her head and tied off to hold the gag wadding in her mouth. Now she was bound and silenced. I got off Rebekah and looked down at my handy work. With pleading, yet excited eyes, Rebekah looked over her shoulder at me. Her eyes went down to my swim trunks where the bulge from my cock was obvious. I leaned down and grasped her strained shoulders, and turned her over onto her back. I stopped breathing for a moment. I was amazed at her breasts. They were substantial, and magnificent. With her elbows tied behind her back, they seemed to be enlarged, pushing off her chest. They were rising a falling with her agitated breathing. Rebekah was magnificent. “Lets go in the house, prisoner. You’ve been kidnapped, and I am going to torture you until you are ransomed!”
I pulled her to her feet. Picking up her abandoned bikini top, I forced her toward the house. As she walked I watched her breasts jiggle. She was amazing. My cock was threatening to explode. Rebekah kept looking at me, but at no time did she try to struggle or get away from me. The look in her eyes was one of arousal. As we walked, with me tightly holding her forearm, she would look down at my swim trunks, and the obvious bulge there.
Once we were in the house, I escorted her into the family room. I stood her in front of the couch, while I stood behind her. I could not resist. I pulled her back into my chest and ran my arms around her, with my hands grasping her breasts. They felt as good as they looked. Her nipples were rigid and the texture of her creamy breasts was of the finest silk. I could feel my cock pushing against her ass and bound hands. She did not try to move her hands, in fact, she feebly rubbed her hands against my cock, as well as she could with her wrists and arms bound the way they were. She did not try to struggle or get away from my ministrations. I moved my hands down from her breasts, down her smooth belly to her bikini covered pussy. It was hot, and her bikini bottom was moist. The fragile bit a material was held by thing straps, tied in bows at her delicious hips. “Prisoner, you have too many clothes on,” I announced. I grasped the ties to her bikini bottom, and pulled on them, untying the knots. The bikini bottom fell to the carpet, leaving Kerri a totally naked and bound prisoner. As I touched her pussy lips, she sighed deeply behind her gag, and leaned back against me. Her breathing quickened. I turned her around to face me. I hugged her tight, pressing her firm breasts against me chest. “Prisoner, you have been kidnapped. You are mine until someone ransoms you. While we are waiting for that ransom, I am going to torture you.” I lead her to the couch, where I sat down. I pulled her down across my lap to a spanking position. Rebekah did not struggle. “Slave, I am going to spank you so you will know you are my captive.” I started to spank her deliciously tight ass. My hand prints became obvious as I continued her torture. Rebekah squirmed, in doing so she was feeling my rigid cock pushing against her belly. After she began to whimper and cry through her gag, I stopped the spanking and began rubbing her enflamed ass. I allowed my hand to slip between her legs and touch her steaming pussy. She was soaking wet. I delved into her pussy, exploring this wonderful facility. Rebekah began to moan and moved with my movement. As I increased my manipulations, she started hump against my hand to moan loudly. Finally, her body stiffened and trembled as she had a climax. She could not stop. She just kept humping my hand. Her pretty little bound hands seemed to be reaching out to an invisible lover. When she settled down, I picked her up and sat her on the couch beside me. Now was an opportunity to fully explore her wonderful breasts. I spent several minutes pinching and twisting her nipples, and in general exploring her magnificent tits. Rebekah just laid her head back on the head of the couch and closed her eyes, lost in the feeling of having her breasts teased. I could hear her heavy breathing and soft moaning from behind her gag. It was time to move onto other things. I had an aching cock that needed attention. I had watched a particular bondage porno movie, and wanted to try something I had seen on that tape. I got off the couch, and made Rebekah move to the center cushion. Using some more rope, I tightly tied a strand of rope around each of her delightful ankles. I then made her slide her sweet ass to the edge of the couch. Using a couch cushion behind her back, she was now in a semi reclining position, with her pussy right at the edge, almost off, the couch. Using the ankle ropes, I spread her legs, widely, and tied the ropes to the corner legs of the couch. Now Rebekah was fully exposed, with her legs spread and her pussy open and vulnerable. I could see her bound hands pinned under her ass. She was totally helpless; watching with interest, already guessing what was going to happen to her. When I acquired the rope from my athletic bag, I also retrieved a small whip that I had made. It was made of leather shoe laces, the kind that you find in your hiking boots. I had made a whip with thongs about eight inches long. I had thought this whip would be good for whipping Rebekah’s breasts. Now, I could see other possibilities. Her hot exposed pussy seemed to be begging for abuse. I reached down on the floor, where I had dropped the whip, and brought it up to use on Rebekah.
I sat next to her, and began stroking her soft inner thighs and pussy lips. This aroused Rebekah. She closed her eyes and was softly moaning behind her gag. Then unexpectedly, I raise the little whip and brought it down onto her exposed pussy. Her eyes popped open and she looked down to see what was stinging her most private area. She watched as I continued to whip here pussy. After a few stroke she started to struggle. I stopped, and again started to stroke and massage her cunt. She relaxed and enjoyed the pleasure. Again I whipped her pussy. Rebekah emotions were rampant. The pain and pleasure were mixing into one very hot experience. This continued on for about ten minutes. Finally, I stopped whipping her pussy. Her nether lips were swollen and red from the abuse. I stood up, and dropping my swim trunks to the floor, I exposed my rampaging cock. Rebekah’s eyes went straight to it, and just stared. She was magnificent. My beautiful hot sister was magnificent. She continued to watch as I stroked it. As I watched, her, she trembled with excitement. I dropped to my knees, and leaned forward to kiss her pussy. It tasted wonderful. I ran my tongue over its swollen silky surface. Rebekah was looking down, watching my every move. She moaned loudly as I placed my mouth to her sweet pussy lips and ran my tongue inside. She jerked and moaned even louder as my tongue flicked her sensitive clit. Within a matter of seconds, she was humping my face, cumming with a powerful force. As she was coming, I again used the short leather whip to abuse her pussy. It seemed that Rebekah was taken to an even higher climax with the pain of the whip. As she was still moving with her climax, I knelt up and placed my cock against her abused pussy lips. As I started to push my heated member into her sweet pussy, she opened her eyes with surprise. She looked down at my cock and her pussy, and realized that for the first time in her life, she was about to be fucked! I pushed in a couple of times, and then pushed harder when I broke her hymen. She stiffened, but relaxed as I kept fucking her.
Rebekah’s pussy was hot and tight. I had never felt anything so wonderful. As I moved my cock in and out of her, it seemed that her pussy was grabbing me, squeezing my cock, trying to hold it in her. I was in a world of my own making, and it was explosive. Even in her stringently bound position, Rebekah tried to meet my thrusts into her cunt. I looked at her sweet gagged face as she absorbed the feeling of my cock in her pussy. She was totally surrendered to what was happening to her. To add a little pain element to this scene, as I was fucking her, I was also gently slapping her breasts. They bounced and trembled ever so beautifully. I kept watching her reaction. I wanted to cum with her. This was difficult, as my cock was ready to explode. In a short time, I could tell she was rapidly approaching her climax, so I just let mine go. My climax felt so good I thought I could die. My scalding cum pushed her over the edge, and she had another climax. We both just kept humping each other. It seemed to last for an eternity. Finally, I collapsed on her breasts with my cock buried in her sweet pussy. I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her tightly as I kissed and sucked her nipples. We both stayed connected for the next few minutes. Finally, I pulled my cock from her, realizing that I was still very aroused, and my cock had not receded! I decided to take advantage of this.
I reached down and untied Rebekah’s ankles, allowing her to close her legs. She was slow to do so. It was as if she wanted more of what she had just received. I took her from the couch, and placed her on her knees on the carpet in front of the couch. I then seated myself on the couch in front of Rebekah, with my legs spread on each side of her. My erect cock was mere inches from her face. I pulled her to me and kissed her on her gagged mouth.”Prisoner, you have been tortured, but it continues. No one has ransomed you, so you will pay the price, I asserted. I am going to take your gag from your mouth, but you are not to say a word, or you will be severely punished, and the gag goes back in!” Rebekah nodded her head as I leaned forward and untied the handkerchief holding the wadded cloth in Rebekah’s mouth. As I removed the gag from her sweet lips, I spoke to her again.”Not one gaziantep rus escort word. I order you to kiss the tip of my cock.”
Rebekah acted as if she was going to say something, but instead placed a wet French kiss on the tip of my cock, tickling it with her tongue. Without being told to, she kissed it a second time. “Now, Prisoner, take my cock into your mouth and suck it!”
Rebekah, leaned forward to my cock, and just before she took it into her sweet mouth, she quietly uttered, “Heath, I love you.” She then slipped her mouth over my cock. She wasn’t very experienced, but she had seen a couple of porno movies and she mimicked what she had seen. She sucked and lashed the tip of my cock with her tongue. It was is if she liked the taste of it and wanted to lick it all. It was more than I could stand. In a very short time I was cumming in her mouth. Out of instinct she started to swallow all of my issue. I was lost in a whirlpool of lust. I could see her, but I was in the ozone. I continued to hump, fucking her face, her beautiful sweet face. I had never felt that way in my life. No girl had turned me on like my own sister. In a very real sense, I loved her as my lover. Finally, I stopped cumming. Rebekah kept my cock in her mouth until it receded. The whole time she was licking and gently sucking on it. It was one of the most wonderful feelings I had ever experienced. Slowly, I let my softening cock slip from her mouth. I leaned forward and kissed her. She kissed back, ever so passionately. I helped her up from the floor, and sat her on the couch beside me. With one arm around her, and the other squeezing her breasts, I kissed her again, and told her I loved her.
“Heath, I love you. I love you so very much.”
I asked if she were angry with me for kidnapping her.
“I was surprised, but, I love being your prisoner. Now, I really love it, now that it is for real,” Rebekah replied dreamily. She continued, “Is this what is going to happen when we play our captive games?”
Smiling, I replied, “Yeah, I think so. I want to do it for real, and this is the way to do it.” I paused for a moment, and asked, “You’re tied really tight. Do you want me to untie you?”
Rebekah smiled. “Only if you want to. I know you like this, and you did kidnap me, so it is up to you.”
“Well, sweet sister of mine, if that is the way you feel, and then I am going to do it all of the time. You are going to be my permanent prisoner and sex slave. Even if you refuse, I will tie you up, torture you, and fuck you, anyway. Every chance I get, you will be my prisoner slave. You will have no choice. What do you have to say about that,” I replied?
“Heath, I love you,” Rebekah smiled and gently leaned over and kissed my cock.

Kidnapping Rebekah – Part two
I have to admit that my new relationship with my step-sister Rebekah was exciting. I had taken our captive games to a new and exciting level. Kidnapping and fucking my sister had to one of most defining moments in my life. We were now in love with each other, and in love with what we were doing. I should point out that Rebekah was on the pill. Our mother had put her on the pill shortly after Rebekah’s thirteenth birthday.
Rebekah and I had our own bedrooms, but we shared a common bathroom, which was between both bedrooms. It was a walk through bathroom with each bedroom having a door to the room. When one of us was using it, we would merely close the door to the other person’s bedroom. This was to change. Rebekah was now my beautiful little naked sex slave. Every chance we got, she would end up being tied in a way to make her helpless and vulnerable to my sexual advances. She seemed to live for those moments when she was helpless to me. I would allow her privacy when she had to use the bathroom, but I ordered the doors open when she bathed or was fixing her hair or makeup. Further, I made sure she was always naked in the bathroom so I could see her. It was exciting. If our parents were gone, we would shower together. That would almost always result in hot love making in one of our beds. I would not allow Rebekah to be dressed when we were alone. It seemed that we were completely absorbed with her sexual slavery. We didn’t even pretend to play the captive games. We were doing it for real. Rebekah would be tied, whipped, tormented, and sexually abused as a matter of course. We looked for any excuse to play with each other. Our parents never figured out what was happening, they just enjoyed the fact that their two children got along so well. I had to be very careful not to leave any obvious marks on Rebekah body that might betray our new relationship.
One afternoon, about a month after I had made Rebekah my sex slave, just after her fourteenth birthday, Rebekah asked me a question. We had just finished a little session. I had made her strip, after which I tied her hands behind her back. It seemed that her elbows were the next logical thing to bind as it forced her breasts out from her chest, exhibiting them very prominently. She has magnificent breasts that begged to be displayed and touched. I had made her put on a pair of my mother’s high heel shoes, and required her to pose in front of me, in various revealing positions. The high heel shoes made her nice legs more shapely, and forced her ass to so stick out more. I loved this addition to her nakedness, and she seemed proud of the change. After showing herself off to me, I lay down on my bed and made her to straddle me, impaling her pussy on my rampant cock. I made her ride my cock to a climax as I slapped her breasts. After she came back from the ozone, I ordered her to suck me to a climax. I released her wrists and arms and had her lay beside me on my bed. I had my arm under and around her as she put her head on my shoulder. Her delicate little hand was stroking my semi-hard cock. We were basking in the afterglow of a wonderful bondage and sex session. Rebekah moved her head up so she could kiss me on the cheek. I kissed her back and gave her breast a squeeze. “Heath, I love what we are doing. Can we do it forever?”
Smiling, I replied, “I sure hope so. I love us, and I love what we are doing.”
Rebekah was quiet for a moment, and then asked, “What are you telling Jerry and Carl. They used to play captured games with us all the time. Since you made me your sex slave, we have not seen them.”
I thought for a moment, “Well, I guess I have been too busy with you, and just us. They have been asking when we are going to get together again, and when will we play our capture games. I have been stalling them.”
Rebekah asked, “Why? They have got to be wondering what is wrong.”
Now, I was not sure how to answer her. But, I tried, “Well, now we are playing capture for real. When you are tied, you are stripped, tortured for real, and raped, and sexually abused. I love it. I don’t want to change that. It would be very difficult for me to play our capture games and not do it for real.” She was quiet, and I continued, “I had thought, that if we are really going to keep doing this for real, and not just playing around like we used to do, that I could allow them to join in and make it real for them, too.” Rebekah remained quiet, and waited for me to continue. I was not sure what I wanted to say, but made an attempt to make sense of my thoughts. “If you are really my sex slave, then you would have to agree. Of course, if you did not want to be my sex slave, then we would quit playing our games for real, and go back to what we did when we were little kids.”
Rebekah squeezed my now erect cock and answered, “Heath, please, I don’t want to quit being your sex slave. I really love you and what we are doing. I don’t want to give it up.”
“Well, what should I do,” I asked?
Rebekah paused, “Oh, Heath, I don’t know what to say. I just don’t have an answer.” She remained quiet for a moment, “I don’t know, Heath. I love you. I will do what you want me to do.” I am sure my cock leaped in her tight grip. My hear skipped a beat. I could not believe Rebekah was telling me to do whatever I wanted to do to her. I hugged and kissed her. Rolling her on her back, I climbed above her and slipped my rigid cock into her sweet pussy. In a matter of a minute or two we both we coming with each other.
Carl was the only one of my two best friends in town. Jerry and his parents were in Seattle. Jerry’s father worked for a company that was transferring him to that city. Now they were there looking for a new house to buy. I decided not to include Jerry in our expanded capture games with Rebekah. I invited Carl to come over the next morning for play the game. He readily accepted.
After our parents went to work, I instructed Rebekah to get dressed. She had a bikini ensemble that was perfect. The top was very revealing, just covering part of her breasts. The bottom was just a little more than a thong. There was a pleated matching mini skirt that matched the bikini. It could be worn away from the pool area, hiding the wearers nearly exposed buttocks. I had her wear this outfit, along with a pair of my mother’s black patent leather high heels. She was absolutely stunning. My cock was ready to leap from my trousers. After Rebekah completed her makeup, I bound her wrists behind her, and again with the elbow ropes. I loved this tie as it made her breasts even more magnificent. I kissed her, and placed a gag of stuff handkerchief in her mouth, tightly securing it with another handkerchief which was tied around her face and head. Rebekah looked incredible. Before Carl arrived, I had Rebekah parade and pose for me. I was wondering how Carl would react to the advancement of our capture games. Rebekah seemed nervous, yet there was an excitement in her eyes that told me she was ready to obey me.
Carl arrived about fifteen minutes later. I placed Rebekah in the closet in the hallway next to the family room. Carl arrived, and I explained the new rules of the game. “Here’s the deal. First, if you repeat anything about what we are going to do this morning, you will never be allowed to play our games with me and Rebekah again. Do you swear to never say anything about this to anyone, ever?”
Carl looked at me, questioningly. “Yeah, man, I promise. This sounds mysterious.”
“Well,” I replied. “It is serious. In the past when we play capture or kidnap games, we played for pretend. If we had kidnapped Rebekah for real, then we would have done anything we wanted to her. We held back because it was only a game.”
Carl looked even more confused. “What does that mean, for real.”
I tried to make him understand. “Hey, man, you’ve read books about what happens to a girl or woman when she is kidnapped or captured. The gangsters and bad guys do what they want with the woman. Those guys were not pretending. That was for real.”
“Does that mean we are going to kidnap Rebekah, for real, and really do things to here? he asked.
“Yeah that’s what I mean. I decided to quit playing games, and do it for real. Rebekah has submitted.”
Carl’s eyes were wide with wonderment. “Wow! Man, that’s heavy.”
“O.K., remember, she is my sister, and I am in control. I will decide how much and what we do. O.K.?”
“Yeah, sure, whatever you say,” he said. His mouth seemed dry from anticipation, and already I could detect a bulge in his trousers.
“O.K., have a seat on the couch, and we will get started. I have already kidnapped Rebekah, and tied her up. I will get her, and we will get started.” Carl sat down and watched me walk to the hall closet, and open the door. He was even more amazed when I brought a helplessly bound and fantastically costumed Rebekah from the closet. I led her into the family room as Carl watched with amazement and lust written all over his face.
I slapped Rebekah’s tight ass and ordered her to pose and parade around for Carl. She was amazing, and Carl was awestruck. He could not take his eyes off her.
“Carl,” I said, “Our captive is a wealthy woman, and I have kidnapped her for ransom. No one has paid the ransom, so I have decided that we will torture her until the ransom is paid.” I untied the strings holding the bikini top on Rebekah, and the top fell to the floor. Carl was speechless. I reached around Rebekah and grasped her breasts, squeezing and pinching them. “Prisoner, since no one has paid your ransom, you will pay the price,” I said. Rebekah just moaned behind her gag.
I reached down and removed the mini skirt. Turning Rebekah around and making her face me, I hugged her to me, pressing her breasts against my chest. I gave her sweet ass several swats, and then removed her bikini bottom, leaving her standing there bound, gagged, and wearing only a pair of high heel shoes. My handprints were obvious on her ass. Carl was dumbstruck. “Prisoner, go to my friend and let him examine you.” I grasped Rebekah’s bound wrists and pushed her to where Carl was sitting. Her breast jiggled as she walked to where Carl was. “Prisoner, lean over, and offer your breasts to my friend”, I ordered. Rebekah bent over and offered her breasts. Carl was quick to take them into his hands, kneading them and teasing her nipples. After a few moments of this, I ordered her to turn about and offer her ass for inspection. This she did with aplomb. Carl was quick to seize this opportunity to feel and stroke a magnificent ass. He even gave her a few substantial slaps on her bottom. Finally, I ordered her to face Carl, and spread her legs, exposing her pussy. Carl grasped her Venus Mons. He toyed with her nether lips and inserted his finger into her heated passage. Rebekah started to moan and move her hips slightly. I stepped up behind her and pulled her back into my chest, to support her. I cupped her breasts and played with them as Carl was busy rummaging through her pussy. Rebekah was absorbed in what was happening to her. Her bound hands found my rigid cock and was stroking it as well as she could, considering her stringent bondage. After Carl had thoroughly inspected my beautiful sister, I led her and Carl to my parent’s bedroom. They had a wonderful old four poster bed. I placed Rebekah on her knees, with her back against one of the bedposts. Using several strands of rope, I tied her to the post. She could not squirm, or wriggle loose. Next I blindfolded her. She knelt there, naked and bound to the bedpost while Carl and I undressed. I picked up the small leather whip I made to use on Rebekah’s breasts. Now was an opportune time.”Prisoner, I said with authority, “No one has ransomed you, so you will now pay the price.” I removed the gag from her pretty mouth, and allowed her to breath fresh air through her mouth. She did so with relish.
“Prisoner, there is a dick in front of you face. You are to kiss it, and tell me if it is mine, or Carl’s. If you are wrong, you will receive five strokes of the whip across each tit, for a total of ten lashes.” I stepped up and put my cock to her lips. Rebekah kissed it, and tickled the tip with her pretty pink tongue. I then had Carl step up and do the same. Rebekah treated his cock in the same manner. Carl closed his eyes. He was caught up in the moment. At least he did not moan, giving Rebekah a clue whose cock she was kissing. “Now, prisoner, whose cock was first and whose cock was second? Was it the same cock, or were they different cocks?”
Rebekah paused for a moment or two, the almost whispering, replied. “Sir, the first one was Carl’s. In fact I think both kisses were on Carl’s cock.”
“Cunt, you are wrong on both counts. The first was my cock. For that mistake, since it was two questions, you will receive ten strokes on each tit.” Rebekah bit her lip and trembled slightly. I picked up the whip, and brought it down sharply on her right breast, followed by a similar lash on her left breast. Rebekah tried to struggle, but she was too well tied. After five lashes on each breast, she was beginning to moan and attempt to avoid the lash. The next ten lashes were delivered by Carl. He loved this torturing her for cereal. His cock was rampant. He was in a fantasy world that was beyond his wildest imaginations. “Prisoner,” I said. “Now you will take each cock into your mouth. Again, tell me whose cock you are sucking. Fail, and you will pay the penalty.” I had Carl put his cock in Rebekah’s mouth. I allowed her to suck it for about 20 seconds. Then quietly I stepped up and put my cock in her mouth. She sucked it vigorously for about 20 seconds. When asked, she said she thought the first was mine, and second cock was Carl’s. Wrong again! Again her breasts suffered another ten lashes each. By the end of the last lash, she was gently sobbing. I let her regain her composure, and pressed on. “Prisoner, you have failed miserably. In order to help you out, you will have a cock placed in your mouth. You will suck it and make that cock cum in your mouth. Based on that, you will tell me whose cock you have just sucked.”
“Yes sir,” was Rebekah’s whispered reply. I had Carl put his cock in her mouth. I was sure he had never been sucked off, and today was the day he lost that virginity! Carl was in heaven. Rebekah was working on his cock, while Carl was practically fucking her face. In just a matter of a minute he was cumming. He climax was so great that Rebekah could not swallow all of his issue. A small amount trickled from the corner of her mouth.
“Now, prisoner, who cock as that?”
“Sir, I think it was Carl’s cock sir.”
“Well, very good, prisoner. Just for that, I will reward you with a good fucking. Would you like that? I asked.
“Yes sir, I would like that. Thank you,” Rebekah replied. I untied her from the bedpost, an escorted her to my bedroom. I put her in the middle of my bed, with her arms still bound and pinned under her. Leaving the blindfold in place, I got on the bed and entered her sweet pussy. She was hot. He pussy was a scalding caldron of female juices. She was a delight to fuck. Carl stood on the side and voiced encouragements.
“Hey, man, fuck that beautiful sister. Man, she’s hot.” I noticed that his cock was rigid and ready to go again. After I finished fucking Rebekah, I let Carl get on her, and fuck her with his rampant cock. Rebekah was humping Carl as he ravished her. She kept experiencing one climax after another. Finally, Carl had a massive cum, and collapsed on Rebekah. It took both of them a while to come back from the ozone. After we had rested, we returned to the family room and sat on the couch. Rebekah was ordered to get on her knees, and use her newly released hands to stroke each of her tormentors to another erection, suck each cock, the use her hand to Heath each cock to a climax. This she did. She seemed to love what we did to her, and loved playing with each cock. It was time for Carl to go. He kept hugging and kissing Rebekah. It seemed that he could not get enough of her. He promised to return soon and play more games.
After Carl left, I had Rebekah sit next to me on the couch. As usual, I had my arm around her, stroking her breasts, while she was stroking my relaxed cock. We talked about what had just happened. She told me she had enjoyed the afternoon, even though she was very apprehensive at first. “Sis, do you still want to be my sex slave and naked prisoner?” I asked.
“Heath, my big brother, I really love you. I love what you do to me, and let me do to you. I want to be your sex slave, and your prisoner. I don’t want that to ever stop. I will do what you want me to do.” I hugged Rebekah, and kissed her for the longest time. Yes, I was in love with my sister. No other woman could ever make me feel like this. I was not sure what the future held for us, but I wanted Rebekah in my future, as my lover, prisoner, and I want to her to have my children.

Kidnapping Rebekah – Part Three
Being young, horny and virtually in love with my beautiful sister, I found that every time I saw her or got close to her, my cock would rear its lusty head. I was turned on, constantly. Rebekah must have felt the same way, as she was always ready for whatever I wanted to do. I really loved Rebekah, and I especially loved the Bondage captive/kidnap games we played. When we were alone, however, it was not a game. It was becoming a way of life. It seemed natural that Rebekah would be restrained and helpless, being subjected to some type of sexual torment and sexual abuse.
On one occasion, sometime after letting Carl become part of our real captive activities, I expanded his roll. Rebekah was about to turn 16, and I wanted to expand her sexual slavery. By now I had read several adult novels on the subject, including “The Story of O”. I realized that there was a whole world of people who were into this type of activity. I required Rebekah to read these books, and I even gave her written tests, requiring her to give her orally.
She was required to strip, get on her knees, and while stroking my exposed cock, she was to tell me in great, and graphic detail the contents of the book. She would describe in graphic detail, to her big brother, about how the heroine was imprisoned and the vary sex acts she was subjected to by her captors, how she was restrained, and how she was tortured. Rebekah would then be asked how she reacted to what she had read. She worked hard at being specific. She knew it was a turn on for me, and for her. After reciting the details of the book, she would be spanked for any mistakes she made, and then was soundly fucked as a finally. I am convinced that book clubs would experience a surge in their attendance if they required book reading like I did of Rebekah. On several occasions, I would restrain Rebekah in the same manner as the heroine in the adult book, torture and use her sexually in the same way as described in the book. This required Rebekah to expound on what happened in the book, and then submit to whatever happened to the heroine.
On one occasion, I let Carl have Rebekah alone, all by himself, or so it would seem. I included Carl in our kidnap games, sometimes as often as once a week. During the games, Carl was allowed to bind, torment, and fuck Rebekah as much as he wanted. His cock was no stranger to her mouth. Carl even wanted to date Rebekah, I but I did not want that. Rebekah was my lover, and my sex slave, and I wanted it that way. Rebekah wanted the same thing. She was a willing participant in our kidnap games, but she wanted to be my lover, exclusively.
On this occasion, Carl’s parents were gone overnight, leaving him home alone. I told Rebekah to dress in a mini skirt and blouse, with no underwear. By now she had been purchased a couple of pair of high heel shoes to wear for dress wear. She was instructed to put on a black pair of these high heel shoes, which better exhibited her great tanned legs. I then gave her a small athletic bag which contained a some of my collection of bondage equipment. Her next order was to walk across the street to Carl’s house, and surrender to him., and submitted to whatever he wanted to do to her. She was apprehensive. I kissed and fondled her for a few minutes, and told her that she did not have to do this, but as my sex slave I expected her to do what I told her. She agreed to my request, and picked up the athletic bag, and headed across to Carl’s house. After Rebekah was inside Carl’s house, by arrangement, I sneaked in his back door. I wanted to secretly watch Rebekah as Carl put her through her paces. I wanted to see how she handled being a bound sex slave, alone, with someone other than me. Next, using a long length of rope, he quickly tied her hands in front of her. He then looped the rope through and eye bolt in the ceiling. This eye bolt normally supported a hanging pot and plants. He pulled on the rope, forcing Rebekah’s hands above her head, stretching her towards the ceiling. He tied the rope off, forcing Rebekah to remain in this stretched position. Improvising, using a old broom stick, the tied Rebekah’s ankles to the ends of the stick, spreading her magnificent legs. She was a picture of helpless beauty. Her legs, breasts, and especially are ass are displayed to advantage. Her smooth belly was stretched tight, with her sweet pussy on display. “Prisoner, open your mouth,” was Carl’s next order. Rebekah saw the he had gagging material. She issued an helpless sigh, and opened her mouth. Quickly, Carl stuffed a wadded handkerchief in her mouth, securing it tightly with one of his mother’s black silken scarves. This just made Rebekah look even more helpless, vulnerable, and beautiful. As I watched, my cock was rampant. I removed my pants to ease the painful pressure on my dick. I gently stroked myself as I watch Carl work on Rebekah. Once she was secured and gagged, Carl undressed. His cock stuck straight from his body. There was a glistening drip of pre-cum on the tip and throbbed with his heart beat. He moved to Rebekah, hugging her and pulling her into his body. He pressed his stiff cock against her stomach, leaving a trail of pre-cum moisture there. It seemed that he was attempting to fondle all of her at once. He hands were everywhere. He was kissing her gagged face, and touching her stretched body, every where. Rebekah had closed her eyes, and was moaning, softly.
Carl, slipped his cock into Rebekah. She moaned loudly as this phallic invasion. Carl started to fuck her with abandon. It was if he was out of control and could not wait to put is cock in her pussy. As he fucked her, he was spanking her ass. Needless to say, in just a minute or two, he was cumming. Even though Rebekah was ready to cum, Carl came too quick and she was not able to get there. Needless to say, she was turned on, with no relief.
After coming down from his climax, he pulled his cock from her steaming pussy. Her eyes had a look of desperation as she wanted to have a cum too. She watched Carl, to see what he was doing to do. He cock was beginning to flag, just a little as he walked over to my athletic bag to retrieve a whip. In the last year or so, I was able to secure a professionally made whip that would sting and hurt, without leaving a lot of damage. It was ideal to use on Rebekah. She could feel the whip, yet not be significantly marked up. Carl brought the whip back to Rebekah, and walked around her, touching her body as he gently stroked her with the whip. Then he stood behind her, and with a determined look, he raised the whip and brought it down sharply on her magnificent ass. Rebekah jumped as much as she could given her stringent bondage, but before she could recover, he struck her again. She yelped from behind her gag as he struck again. Carl was in his stride. He lashed her ass at least 30 more strokes before he stopped. Rebekah was moaning, with tears running down her sweet face. Carl then walked around her, using the whip to randomly lash her breasts, pussy, and thighs. Rebekah never really knew where he would strike next. He loved watching her breasts quiver when they were struck. Her pussy seemed to be a favorite target, also. The fact that she was aroused, had been denied a cum, and was being whipped, only aroused her more. Carl’s cock was rigid again. My cock was aching as I watched my pretty little sister being tortured and fucked. Carl laid the whip down, and released Rebekah’s bondage on her wrists. This was only temporary as he quickly bound her wrists behind her back. Only then did he release her ankle bondage. He ordered Rebekah to her knees. After walking around her like a slave owner, he produce a black sleep mask from my athletic bag. Rebekah was effectively blindfolded. Carl then removed her gag, and gave her a drink of water.
“Prisoner, you are ordered to open your mouth, and keep it open. Do you hear me?”
Rebekah replied, meekly, “Yes sir, I understand.”
“No matter what happens, you are not to close your mouth! He punctuated his order by lashing her across her breasts, twice. Rebekah moaned as she bit her lip. She then opened her sweet mouth just as she was told. Carl, quietly, turned and motioned me into the room. With as much stealth as I possessed, I came into the room and stood before the blindfolded Rebekah. My cock was hard and aching. Rebekah knelt there with her sweet mouth open to what ever Carl wanted to put in it. I eased up and slipped my cock into my sister’s mouth. Instinctively, Rebekah closed her sweet lips around my cock and started sucking. Then she got a surprise.
Carl was standing behind her and spoke, “Rebekah, no matter what, keeping sucking the cock you have in your mouth.” To emphasize he order, he spanked her, hard on each cheek of her ass with his hand. Rebekah, jumped when her ass was struck, but she kept my cock in her mouth, and kept sucking. She also realized that she was NOT sucking Carl’s cock. She had a cock in her mouth, but did not know who it belonged to. As she sucked this strange cock, Carl kept slowly spanking her, just to let her know she was to kept sucking, or suffer worse treatment. She knew Carl was in control, and that her brother and protector was not with her. She had to submit and suck this stranger’s cock. She was both afraid, and turn on at the same time.. Rebekah kept sucking, and I could not help myself. With what was happening to Rebekah, I was very aroused. In a matter of a couple of minutes, I was cumming wildly in Rebekah’s mouth. As I did so, Carl, now using the whip, was lashing Rebekah’s ass. “Prisoner,” he exclaimed, “keep sucking, you had better swallow all his cum!” Rebekah worked hard at accomplishing Carl’s order, and was able to swallow all my issue. Even after all this time, I was still in awe of seeing the pretty full lips of my beautiful sister wrapped around my cock. It was a beautiful sight. As my cock softened in her mouth, I let it slip out, and went back to my hiding place, and put my clothes on. I sneaked back out the rear door of Carl’s house and went home. Later I learned that Carl had fucked Rebekah until she had a climax, then required her to clean his cock with her mouth, and suck him to another cum. He then released her to come home to me.
I was watching TV, a bondage porno flick, when Rebekah returned home. She came to me and gave me a passionate hug and kiss, but she was a little quiet. I had her sit on the couch beside me and I put my arm around her. Without being told, she opened her blouse exposing her breasts, after which she pulled up her skirt, exposing her pussy. She was a perfect little sex slave. She knew I liked her exposed, and had told her to expose herself to me at every opportunity. “Would you like me to be naked, or like this? she asked softly.
“Oh, for now, I think I like this. Just stay as your are. I like to see your tits exposed in an open blouse. They look good like that,” I answered. I kissed her and toyed with her breasts. I had opened my trousers, and Rebekah extracted my cock, and was gently stroking it.
“You are very quiet. Are you alright?” I asked. Rebekah told me what had happened at Carl’s, and how he had required her to suck a stranger’s cock. She knew I wanted all the details of what had happened to her. I found it exciting to listen to her tell what had gone on, and how she was used.
“What did you do? Did you obey Carl,” I inquired.
“Well yes, I did as I was told. He was whipping me, and I was tied, so I did what Carl told me to do.”
“You know, that sex slaves are often made to do things that they dont expect, or even like. They dont have much choice,” I explained.
“Heath, I know. I just was not expecting it. You’re right, I love being your slave and I know I must do what you say, and what anyone who capture me says. I just did not expect it. I also wonder who the person was, and if he knows me,” she wondered.
“Do you still want to be my love and sex slave?” I asked.
With a quiver in her voice and a tear in her eye, she answered, “Oh, yes. Heath, please, I want to be your love, and sex slave forever! I was just worried that you would be mad at me for sucking a stranger
s cock without permission, and not trying to resist. I thought you would have wanted me to resist, and since I didnt that, maybe you would not want me. I don’t want to lose you and what we have!”
I smiled and kissed her, and replied, “No, I am not upset. I know you did what you were ordered to do, and you had no choice. I am sure it turned Carl on to make you do that, I know I would be. I like it when you submit to me, or anyone who has you in captivity. You will always be my love and my sex slave. I suppose you will have to get used to what ever you may be made to do.” I continued, “You know, little sister, when you decided to be my sex slave, you agreed that I, or anyone I let kidnap you, can do anything they want to you, and you have no choice. If you resist, they can punish and rape you until you submit.”
Rebekah snuggled into me, and squeezed my now rigid cock. With a tear in her eye, she looked up at me and said, “Oh, Heath, I love you. I am your sex slave, and I will do what you want me to do. I want you to want me to be your lover and sex slave, and to be happy to have me as your slave, but I really just want you to fuck, torture and do all those things to me and noone else.”
I kissed her, and kissed her again. “Sweet slave, you are mine, and I will never let you go. You will be my lover and sex slave forever.” I could not handle it any longer. I pushed her down on the couch, and lay down between magnificent her legs. I kissed the tears from her eye. She hugged me, and kept kissing me as I slipped my rampant cock into her sweet steaming pussy and fucked my beautiful sister. How could anyone ask for more than what Rebekah was offering me. I wanted her to be my sex slave and lover for the rest of our lives.

Kidnapping Rebekah-Part Four
I was happy in my small two bedroom cottage. I had enrolled in engineering college, and was doing just fine. I had been awarded a very nice scholarship to pay for my tuition and expenses. This life agreed with me, and I felt that I was beginning to journey through my adult life. Living by myself gave me a delicious feeling on independence. There was a complication.
My sister Rebekah was my love, and had become my sex slave and obsession. I missed her and what we shared. On a recent weekend visit home, I discovered that Rebekah was having problems. She missed me. She was depressed, and her grades were suffering. My parents and I talked about Rebekah, and devised an answer. I offered to have Rebekah move in with me. I told them she could have the second bedroom in my little bungalow, but I would really appreciate them helping with the rent. I had plans to rent that room to another student to defray my rental costs. For this, I promised I would enroll Rebekah in a high school near my college, and I would tutor her to bring her grades up to par. My parents were overjoyed at this arrangement. So was Rebekah. I was very pleased, to say the least. The following weekend I moved Rebekah into my house. Even though I put all of her stuff in the second bedroom, it was clear that she would share my bed. We had to keep up appearances for our parents. We were like a honeymoon couple. We were excited to be back together, and now in our own place
As soon as we were alone, Rebekah ran to my arms. I hugged and kissed my lover and sister. I quickly undressed her, and then myself. We fell into my bed and made love like we had not seen each other for years! Afterwards, we lay there in the bed, basking in the afterglow of our hot afternoon sex. My arm was around Rebekah, as I lay on my back. She had her head on my shoulder, lying on her side, facing me. Her sweet breasts were pressed hard against my body and she was softly stroking my flagging cock.
“Heath,” she whispered. “I am the happiest girl in the world. I thought I had lost you. Im so glad we are here together.”
I smiled, hugged her, and after kissing her, replied. “Yeah, Baby Sister, I missed you too. But, if we are going to live together, however, I insist on some rules.”
Rebekah looked at me, and asked, “What kind of rules? I’m already your sex slave, silly.”
“Well, that’s the point baby. I want us to make sure we maintain that way of life. Like in the past, you are my sex slave. I will tie, restrain you when I want. I will whip and torture you as in the past, and no sex act will be too much for you. I guess we can say you do not have the right to say no.”
Rebekah smiled, “Yes, my love, I know all that, and I accept your rules.”
“Good,” I commented. “Next, we are going to get your school grades up to where they should be. We dont want mother and dad to insist you going back home because you grades did not improve like I promised.”
“I promise€ , she said, stroking my now erect cock. “Is there anything else Master?”
“Yeah, there is,” I said, pausing for a moment. “If the opportunity presents itself, I intend to engage in our kidnap games, I replied
Rebekah paused, and the asked, “You mean you might give me to someone else to torture and rape?”
“Yeah, that’s what I mean. only if you want to I’m going to give you some choices now we’re together.”
“No not really.” she answered.
“then we want.” I replied. “there’s another thing I’m taking you off the birth control bill that is if you want to?” Rebekah moved down my body, leaving a trail of delicious kisses until she arrived at my cock. She used her sweet pink tongue to flick the tip of my cock as she stroked the rigid heated shaft, causing it to throb with my heart beat. Teasingly, she slipped her soft sweet lips over the head of my cock, and started to suck it in earnest To add to the sensation, she cupped my balls with her hand, gently massaging them. I could not hold out long, and soon my cock erupted in jets of hot semen, filling her beautiful mouth. She managed to take it all, not losing a drop. It had been a long day, and within a very short time we both fell asleep, my sister Rebekah with my cock touching her lips as her head rested on my stomach. Her soft dainty hand still gently holding my balls. It was wonderful to be together again.
The college year went as usual. I was doing well in my engineering and computer science classes, and Rebekah’s grades improved. By mid winter, she was ready to graduate from high school in the Spring. We continued to live together. We went to college functions as boy friend and girl friend. Rebekah looked so hot, a lot of my friends envied my having her as my lover. Little did they know I was living with and having fabulous sex with my beautiful sister.
During my next year at college, I turned 20 and Rebekah was 18. We were closer than ever, and at every opportunity I took her deeper into sexual slavery. By now I had purchased many bondage items. There were cuffs (leather and steel), the ever present ropes, whips, nipple and clit clamps, dildos and other paraphernalia to bring us both pleasure. Rebekah reveled in her sexual slavery. She was virtually my 24/7 slave.
In the Spring of that school year, as I was approaching 21 years of age, and Rebekah approaching 19, I met Eric. We met on the racket ball court, and became fast friends. Even though he was discrete, it was obvious that he thought Rebekah was one incredible woman. I liked Eric, and I started to probe his psyche to see if he would the right person to share Rebekah with. One day, at his apartment, I noticed some bondage porn books and BDSM videos in his closet. When I asked, he readily admitted that he was very interested in the subject of BDSM, but had never had a chance to pursue his desires. I invited Eric to my house on Saturday evening, and told him to expect something very special in the area of BDSM. He tried to get me to tell him what the surprise was, but I held fast. He would have to wait and see. In the meantime, he and I had several conversations about BDSM and sexual slavery of women. From what I could discern from our talks, he probably thought I knew of a couple of hookers who would accommodate us. I had no intention of letting him fuck her.
I told Rebekah about the upcoming Saturday evening with Eric, and that I would be letting him participate in her slavery. She was a little apprehensive, but agreed to obey me. We had not done anything like this since we were in high school. Rebekah had met Eric and liked him. We both were excited about the possibilities.
Saturday afternoon came. Rebekah was given instructions on how to dress. She asked what the evening activities would be, but I kept her in the dark. I thought it would be better that way. I had her put on one of her string bikini swim suits. Over that, as instructed, she put on a black strapless bra and matching black lace panties. Then she put on a short skirted sun dress. The top of the dress resembled a halter top, the straps of which were tied in a bow at the back of her neck. To top this off, she put on a pair of black patent leather high heel pumps. Rebekah was very adept at wearing very high heel shoes as I required her to be naked, wearing high heel shoes, whenever we were alone. Once she was dressed for the evening, you could not tell that she had five layers of clothing on, including her dress. She was just dressed very stylishly, and very beautiful.
When Eric arrived, Rebekah was the model hostess. She served snacks and drinks, and was very attentive. Eric could not take his eyes off her. After every one had relaxed, I told Rebekah to go into the bedroom. There, on the bed, she would find a brief case. She was to bring it into the living room. She did as instructed. Eric asked about what was going to happen. I told him to have patience and he would not be disappointed. Rebekah brought the brief case into the living room, and put it on the coffee table. As instructed, she opened it. Inside were ropes, cuffs, gags, and other items needed by a man who owned a sex slave. Rebekah was told to take the penis gag from the brief case. This was a leather strap on which was mounted a rubber dildo. This is inserted in at slaves mouth, with the strap holding it tightly in place. The does a really good job of silencing a sex slave. Rebekah was told to put it on. “Rebekah, make sure you pull the strap tight,” I ordered. She did as I asked.
“Now, slave, put on the steel police handcuffs, and lock your hands behind your back. Make sure the cuffs are tight,” was her next order. Rebekah did as I asked. Eric was spell bound. Now standing in front of him was one very beautiful submissive woman, handcuffed and gagged on her own volition. He was silent, at a loss for words as he watched the evening unfold. At my instructions, Rebekah moved about, posing so Eric could appreciate her bondage and beauty. Her short dress and high heels displayed her great legs, while her breasts were pushed against the fabric of her sun dress.
I stood and walked to Rebekah. I hugged her and kissed her gagged mouth. While I was kissing her, my hand was fondling her breasts through her dress. Picking a strand of rope, I wrapped it around her elbows, pulling it tight and tying it off. Now her elbows were touching each other, bound tightly in the small of her back, causing her amazing breasts to push out from her chest, straining the fabric of her dress. I unlocked the handcuffs, and used another piece of rope to tightly tie her wrists. “Eric, you have met Rebekah, the most important thing in my life, but now I want you to meet Slave Rebekah. She is my sex slave, and I do with her as I wish.”
Eric finally was able to speak. “Wow,” he uttered. :I never knew. Wow, Man shes beautiful.” I noticed from the lump in his trousers that he had an erection. Rebekah noticed also.
“Eric, I have a surprise for you. You and I are going to play strip poker. The winner of each hand gets to take an article of clothing off Rebekah. When she is naked, then we will enjoy her.”
Eric replied, “Wow!”
I answered, “Quit saying ?Wow, and go to the table where the cards are, and lets play poker.” Rebekah was looking at me with a look of lust, and a little bit of trepidation. It had been a long time since I done something like this to her. I took her by the forearm and escorted her to the kitchen table. Eric and I sat down at the table, while Rebekah was made to stand, on display, between us. Eric was excited, and Rebekah was submissively beautiful. Her pretty blue eyes watching her two captors. The first hand of cards were dealt, and after some maneuvering, I won the first hand.
“Rebekah,” I said. “Come here. I have won the right to remove your dress. Whoever wins a hand can remove an article of clothing from you. When the article is removed, you are to stand very close to the winner of that hand, as he has the right to enjoy feeling and playing with you body. Rebekah nodded her head. I removed her dress, without untying her. Now she was standing there in a black bra and matching black panties. Eric was enthralled. I sat back down and spent the next few minutes running my hands over her body, paying care attention to her breasts and pussy. Time to deal the next hand. Eric was not a very good poker player, so I deliberately lost that hand, so he could remove an article of Rebekah’s clothes. He removed her strapless bra. He was somewhat disappointed that she had on a bikini bra underneath. Rebekah moved very close to Eric, and stood silently as he took every advantage of feeling and playing with her scantily clad body. Finally, I told him it was time for another hand of poker. Reluctantly, his hands left Rebekah, and returned to the poker hand he was dealt. Even as he looked at his cards, one of his hands was stroking her delicious ass and fabulous legs as she obediently stood there. Eric won the next hand, and removed her panties, leaving her standing there in her string bikini and high heeled shoes. Again, Eric reveled in running his hands all over her body. I made sure Eric won the next hand of poker. He stood up and walked behind Rebekah. He slowly undid the ties to her bikini top. The top fell away, and she was standing there with her magnificent breasts on display. Eric’s pulled her back into his body, his hands going around her body, grasping her waiting breasts. He spent nearly ten minutes playing with her breasts and kissing her gagged face. The bulge in his trousers were more than obvious. Rebekah’s bound hands were brushing against his painfully rigid cock. The last hand of poker was mine. Rebekah was standing between us as I removed her bikini bottom. She was magnificent. I ran my hand between her legs to find that her pussy was hot and wet. She moaned softly as I pushed my finger into her heated passage. After a minute or two, finger fucking Rebekah, I turned to Eric. “Now, my friend, come with me,’ I instructed. I took my naked sister Rebekah by her bound wrists and escorted her to the corner of the living room. Reaching up, I took a hanging planter down from the eye bolt mounted in the ceiling. Using a long piece of rope, I tied one end around Rebekah’s bound wrists, and the other end through the eye bolt. I pulled on the rope, pulling it up tight, raising Rebekah’s bound hands and arms well above her, until she was sharply bent at the waist. I tied the rope off, forcing her to remain in that exposed position. Her beautifully smooth ass was now exposed to be fondled or whipped. Her awesome breasts were hanging, awaiting torment. Eric was just about to learn about the latter.
“Eric, this is my slave,” I said. “You told me you have never whipped a woman before. Tonight, you are going to be privileged to whip the most beautiful ass in this town. Here, run your hands over this sweet ass.” Eric ran his hands over Rebekah’s exposed ass, and then let his hand drift down to her smoldering pussy. He slapped her ass a couple of times, as if to test the texture. He then ran his hand down to Rebekah’s hanging breasts. He squeezed them, and pinched her nipples. Rebekah squirmed, as best she could, as Eric twisted her nipples. I handed Eric a multi-strand whip. He visually measured the distance of his stroke, and brought he whip across Rebekah’s upraised ass. Immediately, delicate pink striations appeared on the smooth skin of her bottom. Eric liked whipping Rebekah. She was softly moaning as her ass as assaulted. Eric expanded his area of attack, at my suggestion. He brought the whip down to Rebekah’s breasts. They shook and trembled under the attack of Eric’s whip. About the time that I thought he was reaching her limit of pain, I stopped him. While he was whipping Rebekah, I was undressing. My cock was so hard it hurt. I moved behind Rebekah, and slipped my rigid member into her steaming pussy. She moaned louder, through her gag, as she felt my cock invade her cunt. Eric was undressing as I was fucking my helpless sister. As he finished undressing, I stopped fucking Rebekah, and untied the rope that held her in the bent over position. Rebekah was disappointed as I had not brought her to a cum, that she so desperately wanted. I told Eric to sit on the couch as I removed the gag from Rebekah’s mouth.
“Rebekah, my sweet slave, I want you to go to Eric and welcome him to our home with a well executed blow-job. Make it the best he ever had.” Eric watched as Rebekah knelt down in front of him. He was speechless as she leaned forward and kissed and licked the pre-cum from the head of his cock. She then leaned in further, and took his cock into her mouth. Eric nearly passed out. As Rebekah was sucking Eric’s cock, I moved behind her, and slipped my cock back into her sweet pussy. This was too much for Rebekah. I fucked her savagely. Before she had a chance to get Eric off, she succumbed to my cock and climaxed. She lost control and let his cock slip from her mouth as she buried her head in his crotch while she had a massive cum.
When she came back to her senses, she looked up at Eric, “Oh, Eric, Sir, I am very sorry. I should not have cum without permission. I am sorry I did not bring you to a cum. I am very sorry.”
Eric started to say, “Oh that’s OK,” but I intervened.
“Slave, you know you will have to be punished.”
Rebekah hung her head, “Yes sir, Heath, Sir, I’m sorry.” Quickly, I picked Rebekah up and carried her to my bed. I promptly placed her in the middle of the bed, on her back with her bound hands and arms pinned beneath her. Using two strands of rope, I tied her ankles to the corners of our four poster bed, spreading her legs widely.
“Eric, we have a slave here that needs to be punished. Take this whip and whip her pussy so she will not forget her duties,” I ordered.
At first, Eric was hesitant. He had never whipped a delicious pussy of a beautiful woman before. He was up to the task however, and in a minute or two, had Rebekah crying, begging to suck his cock. I stopped him at the appropriate time. At my suggestion, he climbed on the bed and straddled Rebekah’s body. He moved forward until his cock was at her mouth. As she opened her soft lips to receive him, his ass was pressing down on her upraised breast. He started humping and fucking her pretty mouth. Her lips wrapped around his erection as he fucked her face, with no mercy. In a moment or two, he came. The evening was nearly too much for him. His cock exploded in her mouth, sending jets of scalding cum down her throat.
The evening had gone well. Before it came to an end, Rebekah was fucked again by just me, and she sucked me to a cum. After Eric left to go to his apartment, Rebekah and I showered together. She wanted to be hugged and kissed by me. She was able to give me another erection as she soaped and massaged by cock. I fucked her right there in the shower. She was wonderful sex slave, and I loved her.
Well, I am 32 now. I have an excellent career in engineering. Rebekah and I have moved to Chicago, and live together as man and wife. Everyone who knows us thinks we are married. She is become even more beautiful, and I am the envy of all the guys I know. It is a beautiful life, and I cannot imagine it being any different. Both our parents are gone now, so it is just us, and we love it. We know society would frown on how we live, but we don’t care. We are madly in love with each other. she has also had one of my children and is now 3 and is pregnant again.

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