Key Chain Party

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The phone rang, with Tabatha, a lady that I teach dance to on the line asking if I am free next week to go to a party as her partner. Without thinking I said yes to her, and then as I put the phone down, I was nervous to what I committed to. With her being much older than me at 36 to my 24, and always told me of her penchant for sexual adventure.

I saw her for her dance lesson the night before the party, and as we waltzed, samba and jived, I asked her of the parties details. She looked me cheekily in the eyes and said ‘It is an 80’s retro party, dress as part of the theme, and you will have a ball’. This set my mind at rest, and I started to think of an appropriate costume.

The party arrived, and I arrived to pick up Tabatha dressed as Robert Smith from The Cure. I rang her doorbell, and she came out dressed as Cyndi Lauper, once again eyeballing me, kissing me cheekily as she often did, and purring

‘Girls, just wanna have fun boyo…….’

We arrived at the party, at an old style lavish home. On entering, I found it strange how we were both asked for our keys. The hidden meaning of this lost on me, and Tabatha concealed it more by saying we cannot be driving home after being free and easy with alcohol and drugs.

On surveying the other guests, there were about 8 couples, with me standing out for my age. All the rest of them were 30 somethings. They were all so friendly, with the Women checking me out in a shameless sense, making me a bit worried for their partners reaction, but strangely they did not bat an eye lid.

The night flowed, with raucous laughter, and banter Uşak Escort fuelled by the amount of alcohol that was flowing. Then a silence fell on all and eyes fell on the two hosts as they stood before us holding a jar full of keys. I still did not know what the true connotation of this was, but after one of the ladies that I had been flirting with pinched my bum and whispered in my ear that she hoped she got me, the penny finally dropped for me.

In that moment, I was a bit like a deer in headlights, but I quickly regained composure after two women had reached in the jar, grabbed out a key and ushered their ‘prize’ off. A third woman, then a fourth grabbed a key and left with a man, maybe my key was not in there, and I was going to be spared of the potential awkwardness. Then, a woman I had noticed by how detached she was from the parties festivities reached in the jar and pulled out my key….

She, was a brunette of mid 30’s, dressed to conceal her figure, and with no make up on at all. Approaching her, I offered her my hand as I politely kissed her cheek, and we left the party together. We started talking, and she expressed how torn she was over attending this party, and how it was her first participation in swinging, on the prompting of her husband. I told her that I did not expect anything from her.

On arriving at her home, we had become at ease with each other. She invited me into the kitchen and poured herself a drink and offered me one. After a few drinks, she asked me if I wanted to join her up in the bedroom. I agreed, and on leading me upstairs, she faced Uşak Escort Bayan me, looking in my eyes, there was a moment of hesitation till we kissed very gently, intimately, making all senses awaken. She put on some music as we kissed, and she began gently swaying her thighs near mine. I needed no invitation to dance, and dirty dancing was a forte. Grinding into each other, while kissing and caressing, she let out a joyous moan that encouraged me more.

I stripped her to her bra and panties, when she stopped me, deciding to assume control.

She had taken off my shirt, and seemed so enamoured with my manly chest as I felt her lips and hands all over it. Then I felt her unbuckle my belt and unclip my jeans, pulling them down, loving the sight of how stretched out my boxer shorts were. She fell to her knees and anxiously tugged down my boxers, exposing my thick 8.5 inch shaft, looking up at me and purring ‘delightful’. Teasingly tugging at my cock as she kissed me again, she looked in my eyes, and asked if I wanted to receive the best blow job that I had ever received

Needing no answer, she fell to her knees and started licking all around the head of my cock, making me groan and tingle all at the same time. Licking up and down my shaft, and then looking up at me with a devilish look in her eyes as she took all of me, inch by inch in her mouth, sucking gently, then vigorously. She gripped the head of my cock firmly between her lips, and sucked hard, then teased me by wanking my cock gently for a bit. Reaching underneath my and yanking at my balls, then licking up my Escort Uşak swollen member. I was on the verge of the most intense Climax.

I thought turn about was fair play as I lifted her away from my cock sitting her on the bed. I unclipped her bra uncovering a majestic set of breasts that I had to lavish. Caressing all over them hardening her nipples to the accompaniment of her joyous groans.

It was now my time to kneel before her as I parted her legs slowly, looking up at her smiling as I took down her panties. Revealing her majestic pussy, that was begging for my attention. Gently I kissed the inside of her thighs, teasing her and making every feel linger with her. Her moan filled the room as I ran my tongue inside her, lapping up her sweet nectar and ravenous for her taste as her heavenly scent intoxicated all my being. I sought out her Clitoris with the tip of my tongue, playfully flicking over it as I gently embraced it between my lips. Sucking on it softly, then a little harder as I slide a finger deep inside her slippery love tunnel. She was so on edge, noticing her eyes roll back in her head as I pleasured her. I flicked the tip of my tongue quickly over her Clitoris as I slide a second finger inside her.

At that moment, I felt her start to quake with a Climax that seemed to go on for an eternity, I was in paradise as I anxiously lapped up her cum. Then I felt her grab me, throwing me to the bed.

Kissing me deeply with her taste all over my lips and tongue, she pressed the head of my cock near the entrance of her pussy, enveloping my head inside her, then sliding all of me inside her. Feeling me throb deep inside her, she climaxed once more, losing all control as she rode me fast and hard.

Until she milked all the cum out of me.

Embracing close, kissing, caressing, so aglow with the orgasmic time we had shared…

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