Kelly’s Day at Work

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Kelly walked back to the loading dock. She always hated coming back here. The workers back there always made rude comments and even though she had complained to her boss, she had told her to just ignore it.

“Hey Big Tits.”

Kelly cringed. It was Toby the worst of the worst. If she had known he was working she would never have come back to the dock at all. Kelly knew her Tits always attracted lots of looks and jeers, after all 34Fs are hard to miss. But Toby was one of those that thought because she had big tits she had to be some kind of dumb slut.

“Hey Big Tits,” shouted Toby. “Someone fuck you so hard You can’t hear?”

“You are just an asshole,” replied Kelly.

“Wow what wit, does your mother know what a foulmouthed slut you are?”

Kelly pushed past Toby and headed for the freight office. Hopefully if she just ignored him, Toby would just go back to work. The office was a dingy little room all the way in the back of the dock area. One of the rows of florescent lights was going out and it made the area seem all the more inhospitable.

Kelly knocked on the wooden frame of the door and walked in to the small office. Trent was sitting at his desk talking on the phone. He motioned Kelly to take the other seat in the office and gave her a big smile. Kelly pulled the seat forward and brushed off the dust. She knew that moving it forward would give Trent a good view down her blouse as she leaned over. Kelly liked to give the nice guys little perks especially one’s like Trent who actually treated her nice and didn’t always stare at her tits.

“Now Tom I don’t think that’s the case. I personally signed for those parts and put them in your work area,” said Trent flashing Kelly another big smile. “OK I’ll come over and help you find them.”

Trent hung up the phone and stood up. ” What can I do you for beautiful?”

“Sheila sent me back for last month’s shipping records,” said Kelly leaning forward just a little to give Trent an even better view of her 34Fs.

“Oh hell I told that witch I wouldn’t have those reports for her till 4pm,” said Trent. “She never listens to anything I say.”

“Yeah I know what you mean. Do you want me to come back later?” asked Kelly.

“Nah I can get them together in about ten minutes, but first I have to run over to maintenance and help that dumbass find some parts. Can you wait about 20 minutes?”

“Sure Trent I could use a little break,” answered Kelly.

Trent took off at a brisk walk. Kelly settled back in the chair and closed her eyes. A short rest would Beylikdüzü Escort be nice. Sheila had been running her ragged all day.

Kelly had been almost asleep when something brushing against her cheek brought her back to complete wakefulness. It took a moment to register but the big cock was now pushing against her semi -open mouth.

“What the fuck?” screamed Kelly as she pulled away from Toby’s dick.

“You know you want it Big Tits,” Toby crooned.

Kelly was flabbergasted by the suddenness of the whole situation. She was also scared. Toby was much bigger than her and with Trent gone there was nobody in the back of the building at all.

“Trent will be back right away.”

“No he won’t. He’ll be at least 15 minutes finding those parts where I hid them,” laughed Toby. “And face it you don’t want him to get back anytime soon Cockslut.”

“Fuck you!” yelled Kelly. “Put that thing away and get the hell out of here.”

“Take and good look and tell me you really want me to put my cock back in my pants,” said Toby.

Kelly gasped as she did really look. Toby’s cock was still hanging just a foot away from her face. It was fucking huge. By far the biggest cock she had ever seen. Even just partially erect it seemed to dominate her view of the world. He was swinging it slightly back and forth and it was having an almost hypnotic effect on her. She licked her lips and realized that Toby had rubbed some precum on her lips. The taste was unlike any cum she had ever had in her mouth. She found she didn’t hate it which was what had always been the case before. As Kelly was tasting, Toby stepped forward bring his cock back to about an inch away from her mouth. He reached down and started fondling her tits.

“Damn Big Tits, these are even bigger than I thought,” exclaimed Toby as he put his hand down her blouse massaged her tit through her bra.

“My name is not ‘Big Tits’,” breathed Kelly

Toby continued to play with Kelly’s tits. “Open wide Cocksucker,” he ordered.

Kelly’s mouth went slack. Was she really going to let this asshole put his cock in her mouth? Everything was moving so fast. Toby was so confident and his cock was so big. Then it was to late as Toby’s dick slid between her lips. So much cock in her mouth, her jaw felt strained. Kelly slid to her knees to give Toby a better angle to shove more in her mouth.

“MMMM Damn,” moaned Toby. “Fuck I knew you would be a good Cocksucker. Take as much as you can Big Tits.” said Toby as he pushed even more cock Escort Beylikdüzü down the Big Titted secretary’s mouth.

“Get your fucking tits out Bitch!”

Kelly wanted to tell Toby that she wasn’t a bitch, but her mouth was to full of cock to talk. Instead she hurriedly undid her blouse and unclasped her bra. Her huge tits falling out of the cups of her bra with her nipples already hard and erect. Toby grabbed hold of one tit and gave it a firm squeeze. Kelly shifted to give him even better access to her chest. Toby’s cock was getting even bigger in her mouth causing her to begin to drool.

“Jesus Christ what the fuck is going on here?” exclaimed Trent.

Coming back into the office to find Kelly on her knees with Toby’s cock shoved down her throat and her big fucking tits hanging down while being fondled was a huge shock for Trent. He had always fantasized about Kelly’s big tits but had always thought she was to nice a girl to ever be talked into something like this. And after all she was young enough to be his daughter.

“Hey Trent, I’m just using this Big Titted Cocksucker to get my rocks off,” replied Toby as he grabbed the back of Kelly’s head and stopped her from pulling off his cock.

“Damn I didn’t realize she was that kind of slut,” said Trent moving forward to get close enough to grab hold of Kelly’s tits.

“Well this is the first time I’ve used her, but I always knew she would be an easy little slut,” Toby said. “Nice fucking tits aren’t they?”

“Fuck yeah. I never though I’d be lucky enough to get to see more of them than when I got a good view of them down her blouse,” answered Trent. “Don’t suppose you would let me use her mouth when you’re done?”

“How about it Big Tits?” asked Toby. “You don’t have a problem sucking two cocks do you?”

“Hnnnnn Uhnnnnn,” moaned Kelly

“Ah Such a good Cocksucking Slut. Love it when they know that they shouldn’t stop sucking unless they’re given permission.”

Trent took his cock out and began rubbing along the side of Kelly’s face. Both men were manhandling the Slut’s big tits. Kelly was going out of her mind. Toby’s cock was so far down her throat that she was beginning to wonder if it was going to do her permanent harm. And now Trent’s very substantial cock was slapping her cheek. Her pussy was starting to soak her panties and she had to put her hand between her legs and play with it.

“Fuck Big Tits, you really are a Cockslut. Go ahead and give the old man some loving,” said Toby.

Kelly slid Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan Toby’s big cock out of her mouth and gasped for air. Trent gave her almost no respite as he grabbed her head and slammed his hard cock down her throat. Toby moved a little to the side and positioned his cock between her massive tits.

Spitting into Kelly’s cleavage Toby said, “Fuck I’ve always wanted to titfuck this big titted slut. How’s her mouth old man?”

“Fucking fantastic,” moaned Trent. “What do you say we both nut on this slut’s tits and send her back up front with a set of big fucking cummy tits?”

“Sounds greats,” said Toby all the while hammering his cock between Kelly’s tits. “I’m really fucking close, how bout you?”

“Let’s do it.”

Toby pulled his cock out of Kelly’s tits and Trent pulled out of her mouth. Both men were stroking their cocks directly towards her big fucking tits. Kelly was gasping for air still dazed by the onslaught of first one then two cocks. She had never been treated like such a fucking cockwhore and was surprised by how much she liked it. With two fingers up her hole and two cocks about to cum all over her tits, she found she couldn’t be happier. First Toby then Trent began to cum and she found herself covered in thick cum. Most was all over her tits but some had hit her in the face just below her right eye. She quickly scooped it off her face and into her mouth. The flavor was indescribable. Smiling, she started to scoop more off her big tits.

“Stop it Big Tits.” ordered Toby. “Leave it all over your tits and quick put your bra back on. We want you to remember you are nothing but a big titted cumslut.”

Kelly did as she was told and quickly covered up her cummy tits. She put her blouse back on and saw that Toby had left and Trent had his cock back in his pants and was grabbing some papers. The cum on her tits felt hot and sticky, and she knew she was going to have to go hide in the restroom and masturbate herself to the orgasm she was so close to.

“Here you go Slut.”

“What?” said Kelly.

“The papers you came back here for you dumb cocksucker,” chided Trent “Good thing you’ve got big tits and some cocksucking skills to compensate for lack of intelligence. Now get out of here I’ve got work to do.”

“Oh right sorry,” Kelly apologized. “I’ll get out of your way. Bye Trent, and ummm thanks.” Kelly was somewhat surprised at how Trent was treating her, But she guessed it was silly to treat the whore that had let two guys fuck her face any other way. As she walked back up toward the front of the building she passed Toby loading some boxes.

“Thanks Big Tits,” grunted Toby. “You were a pretty good Cockslut today.”

“Thanks Tob.. ummm Big Cock … anytime.” said Kelly as she headed for the women’s restroom.


This is my first story. Hoped you liked it. Comments are welcomed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32