Kaz and Jen Finally Get Together

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As I drive to my lover’s house the anticipation of her touch begins to excite me. I can feel my nipples harden, my thighs dampen at the thought of her.

She greets me at the Door. A glass of wine in her hand wearing only a soft robe. We can hardly close the door, before we begin to kiss. Softly parting my lips with hers, we press together. She nibbles teasingly at my top lip and then the bottom, nuzzling my neck and my dampness grows. We sit so close together, drinking our wine, and whispering love talk as we explore and caress each others face with wine soaked fingertips. She feeds me gently as a master to a slave. She licks cream from my fingertips as I lick it from the corner of her mouth. Our kisses become more passionate now. I am kissing her face, her neck, the soft space between her full and firm breasts. I trace my wet fingertip around her nipple and feel it harden under my touch. Desire rises as we feel the curves of each others breast. Soft yet firm I hasten to the shower so I can be clean and ready for her lust. When I come out the room is warm, and candlelit and I know our night will truly begin. She strokes my damp hair and runs her fingers through it from behind me. I can feel the warmth of her body mingling with the dampness of my hair. Her skin is so soft yet so alive. She begins to massage my feet, long slow, sensual strokes that continue along the inside of my ankle and past my calf towards my soft inner thigh. My thighs tingle and quiver at her touch and my desire for her becomes more desperate. I want to have these firm probing strokes higher and higher, Doğanbey Escort Bayan in my inner places exploring my wetness. My robe falls away from my shoulder as I gently slip hers down to her waist.

Our tongues are probing each others mouths now. We press our breasts together skin upon skin. Kissing and nibbling each others neck, cleavage and breasts. I take one full breast in my hands and begin to suck gently on her beautiful nipple. She moans gently as I increase the pressure of my lips softly grazing her erect bud with my teeth then flicking it lightly with my tongue.

Its time to go to the bedroom. We lay entwined in each others arms as our kisses engulf us and passion grows. We caress each other full length now. No part of us is untouched. We have become one. We whisper and moan gently as we explore each others secret places. The inside of our upper arms the back of our necks, our collarbones the inner thigh every thing is on fire for each other. Her gentle yet firm fingers are between my legs now. I am wet with lust. She strokes my inner lips and finds my clit. Rubbing me with sure circular strokes she finds my piercing and presses her fingertips against it. She increases her pressure and speed and I am moaning. I want the release I know she will give so badly. I feel the heat beginning in my inner core and continue through my belly and down my thighs. As my body starts to contract in orgasms she starts to whisper. “Ooh baby” in my ear and I am lost in a pink haze. Faster and faster, stronger and stronger her fingers are pressing Doğanbey Escort me and my contractions are all through my body now lifting my pelvis, arching my back off the bed. She is talking to me now. Her voice deep and soft. Heavy with lust. ‘Ooh baby, baby baby – come for me baby.” And I do.

When the heat subsides inside me we kiss and kiss. Our tongues are mini penises. Soft yet firm, probing into the softness of our mouths. She inserts two of her fingers into my wetness and licks them in turn. I mirror her and we taste each others desire. She is sweet and musty—a hint of cinnamon? I roll on top of her and demand her body. Our skin becomes one and I can feel her firm shaven mound under mine. We grind into each other adjusting our position as the intensity grows again. She groans. “FUCK ME BABY!!” and I twist and hump my vulva into hers as she groans for more. Our inner juices mingle and we are sticky with each other sweet juices.

Quietly she flips me over onto my back and she is on to of me. It’s my turn to be submissive, hers to dominate. Caressing my face she begins to trail soft butterfly kisses from my neck, down my cleavage and cups and sucks first one then other of my breasts in her tender hands. She nibbles teasingly at my nipples circling each one with her talented tongue. Down to my navel passing to trace lazy circles around it and extending on to my soft belly. “I’m going to taste you now baby.” She says “I want to taste you so bad.”

I let out a deep guttural groan as she finds my outer lips with her soft, soft mouth. Escort Doğanbey Parting my inner lips with her tongue she begins to lick and suck my clit. Again I am on fire for her. Sucking one end of my bar and ball clit piercing she works it back and forth making my whole body begin to throb. Licking faster and faster she inserts her fingers into me once again and I can feel my pelvis lift to meet her strokes. We can hear my wetness now, as she fingers me faster and faster. I can feel my orgasm built as she becomes more and more demanding.”FUCK ME FUCK ME” I cry as she pauses briefly, looking up at my face, her face smeared with my lust juices and a small smile playing across her mouth. “Do you want me? Baby” Her voice heavy with lust” Do you want more?”. “YES YES PLEASE” I cry “FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME PLEASE!” I sob.

As her tongue reconnects with my clit again the warm familiar feeling of my orgasm invades my belly. I can not disconnect her face from my womanhood in my head. We are as one. One throbbing, burning entity.

My whole body begins to shudder. I quiver and shake underneath her. Running my fingers through her hair I scream out as the whirlwind hits me.”OOOOH BABY MORE MORE!” I scream “BABY BABY DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP!!” My head thrashes from side to side; my face contorts with the ecstasy of our lovemaking. She holds me, hard, like a man, till the waves of my orgasm subside. I am hot, slick with our combine’s sweat, my hair matted and damp, as is hers.

We lay together on our sides, legs entwined, our breasts flattened against each other, kissing and kissing, our hands desperately trying to feel every inch of each others warm body.

Our passion subsides, and we continue to kiss, but softer and gentler, whispering and stroking our faces and hair. We are spent, but we know we will only rest a moment or two, before our night of girlish fun continues…

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