Kerri’s Seduction Ch. 01

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Donna spent the afternoon anticipating her visit to Kerri’s place. This weekend Donna had to herself, as the kids were with their father. She showered and dressed in a provocative outfit. She wore a lace trimmed green bra, matching almost see-through lace panties, a sheer white blouse, and a short pleated forest green skirt. Her thoughts drifted off to a fantasy Kerri’s legs spread; fur framed slit splayed exposing her inner lips swollen showing her inner opening glistening with moisture.

Donna had played with herself multiple times fantasizing about watching Kerri masturbate and possibly masturbating with her. Donna’s mind raced with fear that Kerri would somehow sense her attraction to her. Hoping that if she came before she went to Kerri’s house she would get her raging hormones under control. Donna was having some very conflicting thoughts; she couldn’t believe that she was so turned on thinking about another woman playing with herself, let alone her friend of all people. “It’s not like I’m attracted to her. It’s just the thoughts that Kim might be masturbating at any particular time started her own arousal.” She thought to herself.

Walking purposefully back to her bedroom she automatically closed and locked the door, pulled the chair over in front of the floor length mirror, leaned over and pulled her panties down around her ankles and stepped out of them leaving them on the floor. She stood in front of the mirror admiring her curves and raised her skirt exposing her furry mound to the mirror. Turning slightly she unhooked and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. As she stepped out of the crumpled circle of her skirt she slid it to the side with her foot.

Swiveling her hips from side to side, she admired how her triangular patch of light brown hair accentuated her mound. Sliding her fingers down her still covered breasts she felt her nipples beginning to strain against the fabric of her bra. Donna’s hands drifted down her partially clothed body, the fingers of her left hand flowed through the triangular patch of hair covering her mound. Her right index finger traced up and down her slit, rubbing her labia which protruded from her folds, pausing for an instant to dip into the moistness, to lubricate her clit. Inserting her finger in the top of her slit, she began circling her clit slowly, as her labia began to swell and protrude even further as her pulse quickened.

Donna paused, unbuttoned her blouse, and unhooked her bra to free her tits from their lace confines. She gazed down to view her stiff pink nipples standing proudly. She turned her back to the mirror, bent down letting her tits sway in the breeze, as she surveyed her ass, and the way her cunt looked from behind. Spreading her legs a bit to get a better view of her vaginal folds, she watch as she again inserted a finger into her now fully slick slit, her folds no longer able to contain the swelling of her pussy, exposed her labia to her gaze. Her bright pink clit now protruded slightly past its protective hood.

Wanting to experience the eroticism of watching a woman play with herself and orgasm, she turned around and sat in the chair facing the mirror. She surveyed her fully naked body as she hung one leg over the arm of the chair to fully expose her sex to the mirror. Kim’s pulse quickened as her hormones took over and she began to strum her clit, making sure to dip her fingers into her slick slit to keep them lubricated. Her hips shook and her entire body quivered as she stared at her pussy in the mirror. A thick gob of white cream appeared at her entrance and dribbled down toward her asshole. Quickly she lowered her finger down to capture the slickness and spread it up to her still quivering clit.

Relaxing in the chair she reached over to the dresser to get some tissues to clean her ass and pussy, not wanting to stain the chair. Kim had just finished cleaning up when the telephone rang. It was Donna.

Kerri:”Hey, I’m sorry about this but we can’t have movie night here tonight, my electricity is out and it isn’t supposed to be back on until Saturday afternoon.”

Donna:”Well, that sucks. I was looking forward to a relaxing girl’s night watching movies.” She replied with disappointment in her voice.

Kerri:”Me too, I’ve been looking forward to it all week.” She replied, relieved that she could stay home and get off tonight. It had been too long since she had cum.

Donna:”Hey, why don’t you come over here, I have some good movies, or you could bring yours over with you. Besides, it’s so hot, I have electricity and air-conditioning.”

Kerri:”Sure, that sounds like a great idea. What time would you like me to come over?”

Donna:”Well, since you don’t have electricity, why don’t you come over now?”

Kerri:”Give me about an hour. I need to get ready.”

Donna:”What do you need to get ready? I mean, you can’t really do a whole lot without electricity. Why don’t you pack an overnight bag, so you can shower and everything after you’re here?”

Kerri:”Thanks, bursa escort that’s really nice of you. I would feel much better with a shower. You know, more human.” She giggled.

Donna:”You can bring over whatever movies you wanted to see and we can watch them here, or we can watch something on regular television or cable.” She offered.

Kerri:”Cool, I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Donna rushed to the bathroom, still fully nude, jumped in the shower and quickly washed her body, to remove any evidence of her self-pleasuring. She quickly dried off and walked back to her room with a towel wrapped around her body. As soon as she entered her room the scent of her masturbation session was quite evident. She lit a candle to cover the lingering aroma of her pussy. Surveying the clothes she had worn, she realized that she couldn’t wear the panties. The traces of her partially dried lubrication coated the lower crotch.

Opening the drawer she selected a nice black lace bra with matching panties. The panties were sheer, something she sometimes wore to be a little “naughty” with herself. Donning the same blouse and skirt she had worn earlier, Donna went to the kitchen. Now fully dressed again, and presentable she began to make a pitcher of margaritas for she and Kim to drink while they watched, critiqued, and commented on the movies tonight.

Kerri arrived shortly after Donna had finished making the margaritas. Donna noticed that Kerri looked worn out.

Donna:”I’m so glad you came.”

Kerri:”Thanks so much for inviting me over. I mean the movie thing I could have done without, but a nice shower and air-conditioning, that, I would miss tremendously.”

Donna:”Just put your stuff in my bedroom, and grab a shower if you like. I’ll start dinner.”

Kerri:”Oh, that sounds wonderful. I really do need to shower; it just makes me feel so much better after a long day, especially on Fridays.”

With that Kerri strode down the hall, dropped her clothes off in Donna’s bedroom, keeping a clean pair of panties, a bra, and a light robe to wear after her shower. Kerri walked to the bathroom, closed the door, and stripped quickly, not really comfortable showering in a somewhat unfamiliar place. Turning the faucet on and getting the water to the perfect temperature she closed the sliding door on the shower as she stepped under the spray of water. The shower felt so good as she washed her body and rinsed off. Knowing that she probably wouldn’t have another chance to get off, she removed the shower head from its cradle and began let the pulsing water do its magic on her hungry slit. Putting one leg up on the ledge of the tub, spreading her pussy to get the pulsations anywhere on her pussy she wanted them she squeezed her left nipple and finally she got her much needed release. She could feel the walls of her cunt contracting and releasing as her legs quivered as she struggled to stay upright. She washed her swollen pussy gently, turned the water off and got out of the shower to dry off. She donned her matching blue bra, panties, and her robe and left the bathroom. As she exited the bathroom the aroma of dinner assailed her nostrils.

Kerri:”Wow, something smells really good.”

Donna:”It’s just a pizza, but we have chips and margaritas to go with it.” She laughed. “By the way, Jen and Laura are going to come over for movie night too, I hope you don’t mind.

Kerri:”Wonderful, the more the merrier.”

Donna:”I was hoping you wouldn’t mind.”

Kerri:”No, I don’t mind at all.” She replied smiling.

Jen and Laura arrived within about ten minutes. The four women sat in the living room eating pizza, talking, and sipping their drinks. Kerri’s eyes wandered around the room, but kept roving back to Jen’s breasts, braless in a black lace camisole, an unbuttoned, blue button down shirt covering her full bouncing tits once in a while, her nipples almost visible through the thin fabric. Laura’s figure prominently displayed in a skin tight t-shirt and low riding tight jeans. Then there was their host, Donna, dressed in a short skirt and a loose fitting white blouse.

After finishing their pizza, they took a vote on which movie to watch first. They finally decided on a horror flick, as none of them were in the mood to watch a chick flick. Oddly the film had some oddly erotic moments and a fair amount of nudity in it. The ladies commented on possible silicone implants or only very young breasts being able to maintain that kind of firmness. To which

Jen:”See no silicone here.” She laughed as she opened her blue shirt, put a hand under each camisole covered breast and shook them.

Laura:”You can tell these are all natural.” As she gripped her 34C breasts and squeezed them.

Donna:”These are too small to be silicone.” She giggled.

Kerri:”You can tell I haven’t had any surgery.” As she momentarily opened her robe and leaned over allowing her tits to almost fall out of her bra.

Jen:”You know what? I am in a mood. bursa escort bayan Why don’t we watch a hot movie? You know; something with some male nudity in it?”

Donna:”Cause the only thing with any real male nudity is porn, and I’m really not in…”

Laura:”Interested?” She chuckled as she finished Donna’s sentence.

Donna:”You know better than that. I was going to say, “I’m not in the mood for hard core porn. That’s all.”

Jen:”Come on, I know Donna has some porn. Probably more than she will admit to.”

Donna:”Yeah, I have porn. What’s the big deal? Doesn’t everybody?”

The remaining three agreed, that yes they all had some sort of porn, whether it was magazines, movies, computer videos, or saved websites that they used.

Jen:”So, Donna, what do you have to watch that would be good?” She asked, probing for more information than just an admission that she had porn.

Donna:”I have a bunch of different types. You know, from soft core to kinky hard core stuff. I have a list if you want to pick one out.” She offered.

Jen:”Give me the list, I’ll look it over and see if anything looks interesting.” She offered.

Donna:”Let me go get it.” She replied as she left the room, went to her bedroom, retrieved the list, and handed it to Jen, not thinking that the list was complete, with some things she hoped no one would ever know she watched.

Laura:”Come on; let each of us have a page so we can pick something a bit quicker.”

Each of the three visitors had a page from Donna’s porn list. There were some remarks about some of the titles.

Laura:”So, what is ‘Slit Licker’?”

Jen:”And, ‘Vibrator Vixens’?”

Laura:”How about ‘Face Sitter’ should be a lot of visible dick in that one?” She asked.

Jen:”Sounds like a winner. How many of us don’t like to be eaten?”

Kerri:”That does sound good. Why don’t you get that one out for us Donna?”

Donna trod back to her bedroom where she hid her stash of porn, quickly grabbed the movie and re-entered the living room. She inserted the DVD in the player and started the movie, hoping that everyone would get tired of it before it was over. She knew that there were a couple of scenes that she would be uncomfortable watching with her three friends. The first three scenes played, showing the ladies what they had been discussing, multiple hard cocks, cum spurting, and women riding their men’s faces. Then the female-female scene came on. Donna blushed hoping no one would notice.

Jen:”Oh my God…Dykes.”

Laura:”Come on; tell me you haven’t thought about a woman eating you. Or, maybe you have tried it.” She teased.

Kerri:”Yeah, I remember some of the things you told us about your college days.”

Jen:”But that was a long time ago, and I’m not a lesbian.”

Donna:”None of us are…as far as I know. Relax, I was just saying that maybe, just maybe, you enjoyed having a woman going down on you. That’s all.”

Laura:”Yeah, come on. I think all of us have experimented a bit sexually. That doesn’t make any of us gay.”

Donna:”Come on ladies, let’s enjoy the show.” She interrupted the conversation, shifting her hips, trying to get comfortable. She could feel the stirring between her legs and wanted to shift to ease the pressure on her clitoral area unsuccessfully.

Laura:”You’re right, let’s enjoy.” She stated as she leaned forward her nipples poking out forming little bumps even through her bra and t-shirt.

Donna again surveyed the women, and every one of them showed signs of sexual excitement, from heavy breathing to stiff nipples. Both Kerri and Jen were bouncing their legs as if nervous. All the women were relieved when the movie was over. Laura and Jen announced that they had to get going because their shared babysitter had to be home by midnight.

With Laura and Jen gone, Donna and Kerri were left with a fairly quiet atmosphere.

Donna:”Well, you think Jen got a little defensive about her college days?”

Kerri:”She sure did. That’s probably because she did a lot more than she wanted everyone to know.”

Donna:”What do you mean? If you know something, you have to tell me.” She begged.

Kerri:”Well, she told me about catching her roommate Mary fingering herself and staying quiet and out of sight while she played with her pussy. She even told me that she played with herself while she watched Mary.”

Donna:”Oh my God. I would never have guessed. Is that as far as it went?”

Kerri:”You have to promise never to tell anyone, especially Jen.”

Donna:”I promise.”

Kerri:”Well, Jen told me that she and Mary used to finger each other quite often. She did tell me that they went down on each other, but didn’t go into much detail.”

Donna:”I wonder if she still thinks about it. Maybe that’s why she was so defensive.”

Kerri:”It might be.” She answered.

Donna:”It’s almost two in the morning. I’m whipped. I’m going to bed. You can stay up if you like or whatever.”

Kerri:”I’m escort bursa exhausted too. Sleep sounds so good right now.”

The friends retired to the bedroom. Neither one wanting to admit to the other just how turned on they had become after watching the movie, and the interspersed sexual comments along with the conversation that Donna and Kerri had about Jen’s college days.

Donna was first to begin to get ready for bed, she deftly unzipped her skirt, put it in the hamper, unbuttoned and removed her blouse and placed that in the hamper also. After which she removed her bra, walked over to the dresser opened the second drawer down, allowing her breasts to sway a bit as she to remove a thin loose fitting white button shirt. As soon as Donna finished her little show Kim slid untied her robe, slid it off, unhooked her bra, letting her 38D tits free to sag a bit as she lay on the bed clad in only her sheer panties, with her legs spread slightly. Kerri covered herself with the sheet as Donna got into the bed on the right hand side.

Kerri lay there restless, laying perfectly still, hoping that Donna would think that she was asleep and not talk anymore. It seemed that the main topic of the night had been masturbation, face sitting, female-female face sitting, friends masturbating each other, and just sex in general. It was simply too much to wrap her mind around all at once. The topics just seemed to increase her sexual frustration, and she didn’t dare try and get off in the same bed that Donna was sleeping in. Thankfully Kim thought Donna thought she was asleep.

Donna:”Kerri?” She whispered.

Donna:”Kerri, are you awake?” She repeated a bit louder.

Kerri lay there breathing as steadily as she could, hoping Donna would just give up and go to sleep too. Kerri knew if she could manage to get to sleep, that tomorrow she would be able to go home to her own room, shower and toys, and please herself any way she desired to. She couldn’t believe how hot it seemed between her legs, even when they were spread a bit. Fearful that if she moved at all Donna would again try and engage her in some sort of lascivious conversation, which would only serve to titillate Kim even more.

Donna tried to talk to Kerri; mostly to be sure Kerri was asleep. Miraculously, Kerri seemed to be asleep. Assuring herself that Kerri was surely asleep by now, as Kerri didn’t answer her, Donna slyly slid her right hand down under the sheet and into her panties, caressing herself. Careful not to move enough to wake Kerri Donna began gently, but urgently stroking her slit. Her pussy seemed to be so hot and in need of attention tonight, even though she had gotten off earlier that afternoon. As her hormones began to take over Donna became more vocal and brazen about her finger’s activities.

Kerri felt the slight movement to her right, and opened her eyes ever so slightly to see Donnas’ hand moving rhythmically under the sheet. Kerri knew exactly what Donna was doing and ached in so many ways to join her. But, Kerri didn’t really know if the two of them would be comfortable masturbating together. Kerri was wondering why the fact that Donna was masturbating next to her was making her so wet. Even though she thoroughly enjoyed, every part of tonight’s movies, conversation and activities, she simply couldn’t let her pussy run her life. Kerri was convinced that her wetness was simply related to not having a chance to get off before she came over to Donnas’ place. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t stop focusing on the movement in the bed next to her and the wetness she felt pooling at the base of her slit. She felt Donna raise her hips and wriggle out of her panties.

Donna took her panties off and pulled the sheet off her body, pulling her legs up to gain free access to her quivering snatch. She was so close, her index finger danced around and on her erect clit expertly, her muscles began tightening, and she shuddered as waves of pleasure flowed through her body. Donna bit her lip to stifle the moans of pleasure and relief she so wanted to let out. It was taking all her energy to try and stay still and breath slower so as not to wake Kim from her sleep.

It took every bit of self-denial and control for Kerri to just lay and witness her friend masturbating to orgasm next to her. Every fiber of Kerri’s being was screaming for sexual release, but she denied herself the pleasure. She just didn’t want Donna to see her playing with herself. Kerri was glad Donna finished fairly quickly, her musk filled the air, and Kim’s clit was peeking out of its hood demanding attention. Kerri knew that if Donna hadn’t finished when she did, she wouldn’t have been able to control her carnal urges to finger fuck herself. As it was Kerri had managed to caress her clit a little, promising herself a wonderful time tomorrow when she got back to her own home and toys.

Both Kerri and Donna slept well that night. Although Kerri had a more difficult time getting to sleep, she managed to get a decent nights rest. They awoke as the sun shone through the window to Donna uncovered, nude from the t-shirt down, her neatly trimmed pubic patch proudly displayed. Kerri on the other hand awoke with her hand, wet, and in her panties.

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