Kate’s Headache

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It was a Friday morning in late spring. Kate had had a long week and had a full day of client meetings today, but still, it was Friday. She planned on spending the weekend doing nothing at all. But today, there was no option of staying in bed.

At least, that’s what Kate thought until she opened her eyes. A sledgehammer pounded her forehead, and her neck was too stiff to move. The bright sunshine streaming in from the windows was too much for her. Kate closed her eyes again and turned away from the window, burying her head in her pillow.

“Ohhh.” She let out a low groan. Why today? She had no time for distractions today, especially not the king of all tension headaches. She lay still, barely breathing as the pain throbbed in her skull. Letting out a long breath, she decided there was no way she could remain like this. It was time to go.

Kate slipped her legs out from under the sheets and sat on the edge of the bed, sighing deeply. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror opposite. She was in her late thirties and had aged extraordinarily well. Her skin was firm and smooth and clear, her figure slender. She had no freckles, which was rare for a redhead. Her nose was straight and patrician, and her mouth medium-full. She appeared the pinnacle of elegance. Her long red hair was layered around her face, and her striking green eyes were mostly serious but could turn vivacious at random moments. At 5’9″, she towered over many men, but most of them didn’t mind — her height meant her legs were shapely and long. Men loved her legs.

She was normally not milky pale, but this morning, her face was white as a sheet. As she reached up to brush her long bangs off her forehead, she rubbed her aching temple, pressing hard. But it did no good. The headache would not budge.

After a few minutes of sitting, Kate forced herself to stand. She took her blue silk robe from the hook by the bed and slipped it on. The hem brushed her bare thigh, a tad longer than her nightgown. She planted one bare foot in front of the other and made her way to the bathroom, trying to concentrate on all of the people who were expected at her office today. She was the vice-president of finance at a corporation that made medical supplies. Her office was never empty of people seeking more money.

As she reached the double French doors of the bathroom, her stomach lurched. Kate froze, putting a hand to her stomach and grasping the edge of the door with the other. Oh, God! She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, trying to ease the sudden nausea. But the feeling was too strong. With her hand pressing against her stomach and the Esenyurt Escort pain in her head growing worse, Kate ran to the toilet and threw up.

She knelt on the floor for a few minutes afterward, trying to regain the strength to stand. Her head ached mercilessly, causing another groan to slip past her lips. Then she got to her feet and walked to the sink to rinse and brush her teeth, knowing that work was no longer an option.

Kate called her secretary to let her know she wouldn’t be in, then called her best friend in marketing to cancel the quick lunch they shared on Fridays.

“Why?” Sarah’s voice was concerned. “Are you sick?”

“I have a terrible headache,” Kate told her.

“Oh. Can I bring you anything? Will you be all right?”

“I’ll be fine. I just need some rest.” With that, Kate eyed her bed, which suddenly looked oh-so-welcoming.

After Kate put the phone down, she took a couple painkillers and slipped back into bed with a grateful sigh.

But she could not sleep. She had too much to think about, and the ache tightening her skull was too bad to let her relax. She lay there for a couple hours, tossing and turning, groaning softly in misery. A little after eleven, she pushed the covers aside and decided to take a shower. Maybe the hot water would ease the pain a bit.

The sound of the doorbell made her jump. She slipped her blue silk robe back on before padding downstairs. When she opened the door, Sarah smiled at her.

“Hello. I thought I’d come and see how you were feeling.”

Kate felt her heart lift at the concern in the other woman’s eyes. “That’s very kind, Sarah, thank you.”

“Of course.” Sarah stepped inside, and Kate shut the door behind her.

Sarah was lovely — in her late twenties, she had a bright smile and tumbling black curls around a flawless heart-shaped face. A creamy complexion and mischievous blue eyes finished the package. Kate had always thought she was a sweet girl, and it was very nice of her today to come and check on her.

“Does it still hurt?” Sarah asked as she lifted a hand to Kate’s forehead.

Kate took a step back, a little surprised at the casual touching. “Yes, quite a bit. Can I get you anything?”

“Oh, no. I came to look after you.” Sarah took in Kate’s robe. “Were you going to take a shower? That might help.”

“Yes, I was.”

Sarah suddenly reached over and rubbed at a tight muscle in Kate’s neck. “Go ahead, then. I won’t interrupt.” Her voice was low and almost teasing. Kate’s eyes fluttered closed at the soothing touch.

“Sarah, I–“

“Shh, İstanbul Escort let me help you.” Sarah said softly, and led Kate toward the stairs, still massaging her neck.

“But…okay,” Kate spoke in a voice dazed with surprise and pleasure. She was used to being in command, to being the boss, but she let Sarah lead her like a child. When they reached her bedroom, Sarah drew back to trace her finger over Kate’s lips. Kate stared at her, not understanding what was happening between them. Was she actually a little bit attracted to another woman? That had never happened before.

“Come, get in the shower.” Sarah gave her a sweet smile as she unbuttoned her own shirt to reveal a lacy black bra. Kate’s hands trembled as she slipped off her robe, allowing the other woman to see her naked body. Sarah’s smile did not waver, but her eyes did explore the elegant curve of Kate’s shoulders, her breasts, and the smooth expanse of her stomach.

Sarah tossed her clothes aside and stood for a moment in a shaft of sunlight, letting Kate look at her. Her breasts were high and full, her skin beautiful, and her hips slight but shapely. Turning as one, they went into the bathroom, where Sarah took control and walked to the shower.

Within moments, they stood in the midst of water and steam. The hot water pounded Kate’s tense neck and aching head. Sarah languorously soaped her long limbs and her breasts. Slowly, she poured shampoo into her hands and ran her fingers through Kate’s wet hair. Then, in slow circles, she began to massage Kate’s scalp. It felt so good, Kate let out a loud groan.

“There we go,” Sarah whispered, her lips close to Kate’s ear. “We’re going to beat this headache. You’ll see.”

All Kate could do was lean her head forward and let Sarah continue. Sarah massaged her temples and forehead and even her oh-so-tense neck muscles. When she was finished, she put her arms around Kate from behind, running her palms along Kate’s flat stomach. Kate leaned her head back and rested it on Sarah’s shoulder, her eyes still closed. Her neck felt relaxed, and the pain in her head was not as devastating as before.

Sarah’s hands were everywhere, then, stroking her breasts, rolling her nipples, and caressing her sides. Kate sighed happily. Until Sarah’s fingers reached downward between Kate’s thighs.

“Oh!” Kate cried, shocked beyond belief. “Sarah, what are you—?” She didn’t have time to ask, because Sarah parted the folds of skin and touched a finger to Kate’s clit. Kate’s body jerked violently, as if she’d suffered an electric shock. The current of sheer pleasure Beylikdüzü Escort shot through her. “Oooooh!” Kate mooed like a cow. She no longer felt the water sluicing over her. Sarah began to rub Kate’s clit slowly, and Kate felt her entire body heat like a furnace. Her face was on fire and her nipples peaked to sudden hardness. Her legs suddenly felt like they could not hold her weight.

“Oh, ah, ooh, ooh. That is…mmm, ah, mmm, ohhh!” She babbled on incoherently, leaning her head all the way back, exposing her face to the shower spray. She tried to close her mouth so the water couldn’t get in, but her lips kept parting in ecstasy.

Sarah’s delicate fingers stroked the line of Kate’s sheath, back and forth, like they would linger on a piece of exquisite silk. “Oh, oh my!”

Kate gripped the bar on the shower door, sure she would fall to her knees. But Sarah beat her to it.

“Turn around,” she ordered.

“What?” Kate glanced at her, too dazed to comprehend words.

“Turn around.” Sarah repeated as she manually turned Kate to face her. Sarah lowered herself to her knees before Kate’s statuesque form.

“What are you—?” Kate’s green eyes widened to saucers as Sarah put her tongue on Kate’s clit, and her full lips parted into a holler. “AAAAH!”

Fireworks went off in Kate’s body and lightening threatened to knock her down to the hard tiled floor. “Oh! Ohhhh!” She called out many, many times, but Sarah did not stop licking at her clit. Kate panted. When she sucked, Kate’s eyes rolled back in her head, and she felt faint. For a moment, she really thought she would pass out. Her beautiful lover showed no mercy. As the lukewarm spray continued to soak them, Sarah wrapped her hands around Kate’s slim thighs and suckled and licked, even as Kate mooed and brayed and shouted.

Finally, Kate could take no more. Her toes curled against the floor, and her body tensed like a bowstring. Her hips lurched forward, and her clit exploded in a cataclysmic spasm that made Kate see stars. Her body jerked again and again, and she had to hold Sarah to keep from falling to the ground. “Oooh! Ohhh! Oh, oh, aaaaah!” She shouted, her eyes wide and her mouth wide open.

She didn’t know how she staggered to the bed on legs that had no strength. She felt Sarah beside her but aftershocks kept drawing the air from her lungs and making her gasp out loud. Kate fell heavily onto the bed with her wet red hair spread on the pillow. Staring at the ceiling, she tried to breathe and slow her heart. Her mouth opened and closed until she lost consciousness and everything went dark.

When she awoke hours later, her hair was dry and the blankets were warm around her. Sarah was gone, and so was the terrible headache that had left her weak. Kate stretched luxuriously and smiled as she reached up to brush a lock of hair from her eye. Staying home today had been completely worth it.

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