Kayla Caught Me Ch. 01

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Hello there. Let me tell you what happens when you get caught…

You see I am a cross dresser when I get time and have lots and lots of clothes and lingerie to play with. I keep all my female stuff in the computer room where no one ever gets to go.

I am 40 years old with long curly brown hair and brown eyes. I weigh about 80kgs and am 5ft 8inches tall. I live alone!

I got a knock on the door last Tuesday evening while I was cooking tea and when I opened the door there stood Kayla, an 18 year old girl that I knew through some other friends of mine. She said that she had nowhere to live as she had just got kicked out of her home and wanted to know if she could crash on my spare bed for a few days until she could find another place.

I don’t really want anyone living with me because of my cross dressing fetish but she is so cute and she was crying also so how could I say no.

She promised to clean up the house and do the dishes every day and cook meals Ataşehir escort bayan so I let her move into the spare room.

On the Friday afternoon I finished work at 3pm and went home. Kayla was sitting on the lounge with a big smile on her face and the digital camera in her hands. I asked her about her day and she said that it was very enlightening.

When I asked her why she held up the camera and showed me some pictures that were left on the memory card.

These pictures were of me from about two weeks ago when I was dressed up like a woman. I was wearing lingerie and sexy dresses with high heeled shoes and some makeup.

I went all red in the face when she asked me if I was gay and explained to her that I liked women who also dressed sexily. Sometimes I fantasize about being with men but only for their cocks and this is only when I am dressed up.

Next thing to come out of her mouth was that if I did not dress up as sexy as possible Escort Ataşehir immediately then she would show everyone I knew the pictures she had found. I had to show her all of my clothes and she ordered me to shower and shave off all my body hair.

I did as she commanded and then she made me sit down as she applied makeup to my face. then she instructed me on what to wear. She chose my black and pink corset and black stockings with pink high heeled shoes and one of my favorite dresses which is a knee length pink evening dress.

She made me put on some jewelery also and when I looked in the mirror I was amazed at how good I looked thanks to the way Kayla did my makeup and hair. Then I saw the flash of the camera clicking away and she made me model for her. This went on for half an hour or so and then Kayla said to stay dressed and relax in the lounge room watching television. I grabbed us a couple of beers out of the fridge and she kept asking me questions Ataşehir Rus Escort about my fetish.

About an hour later Kayla went into the kitchen to get some more beers and then we started chatting again. This was all a massive turn on for me and I think Kayla knew it to. Kayla’s mobile phone got a message from one of her friends and a couple minutes later she said she needed to go to the toilet. When she walked back in the room she was not alone. Her friend Claire was with her. She is also 18 years old and very pretty with long blond hair down to her ass and deep blue eyes.

They made me model lots of different clothes over the next two hours and took photos of it all. We each drank quite a few beers to.

After the modeling finished Claire sat down on the sofa bed in the lounge and pulled up her skirt and told me I better start licking. Well I did not need to be told twice. I licked her pussy for at least ten minutes and then she gave me the order to do the same for Kayla which I did straight away. I was in heaven!

Once I finished with Kayla she informed me that she was moving in permanently and Claire would stay over whenever she wanted to. I was to do everything that they told me to do or there would be trouble.

Fine by me!

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