Kaylee’s Party

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Kaylee never did like going to her private college, but did she love the uniform. She went to a school that made her wear the typical ‘school-girl uniform,’ complete with blue-plaid mini-skirt, white dress top, grey sweater, and white knee-high stockings. She really didn’t like it because it made her look like everyone else at school, but she knew how much the guys at all of the raves loved it, so she made sure to wear it when she went to party.

One particular night she went to a party near downtown, where she knew there would be guys that wanted action. She wasn’t too particularly horny tonight, but she knew that she would probably be able to get a guy to come in her mouth. She loved the taste of cum, especially when that was all that she needed to hold her over until she got her next fucking.

For the rave she wore her mini-skirt a little higher than normal, giving the guys a little better view of her white panties, and she tied her shirt and sweater in the front, revealing her flat stomach and nicely shaped waist.

Even though she was just 20 and not 21 yet, she knew the bouncer at the rave – in fact, she fucked him for a week straight just so she could get into this rave once – and he let her inside with no cover charge or ID check. Inside the rave, she moved to the middle of the dance floor and started dancing all by herself, letting whatever guy come up and dance with her, but also keeping an eye open for whomever would be able to satisfy her drinking needs.

After a few guys approached and her turning them away, she noticed her perfect victim. He stood next to the bar, casually sipping his drink and scanning the crowd as if looking for someone. Their eyes met, and Kaylee felt her checks flush. The guy across the way smiled, set down his drink, and started coming towards her.

Kaylee was impressed with herself. She had not been able to seduce a guy this quickly after coming into a rave. Usually she would have to wait about two hours, but she found this guy in like 25 minutes.

When her stranger arrived, she smiled and acted shy. He whispered into her ear, “Come with me. I want to talk to you in private.” And with that, he took her hand and led her to a V.I.P. room off of the dance floor.

When they entered the room, Kaylee noticed that they were the only ones in the room. The guy entered the room behind her, and then closed and locked the door. Kaylee was intrigued as to what was going to happen.

“There, that’s much better,” he said. “Please, sit down. I have a proposition for you.”

Kaylee was gleeful. Antalya Escort A proposition. That made it sound so formal. She sat down, waiting to see what this gentleman wanted to do, as she wandered what it would take to make him drop his pants.

“I know what you are thinking,” he said. Kaylee looked shocked. “No, I’m not going to kill you or rape you. All I want from you is a lap dance. “

‘That’s all?’ Kaylee thought. “You said this was a proposition. Do I get anything in return?” she asked, hoping he would say yes.

“Actually, there is,” he said. “You get whatever you want, as long as it can be done or given in this room.”

Kaylee was excited. A simple five-minute lap dance, and then she could have his cock filling her throat. “Fair enough,” she agreed. She stood up and waited for the man to sit down. “What’s your name, handsome?”

“My name is Brian,” he replied, taking a seat. As he sat down, Kaylee looked him over. He was about five foot ten inches, athletically built, and she could see muscle definition under his pricey clothes. Noticing his big feet, she wondered what size cock she would be deep-throating in a few minutes.

Kaylee stood in front of Brian and started dancing. She could still hear the music outside the door, and she was able to move to the beat. First she wiggled her tight round ass in front of his face for a little bit, and then dipped down and played with her breasts. She kept moving closer and closer to Brian, keeping an eye on the bulge growing in his pants, and showing more and more of her panties and bra, hoping he would get some clue as to what she wanted. Finally she was able to get right up to him and made to sit down in his lap, only she rubbed her ass against his crotch.

Brian smacked her ass, which made her jump and scream a little, but also turned her on, knowing that he was getting a clue. Kaylee then turned around and made to straddle his legs, rubbed her crotch against her growing bulge and pressed her breasts towards his face.

He reached up and, grapping both of her ass checks, pressed her up against his cock. “So, now that is done, what do you want in return, Ms…?” Brian asked.

“My name is Kaylee. And I want to suck your big, fat cock, Mr. Brian,” Kaylee said lustfully.

“Oh, don’t worry, you’ll suck it. But first, I’m going to fuck you,” Brian said with a sly smile.

Not really wanting that tonight, Kaylee pulled back. “That wasn’t part of your proposition.”

“You agreed too early my dear Ms. Kaylee. If you didn’t, you would have Antalya Escort Bayan known that I also wanted to fuck you as hard as I could. THEN you would be able to get what you wanted. And by the way, if you are thinking about getting paid, sorry. I left my wallet in my car.”

“But if that’s true, how did you get in?” Kaylee asked.

“Simple. I own the place. After what Tony told me about how you got in the clue last time, I made sure to that he tell me when you came back because I wanted your tight cunt for myself. Now, strip and go lay down on the couch over there.”

The thought crossed Kaylee’s mind to run for the door and try to leave. But she remembered that he locked the door, and, if needed, she could claim rape. She went over to the couch, sat down, and declared, “If you want me to undress, you have to do it yourself.”

“Fine,” Brian said, coming over to her, and forcefully took her clothes off. She made sure that her deep raven hair fell over her lush C-cup breasts. ‘If he wants it, he’ll have to work for it,’ she thought.

He quickly removed his own clothes, revealing to Kaylee just the body that she thought he had – well defined muscular build with a huge, rigid cock. She got wet just looking at it, but she tried to hide that fact from Brian.

Brian pushed her down to lay flat on the couch, and he spread he legs apart. He licked her clit and pussy for a few seconds, and replied, “You taste sweeter than anyone else I’ve tasted. It’s good to see that you’re wet too. It’s going to make this easier.”

Then, he plunged his tongue deep inside her, making her scream and buck in pleasure. He wiggled his tongue around inside of her, drinking and licking up every last drop that came out of her. He reached up and took her left breast in his hand and massaged it, causing the nipple to peak. He picked his head up from her crotch and moved his mouth to her other nipple, sucking deeply. He thrust a finger into her dripping cunt, and asked, “Want to be fucked now, Kaylee?”

Still playing along with her game, she replied, “No, all I wanted to do was to suck you, not fuck you.”

“That’ll change in a moment,” he replied, curling his fingers inside her in order to reach her g-spot. He pulled his fingers out to rub her clit, and moved his mouth to her other erect nipple. After rubbing and sucking for what seemed, ages, Kaylee tried to hold back her orgasm.

“Hmm,” he moaned. “Someone is close to cumming.”

“Nn… .nn… .nnnoooo,” Kaylee moaned. “I’m not cumming.”

“Not yet. Escort Antalya Still don’t want me to fuck you?”

Kaylee bit her tongue. If he was this good with just his fingers, she only imagined how good she was with his cock.

“No reply? Fine then,” he stated as he thrust two fingers inside her. At this, she arched her back in ecstasy. With each trust of his fingers into her dripping pussy, she moaned his name, but fought the urge to let herself orgasm.

“Hmmm. Still not ready? Well, we’ll see about that,” Brian said as he thrust three fingers inside her pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Oh YES!” she screamed loudly as she orgasmed wildly.

“What’s that Ms. Kaylee? You want me to fuck you?”

“YES! Oh please! I’m sorry. Fuck me! FUCK ME NOW!”

And with that, Brian thrust his hard cock deep inside Kaylee’s tight, young pussy. Kaylee orgasmed again instantly. When she relaxed, Brian slowly began to thrust in and out of Kaylee as she moaned quietly with each thrust. As Brian started to thrust harder, Kaylee started to moaned louder. Soon she was beginning to be heard clearly over the music outside.

“Are you happy you decided to let me fuck your tight cunt, Ms. Kaylee?” Brian grunted.

“Yes… yes… yes… ” Kaylee moaned.

They were both ready to cum, and Brian started to thrust in her as deep as her tight cunt would let him. “Cum with me,” Kaylee breathed.

“Certainly,” Brian grunted. “Ready?”

“Yes… yes… yes… ” she moaned. “NOW!”

And with that, Brian thrust deep inside Kaylee one last time, timing their orgasms perfectly. Kaylee’s tight cunt squeezed around his cock tighter, as he filled her pussy with his cum. Her juices, mixed with his, drenched his cock and the couch they were on. Brian collapsed on top of Kaylee, crushing her breasts with his chest.

After Kaylee was still for a few minutes, Brian pulled out. “You came twice, my dear Kaylee. I came once. Is that fair?” he asked.

“Not at all,” Kaylee said dreamily. She sat up and took his still rigid cock in her mouth, tasting the sweet mixture of their juices. She sucked on his head as she twisted her hand up and down his well-lubricated shaft. Her tongue expertly flicked his head, waiting for him to cum again. Brian reached down and guided her head up and down his shaft. He finally pushed her head all the way down his shaft, making his cum shoot down her throat. Luckily Kaylee was used to deep-throating guys with big cocks, so she didn’t gag.

After she swallowed all of his cum, he pulled out, and went to gather his clothes.

“Don’t forget to tell Tony to clean up the couch,” he said as he got dressed. “Thank you, Ms. Kaylee, my little love slave. Your dinner will be here shortly.” And with that, he left, locking the door behind him, leaving Kaylee on the couch with the sweet taste of them in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32