Kendall Gets a Workout

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Public Sex

Kendall had just broken up with her on again off again boyfriend David and enjoying an early morning workout. David was extremely jealous and hated having her 5″4, 117 lbs, cocoa skin and curly natural hair out of his sight.

It was hard to blame him and even harder to leave him but even still she couldn’t take it any longer. He was a horrible boyfriend but an excellent lover usually pounding her into orgasm 2,3, and even 4 times but after a ridiculous argument about her flirting with a coworker she lost it. She grabbed her gym bag, packed her work clothes and told him she would be moving out after work today.

She always felt free at the gym. She loves sweating on the treadmill and secretly enjoyed the feeling of sore muscles after free weights. She was finishing up a two mile run and enjoying the emptiness of the gym when another woman walked in. She glanced over out of curiosity. The woman was a middle aged white woman maybe 10 years older than Kendall with brunette hair, tan skin, and piercing bright green eyes. They made eye contact and this almost startled Kendall. The strange woman smiled at her and Kendall missed a step on the treadmill and had to catch herself.

The woman giggled a bit and continued to the locker room. Kendall was a bit embarrassed but instantly infatuated. She had been with a woman before her three year relationship with David and she was missing the softness and wetness of a woman. Now that she was free nothing was stopping her from indulging.

When the woman came out of the locker room Kendall watched her for the rest of her visit. The tan woman pretended not to notice but Kendall thought that was unlikely based on their first encounter. There were a couple other people and staff in the gym but it was early so she felt safe to pursue.

The brunette looked into the mirror while doing squats, her tone ass in her yoga pants stretching and relaxing. After the third rep she glanced at Kendall through the mirror and winked.

This set Kendall off. Apparently she liked to be watched and Kendall had no problem watching her big full breasts bounce around the gym sweating. She was getting hornier by the minute but had to be to work soon. She had an idea to speed up the process. She walked to the sauna room taking the long way to make sure she walked by the beautiful older stranger. The older woman looked directly at her and smiled.

Kendall nodded and kept her glance as she headed into the sauna. She sat down and took off her Avcılar Escort shirt and bra. She closed her eyes and let the steam relax her muscles. Her mind felt relaxed and at ease. She was so relaxed she didn’t even hear the other woman come in sit opposite her. She was still rather horny and thought she was alone so she began to rub and massage her bare breasts. Kneading and squeezing them, pinching her nipples. She was imagining the strange brunette putting her hands all over her body.

Kendall remembered her eyes and how she could get lost in those beautiful pools of green. She imagined her kissing her chocolate puffy lips. Sucking in turn her top and then her bottom. Driving her mad with the sensuality only another woman could bring out of her. She pictured her kissing her down her body and right to her hot spot fondling her breast all the while. She loved being kissed outside her panties as if being teased so in her mind she made the stranger kiss her outside her gym shorts for a while.

With her eyes closed and her mind whirling with steamy images of the two together she reached her hand down to rub her swollen clit and was shocked to feel something unfamiliar. She opened her eyes to see the stranger woman was sitting directly in-front of her on her knees stark naked with her hand reaching towards Kendall’s clit.

She had obviously been watching and wanted to join. There were no words said between the two of them. Just the same incredibly intense attraction and pure lust. Kendall jumped on the woman’s lap and began to kiss her hard. The woman was strong and held her close to her naked sweaty body. Their bare breast sliding over one another nipples fully erect. The woman brought her hands to Kendall’s still clothed ass and began to rub and message while licking the sweat off Kendall’s neck. Kendall began to buck her body into the woman’s while scratching up her back.

The woman let out a low and sexy moan in Kendall’s ear. That was the first time she heard the woman say anything and she liked it. Kendall stood up and put her hand on the back of the woman’s head and brought her to her crotch. The woman grabbed Kendall’s ass and buried her face into her dirty gym shorts breathing in all her essence. Kendall rubbed her own sweaty breasts while feeling the woman’s tongue probing her pussy area. Kendall couldn’t believe she was doing this with a complete stranger and as if the woman could read her thoughts she looked up to her and winked. Beylikdüzü Escort

She began to pull Kendall’s shorts down so she could tongue fuck her into orgasm. Kendall helped by stepping out of the shorts and tossing them aside. The woman went right back to work. She moved her tongue in and out of her slit spreading the juice from her pussy hole to her clit and as far back to her asshole as she could reach. Kendall was already dripping wet from sweating and day dreaming about this exact moment. Her pussy was being ravaged and she was moaning and crying in pure ecstasy. The woman had an amazing tongue and really knew how to use it as she pulled Kendall’s clit into her mouth to suck it like a little penis. Kendall had a large sensitive clit especially when she was turned on and loved to have it sucked. She was moaning in pleasure when the woman rammed two fingers right into her pussy hole. She was so wet they slid right in and out. The older woman felt Kendall start to get weak so without taking her fingers out she guided her back to the bench she was sitting on when she walked in.

With Kendall sitting down she could really go to work on her pussy. She wasted no time getting that big juicy clit back into her mouth. She began to slowly fuck her with her two fingers. Kendall grabbed a handful of the thick sexy brunette hair and began to move it up and down like David used to to get the rhythm of the blow job he wanted. The woman picked up on this and obeyed changing her pace to match with Kendall’s.

Kendall felt in control and it really turned her on to see this older white woman being submissive. She kept her hands right in her hair and starting moving her body to meet her mouth and fingers. She felt so incredibly good. She could feel an orgasm building quickly inside her. They continued to move like this in synchronization for a while letting the orgasm build and spread a feeling of light all over her body like a forest fire. Kendall couldn’t take it anymore and moved the woman with her hands in her hair up to her left breast. The woman right on cue knew what she wanted and began to suck and fuck the life out of her.

Kendall was being fucked so hard by this strange woman she couldn’t help but scream. The woman took her free hand and covered her mouth. She was ramming into her now with three fingers. Each thrust getting pussy juice all over their crotches and bench. Kendall didn’t care about anything in this moment. She wrapped her legs Bahçeşehir Escort around the woman’s back and could feel her body and spirit being taken to another plane as this strange woman fucked her into oblivion. She felt her orgasm shake her being like an earthquake. She couldn’t even scream her body was gripped with and intense pleasure her mouth agape behind the strange woman’s hand. Kendall was a squirt-er and her cum flooded the bench and gushed out behind the three fingers still inside her. She couldn’t open her eyes but she felt the woman kissing her all over her heaving sweaty breasts softly and sweetly. She let the last shakes of her orgasm take her body as she went completely limp.

She felt the woman slowly taker her fingers out of her. She opened her eyes and seen her smiling down softly at her. She bent down to kiss her soft brown puffy lips. Kendall could taste herself on the woman. She went to ask her what her name was but the woman put her fingers to her lips as if to hush her. Kendall cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow. The woman kissed her and got up to hurriedly get dressed. Kendall was super confused so she began to quickly put her clothes on too.

Was the woman embarrassed? Was she in the closet? Who was she? Her mind raced as she tried to keep up with the woman. She had just given her one of the best orgasms of her life she was extremely curious to know where she came from. The woman was already dressed and walking towards the door when Kendall was still looking for her shirt. Kendall found her shirt behind the bench, threw it on and ran out the door to find the woman. She wasn’t sure how long they had been in the sauna but there were other people starting to trickle into the gym now. She searched through the crowd and decided to check the locker room.

She didn’t see her there but she did glance at the clock and realized she was already 5 minutes late for work. She unfortunately was going to have to give up her search. She went over to her locker and grabbed her shower stuff. She quickly washed up and dried off thinking of this stranger woman all the while. She wrapped a towel around her and walked back over to her locker to get dressed. She opened it up to grab her gym bag and a note feel out. She opened and read it.

“Nice work out. Same time same place next week, this day”.

Kendall put the note to her nose to see if she could catch the woman’s scent. What a way to start a break up. Kendall slipped the note into her gym bag and got dressed for work. She got in her car and quickly got on the highway. She pulled into the parking lot of her work place and turned the key in the ignition. She let her head hit the seat rest and let out a sigh. She thought to herself.

“Same time same place next week”.

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