Kelli and Keri

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Kelli, a college student, came back from class and was very tired. She laid her books on the table. She wore a very short, satin miniskirt with a blue thong underneath, as well as a t-shirt and bra. She took off the miniskirt and her t-shirt, wanting to get more comfortable.

It was a very hot day. Kelli decided to go out to the patio and sunbathe for a while. Taking some sun tan lotion, Kelli laid down on a beach towel She rubbed the lotion on her legs, arms, bely and breasts. Kelli was still wearing her thong and bra.

Keri came home from work, an erotic pole and lap dancer. She was tall. She had on a green leotard under her miniskirt. Just like Kelli, her roommate, Keri loved to wear skimpy clothing. After changing into a g-string bikini, she walked out to the patio and saw Kelli sunbathing.

They were very close and intimate friends, so it wasn’t unusual to see them wearing very little clothing, even none at all. Keri had on her g-string and Ankara escort went next to Kelli. She put some lotion on. Afterward, Keri took off Kelli’s top, revealing her nice, round breasts. Then, Keri took off her thong. Kelli was completely nude and loved it!

It was the first time Kelli had anyone to undress her, except for Keri. She loved being nude with her roommate. Keri decided to remove her own g-string, getting nude too. For Kelli, this had to have felt like paradise and the same for Keri.

Keri liked having a little pubic hair, except on the job. Kelli became aroused, as she felt Keri rubbed the lotion all over her breasts, legs, arms and shaved crotch. It was done in a sensual, erotic manner.

Keri gently squeezed Kelli’s breasts, rubbing the nipples. Kelli sighed, as she felt her breasts got firmer and firmer. She moaned, as Keri moved down her tummy and thighs. They were supple and very round.

Keri fondled Kelli’s inner thighs. Ankara escort bayan Kelli became even more sexually aroused, not far from having an orgasm. Her crotch started feeling wet.

Kelli had no pubic hair, so Keri could easily see how smooth the clit had become. Keri ran her fingers over it and moved them up into Kelli’s vagina slowly, finding her g-spot.

By this time, Kelli was in extreme ecstasy, begging to have sex with Keri. As soon as Keri found the g-spot, she caressed it many times, making Kelli scream. Keri took her roommate to the brink of a huge orgasm before mounting her. It was starting; a small stream of cum oozed from the crotch. This was about more than Kelli could take.

Keri knew the time had come. The stinging and pressure indicated Kelli was ready to have a huge orgasm. She mounted Kelli immediately. Both girls had incredibly erotic sex together out on the patio.

When they began, Keri and Kelli kissed each other’s Escort Ankara body, from head to foot, groping all the while. It happened; Kelli climaxed all over herself and Keri. Their legs, groins, tummies and breasts were drenched with cum. Keri and Kelli continued to make love together.

Once they were done, Keri and Kelli went inside and took a shower together. Holding hands, the two babes went in the shower stall. A strong bond was developing between Keri and Kelli. No longer were they just intimate friends and roommates, they had become lovers now too.

In the shower stall, Keri and Kelli had sex again. Then, they cleaned each other with their bare hands. Needless to say, Keri and Kelli were falling in love.

Keri and Kelli were not interested in marriage. Keri and Kelli were already living together. From time to time, they had sex on numerous occasions and locations. They did it on the patio, sofa, bed and in the shower. Vaginal sex was not their only method.

Oral sex happened during foreplay. Keri and Kelli even tried anal sex. Since they had no toys, kissing, licking and fingering were the norm.

Anal sex was also tried, but Kelli wasn’t very fond of it.

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