Kate Returns Home Ch. 21

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By Susan Greenway

[This story includes bodily functions–peeing, pooping, and periods–as well as significant discipline. If any of this offends you, please read no further. This chapter will be much more comprehensible if you read the previous chapters first. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for encouraging me to use her Women’s Republic characters.]

Lieutenant Colonel Kate was enjoying being back at work after her holiday with her spouses, Harry and Glenda, in the second city of the Women’s Republic. They lived there, in Kate’s house, and worked there, too. Kate got to see them, either there or in the capital where she was chief of the Disciplinary and Retraining Unit of the Corrections Service.

Her deputy, who had just been promoted to be MAJ Elaine, was a veteran officer in the Service as well as Kate’s loyal second-in-command. She came into Kate’s office to brief her on what had been happening. Kate relied on Elaine, who brought her experience with her and served as a source of Service info and lore, to the 26-year-old Kate.

Elaine mentioned that her successor as the Commandant of the toughest retraining camp for men in the Republic, Hergolia Camp, located far away in a remote part of the country, CPT Helene, who also was an old comrade of Kate’s, was recently selected to return to the capital. She had been picked to serve as deputy to Kate’s old boss, COL Rachel, now the Special Inspector General of the Service.

Kate was pleased that her friend had received a promising assignment. Elaine had come to like Helene, even though when Elaine commanded Hergolia, Helene had been her deputy. When Helene then had allowed herself to fall short of reasonable performance standards, Elaine had sent her to Kate’s unit for retraining. This might have stalled Helene’s Service career, or even ended it, because being sent for retraining was the last chance for a poor-performing officer before she would be cashiered.

With Kate’s help–they had been classmates in Officer Training School–Helene turned herself around and completed the retraining at the head of her class. She had been sent back to Hergolia, this time as Acting Commandant since Elaine had left to become Kate’s deputy.

Helene now knew she had to perform at a high level, and when she did, she was moved up from her acting status and appointed to be the new Commandant of the camp. She had done an excellent job.

When CPT Helene arrived at the Service headquarters in the capital, she visited her old classmate, friend, and colleague, LTC Kate. “Kate,” Helene began, “this is a nice assignment that brings me back to the capital, and I hope that I can succeed with her?

“Rachel will expect you to be a self-starter, Helene,” Kate answered. “She’s very bright and incredibly competent. I know you’ve done well and will work hard, but although she has a nice disposition, she expects your best. You start with her confidence because she did select you for the job.”

“I’ve been in charge at Hergolia, as remote and frustrating as being there has been,” Helene explained. “I just hope I can adjust to reporting to a demanding boss.”

“You’ve managed to adapt to your circumstances in the Service, Helene,” Kate replied. “I believe you have what it will take to succeed.”

“Kate, you saved me when I was sent here by Elaine, when she was Commandant at Hergolia,” Helene recalled. “The severe discipline you ordered for me straightened me out. Would you be willing to provide some for me now?” I think that’s what I need to keep me focused.”

“I’ll only do this because you specifically asked me to do it, Helene,” Kate answered, “but if you think it will help, I’ll provide it. You must agree to accept whatever I impose now, however.”

“I will, Kate,” Helene responded. “When you especially discipline me, I feel cleaned out and able to perform at the level I’m capable of achieving.”

Kate stood and walked over to close and lock the door to her inner office.

“Then I want you to stand up now, Helene, and take off your uniform skirt,” Kate directed.

Helene blushed but did what Kate ordered. Now she was standing in her uniform jacket, blouse, and tie, with only her panties, thigh-hi hose, and shoes on below her waist.

Kate seated herself on an armless chair in her living room. She beckoned Helene with her forefinger. Helene knew this meant she had to lie across Kate’s lap. She did that and tried to position herself, so she was securely placed there.

When Helene had done that, she felt Kate pull her panties below her bottom and part of the way down her thighs. Then Kate patted her bottom cheeks and even ran her finger down between Helene’s legs.

“You’re wet, sweetie,” she announced.

Helene blushed and said that she was always aroused when she was anticipating a spanking or other discipline.

Kate started spanking Helene’s bare bottom, alternating cheeks and gradually increasing the strength of her spanks. When Helene’s bottom began to become redder and then dark crimson, she started to moan and then cry out. Kate moved istanbul travesti down to focus her spanks on Helene’s sensitive thighs. This resulted in more cries and Kate stopped her spanking.

She again ran her finger through Helene’s legs and into her wet vulva. Moving it back, she slipped it into Helene’s cute bottom-hole.

“Oh, that feels good, Katie,” Helene whispered.

“You do need some more discipline to make sure you’re ready to do your best work,” Kate told her. “Stand up and bend over the end of the couch.”

Helene did what Kate ordered and now Kate faced Helene’s red bottom bent over the couch. Kate picked up her thin cane and laid it across Helene’s cheeks. She drew it back and fired two stinging strokes. Helene screamed, in surprise at the ferocity as well as the impact of the harsh cane strokes.

Kate did not want to have her screaming so that others heard, so she took Helene’s panties all the way down and off, rolled them up, and made her take them in her mouth as a gag. Helene felt ashamed that Kate had had to gag her.

Now, Kate continued to cane Helene. She delivered stroke after stroke, allowing time after each one for it to sink in. Helene’s muffled screams served as an incentive for Kate to continue the caning. She ended the caning after eight strokes.

Then she brought out a pair of the unit’s standard punishment wear, black training panties with attachments that went into the wearer’s vagina and rectum. Helene knew about these panties, because she had gone through the retraining regimen; she did not look forward to wearing them. Kate helped her step into them and pulled them up, making sure that the dorks were pushed into Helene’s two orifices between her legs.

“I’m going to have you stay here with the panties on,” Kate told her, “And if you want, you may also stay the night with me.”

“I can’t say that I’m comfortable,” Helene managed to say in a friendly tone, “but I’d love to stay here with you tonight, Kate. This is both embarrassing and painful, but you are so aware of what I need.”

“I hope you remember that I had them put nettles in your panties when you were here for retraining,” Kate reminded her.

“I do indeed,” Helene replied, “and I hope you won’t need to use those this time to correct me.”

“We’ll reserve those, Helene, to use only if you are truly a naughty girl again,” Kate observed.

Kate took out hors d’oeuvres from the fridge in her kitchen and made two gin-and-tonics for them. Helene found she was able to relax even with the dorks in her pussy and her anal opening.

“I remembered the advice you gave me not to walk fast when I had these inside me,” Helene confided.

“Yes,” Kate agreed, “that’s useful advice. I wasn’t going to tell you how long you would have to wear them, but you’ve taken this all well, so I’ll remove them soon, after we’ve had our drinks.”

While they enjoyed the repast and the drinks, Kate informed Helene about what it was like working for Rachel on a day-to-day basis. “She may very well invite you to join her for an occasion like this in her rooms,” Kate noted. “That will indicate that she trusts you and even if she disciplines you then, it will be a sign that she has accepted you as a friend as well as a colleague and subordinate.”

Helene had experience in accepting the overtures of higher-ups in the Service, and like Kate, was bisexual. “That will be something I’ll look forward to,” she said.

After they finished their drinks, Kate asked Helene to bend over the couch again and this time she pulled down the black panties and they both heard the intrusive dorks pop out of Helen’s pussy and anus. Kate handed Helene back her regular panties she had had on when she arrived.

“Thank you, Kate,” she smiled as she pulled her panties back up her legs. “I’m ever so grateful to you for this…and for getting my panties back.”

“I did notice that they were stained, sweetie,” Kate mentioned as Helene turned red in the face with shame. “Be careful about that because Rachel will not be pleased if she conducts an intimate inspection and finds your panties soiled.”

“Wow!” Helene exclaimed, “you mean she does that to people who work for her?”

“She does indeed,” Kate answered, “She expects to find you immaculate when she invites you to become intimate with her. I know this is embarrassing for you, but do you have problems with stains? I’m only asking because that could get you into trouble.”

Helene blushed again, but then smiled and said, “Only because I’ve been careless. Sometimes I wait too long. And yes, it shames me to say this, but I don’t always wipe that well.”

“You are a naughty girl, Helene,” Kate said with a grin, “so I’m afraid you really did need to be disciplined, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Kate, I did,” Helene conceded. “And it does hurt to say it but I’m very, very grateful to you for both advising me and disciplining me.”

“I’m only doing this to save you from really being humiliated, sweetie,” Kate said, with feeling, “so I want you to stop by my office every day for me travesti istanbul to check your panties. It would be much more serious for you if COL Rachel does it.”

“Thanks, Kate,” Helene said, “I do appreciate your doing that for me. Tell me, though,” she grinned, “isn’t it just a little bit of a turn-on?”

“It is,” Kate confessed with a smile. “I can get my jollies and be naughty, too, Helene, darling.”

“You’ve been so wonderful to me,” Helene now said emotionally to Kate. “I owe you so much.”

“I’m pleased to do what I can for you, Helene,” Kate answered. “You’ve been a friend and I value that.”

Helene took Kate in her arms and hugged her. “Let me show you how much I appreciate you,” she managed to get out. She pointed toward the bedroom.

Kate was happy to indulge Helene. She liked her a lot. They reached the bedroom and Helene lovingly undressed Kate. Then Helene took her own uniform off. Kate proceeded to lie back on her bed and Helene crawled between her open legs and lavished her oral attentions on Kate’s inviting slit between her legs.

After she brought Kate off, and Kate kissed her deeply in appreciation, Kate reached into her night table drawer and extracted a U-shaped dildo. She got Helene to face her on her side on the bed and then carefully inserted the dildo first into Helene’s nicely trimmed, dark-haired pussy and then the other end of the U into her own.

They faced each other so impaled and kissed deeply. Helene began to caress Kate’s nice-sized 36C orbs and Kate reached to feel and tease Helene’s 34Bs.

“This is new for me,” Helene whispered to Kate. “This is fantastic!”

“Glad to be of service,” Kate giggled.

* * *

One of the problems–the ones Helene had had to deal with as Commandant at Hergolia–was SGT Nicole, a young woman who had acquired in her brief tenure the reputation of being the toughest noncom in the toughest retraining camp. Nicole was an attractive blonde who always had a whip and a cane hanging from her belt.

Her glamorous appearance attracted all the men sent to the camp for retraining. In her barracks, she exercised total authority. The men there were proud of having her as their barracks sergeant, even though they knew she would not hesitate to whip or cane them should they get out of line. Men sent to the camp had to accustom themselves quickly to being humiliated by the cadre.

Nicole would take the most serious offenders into her separate room; soon, those in the barracks would hear the screams emanating from that room as the offending male was whipped or caned by Nicole, who never gave less than six strokes when administering a caning. She tempted the men, too, with glimpses of her panties when she was wearing a uniform skirt.

Nicole got into trouble that would have wrecked the career of most noncoms or officers. Kate, in an angry moment, had sent her husband Harry for retraining. He was dispatched to Hergolia, usually reserved for repeaters, and it was at the whim of a lower-level staffer in the local re-education center in the second city to which he had reported.

He also found himself in SGT Nicole’s barracks and was duly tempted by the gorgeous sergeant. The two gave in to their desires and had an afternoon sex session in Nicole’s room. Someone found out about it and reported them to CPT Helene. Helene didn’t want to discipline her friend Kate’s husband, but she had to act on this egregious behavior.

Nicole and Harry found themselves in the most demeaning punishment site, a toilet box in which two miscreants could be stripped and laid on their backs under the two toilet holes where the cadre–both noncoms and officers–sat on the toilet seats and relieved themselves on the faces of the two being disciplined.

Kate was already sorry about sending her husband for retraining and was furious when she learned about the involvement with Nicole. Helene had sent Nicole to Kate’s unit for retraining–this was her second time–and it took a great amount of restraint for Kate to refrain from taking a direct role in her retraining. Nicole performed very well and also made sure to apologize directly to then-MAJ Kate.

Kate even kept her on as cadre at the Disciplinary and Retraining Unit where she shone as a lecturer and disciplinarian. Nicole learned to use much more discretion in her behavior and relied, too, on her old friend who had gone through retraining earlier with her, now-SGT Cynthia. Their work together eventually earned them promotions to Sergeant First Class in the prestigious unit.

Now, Helene was staying in Kate’s expansive suite in the Bachelor Officers’ Quarters. Kate had moved to this top-level accommodation when she was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. She was still just 26, but now had achieved a field-grade rank in the Service.

Helene and Kate discussed who would take her place at Hergolia. Although remote, it was an important post and desirable because its stern reputation often enabled the Commandant to attain higher positions in the Service based on her work at Hergolia.

Kate smiled as she istanbul travestileri told Helene she was going to suggest an unusual approach. Helene listened because she respected Kate’s ability and judgment, but also her ties to higher-level Service leaders, including the Chief of Staff, GEN Annette.

“I’d like to suggest to the Chief [meaning Annette] that two of my noncoms, SFCs Nicole and Cynthia, receive direct commissions and be appointed Commandant and deputy at Hergolia,” Kate announced to Helene. “I know this is very much a controversial step for several reasons, most of which you know well. Nicole now is doing extremely well, but before then, she had what could fairly be called a checkered career in the Service. She acquired a powerful reputation at Hergolia, but she abused her authority often. I think she’s turned herself around. One of the reasons for that is her close friendship with her colleague Cynthia, who brings a very level head to Nicole’s flights of fancy.”

“Do you think the Service will do this?” Helene asked, incredulous at Kate’s radical suggestion.

“I think the Chief is open to innovative steps,” Kate replied. “This would definitely increase the morale of noncoms in the service, too, if they could think this kind of appointment as a possibility for them.”

“I guess I don’t entirely trust Nicole after my experience with her,” Helene responded, “although you have more reason to be cautious about proposing her for such a major elevation.”

Kate then related to Helene her positive experience when Nicole had been selected with Kate to star in a series of commercials for Goose Cookers period panties. Goose Cookers, a woman-owned-and-operated firm that produced imaginative products for women and was highly regarded by the Republic’s movers and shakers, wanted two attractive uniformed Service standouts to model the panties.

This was controversial because some in the Service and elsewhere did not approve of Service personnel posing for upskirt shots of their underwear. Kate, too, found that being asked probing questions about her period proved highly embarrassing to her; she deeply appreciated Nicole’s cool assistance and demeanor during these challenging sessions.

Helene agreed that there was enough of a chance of success for Kate to give her idea a try. Kate decided she’d first consult Rachel, now a full colonel and always well informed about the prevailing Service ethos and equally well regarded by the Service leadership.

Even Rachel, who had seen it all, was surprised at the audacity of Kate’s plan. But she liked it and said that if Kate were willing to trust Nicole, she’d do what she could to make it happen. She volunteered to set up a meeting with Annette. In a few days, they were notified that the Chief wanted to see them so off they went to her intimidating office.

Annette both liked and respected Rachel and Kate, from the time that Kate made it through Officers Training and became Rachel’s first deputy in the Disciplinary and Retraining Unit. She too had not expected to hear what Rachel and Kate suggested.

“This will definitely turn some heads and probably stir up some resentment,” she responded to the two officers. “Yet there’s something about this that I like,” she continued. Looking at Kate, she asked, “Do you believe Nicole is now mature enough to manage this assignment plus promotion to being a commissioned officer?”

Kate said that she felt that one of Nicole’s advantages was her history of ups and downs and her resilience in the face of challenges. “As you are aware,” she said coolly, “I have more reason to doubt her fitness than anyone, yet I’ve seen how hard she can work to make a project succeed, and I gained even more respect for her prowess during our experience making those commercials. She was cooler during that pressure-filled time than I was.”

Annette told them that she would give this earnest consideration. She even discussed it when she went home to her apartment and was dining with her wife Eleanor, the creative director and capital office director of Goose Cookers. Eleanor said that Nicole had the feisty, imaginative, and sometimes unhinged personality that this position would benefit from having her fill it.

The next day, Annette sent a note by courier to Kate advising her that she was willing to move ahead on this promotion and assignment. She instructed Kate to have a thorough discussion first with Nicole and then Cynthia. Kate sent word for Nicole to report to her office immediately.

Despite her recognizing how much her relationship with Kate had improved, Nicole remained wary of this kind of summons. She made sure her uniform was immaculate and brushed her hair again and checked her makeup. She was brought into Kate’s inner office by Grace Benson, Kate’s trusted secretary.

Nicole saluted and was duly acknowledged by Kate, who asked her to sit.

“I’ve brought you here to propose a new challenge for you,” LTC Kate began. “Yes, that might make you nervous, but you shouldn’t be. This is a testament to how well you have performed for us in this unit and how much confidence I personally have come to have in your ability and your willingness to take on demanding projects and work hard to see them through to successful completion. You’ve had bumps along the way, but you’ve managed to surmount them.”

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