Katie’s Unique B-day Gift

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It’s your birthday and I’m perplexed at what to get you. You need something more than me and visiting a sex shop has inspired me. No, it’s not a toy; it’s real. I’m reaching for a video to watch at home when my hand meets another. “Sorry,” I say to the man who wanted it first.

“You go ahead,” he says, “I can rent another one.”

I look at the cover of the video and the woman has huge tits and is sucking a black man. Since my fellow video connoisseur is also black and very good-looking I have an idea. “I’m Conner,” I say to him.

“Hi, Conner, I’m Dre, nice to meet you.”

I have to say that two men conversing like this in an adult video store is not a common occurrence but there’s something going on here and I have an idea how to make this work. “Hey, Dre, how would you like to watch a REAL woman instead of a video?”

“Are you kidding me man, of course I’d rather be with a real woman!”

“Well, I have to warn you, Dre, she’s really hot, tight, wet and extremely horny and today is her birthday. Oh and by the way, Dre, she puts the woman’s tits on this cover to shame. They’re the biggest you’ve ever seen. Are you in?”

Dre looks at me and almost yells out his excited response, “Fuck yes!”

You know I’m coming over for your birthday but you don’t know the nature of my present. That is until you see Dre enter your place behind me and then I introduce you. Dre is staring at your luscious red lips, your massive tits, big prominent nipples behind the white tank top and the little red panties barely covering you. “Oh my God,” he says, “She’s fucking smokin’ hot.” You blush a little and your outfit is causing some discomfort in both Dre and me so I explain what I got you.

“I’ve always thought that I wasn’t enough for you, Katie, so I hope that this fulfills you in a way that I bahçelievler escort never could. I just want you to relax and enjoy. Happy birthday.” I take your head and move to you and kiss you open-mouthed. My hands feel your gigantic tits and I’m hard. I lean into you to feel my growing erection and you go to your knees, unzipping me and releasing my now rock-hard dick. I watch as you suck me deeply and the slurping sounds and movement of your hands is driving me crazy. Dre is watching too. He strips to his underwear and moves behind you. As your mouth works its magic on me and you’re now on all fours, Dre is licking your asshole and down to your pussy. “Fuck, she’s dripping wet and tastes so amazing.”

“Keep sucking her, Dre, I want your tongue and my cock to make her cum.” This is driving you insane and you’re teetering on the edge until Dre sticks a pussy-soaked finger in your ass. As the black man eats you and the white man fucks your mouth you explode, time after incredible time. Each time you cum you suck me harder and harder as I just fuck your mouth.

I reluctantly pull away from you to let you breathe and come down a bit from your orgasms. I motion to Dre to come stand in front of you alongside me. “Katie, this is what I got you for your birthday.” Dre is in a pair of white boxer briefs and his huge dick is bulging out. Jealously but realizing that this is for your enjoyment, I reach down to stroke him for you and I feel his cock twitch in anticipation. I rub along his massive length and girth and see precum leaking out. I move behind him rubbing my length against his tight ass and we hear him moan. You’ve moved closer to him and as I hump his cheeks I remove his underwear. His ten inches spring out to you and you’re on him like a dog on a bone. He’s a little shorter than balgat escort me and slightly bent over so I can see you take him deep and stroke his man-meat while I take some lube and rub it along his ass, my cock sliding between his hard cheeks. We’re all way, way over stimulated and it’s time to amp it up.

Dre lies on his back on the bed watching you move to him, stroking himself slowly with your saliva and his precum. He is so big and hard and watching him is making you drip. You move to him, kissing him roughly, feeling his erection slide along your stomach as you smother him. You get off him, take his throbbing cock and slowly slide your hot pussy down onto his girth. You take him all the way down and all the way up showing him his dick fully encased in your cunt. You put your hands on his chest and really start to ride him, faster and faster with each pump. He has never had a woman like you and you’re giving him the absolute fuck of his life.

I’ve been watching this, seeing the pleasure all over your face, seeing your tits heave up and down and your orgasm start to build. I get onto the bed behind you and place my hand on your back. You stop thrusting to allow me to grab your head turning you slightly so I can kiss you and feel those gorgeous boobs. Dre is still inside you as you lean forward offering me your ass.

I take the engorged head of my dick and slide it into you. Imagine that, two hard cocks fucking you separated only by the wall of your pussy. I can feel Dre’s dick and I’m sure he can feel mine as we both fuck the absolute shit out of you. This is merciless; two studs just banging away on you. I can hear you moan with excitement as you start to cum and I realize I forgot to tell Dre how tight your pussy becomes when you explode. We are both pumping you so hard as you batıkent escort scream out our names and flood Dre with your orgasm. His dick is squeezed even harder and he can’t take it as he releases a massive load of hot, thick jism inside your already soaking pussy. I’m so turned on now that I must also cum as I shoot my impressive load into your ass and down onto your pussy, mixing with you and Dre. You reach down, put your fingers in the mixture and put them in your mouth. You then do the same and offer us a taste. Fuck, do we ever taste good.

After we’ve all relaxed and you’ve had a chance to lick all the cum off our dicks and we’ve done the same to your still quivering pussy, Dre gets up to go. We both say thank you as he leaves and he says, “Thank me? Hell, I should be thanking you!”

We snuggle together and I turn to you and kiss you gently, pressing myself against you. We are just very gently touching each other, knowing all the wonderful places to let a finger or hand caress. I delicately push you onto your back while my hand finds your hot tight pussy. I let my fingers roam inserting one then two and work my way so slowly, so erotically up to your clit. You seem to have an automatic reaction to stroke me while I’m doing this so I move to allow you easier access. You can feel me grow as your orgasm builds. Two big dicks and all that cum have you quickly over the edge but I slow you down and just want you to focus on my fingers. I ask you to play with your clit and you oblige while I have my thumb touch the folds of your labia and my middle finger is in your ass.

You turn to me, shout out my name as you release, soaking the sheets. I add another finger into you and finger-fuck your wet, tight cunt. You grab my head and kiss me hard as another orgasm rocks you. I see your fingers work their way into your pussy and I release my hand to stroke my hard shaft. It doesn’t take long as my cum shoots out onto you, hot, pearly-white load of man juice. We kiss and take turns dipping into each other’s cum shots for delicious tastes.

“Happy Birthday, Katie!” I say. “I have a feeling you enjoyed that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32