Kathy’s Wet-T

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This one is a short scene I knocked out in response to a friend’s request. It just started rolling and took its own course. It’s the first scene in a longer piece which will most likely remain private to the person who requested it — although it might find its way to Lit later on. Who knows?

Anyway, this is about Kathy and Ginger, two married ladies with a history between them. These days they share their husbands, all four indulging in a mixed relationship following an few incidents laid out in an earlier story, with Kathy being the potty-mouthed driving force in the exchanges.

In this scene it’s Ginger and Kathy finding a bar full of spring-breakers (probably in Cancun or somesuch, although I never found such a bar when I was last in the Yucatan).

In typical fashion, Kathy takes the action further than Ginger is comfortable with…

The dialogue is especially smutty in this scene at the request of the person who sent me the outline. In addition, just so you know, Ginger’s and Kathy’s personalities have been scripted to me.

I hope you enjoy what follows. Feedback is welcome.

Thank you for reading.

GA — Da Nang, Vietnam — 24th of March 2016.


Ginger feels anxiety flutter in the pit of her stomach when Kathy stops outside the open doorway, the raucous party sounds blaring onto the street. “What?” she asks.

“I said,” says Kathy with a roll of her eyes, “that this place sounds like it could be fun.”

Ginger eyes the doorway like it’s the portal to Hell. Even though she knows it’s probably wasted breath, Ginger still says, “It’s only just past two, Kathy. We can’t drink this early.”

Kathy gives her a look, one eyebrow arched as she pouts at her friend. “I’m so disappointed in you, Ginger. I thought we were down here to have FUN.”

“But I thought we were having fun,” Ginger replies with another dubious glance at the bar. “The sex,” she murmurs, leaning in closer to Kathy. “Hasn’t that just been amazing?”

Kathy smirks and nods, expression all feline and smug. “Oh yeah,” she drawls, eyes glazing over as she slowly nods her head. “But this place sounds like it’s full of spring-breakers,” she quickly adds as her dreamy expression clears. “It’ll be fun to tease a few hot young guys. It’ll get the motor running for when we get back to the condo.”

Ginger hears what Kathy is saying, but knows the other woman too well. “Yeah,” she says, “but your idea of ‘teasing’ might be way over what everyone else calls the line.”

Kathy’s eyes sparkle with devilment as she sucks on her lower lip. “Hey, the boys wouldn’t shut up about that Hooters waitress. I think they owe us one.”

If Ginger has hopes of keeping Kathy out of the bar, they’re sinking like the Titanic. “I … I don’t think we should,” she says in one last attempt. Which, she realizes too late, is exactly the wrong thing to say to Kathy.

The voluptuous blonde smirks and responds with, “Well, we are, baby-girl — we most decidedly are.” Kathy boosts her boobs with both hands, arranging her bosom to best effect under her tight-fitting tee. “Get them set, Ginger,” she adds with a nod of her head in the direction of the wall of sound coming from within. “We’re goin’ in, babe!”


It’s as Kathy predicted. The bar is crammed with young people, none of whom look older than twenty.

“Isn’t this great!” shouts Kathy as the humid blanket of heat and noise envelops Ginger.

“I feel like a grandma!” Ginger calls back. “Holy shit, Kathy, this place is crazy.”

Kathy’s response is to beam a smile at her friend, eyes flashing delight. “I think someone has just felt my ass,” she tells Ginger, forced to lean in close to be heard above the rock music.

Then, before Ginger can make any reply, a dark-haired man is almost between them. He’s shirtless and sweaty, eyes giving away the fact he’s well beyond the two-beer buzz.

“Hey, ladies!” he calls, grinning at Ginger while blatantly ogling her chest. “Am I glad to see you. About time we had some MILFs in here.”

Ginger blinks, mildly offended by the label while, predictably, Kathy just grins.

“What’s your names, ladies?” he asks. “I’m Rod, by-the-way.”

“Kathy and Ginger,” Kathy replies, pointing as she says each name. “Is Rod your real name?”

Rod grins and shakes his head. “Naw, I’m James, but they call me Rod.”

“How come?” asks Kathy,” the look on her face suggesting she already knows the answer.

“‘Cause I’m hung like a horse,” comes the reply.

“Really?” says Kathy. “I’d like to see that.”

That takes the wind out of Rod’s sails for a moment or two. Then he glances around, the beer making him brave enough to say, “Here? Now?”

Kathy’s lower lip juts out as she nods. “Sure. Why not? This place is so packed; no one will notice if you give us a peek.”

So Rod looks around again, then holds the cardboard cup between his teeth so he can get both hands into the waistband of his shorts. He yanks them down at the front, etiler escort an impressive lump of male meat hanging in a heavy arc from dark mass of his pubic bush.

“You are a big boy,” Kathy says with a grin and appreciative nod. “And I’d love to fuck that thing–“

“Really?” gapes Rod while Ginger gasps in dismay.

“But I’m married,” says Kathy, showing off her left hand. “But if I wasn’t,” she adds, “I’d hike up this skirt and let you do me from behind right here.”

Rod packs the length of hose away, Kathy’s focus set on its shaft, the thing criss-crossed with veiny protrusions as the boy boggles some more in response to Kathy’s words, his chin on the floor.

“You wouldn’t be a sweetie and get two ladies a drink, would you Rod?” Kathy eyes the mass of bodies round the bar. “If we go into that crowd there’ll be guys groping our tits and our asses,” she yells into Rod’s ear. “If you’re nice to us, Rod … Well, I can’t let you fuck me, but I’d could give you a hand-job…”

Rod’s Adam’s apple bounces as he takes it all in, his eyes going down to Kathy’s generous frontage.

“What can I get you?” he asks.


“What are you doing?” asks Ginger when Rod melts into the throng. “That guy’s an imbecile, Kathy. He called us MILFs to our faces…”

“I don’t want to have a philosophical debate with him,” Kathy retorts. “He’s okay, just young and making the most of it. He’s harmless. Anyway, he’s pretty good-looking and he’s got a hot bod … And did you see the size of his dick?”

Kathy’s eye shine in a way that drags Ginger’s stomach down to her Skechers. Oh shit, she thinks, recognizing the signs.

Out loud, she says, “Yeah, but we’re just meant to be out shopping for clothes. Dan and Mike–“

“Fuck Dan and Mike,” Kathy retorts. “…Again,” she adds, snorting a laugh. She looks at Ginger’s face and gives an exasperated roll of her eyes. “Jesus, okay … I promise I won’t fuck him. I’ll save my pussy for our husbands … and you too, of course.”

Kathy moves in closer to Ginger, so close the blonde’s breasts are tight up against Ginger’s as Kathy grinds in, her tongue sliding over her lips.

“I’ll just play with this kid. Then we’ll go back and fuck Mike and Dan. How does that sound, babe? Do you like that idea?

“Although,” Kathy says, her hand easing round to cup Ginger’s ass. “I want your husband’s big cock in my pussy today. In fact,” she goes on, warming to her theme in her typical style, “I’d like to take both the boys on. I want to fuck your husband’s cock while Dan fucks my tits.” Kathy squirms and squeezes Ginger’s behind; she even leans in to kiss Ginger’s throat. “I’d love it if Mike came in my pussy at the same time Dan came on my tits…”

Despite her natural reluctance at being so lewd in public, Ginger can’t help but let out a moan at the obscene description.

“You’re so fucking bad,” she says into Kathy’s ear.

And that’s when Rod turns up with a smile and two beakers of beer, six or seven boys and two girls following behind.


Rod hands over the beers while the names go round. Ginger grimaces with distaste into the cup. She catches little of the introductions, but does see one of the girls look her up and down before turning to say something to her friend. Judging by the superior look on the little bitch’s face, whatever she says isn’t complimentary.

There’s some banter back-and-forth, all of the guys focussed on Kathy as she thrusts her chest forward and gives as good as she gets.

While this goes on, Ginger sips at the hideous beer, wishing she had a vodka and Coke or some fancy cocktail. Swilling beer with this crowd isn’t her idea of fun, especially since the cunty-faced Barbie twins hold her and Kathy in obvious disdain.

Then the music suddenly cuts out, a burly guy with a biker beard and shaven head climbs up onto the bar.

“Hey, are you girls gonna be in the contest?” one of the guys asks.

“Contest?” asks Kathy.

“Yeah,” nods the kid, enthusiasm all over his face. “It’s a wet-T competition…” He eyes Kathy’s front before turning his attention to Ginger. “I think you ladies have the right … uh … qualifications.” He grins round at his buddies and adds, “You’re wearing tee-shirts and your both stacked.”

“Mine are the real deal,” Kathy puts in. “Ginger’s are fakes.”

“Pretty good job,” says the kid, nodding with appreciation as he scopes Ginger’s breasts.

Then the biker on the bar makes the announcement. He outlines the rules for the contest, which seem simple enough that even Rod could make sense of it all.

“What do you say?” asks the kid. “You four girls gonna get up there?”

Ginger declines, as do the two acid-faced girls, but, true to character, Kathy just shrugs and says, “Where do I sign?”


It’s a corner of the bar set aside with a toddler’s low pool, the kind which get filled with mud for bikini-clad girls to wrestle in. There halkalı escort are three girls in there already when Kathy arrives, her presence causing a huge cheer from the assembly gathered around.

Rod starts up a chant of MILF-MILF-MILF, which is soon taken up by the crowd. Kathy smiles and bows from the waist, thrusting her breasts out at her audience, the first beaker of beer catching her full on the boobs.

Kathy laughs and waves them on to throw more, the idea being the girl who’s the most drenched in beer wins the contest.

Her tee-shirt is soon opaque, with most of the beer heading her way. The other girls get their fair share, but it’s obvious Kathy is way out in front, in more ways than one.

It’s mayhem when Kathy is declared the winner. There are cheers and calls for her to change out of her soaked T and into the one she’s been given as a prize by the biker master-of-ceremonies.

Kathy grins round at the crowd as the chant goes up again, the call of MILF-MILF-MILF erupting into one huge roar of approval as Kathy obliges.

“God, would you check out those tits!” Rod shouts, his eyes wide. “Man, I’d love to slide my dick between those big fuckers.”

Ginger heard the sentiment repeated, wondering again, as she had done in the past, just what it was about Kathy’s big tits and ass that set men off. Even her own husband had fallen for the blonde’s voluptuous allure. It was a mystery to Ginger, who worked out and kept herself lithe and toned, just what it could be they found so delightful in her fleshy bounty.

Not that Ginger was entirely immune, she was also under Kathy’s spell. But, in her case she knew very well it was a psychological hold. Ginger accepted Kathy was top-dog, that the blonde called the shots. And, for the most part, she was happy to submit to the other woman’s will — especially when it came to the sex. Kathy always made it exciting, usually with her potty-mouthed urgings for it all to go further. Kathy wasn’t shy in making it vocal in the most obscene terms, her penchant for nasty talk a secret delight for Ginger.

In her corner of the bar, Kathy shakes her boobs at the crowd one more time, then pulls the tee-shirt over her head.

Her eyes glitter with inner excitement when she reaches the group. “That was fun!” she laughs as the boys crowd round.

While Kathy soaks up the adulation, Ginger sees the two girls exchange looks of disdain, rolling their eyes and throwing slit-eyed looks towards Kathy. Dislike for the pair clenches Ginger’s insides. She thinks they’re up their own asses with their long blonde hair and high, tight tits, their butts like inverted love-hearts while they sneer and curl their lips.

Ginger is concerned things will spiral out of control as the beers go down and the flirting gets heavy. She’s got a buzz going on, sipping two beakers regardless of her distaste for the stuff. She knows Kathy is on a high from the adulation; she’s loving the attention and liable to do anything if the inclination hits her.

By then the music has resumed, albeit at a much lower volume, one that doesn’t make Ginger’s teeth rattle. Rod is leering at Kathy, his eyes set on her breasts. He’s got a beer in one hand, his other arm draped round her shoulders, and Kathy does Nothing to stop Rod when he ducks in to kiss her neck.

“Maybe we better get going?” Ginger suggests, then lets out a sigh when Kathy waves a hand in dismissal.

“Not yet!” cries Kathy. “It’s just getting to be fun.” She smirks up into Rod’s face and clutches his cock through his shorts. “Didn’t I promise you and hand-job?” she says.

Rod gulps and looks round at his friends. Ginger sees the two girl’s share yet another bitchy exchange. She’s sure she one mouthing something about a fat-assed bitch.

Ginger thinks she might just throw a comment or two at the girls. Okay, Kathy drives her insane with her antics, but she’s a friend first and foremost. Even if she has pulled a few stunts in her time, Ginger will still step in if the situation demands intervention.

However, before she can move or say anything, Kathy grabs her attention, the blonde yanking down Rod’s shorts so she can curl a fist round his cock.

“Just let me take of this for you,” purrs Kathy as a collective gasp goes up from the boys huddled around.

“Jesus,” gulps Rod, his dick thickening quickly.

“This really is a fantastic cock you’ve got here, Rod.” She grins around at the shocked faces and adds, “If it wasn’t so public, I’d let you put this thing inside my pussy. I’d love to feel your thick cock moving inside me.”

“Kathy,” says Ginger, her tone low and warning.

But all her friend does is grin and wink. “Don’t worry, Ginger, she says, “I promise I won’t fuck him.” Kathy looks down at the length in her hand, expression all wistful while saying, “But I wish I could … God but I’d love to feel this big fucker tearing me up.”

Despite her fear the cops innovia escort will walk in, Ginger still feels her own pussy clenching with need. “Oh, Kathy…” she breathes, resigning herself to the inevitable. Ginger knows it’s going to get messy.

“If … oh Jesus, oh fuck,” winces Rod, blinking and licking his parched lips. He gulps and tries again. “If you won’t fuck it,” he groans, “can I at least put it between your tits?”

Kathy nods and immediately hauls up her tee-shirt. “I’m already covered in beer,” she says. “What’s a little cum into the mix?”

And that’s when the biker arrives.


Real fear grips Ginger. This is serious now.

The man pushes his way through the thickening crowd, spring-breakers gathering round as the buzz spreads about what’s going on.

“The fuck is going on in my bar?” says the man. Then he stops dead, mouth dropping open. “The FUCK?” he calls out. “Shit, what you doin’, woman?”

Kathy, who has her back to Rod, the boy reaching round to play with her breasts, palms overflowing with tit-flesh, immediately ceases her brisk backhand action on Rod’s length.

It takes Rod another second or two to realize what’s going on, his groan of, “Oh shit,” clearly audible as the chatter and general revelry quiets.

A stand-off ensues, the biker taking in the scene while Kathy stands there, her full focus on his face.

Then Kathy’s hand starts up its slow stroking again, a gulp and a moan coming from Rod, a fresh ZZ-Top track cranking up over the speakers.

Kathy holds the biker’s stare as she gets down onto her knees, working Rod’s length as she goes.

She grins at the biker and shrugs while saying, “I owed the kid a hand-job for the drinks. I can’t go back on the deal, huh?”

There’s a gasp and some whoops as Kathy wraps her boobs around Rod’s cock.

“Go on, baby,” she says to the stunned young man. “Fuck those big titties.”

The biker looks around at all the expectant faces, then pays attention to Kathy and Rod. “Damn,” he growls, shaking his head. “That’s the next contest,” he adds. “Titty fuckin’! What an AWESOME fuckin’ IDEA!” A grin splits his goatee before, to nobody in particular, he calls out, “Somebody shut the fuckin’ door! Stand guard. I don’t want NOBODY enterin’ my bar ’til this shit’s DONE!”

The biker tilts his head to one side and says to Kathy, “Okay, sweetheart, the floor is yours…” He makes an exaggerated flourish with a sweep of one tattooed arm, steps back and folds his arms, and lets Kathy do her thing.


And she gives it to them. Kathy isn’t fazed by the crowd at all, she works her breasts over Rod’s cock, squeezing the outer flanks with both palms, face tilted to where his big dome pops up under her chin with metronomic regularity.

“Fuck those titties, Rod. Go on, baby, work that big cock. Yeah, feels good, huh?”

Rod gulps and groans, another low moan coming out of him when Kathy leans back and grabs his shaft, her tongue licking him from balls to tip.

There are shouts of encouragement when Kathy’s lips purse around the big dome, her fist cranking the boy’s root down at his balls.

“Oh shit,” groans Ginger, certain Kathy is going to let the guy have her pussy.

The blonde holds Rod’s cock with her lips, her hands mauling her own breasts as she finds the biker’s eyes with her stare.

“In-fucking-credible,” the guy says, shaking his head. He unfolds his arms and paws at himself through his jeans. “Are you two together?” he asks Ginger.

Ginger gulps, nodding, panic rising when she thinks he’s going to suggest she performs the same act upon him.

“Your friend,” the man says, rolling his in obvious admiration. “Maaaaan,” he drawls. “Tatas supremo.”

Ginger gives him a wan smile, relieved when he turns his focus back to where Kathy smears pre-cum over her breasts.

“Go, baby!” he yells. “Go!”

Kathy looks out at the crowd, grinning before looking at Rod.

“Keep fucking that thing in there, Rod. That’s it, sweetheart, let me hear how much you’re loving it. Moan for me, baby.”

Rod winces and grunts, chest hitching as he blurts out a croaking, “Ah, fuck … Kathy, I think I’m gonna blow soon.”

“Oh my, God,” Ginger hears one of the bitchy chicks mutter. “I don’t get it. She’s a fat old whore … Why are these guys going crazy for her skank act?”

“Because I know how to give a guy pleasure,” Kathy retorts, keeping her stare set on the girl’s face while ducking in to such her cheeks concave, Rod’s big plum between her lips. “And I love it. That’s the difference between men you, honey…” adds Kathy, cranking at Rod with vigorous strokes.

The liquid squelch is audible above the music, Rod’s shaft gooey with the lust seeping out of the single eye at the end of his cock, Kathy’s fist working the mess into a foam.

“…I enjoy seeing a guy’s face when he’s fucking between my tits. Not like your frigid, teasing ass. You’ve got the looks, you and your plastic little friend,” says Kathy, voice and face full of contempt. “You’d never get this big cock between your itty-bitty-titties. This is a job for a real woman, baby.”

There’s a ripple of laughter from the crowd as Kathy goes back to concentrate on Rod.

Then someone calls out, “Get down there with her, Itty-bitty-titties — let’s see what you got!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32