Katie’s Beach Adventure

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Steve Taylor was an all-star. All-star in high school in Richmond where he was the starting quarterback his junior and senior years. He led the Falcons to two consecutive undefeated seasons those years. With his charm, talent, and good looks, his parents knew that he would go far in life.

When he graduated, Steve had scholarship offers all over the country. He decided on the University of Virginia. Going to college in Charlottesville, he was away from home, but close enough to go back there on weekends during winter and spring when there was no football to hold him on campus. Plus, Steve loved the beach. Mom and Dad owned a condo near Virginia Beach that they spent a lot of time there together over the years.

Now a senior at UVA, Steve was “the man” on campus. He could have just about any girl he wanted, but Steve was true blue and in love with Cheryl, his girlfriend of the last few years. They met as freshmen and have been inseparable ever since. They had plans for marriage soon after graduation, but no definite date for the wedding. Steve was too intent on playing his best this season and on his NFL draft chances soon after.

The biggest problem that Steve faced was getting to know his new coach, Derek Anderson. Ray Davis, the coach at UVA for the last 30 years, decided to retire after last season. That decision really disappointed Steve, because he and Coach Davis were great friends. Steve had so much respect for Coach Davis that he was almost like a father to him. Coach Anderson came to UVA after 6 years at Miami of Ohio University. Coach Anderson was the first black coach that Steve ever played for in his whole high school and college career. Not that that was a problem, it’s just that…as a white quarterback surrounded by mostly black athletes, Steve felt somewhat better having a white coach to mentor him. Even though he was a senior, there were some very talented quarterbacks on the team, all of them black.

It was the middle of July and the team had their first week of drills with their new coach. It was a terribly hot and humid week in Charlottesville and the players were put through some exhaustingly tiring workouts. Thursday morning Steve had his first real chance to talk with Coach Anderson. Steve stopped by Coach’s office early to see if he was in. Luckily, he was there doing some planning for the day.

“Hey, coach, good morning” Steve yelled as he walked down the hall.

“Hey, quarterback! Nice work yesterday. Seems like you and Carter have a good thing going” Derek called back after looking out of his office. Darrell Carter is Steve’s favorite receiver, fast, great moves, great hands, and runs well with the ball.

“Coach, I need to ask you something…I know you’re gonna want us to hang around here this weekend, but…” Steve said as he stuck his head in.

“I never said that you had to be here this weekend. I said that we had practice to 5 tomorrow. What you do between 5 tomorrow and 8 on Monday morning is up to you.”

“Great. My girlfriend is in France with her parents and I’m heading for the beach. My mom and dad have a condo at Virginia Beach and I’ll be out of here Friday nite.”

“Only if you take me with you” laughed Coach Anderson.

“Really? Would you like to come? That would be great, my parents love to have company at the beach”. Steve immediately thought this would be a great way to get to know Coach Anderson right away.

“Well, I really don’t have anything going, so if you’re inviting, I’m accepting” answered Coach Anderson. “The only thing is…for the weekend at least, call me Derek, not Coach Anderson. Deal?”

“Deal”. Steve knew that if he wanted any shot at a pro career, he couldn’t let any of the young guns get a shot at quarterback ahead of him. Not now. If he could get in the new coach’s good graces, it couldn’t hurt.

Coach Anderson and his star quarterback left soon after they showered and picked up dinner on the road. The 4 hour trip to the beach in Steve’s car gave them plenty of time to talk. Steve told Derek all about his relationship with Coach Davis, about how close they were. He told him about Cheryl and their plans after college. Steve told him about his family. His overworked father who is a pharmacist in Richmond, his mother the social butterfly who spends most of her time at the country club, and his little sister, the Community College underachiever. Derek got the idea that Steve was the one in the family who got most of the attention.

Derek shared a lot of himself with Steve, too. His track and football career at Alabama State. His 2 years as assistant coach at University of Kentucky. His 6 years as head coach at Miami of Ohio. His recently failed marriage…

At 33, Derek had already been married and divorced twice, both black women. He told Steve all about his past marriage problems, showing a side of himself that not many students saw. What he didn’t tell Steve was his love of white women. During his marrage to Tonya, Derek had relationships with many white girls…and had sexual adventures qiqitv.info with all of them.

Six months ago the recent divorce was final. What caused the divorce was that his wife found out that Derek was having an affair with a secretary at Miami…a young, white, single secretary in the administrative office named Beth. He had a great thing going with her…until Tonya found out. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Tonya took their two kids and moved to Chicago to live with her parents. Derek took the job offer at UVA, moved to Charlottesville, and didn’t have a date since the divorce.

They arrived at the condo about 10:30 and the only one still up was Stephanie, Steve’s mom. She was expecting Steve but didn’t know that he was bringing a guest.

“Mom, I’d like you to meet Coach Anderson…I mean Derek Anderson, our new coach. Derek, meet my mom, Stephanie. I knew you wouldn’t mind if he came for a visit this weekend” Steve told his mom.

“Sure, that’s ok with me. But you’ll have to be quiet, your father is asleep. Katie is still up, but I’m going to bed soon too. We’ll talk tomorrow. You two can have the blue bedroom. Katie is in the green one.”

At that, out of the green bedroom bounded the best pair of legs Derek had ever seen. They were walking toward him jutting out below an oversize UVA t-shirt. Katie was 19, kind of shy, definitely sweet, and gorgeous. Long, stick-straight golden brown hair with blond highlights streaked by the sun. Great tan. Angel face. Incredible eyes. And a smile that Derek could tell would make any guy melt if she looked at him just right. Derek couldn’t tell what was under that t-shirt, but he could imagine. Katie gave her brother a hug and said she was glad to see him, talked to him awhile, met Coach Anderson, and said goodnite.

Katie woke up in the middle of the night thinking that she heard voices coming from the living room of the condo. She got out of bed, still dressed in the UVA t-shirt, and opened the door to her bedroom. There was a light flickering in the living room so she knew someone was up. Katie glanced at the clock in her room and it said 2:22. She quietly walked up the hall so she wouldn’t be heard. As she got to the end of the hall, Katie sneaked a peak around the corner. In the dim light of the TV, she could see the outline of someone laying on the couch. She couldn’t immediately tell who it was, but stood watching quietly. When the TV got brighter, she could tell that it was Coach Anderson…the black legs gave him away. In one hand he held the remote, and Katie watched as the other hand was massaging his crotch over his boxers. The sound was so low that she couldn’t tell what he was watching…until she got a glimpse of the TV from the side. She could make out the face of a girl…and she was… “Oh my God” thought Katie. “He is watching porno on our TV.” Quietly she tiptoed down the hall and back into her bedroom.

Wide awake now, Katie sat on her bed. “Oh my God, there’s a black guy in our living room watching fucking porno on our TV at two fucking thirty in the morning.” Should she wake up Steve and tell him? Should she wake up her mom and tell her? Should she just pretend that she never saw it? Katie didn’t know what to do. She laid back on the bed, motionless, not believing what she was looking at. All she could see in her mind was what she saw on the TV screen…a pretty, young, blonde girl sucking on the head of a black guy’s cock. And she was looking up at him…enjoying it.

Katie’s sexual experiences were limited. She and Kevin had been dating for over a year now. He has been her only lover. Sure, she had plenty of guys to feel her up…and guys whose cocks she jacked off. But Katie wouldn’t go to bed with any of them. There was even one time right here at the beach two summers ago when she played strip poker with 2 guys she met that day. They were in one of the guy’s parent’s condo. Katie ended up getting naked and jacking off both of them one at a time. They begged her to suck them off, but she wouldn’t. In fact, Katie has never had a cock in her mouth. The thought of that didn’t do anything for her. She knew that guys loved it though.

Katie and Kevin have had sex 6 times so far. They were both virgins until about 2 months ago. Kevin kept pressuring Katie into “doing it” until she finally gave in. Now Kevin wants to do it every time they are together. Every time they have sex, they play with each other until they’re ready, then Katie rolls the condom over Kevin’s hard cock. Kevin gets top of Katie and pushes his cock into her wet pussy, rocks it back and forth until he has an orgasm into the condom. Each time so far, Katie has been disappointed and frustrated. She always thought that sex would be so much more that what it’s been and keeps hoping that she will enjoy it more.

But seeing that girl on the screen with her hand around that black dick…sucking on the head of it…whew…she didn’t know what to think. She had to see more. Had to go back and see what the coach was doing. Katie opened her hard porno door quietly and nothing had changed. She could see the flickering of the TV, heard the soft voices, but this time she knew what to expect…or so she thought.

This time when she peeked around the corner she saw him lying there, she forgot all about the movie he was watching. Her eyes focused on the coach stroking his dark hard-on with his right hand. She watched as he alternated stroking and squeezing it. She looked on as he coated his hand with saliva and smeared it all over the length of his cock. The light from the TV reflecting on it made it shine and glisten. She never saw a guy play with his own cock before. Katie stood silently, mesmerized as he started stroking his cock faster. She could hear his breathing getting heavier. She could even see his large black balls rising and falling with each stroke of his hand. Glancing over to the TV screen, she watched as the girl she saw earlier was on her hands and knees now, with a black cock penetrating her pussy. Sliding all the way in, then back out, over and over. Katie could hear the soft moans that the girl was making as she was getting fucked. Without realizing it, Katie started touching herself as her gaze drifted back to the coach. She sure didn’t want to get caught, but she had to see if he was going to cum. Within seconds, Coach Anderson’s long, black dick started to pulse and jerk in his hand. Katie watched as his cock erupted in long streams of cum that landed on his belly. When he reached for some carefully placed tissues, Katie silently backed up and headed back to her room.

She crawled back into bed and looked at the clock. The digital lights read 3:18. It had been almost an hour since she first found Derek alone in the living room. Safely under the covers, Katie started fantasizing about what she just watched. Her hand ran under her t-shirt and started to touch her nipples as it has done so many times before. Katie had perfect breasts, even though they were small. Perky, Kevin called them. The areolas were huge, like thick, brown silver dollars. And they got real puffy when she was aroused. God, were they puffy now. And her nipples were standing at attention. Her other hand went to her panties. She slipped a hand into her panties to find that her pussy was soaked. Katie easily slid her panties down her thighs and took them off. Quickly, her fingers were tracing circles around her pussy lips. Just like she liked to do in bed alone. She started imagining having a black lover touching her, teasing her, making her cum. Then she thought about having a black cock sliding in and out of her pussy. God, this made her so horny. As two fingers moved in and out of her hot pussy, rubbing her clit, that’s all she could think about. Watching the coach was so incredible. That turned her on more than she ever imagined anything could. She could feel her body tense up…and then release as an orgasm sent waves through her body. She knew that tomorrow, er…today was going to be an interesting day.

The next morning Katie didn’t wake up until 9:30. When she finally got out of bed 15 minutes later, she walked out to the kitchen. On the counter was a note from her mom. “Dad, Steve, & I went into town to do some shopping. Coach Anderson went for a run on the beach. Have a nice morning. See you about 1:00. Love, Mom”

“Coach Anderson went for a run on the beach” Katie echoed in her mind. Oh, shit. She was here alone at the beach with Coach Anderson? At first the thought scared her a little bit…but then another thought took over. What if she had some fun with this. Tried to tease him a little. She already knew he was horny. This could be really cool. But she knew she would have to be careful, too.

Katie put on her prettiest baby blue bikini, coated herself in sunscreen, took her chair, her towel, her CD player, and her water bottle and headed for the beach. The sand was only a short walk from the condo, so she was there and set up in minutes. Katie laid out on the beach towel pretty much by herself. Another family was down the beach about 20 yards, but they were playing without noticing her. Katie knew she looked hot. Her hair was perfect, her breasts were barely covered, and there was a small bikini bottom that just covered her neatly trimmed pubic mound and her tan lines. At 5’5″ and 110 pounds, a perfect body, great legs, large full lips, and that smile…every head turned to get a better look at her. Even though she was shy, she really liked the attention she got.

Katie closed her eyes and almost drifted off to sleep in the hot sun. It wasn’t long until she felt a shadow blocking her pathway to the sun.

“Well, hello there. Aren’t you the young lady that I met so briefly last night? It’s Katie, isn’t it?” asked Derek.

Katie felt strangely cold in the hot sun. She knew by the voice it was him. God, she was hoping he didn’t see her watching him. “If you’re Coach Anderson, I guess maybe I am. I can’t see you where you’re standing.”

“Oh, excuse reklamsız porno me.” Derek sat down in the sand next to Katie’s beach towel. “Yes. I’m Steve’s coach. But please, call me Derek.”

Derek. Katie liked that name. “I used to date a guy named Derek. About 2 years ago.” Katie looked at Derek. She could see that he was covered in sweat from the top of his shaven head down to the waistband of his running shorts. Since he wasn’t wearing a shirt, she couldn’t help but notice how muscular he was. But her eyes drifted to his shorts, knowing that she had a secret that he wouldn’t know about.

“I met your Dad this morning. He seems like a pretty cool Dad to have around” Derek told her.

“If you say so. He can be such a pain in the ass sometimes.”

“Ok…and your mom, gosh she is a pretty lady.”

“Yeah, she’s cool, but me and my dad don’t get along very well most of the time.”

Derek didn’t have any trouble noticing Katie either. To him she was nothing short of one of the prettiest girls he had ever met. Much prettier than the girl he watched in the video during the night. He knew that he shouldn’t have brought the tape, but he was constantly horny since he’s been in Charlottesville and alone. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her body, her skin looked so soft, her perfect thighs so supple, her waist so tiny. He wondered what it would be like to fuck a girl like this.

Katie and Derek talked for an hour right there on the beach. She told him about her budding modeling career, her life, and about her boyfriend, Kevin.

“I would expect that a girl as pretty as you had a boyfriend” Derek told her. Katie was very surprised when Derek told her that he didn’t. She found him charming, funny, and very attractive. This was the longest that she ever talked with a black man in her entire life. She’s never dated a black guy, never had the chance, never even thought about it before. But she thought if she was single, she might consider going out with a guy like him. Yeah, right, she thought.

After dinner that evening, Greg and Stephanie decided to turn in early. Kevin, Derek, and Katie stayed up to play poker in the living room. As soon as they were asleep, Kevin brought out a bottle of Rum that he brought with him. They all started pouring Rum in their Cokes. Pretty soon the poker game turned into a drinking game. If you had the worst hand, you had to take a drink. It wasn’t long before Kevin had too much to drink and headed for the bedroom himself. That left Derek and Katie alone.

Derek went over to the couch where he was earlier this morning watching the video. Katie cleaned up the table, then took her drink over to the coffee table and joined Derek. With the alcohol in her system, she wasn’t nervous about being alone with him. Actually, all afternoon she was hoping that she would be. She still had that desire to tease him, turn him on some. She thought it would be cool to have Derek jack off when he was alone while he was thinking about her.

Katie was dressed in a red tank top, short tan shorts, and was braless and barefoot. And Derek was definitely noticing. He could feel that his cock was starting to stiffen just watching this young beauty walk around in the short shorts. What he wouldn’t give for a chance with her.

Derek turned on the TV and found a horror movie on Sci-Fi that he left on. He didn’t want to watch TV, he had other plans.

“Katie, would you mind massaging my right shoulder. I think I pulled something yesterday at practice, showing one of the guys how to block a blitzing linebacker. It really hurts.” Derek was going to play this the best way he knew how.

“Sure I can” was her response.

A smile came across Derek’s face that Katie picked up on and smiled back. Derek pulled his shirt over his head and turned away from Katie. Her small hands found his shoulder and started massaging gently.

“Just a little harder, Katie” he told her.

Katie’s small hands looked even smaller rubbing Derek’s shoulder. She stood up behind him so she could put more pressure on his back. Even with her tan, her hands looked so strange contrasting with Derek’s dark black skin.

“Let me lay down so you can get some more pressure on it.”

Derek laid on his stomach on the couch and Katie knelt beside him. She wondered to herself where they were going to go with this. How far would she let herself go before she stopped him?

“Oh, that’s it, Katie. You found it. Don’t stop.”

After a few minutes, Derek pushed himself up off the couch and stretched.

“That was great. Now it’s your turn. Lay on your tummy like I did.”

Katie laid on the couch like Derek asked her to. She felt strangely vulnerable, but a little excited, too. Derek turned off the lamp by on the coffee table. The only light now was the dim light coming from the TV. He started by massaging her neck, then slowly working on her shoulders, then down her back. Katie twitched when Derek reached the bottom of her tank top and started massaging his way back up under the thin cotton shirt. She felt his hands on her skin, working his way higher. About the time he realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra under the tank top, Katie lifted herself up so that Derek could slide the top up some. She liked what he was doing to her.

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