Kendra , Sam Set Boundaries Pt. 08

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(Note to Readers: This nine-part story follows a young, straight, American couple from dating to marriage and parenthood, and from exclusive sex to separate side action, swinging, and group sex. All characters involved in sex acts are at least 18 years old, and all appearances of, and references to, children, are not sexual in any way. The sex includes same-sex kissing and touching, and interracial. To make sense of the story, you should read Parts 1 through 7 first. Click on my author name above, or the stories link, to find them.)


May 2018:

The playdates were pretty awkward, but Kendra and Joan persisted in them. These kids were, as their mothers saw it, doomed to grow up together. A three-year-old boy (chasing after an aging cat), and girls nine and three months (who could be marooned in a playpen and portable crib), were unlikely to bond much. But both women needed face-to-face conversation with an adult, and a second human to help with the wrangling of their next generation. So went their Sunday afternoons.

Kendra got to a recreational topic. “Last night was your return to Neptune?”

Joan nodded as she sipped herb tea. “I kept a halter on all night. That part of me usually isn’t in demand anyway.”

Joan had, in fact, blossomed through breastfeeding, but not to the extent of what Kendra had normally, and now Kendra had expanded also. Best friends for most of their adult lives, they had moved past sensitivity over their body differences, mainly because Joan had found her soulmate in Stu, and had found extra pleasure by following her bestie into swinging and group sex.

Kendra said, “I’ve seen some chat the past few months that’s been, ahh, intriguing. More new people last night?”

“Shaina and Russ. You might know about their admission process, and the new room. Vince and Audrey were very supportive, although in crosstalk there’s some defensiveness. I think the club’s greatest value is that it’s a safe haven, and it shouldn’t be only for conventional couples.”

“They’re both bi, and they married so they could be beards, right?” Kendra said, paraphrasing from what the new people had stated openly within the club’s secure channel. “And one of the spare bedrooms is now specifically for gay men?”

“Yes, but last night there was more drama,” said Joan, providing relevant information with no desire to gossip. “Russ and Shaina, in the Couple Doubler, asked if their partners were interested in same-sex touching. Some were willing, but those who weren’t complained. Also, one of the younger gay male couples asked to pole- and lap-dance in Club Ecstasy. More complaints, and Vince said no, I think because he wasn’t expecting the request.”

“I haven’t logged in today,” Kendra said, and then spent a few minutes saying no to a fussy Jeremy, giving an example of why she hadn’t had time for such things.

“Can you put it up there?” Joan asked, pointing at the living room flatscreen. She then got up to check Marlys’ diaper.

Kendra made sure she could hear Jeremy as he stomped off into the distance. The family had been in the new house just over a year, with the move timed to the start of her pregnancy. The place was a 2000-vintage five-bedroom of the kind sneered at as a ‘McMansion,’ but for this family it worked extremely well. It ensured plenty of space for two kids, and the recent build carried the kind of amenities (including large showers and jet-equipped tubs) that made most renovations unnecessary. The house was available well below its original price, having been a white elephant on the books of a bank after a foreclosure in 2009.

Kendra used three different remotes to bring up the secure website of the Greater Neptune Pasta e Fagiola Gulping and Behind-the-Back Juggling Society. The thread of comments from the previous night’s orgy was unusually long.

It seemed bizarre, in this community that flouted society’s sexual norms, to see so many people have so much trouble with other kinds of flouting. The comments on the orgy branched to a discussion on whether the organization should make an effort to welcome people who were on the sexual margins, in ways that the bonded couples were not.

Recently the lexicon of sexuality had taken in terms like ‘cis’ (for that which wasn’t ‘trans’), ‘self-identified,’ ‘non-binary,’ and ‘assigned at birth.’ Even Myrna, who was the most friendly to and conscious of diversity in the club, struggled to understand desires that were outside her experience.

Stephanie wrote that Greater Neptune could welcome people who sought to learn about themselves, and find their happiness, without them risking life and limb. She hoped the club could provide that venue, without interfering with what existing members pursued. She drew a line in the sand, however, on one of the emerging issues in society that didn’t affect sex in the club. “This is just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth. If you change your body and chemicals as an adult, and that makes your life better, then escort izmir fine, enjoy what you are now. But if you didn’t go through adolescence menstruating, and dealing with a narrow range of opportunities and expectations, I believe that you’re not a woman, and you shouldn’t demand that society treat you as one.”

Neal, an English teacher in real life, had his own axe to grind. “‘They’ and ‘them’ aren’t singular! Using them that way creates confusion. I’m all in favor of adding genderless-but-human singular pronouns to the language (so we can avoid the insult of ‘it’), we just have to agree on what they are. English is a living language. Reasonable changes can be made. The non-gendered form of ‘he’ and ‘she’ could be ‘e.'” From that point, his comment was redacted by Vince, who recognized Neal’s lecture mode, and asked anyone interested in this to contact Neal separately.

There were also comments to the effect that the club should remain (or revert to) a place for an M-F couple to meet like-minded and -bodied couples, to get kinks out of their system so they could tranquilize their normal lives. There were even some comments that Audrey or Vince had redacted entirely. Kendra was bummed that the consensus tolerance of many club members seemed to shrink when people seeking that tolerance showed up at the orgy.

Farther along in the thread, Kendra and Joan read that Vince had set a policy for the next orgy, of pole- and lap-dance times to be reserved by the day before, with the schedule to be posted at the door. This settled the dispute but didn’t end the grumbling of straight men who wanted Club Ecstasy to have only women as performers. On other points that may have been below the surface, Audrey and Vince declared that from now on, pegging would only take place either in Self-Restraint or behind a ‘privacy’ shield in The Toy Chest, and that the policy all along for The Hideaway was that any pair of people (including gay men) could disport in a curtained booth.

“In spite of all this,” Kendra asked Joan, “Did you have a good time?”

Joan smiled. “We did. Our fun was still available. With Marisol and Frank, and Ravi and Kim. And, once we all got past some awkwardness, Shaina and Russ.”

“Good for you. And Stu.” Kendra’s smile got a bit naughtier. “How did it all feel?”

“Niiice. Libido’s back. And Stu says I’m getting some of your Mom power. You?”

“It’s a work in progress. I think it’s going like it did before.”

“Just about everybody said to say hello, and how much they miss you, even if you know that their motives are ulterior.”

Kendra looked at the playpen and asked, “Are you one and done?”

“I think so. Stu’s had plenty of trouble adjusting, and I’m eager to get back to full-time practice. I won’t rule it out, but…” Joan shrugged. “Meanwhile, you’ve become an efficient human production system. Still shutting down?”

“It does seem to be a waste to quit now,” said Kendra, picking up Lori for a diaper change. “My first labor was twenty-two hours. The second was forty-nine minutes. But I think I’ve brought enough new people into the world. I’m actually excited about the next phase, guiding them to adulthood.”

Then all three kids became different kinds of needy. Kendra was glad that Sam was doing the grocery shopping and other errands (as Stu was doing for the other household), but really wanted him to finish and get home. She knew this was probably the most demanding phase of their parenting, and tried to stay strong through it. Greater Neptune was dealing with unexpected issues, and some participants might quit because of them. Still, thanks to Vince and Audrey and their house, the club would be there once Lorraine weaned herself. This gave Kendra a light to imagine in the tunnel.


July 2018:

“Yaaaayyyy!” yelled Jeremy, chasing the frisbee. Low sun lit enough of the playground that Sam could keep this up another ten, fifteen minutes.

“It’s going left!” he called to his son as the disc hit its max height. So far, Jeremy wasn’t upset when the frisbee changed direction, the way a ball didn’t. He thought it was hilarious.

Jeremy’s catches were occasional (and loudly praised), and his returns wobbly, but gaining more distance as his arms lengthened. Once in a while Sam could show off a behind-the-back catch from his attempts at Ultimate in his mid-teens. That was more likely when Kendra was there to do the tossing, but this was a male-bonding and mother-relieving event. Sam chose to forgo the leaping-spinning-twisting stuff from Ultimate, in the interest of not breaking a leg while being responsible for a small child, three blocks from home.

This was the third week in a row he had done this every weeknight. In order to get home in time to watch both kids while Kendra went rollerblading, and then to get Jeremy out to expend excess energy, Sam awakened at solstice-maxed dawn. This got him to the office early enough to oversee actual work on cars, and to wade through the paperwork to make izmir escort bayan his operation a standalone company on automotive automation and electronics.

It was all working. His son may have had more time with his father than he wanted or needed. His wife gained some mental health moments (enough?). Sam got about five hours of sleep a night.

The kids had to grow up eventually.

He knew there was nobody on Earth to whom he could complain about having to skip sex some nights.

Sam shook off a moment of zoning out, in time to see both the frisbee and Jeremy bearing down on him. One hand snagged the former, the other arm scooped up the laughing latter. Slickly done, he knew, and not something required in Ultimate.

On the walk home he texted Kendra that they were on the way.

She sent back four eggplant emojis.

Smirking, he sent, >

She voice-called. “Don’t be silly. All my backdoor men leave by noon. What I stated is what I expect from you tonight. We might have twenty minutes free.”

“Your optimism inspires me,” he said. In that moment, holding his son’s hand and bantering with his wife, his heart swelled, as though everything was as good as it could possibly be. He only hoped he could keep up the pace.


September 2018:

On the ride home from a Wednesday date night, Kendra said, “You’re aware, aren’t you, that we’re getting to be…I’ll say, affluent?”

Sam nodded. “There’s as much in the college funds as there needs to be. The life insurance and health policy are solid. After-tax income is running well ahead of expenses. We can retire more of the principal on the mortgage.” He sent a smirk her way. “You’re welcome.”

“And the conversion of the business is working?”

“It’s mostly paperwork,” he said, not as casually as he hoped. “CyberFix does what the computerized part of West Side Auto did all along.”

“Do you have enough help with the paperwork?”

“The new hires are good,” he said.

She knew he wanted to drop the subject, so she didn’t.

“You think I’m not aware of your stress?”

He said nothing for a while, then tried. “You’re also aware that I’m hands-on. I have to make sure that everything’s right.” Quickly he added, “This is just the shakedown, everything will settle in soon.”

She switched to her seductress voice. “I like it when you’re hands-on.” Down to a whisper: “So does Robin.”

His chuckle didn’t cut the stress he didn’t want to acknowledge. His office time had increased since summer. Jeremy had just started pre-school. This gave Kendra hours to deal with only one child, but while fretting about the other one’s absence. She was also annoyed that she hadn’t regained her former weight and energy level.

Robin hadn’t texted them, and when they got home she confirmed that both kids had bedded down normally. Kendra went to the nursery for Lori’s late feeding.

“Did you have a good time?” Robin asked Sam, looking at him closely.

He gave her what he hoped was a carefree smile. “Sure did. Thanks.”

He could tell by her look that she wasn’t buying it. “As someone who collects sawbucks in her garter,” she said, “I can assure you that money isn’t everything.”

“Sometimes, when you and Kendra gang up on me,” he said, “I like it very much. But only when it’s physical.”

“Kendra’s hell on wheels as a project manager,” said Robin. “It scared me at first, in the travel blog. But she grooves on that, and she’s still her sweet self when she’s goal-oriented.”

Sam recalled this well, notably during Kendra’s time as Bridezilla.

Robin asked, “Has she offered to help?”


“So, Mister CEO, there’s a resource available to you. Using it would be a win-win.”

He got exasperated. “How does this reduce her stress?”

“She wants to do this. I think it’ll motivate her for everything else on her plate.”

“Talk is cheap,” said Kendra, entering the living room. She pulled off the opened nursing bra and wiped down her bosom with a washcloth. “The only language he understands is pussy persuasion.”

“Elsewhere,” he muttered, looking at the stairwell, fearing that Jeremy was eavesdropping.

As they entered the master bedroom, Kendra made a point of not dimming the lights. Sam made a point of kissing every part of her as it was revealed, regardless of its current excess. Robin stripped, without an audience, and waited for an opportunity to get involved. That began as Sam and Kendra snuggled on their backs, and Sam waved her in to join them.

This ganging-up immersed him in pleasure, receiving and giving, seeking and delivering. Through much of the day, he could forget that libido existed. At other times, while together with Kendra and the kids, he yearned to get his wife away from their mundane but necessary tasks, and express his love for her. He did that to some extent on their date, keeping it public-appropriate. Now, sure that he was uniquely lucky, with no connection to being ‘affluent,’ he wanted to do izmir escortlar his utmost for his lovers, yet leave time for all to return to, and endure, their lives’ demands.

“It’s sad,” said Robin, finger-flicking his upright shlong, “that so many men who drive this world’s economy suffer in the bedroom.”

“Yes,” Kendra added, leaning to drool on the knob, “and it’s so distressing to their significant others.”

“Bringing this to full arousal,” said Robin, stroking his equipment with both hands, “may take five whole seconds.”

They spent many more seconds with their mouths on his purpling appendage. Then Kendra continued solo, as Robin moved her breasts to Sam’s face. Kendra brought her vulva there also, putting Sam in a double duty that stressed only his neck. He wrapped his arm around Kendra’s back, aware of what she considered excess softness, and gripped it with gentle firmness as he angled his tongue to get inside her clit hood. His other arm could reach behind Robin only to the far side of a breast, but he squeezed there as provocatively as he could, with his mouth stealing moments on her near nipple.

Kendra aroused more rapidly, as they had intended. She pivoted to mount Sam, his saliva on her vulva meeting hers on his prick. Her loud grunt triggered the reflex of Sam and Robin to look at the monitors in the kids’ rooms. An instant later, Kendra looked also.

Kendra slammed down hard in cowgirl, listening for her belly to slap on Sam’s pelvis. It was one of her motivators. She used it to punish herself, to keep getting into shape. Tonight, she didn’t hear it, and thought it might have been because of the audible breathing of Sam and Robin. But she didn’t feel the slap and wobble either.

She started to lean forward, then couldn’t, because Robin repositioned so Sam could lick her loins. When they were settled, Kendra leaned, and slouched as she slammed, and did hear and feel a slight slap. But she also didn’t get as much from the fuck, and thought she might be hurting Sam, so she returned to the better contact posture. Now she felt the sleekness of the impact, and a smile grew.

Moments later, unable to maintain the distraction, Kendra began zooming, and heard Sam’s gasps from Robin’s groin. Her grip was strong that night, and her walls got slicker as his spasms stretched them. She extended and arched her back, following her orgasm’s edict. She felt, slightly, his gush. An open-mouth grin spread on her face. Sensations and abilities were returning, as they had after Jeremy’s birth. And in addition…

“Damn!” she said with a gasp. “That felt great!”

Sam clamped his hands on her hips, enough to raise a slight flesh wobble. “I love all of this!” he declared, head free of Robin. “I’ll be content if it stays. But I know you’ll be happy if it doesn’t, and I want you happy!”

Her grin persisted. “Smug bastard!” She started to dismount, then stopped, eyes closing. “Oh I want more. My slutitude is back. But now you have to bang the babysitter, so we don’t have to watch that kind of porn.” She lifted free, getting a nice rush from the knob’s departure.

As openly as they shared, there were a few things left unsaid. Kendra thought it was best that way. All three ignored the milk droplets around Sam’s navel. All three knew why Sam so eagerly fondled and sucked Robin’s breasts as she rode him, beyond the fact that it made their lovemaking better. Kendra still waited to make sure they were unaware of her before she got the washcloth to her bosom again. And she kept her face calm as she felt the thrills from even this light blotting.


November 2018:

Sam finished with the three people who had brought urgent crises to his office. The best he could do was kick the various cans down the road, to the satisfaction of nobody. Reflecting that those three should be grateful that he wasn’t the kind of person who shot messengers, Sam texted Kendra: >

It was about 20 minutes later when he heard, “Yes, My Darling?”

“I give up,” he said. “I’ll never be more than a tech nerd. I hate business. Please help.”

She slipped right into work-wonk mode. “You’ll need to tell the department heads that I’m getting involved. I’ll talk to them all individually, to make it clear that I’m only advising you.” What he heard wasn’t just direct and efficient, but upbeat.

“You sure about this?” He wanted so much for it to work, but didn’t want to load her down. In the past several months, she had pointed him in the direction of helpful actions when he groused to her at home about what annoyed him at work.

She breezed into her home office and started her laptop. “This week I’ve been overthinking Jerry’s birthday party. It’ll be refreshing to branch out to something that doesn’t happen in this house.”

“How’s Lori?” he asked, as if this would lead to a deal-breaker.

“Napping. And to answer the next question, the travel blog is losing subscribers, since I can’t venture forth to get first-hand info. I’m going to scale it back to about two hours of work per week. Sorry, your wife is about to become your stealth executive vice president. No salary, but I want lots of CyberFix swag. Especially a knee pad for when I’m under your desk, blowing you.”

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