Kevin’s Ups and Downs Pt. 10

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Ever since the afternoon, I had been eagerly awaiting my nighttime with Monique and my Mom. They didn’t rush it, they were determined to make me wait, not rush into it like a bull in a china shop. Monique had told me that waiting for it was something I should learn.

“Kevin, you are going to take Dee’s virginity, and this is something she’ll never forget. You can’t just grab her, say ‘let’s fuck’, and jump on her like a rutting animal. Even after the first time, let her see that you will wait, patiently and without grumbling, and that she will be the one to decide when she is ready. It may not be every time you are together, but when it is, it will be all the more rewarding, the times when you are buried deep between her thighs. And, she will notice that you are not pushing her, and she will appreciate what a fine man you are.”

The clock started to chime softly, and my Mom and Monique looked at each other, then looked over at me, smiling.

“Ten o’clock, I think it’s time for bed,” Monique said. “Kevin, that means you too, in our bedroom.”

I did not need an engraved invitation, and I followed the sexy bodies. My Mom and Monique had stripped down to just panties a couple of hours ago, their gorgeous breasts had been on display for my eager eyes, mmmm, the building up was keeping my cock seriously interested. The sight of their ass cheeks, Monique’s thong had her cheeks totally bare to my eyes, and my Mom’s tanga style panties left half her ass cheeks naked to my gaze, making my mind whirl. I was eager to kiss those sexy cheeks, then lick at the tight pucker of their assholes.

Into the bedroom, my Mom lit a candle.

“Kevin, on your knees and pull down my panties,” Monique cooed.

I quickly did as requested, and the bare, smooth skin of her pussy greeted my eyes. I saw the twinkling of the jewel-like cap of her clit hood piercing, god that was so fucking sexy. As her panties fell to her knees, I quickly got my face in between her thighs, letting my tongue swipe all over her labial lips. Monique purred, and I ran my tongue over her jewelry, remembering how she had told me how well it stimulated her clit.

She cooed, “Ummm, good man Kevin. I love my piercing, it makes me feel so sexy, the sensation of it rubbing against my clit, oh god, that feels so good. Oh yeah, baby, lick it just like that, ummmm, make me cum!”

I eagerly kept at it, liking and sucking gently, the sounds of pleasure Monique was making were like music to my ears. I could see my Mom, her eyes wide, kneeling next to me. I licked Monique’s tasty pussy wildly, she started to grunt and rotate her hips, pushing her hot, wet cleft tightly against my face.

“Yes, oh yes, Kev, there, oh yes right there, lick me, make me cum!”

I slid a finger up her, and worked over her G spot, until she howled with pleasure, her orgasm crashing into her. Her pussy squirted wildly, gushing her juices, cumming all over my face, her cries of pleasure made my cock ache. When I pulled my face back, Mom grabbed my head and planted her lips on mine. Her tongue raced out, into my mouth, and we were sharing Monique’s essence, our tongues twining together.

“Umm, so sexy to see Mother and son together.”

Mom pulled her lips away, and Monique and she shared the same tongue-filled swirls of passion. Watching them together was like seeing a fine work of art.

“Lissie, on the bed, hands, and knees, Kev, lick the tight pucker of Lissie’s rosebud.”

I watched with wonder as my Mom took the position, and Monique cupped my Mom’s ass Bostancı Escort cheeks, grinned at me, and pulled them apart gently. The tight pink pucker of my Mom’s ass hole, oh man, and I was going to lick her right there. I nuzzled my face in between the spread, planting kisses up and down the tight rim, my Mom’s coos of pleasure urged me on. She let out a gasp as my tongue slid out, and I started to lick at the tight pink pucker, the tip of my tongue teasing along the tight rim, feeling it twitch with excitement. Oh god, my cock felt as hard as iron.

“Yes, oh god, feels so fucking good, lick my ass baby, you’re making Mommy feel so good!”

That spurred me on, and I licked wildly at her sweet hole, letting the tip of my tongue probe in, feeling the extra tight grip against my probing tongue. This was crazily exciting, I was looking forward to licking at the tight rose-shaped pucker of Dee’s ass hole.

My Mom gasped, “Oh god, I need to be fucked, I’m burning up!”

Monique cooed, “Oh yeah, Lissie, let’s stack ourselves, and Kev can fuck us both!”

Mom flipped over, and Lissie lowered herself on top, belly to belly, breasts smooshed together, the dichotomy of their bodies together in that clinch making my cock throb. I watched their legs becoming intertwined, then spreading apart. Oh fuck, their pink holes were one on top of the other, all wet and slick, eager for me.

My Mom cooed, “Come on baby, we’re all ready for you. Who do you want first? Do you want to fuck Mommy’s pussy first? Or do you want to fuck Moni’s sweet hole first?”

I got between the spread, lowered myself, and with a loud grunt, I buried myself into my Mom’s tight heat.

I bottomed out, and my Mom purred, “Mmmmm oh yes, so good, my boy fucks so good, fuck me, baby.”

I drew back and drove in again, listening to my Mom cooing with pleasure as I started to pump, oh god, I was fucking my very own Mom, the word INCEST was in great big letters in my mind, it just made it more erotic. Riding deep inside my Mom’s wet, hot velvet, I realized how desirable she was, how good it felt to fuck her. My Dad had been a lucky man, having Mom’s hot, eager pussy to take his cock. I could feel my cock start the build-up.

Monique purred, “Don’t forget me Kev.”

I pulled out, my cock slick with Mom’s juices, and slid into Monique, letting out a growl as I felt the heat clamp around my cock.

Monique cooed, “Mmmm, so hard, such a beautiful cock, fuck me Kev.”

I happily fucked Monique, driving into the hot, steamy depths right to the balls. When I felt my cock getting ready, I pulled out and slid back into my Mom. I realized that this was a great way to learn how to delay orgasm, and I switched back and forth, keeping my climax at bay.

I was riding Monique when my Mom cooed, “You must be very close, let it go, baby, flood one of us, I won’t be jealous if you want to unload in Moni’s sweet pussy, I’ll just suck your load right out of her!”

I was on the verge, and I felt one of my Mom’s hands reach down, cup my balls, and start a gentle squeezing. My cum bolted up my shaft, and with a loud growl, I buried myself, erupting deep inside Monique.

Monique cooed, “Yes, Kev, fill me, mmmmm, your cum feels so warm inside me, give me every drop, so Lissie can get a tasty treat!”

That kept me going, my cock pulsing in repeated throbs, spewing every drop deep inside Monique. When I pulled out, I watched Monique quickly pull herself up, squatting over my Mom’s face. I watched as Mom opened her Ümraniye Escort mouth, ready to catch any drips that might spill as Monique lowered herself, then let out a low growl of pleasure as Monique settled herself down on my Mom’s mouth. I could see her throat muscles working, oh fuck, my Mom was eagerly sucking my load of cum out of Monique’s pussy, and swallowing every drop.

My Mom’s legs were spread, her lips slick with her juices, and I eagerly took the position, and heard her gasp as she felt my head between her legs, my tongue start swabbing at her pink lips.

Mom stopped licking Monique just long enough to purr, “Oh yes, baby, lick Mommy’s pussy, mmmmm, that feels so good, make me cum baby!”

Mom went back to licking at Monique, eager to suck out every drop, while I worked over the wet slickness of my Mom’s pussy, I let my tongue slide in, then out, along the lips, then in again. I started to swab my tongue over her clit hood jewelry, and her body was virtually vibrating as I licked her right there, over and over.

With Mom wildly licking at Monique, eager to bring her lover to orgasm, it took less than a minute before Monique let out squeals of pleasure, and rewarded my Mom with a gushing release, cumming all over her face as she let her girl cum go. My Mom’s body started to shake, and she let out muffled howls of pleasure as her pussy rewarded me with a rich flow of her orgasmic juices, cumming all over my face. I saw Monique kneeling next to me.

I lifted my head, she smiled, and cooed, “My turn.”

I moved away, and let Monique get a taste of Mom’s sweet wet treat. She buried her head right between Mom’s thighs, and eagerly licked at the hot, dewy flow, my Mom’s purrs of pleasure urging her on. My cock was coming back, and I slid down and pulled Monique’s cheeks apart. Mmmm, the rich caramel color of her skin, with the darkly pink pucker of her ass hole, I wanted that, and I nuzzled my face in between the spread, and started to kiss, then lick Monique right there, letting my tongue lave hotly at the puckered, sensitive opening.

Monique stopped just long enough to growl, “Oh yes, fuck that feels beyond good, lick my tight ass hole, I love it!” then buried her face back between the wet, soupy folds of my Mom’s pussy.

I eagerly licked away, letting my tongue probe, feeling the tight clench as I teased at her ass. My hand slid down, and I cupped her sex, and let my fingers tease and stroke at her tight pink lips.

Monique stopped just long enough to coo, “Kev, go over to your Mom’s dresser, pull open the top drawer, and get the anal beads. They look like beads attached by a plastic string, then bring them over here, and from the name, I think you know what to do with them. Then play with my pussy, I’ll tell you when I’m ready to explode, then pull them out, 1 by 1, as I start to cum.”

I heard my Mom let out a shriek as she hit her orgasm, I looked to see my Mom’s body shaking, Monique’s head buried between the soupy folds, eagerly licking at the gushing juices, eager to lick out every last spasm.

I quickly went over to the drawer and got the beads. I looked at them in amazement, it was about a foot long, light blue, with 10 beads attached by a thin plastic tube, the beads starting out small, then widening up to the last one, with a small ring attached to the top.

The idea that I was going to push these up Monique’s ass hole, then pull them out when she hit orgasm, made my cock quickly grow back, oh god this was so kinky and so damn hot. Kartal Escort I ran some lube up and down the length, then nudging them against the tight pucker, I pushed. I watched the first, smallest bead pop inside. Monique let out a soft purr, and I pushed the next one in. One by one, they went in, slowly, slowly.

Monique whispered, “Mmmmm, oh yes, fuck that feels so good, every one Kev, I want every bead stuffed up my tight ass.”

With a growl of pleasure, the last, largest bead slid in, and Monique purred, “Now baby, stroke my pussy, play with my cunt, caress my clit jewelry, and when I start to cum, pull the beads out. Slowly, one by one, don’t yank at it like you’re trying to start a lawnmower!”

I positioned myself next to her hips, and leaned down, one hand caressing her sex, the other hand ready to pull out the beads. Her juices were pouring out, covering my fingers as I stroked at her.

I could see her body start to shake, and she growled, “Now Kev, now, pull them out, slowly, oh fuck I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!”

I pulled, gently, and when the first bead popped out, Monique let out a full-throated scream of pleasure, I felt her juices squirt, splattering my hand with more of her wetness, and I worked on pulling them out, slowly, one, and another, and another. Monique’s cries, shrieks, and howls of orgasmic joy filled the bedroom, her body shaking and jerking, until the last bead popped out, then she flopped down, gasping for breath.

My cock was back up to full extension, and my Mom quickly took advantage. Pushing me back, she positioned herself, her hips rolled back a little and I felt the hot, wet seam press against the tip of my cock. With a low moan, my Mom thrust down hard as I arched up, and buried my hardness into her wet, hot pussy in one downward plunge. She let out a gasp of pleasure, mixing with my grunt as I was wrapped in the tight, wet, clutching heat.

Pausing for just a second, she looked down and me and cooed, “Now, my dear son, it’s time to fill Mommy’s tight pussy, mmmmm, so hard, oh yeah, feels so good, baby.”

Monique, sprawled out and watching us, purred, “Oh yes, fuck your Mommy Kev, make sure you gush a nice, juicy load, so I can suck it all out.”

Oh yeah, it felt so good, watching Mom’s luscious body rising and falling as she pumped her hips up and down, riding my cock, her warm wet muscles milking me as she drove down on my cock.

“Mmmm, oh baby you have such a nice hard cock, you’re making Mommy’s pussy feel so good.”

We were moving together, and each downward thrust of her hips took me in right to the balls. Each deep, intense thrust made my cock throb, her cries, and moans of passion were like music to my ears. I felt the muscles of her pussy gripping my shaft tightly, sucking eagerly at me. I could see my Mom’s body tremble as she rode me, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on me again and again. She tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. My cock was being milked like never before, and I felt my balls throbbing, ready to blow.

My Mom cried out, “Oh fuck, yeah, fuck, gonna cum, oh fuck yeah, I’m cumming, oh my god!”

As she shuddered in climax above me, I felt the cum streak up my shaft, and with a wild groan of pure pleasure, I erupted, pumping a volley of hot cum deep inside the eager tight clamp of my Mom’s pussy. Her spasming tightness milked my throbbing cock greedily, draining my balls deep into her inner depths.

When I pulled out, Monique, as promised, her eyes glowing with heat was there to suck my load out of my Mom’s juicy, just fucked pussy. When every drop was licked up, I was cuddled on both sides, the warm, naked bodies of my Mom and my Mom’s best friend pressed against me. Ummm, this was a great way to fall asleep, and I was out like a light.

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