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Big Tits

It was her again!

She wasn’t the only girl in college with long black hair, and there were probably other girls who were taller and slimmer, so perhaps I could have been mistaken. But there was one characteristic that singled her out from all the other girls – she always wore a catsuit!

She wore lots of different styles depending on her situation and the weather, but I don’t think I’d ever seen her in anything that wasn’t in one piece. Today she was in a black velvet catsuit, with the silver choker she always wore and some flat black shoes.

I leaned across the train to her. “Excuse me, but you go to the same college as me, don’t you?”

She looked up from her book. “Hi! It’s Daniel isn’t it?”

“Yes, but friends call me Dan. Sorry I don’t know your name.”

“Friends call me Kat.”

This gave me a great opportunity to ask her about her taste in clothing. I was worried about sounding too weird, since catsuits were quite a fetish of mine, but she was happy to chat about them. It turned out that her name wasn’t Katherine, as I guessed, but Jenny. She just liked the name Kat, she thought it suited her.

We chatted for a while, and got on very well. I told her I had a thing about catsuits, and I wished there were more available for men. She said, “We have some in my store. I work at ‘Funky’ in the shopping centre. Come over on Saturday at about 5pm and I’m sure we can find something you’d like.”

Wow! I wondered if that counted as a date? I was going to ask when I could see her again anyway. I said, “That would be great. It must be quite something to be just wearing one piece of clothing over your underwear.”

She smiled, but said nothing.


I’d never been into this shop before. I took a deep breath, pushed the door open, and went in. All sorts of fetish wear lined the walls – black and red, shiny and dull, suits and toys of all descriptions, and some that would have needed a diagram.

Kat was sitting behind a counter, but her face lit up when she saw me, and she came over to me and hugged me. “Glad you could make it!” she beamed. She was wearing a black shiny PVC catsuit, with big black leather boots and her usual choker.

I said, “Wow you look great!” I had to take the opportunity while I had it, so I added, “…and very sexy!” and then I kissed her on the cheek.

She smiled and said, “Thanks. First, lets see if we can get you into something just as sexy,” and she took me by the hand into the back of the shop.

Twenty minutes later, and I was standing in the shop wearing a shiny black PVC catsuit just like hers. It felt great – tight and enclosing, but somehow freeing as well. She stood in front of me, with her arms around me and her hands on my arse. She said, “I guess I can let you off since you’re only trying this suit on, but when you’re wearing your own, you mustn’t leave your underwear on underneath it. It spoils the feel inside, and spoils the look outside.”

“Oh,” I said, “is that what you do?”

She smiled. “It’s not just that I only wear catsuits, it’s that I only wear one item of clothing apart from footwear. So all you see is all I have on!”

“Oh, that’s so sexy!” and I kissed her, deeply.

Once we kissed and hugged, I noticed a wire running from the zip runner from the front of her suit up to her silver choker. I asked her about it.

She said, “I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that this catsuit thing is more than just a clothing preference, it’s a fetish too. And it’s not the only one I have either. Another one is…” and she paused, almost too nervous to speak, “…bondage. I love being in all sorts of bondage situations, and in fact I’m in bondage almost all the time. The collar has a lock on it, which I use for locking the zip of the catsuit to, and the keys are at home, so I can’t take the suit off.”

I felt her touch my groin, then she said, “I was going to ask you what you felt about that, but from the feel of the tent your cock’s making, I think you must like it!” I was speechless, but she was quite right, so I just hugged her again.

Then she said, “Do you want to come to a club tonight? If you’re into the fetish and bondage thing, then you’ll like this club.”

I said, “Yes, sure, that would be great! Should I buy this catsuit and wear it there?”

“Yes, you should buy the catsuit, but there’s something else I’d like you to try out for the club. And this time, no underwear!”

Another twenty minutes, and I was standing in a very tight rubber suit, with short arms and legs. I said, “This feels great, very sexy. How come I’ve lived my life so long without having tried wearing rubber gear before?”

She was spraying and polishing me. “This will be great for the club, especially once we get a good shine on it.” She looked up at me and said, “And it will nicely complement what I’m going to wear!”

She went over to a drawer, and pulled out a chain, a padlock, and what looked like Anadolu Yakası Escort her house keys. She said, “There’s something I would like you to do for me, but please don’t feel obliged if you don’t want to, I won’t be disappointed.”

I was intrigued. “What’s that?”

She opened the lock, then put the keys away. She said, “If you were to put the chain around your neck and lock it to the zip runner on your suit, then you wouldn’t be able to take the suit off until you see me in the club tonight with the keys.”

My first bondage experience! I trusted her enough to let her do this to me. I took the lock and chain, and snapped it shut as she said. She smiled, came over to me, kissed and hugged me, then said, “You’re mine now!”

Just as I was wondering how I was going to go to toilet, she said, “You have a zip lower down for… when you need it.”

She looked at the time, then said, “Give me a number between 1 and 10.”

Odd request. I said, “8.”

She looked surprised. “That’s quite high!”

I said, “Okay then, 3.”

She looked relieved, and said, “That sounds a bit easier.”

I still had no idea what she was talking about, but I got a sudden inspiration that this was a good time to assert some authority. I said, “No, I think we’ll go back to 8.”

She looked surprised, and a little impressed. “Well, are you sure?”

“Yes,” I said, having no idea what I was agreeing to.

She went over to a drawer, and pointed me towards another drawer. From hers she took out a small vibrator and a bottle of lubricant. She said to me, “Take out a padlock from that drawer.” I looked in the drawer, to find a dozen padlocks, all of them open but with a piece of tape over a hole to prevent the lock being accidentally closed. She said, “All the keys for those locks are at home, so once it’s closed, it’s staying closed.”

I took a lock to her. She showed me the base of the vibrator, where there was a dial with numbers from 1 to 10. She turned it up to 8, and I could see it jiggling in her hand. Then she undid a hidden zip in her catsuit to reveal a flash of her labia, rubbed a little lubricant in her pussy, then slowly pushed the vibrator in. I saw the look on her face turn from anticipation to surprise to pleasure.

She closed the zip, and put the padlock through it and through a loop sewn into the fabric. Before closing it, she said, “Are you sure you want to stick with 8?”

I took the padlock from her, and snapped it shut myself. “Yes, you’re staying at 8!”

“I do this every day I’m working in the shop, at about this time. Usually I put it on 4 or 5, which gives me a nice tingling. I don’t think I’ve ever had it on 8 before. The thing is, even on full power this vibrator isn’t enough to make me orgasm, it just gets me turned on and frustrated. It’s half an hour until I can leave the shop, and the same again until I can get home to the keys, so I’ll just have to stay horny for an hour!”

I was getting very turned on myself. I said, “You poor, horny thing!” as I put my hand on her locked pussy and pushed the vibrator further in. She moaned with pleasure – I suspected this time she would not have to wait so long for satisfaction!


Once again, a first for me as I stood outside the fetish club, which was just a doorway with a bouncer in it. He stopped me, but let me through when I showed him the rubber I was (still) wearing under my long coat. I put my coat in the cloakroom and carried on in.

I had hardly stepped into the club when rubbery arms were thrown around me and I was kissed. She stepped back, and I saw it was Kat. She was looking as sexy as ever, this time in a rubber catsuit, but the suit extended to gloves and high heeled rubber shoes too, so the only flesh visible was her head. She took me over to the bar to buy drinks, as I complemented her far too much on her outfit. We drank and chatted while all sorts of rubber clad people came into the club.

After a while, she took my hand and said, “Come, I have something to show you.” She took me to a small side room, which could have been called a dark room except that she put a light on. She took a bundle of rubber out of her handbag, and said, “Put this on me.” Then she kissed me hard, and said, “I did that in advance because I won’t be able to do it later.”

The bundle of rubber was a hood. It had a zip down the back, small eye holes, and a gag where the mouth would be. She stood with a look of excitement on her face and her mouth open. I put the gag piece into her mouth, put the rest of the hood over her head, and zipped it shut. I noticed that both the top edge of the suit collar and the bottom edge of the hood collar had teeth, and the hood had a zip runner on it. I clipped them together and closed the zip around her neck.

She reached into her handbag, and handed me one of the locks with tape over it. I said to her, “If the keys are at home, are you sure Avrupa Yakası Escort you want to do this?” She slowly nodded, but I could see the excitement in her eyes.

At the back of the hood, the hood zip, collar zip and suit zip all came together. I knew that once I locked them all together, there would be no escape for her, no flesh exposed except her eyeballs, for quite some time. I looped the lock through the zip runners, and snapped it shut. She leaped up and hugged me. Somehow, this ball of rubber, this shiny shape of human, looked more sexy than she ever had done. I said, “You’re mine now!”

Next, she took a padlock and small egg shaped object from her handbag. She unzipped the pussy zip of the suit and pushed the egg inside, then handed me the lock, which again had tape on it. I pushed my finger into her pussy, partly to find out if the egg was vibrating, which it wasn’t, partly to make sure it was comfortably in, and partly just because I could. I zipped her shut, and locked it in.

Then she handed me a small box with a dial numbered from 1 to 10. I guessed what this was – I turned the dial up to 4, and watched as her eyes lit up and she put her hand to her locked up pussy. When I turned it up to 7, I could hear a quiet buzzing sound at the same time as a soft moan from the gag, and saw her bending over, lost in the stimulation. I turned her down to 2, and said, “I think I’ll leave you on ‘simmer’ for a while.” She took my hand and we went back to the bar.

We stood once again at the bar, her with a drink in her hand, not drinking it because she had no mouth, and me chatting to her but not getting many replies. I kept nudging up her vibrator power, and she kept putting one hand on her crotch and another on mine.

Suddenly, she took my hand and we left the club. I grabbed my coat, but I noticed she didn’t – does that mean she travelled to the club just wearing the rubber suit? She flagged down a taxi. I didn’t know where she lived, so I started telling the driver my address, but she stopped me and handed him a card. He drove off.

Without hesitation, she pushed me down on the back seat of the taxi and unzipped my crotch. Her head went down as if to suck on my cock, which was fully hard by now, but she could only rub its head against the flat rubber where her mouth should have been. I pushed the vibrator control up higher, which drove her on to pull hard at my cock while frantically rubbing her own crotch.

The taxi stopped. She paid as I forced my erect cock back in my suit and zipped up. She quickly pulled me out of the cab, through her front door, and into her bedroom.

She handed me a key. I went to the back of her head and tried the key in the lock, but it wouldn’t fit. I looked at her, but she just looked downwards. I turned the key in her crotch lock, and unzipped her pussy. The vibrator gushed out, swimming in the juices of the stimulation it had caused.

She moved back to the bed, and lay down on it. She stretched her arms and legs out to the four corners of the bed, where conveniently there were four rubber straps attached to chains secured to the bed. I reached over and buckled her wrists and ankles into the straps.

I stood up, and said, “Go on then, struggle!” I watched as she demonstrated the lack of freedom she had. She could move any limb only a short distance, and not far enough to do anything useful.

I decided to tease her. I knew she would want me to go in hard since she was so turned on, and I knew that there was nothing she could do to influence me, so I decided to be very gentle. I lightly touched her pussy, just tickling her with my finger, and licking near her clit, but only enough to frustrate her and not enough to send her over the edge.

After some time of getting her hot and keeping her there, I put on a condom I found on her bedside table, and started teasing her with the end of my cock. I’ve no idea if she noticed the change of implement, but before too long we were forming a single mass of rubber, pumping and rocking, stretching and moaning, until we came together in rubber ecstasy.

I released her, and we hugged until we fell asleep.


I woke up, still in her rubber arms. I kissed her on the gag. I did wonder what it was like for her, being trapped in the hood all night. I was feeling strange myself, having been locked in my rubber suit by her since the afternoon, but I knew that she would release me when she was ready.

She handed me an envelope, which had a key and a note in it. The note read:

Hi! I wrote this note before going to the club to meet you, so I hope it’s all gone to plan. If everything is going well, then currently I’m still gagged inside my hood, and I’m all securely locked up except my pussy, which hopefully got some play last night!

This key is for the lock holding my hood and suit on. Wearing the hood turns me on, although it’s quite a strain to sleep in it, so now İstanbul Escort I’m probably wanting to get out of it. But, much more important than that, it turns me on that you are now holding the key. I don’t want you to just release me, I want you to make me earn it, and I don’t want you to unlock my hood until you think I deserve it.


I smiled at her. I then left the room, went to the bathroom, hid the key in the cabinet, returned to the bedroom, and said, “I think you had better be a good girl for me, if you want freedom from your hood.” It was hard to tell, but I think she was smiling.

I lay on the bed, and just said, “Make me cum.”

She started to stroke my cock, which was limp at the time. Then she took my hands and pulled them up to where the straps were that held her last night. She strapped my wrists down, then did the same with my ankles.

By now my cock was hard. She rolled a condom onto it, then sat across me and slowly lowered herself onto me, pushing my cock into the folds of her wet pussy. She ever so slowly moved up and down my shaft, caressing it as it caressed her. She sped up, and twisted her body around mine in a way which was very sensual for me, until the stimulation was too much and I shot my load, crying out.

She released me, and I got the key and released her. Once she had stretched her jaw, the first thing she did was to kiss me, long and deep, and then say, “That was fantastic!”


I did feel self-concious. I was walking through the streets just wearing a one-piece red Lycra unitard, which I think was designed for athletes or something, but not designed for going shopping in.

Kat was right, of course – if she was only going to wear one item of clothing, then it was only fair that I did too. There was the small issue of my genitals poking out rather obviously from the suit though – a problem she didn’t have. And my cock wasn’t entirely limp either – it would have been, except I knew I was going to her house, and the thought of what we might get up to was turning me on, even though I was trying not to think of it.

I called at her door. She answered, but instead of the shiny black PVC catsuit that I expected to see, she was wearing a light yellow sundress! She took my hand, and we went out.

While walking to the park, I said, “That’s quite an unusual outfit for you, I don’t think I’ve seen you in anything that’s not a catsuit before.”

She smiled, and said, “Well I did tell you what my rule is. It’s only that I don’t wear more than one item of clothing. And I’m not.”

The skirt of the dress was very flowing, and bounced up as she walked. And it was quite short. If she was telling me that she was naked under the flimsy dress… She said, “I see you find that idea quite interesting,” and pointed down to the very obvious outline of a hard erection in my suit. “Such a shame you’re not wearing anything you can use to hide the bulge!”

We walked on into the park, and sat down in a grassy area. She sat cross-legged in front of me, and I could easy see right up her skirt to her shaven pussy! She said, “It really turns me on to know that I can show myself to anyone I want, but to everyone else I look like a normally dressed girl.”

After a while of chatting, she said, “Lie down.” I lay, and she came and sat on top of me, knees either side of my waist, then put her hands by my head and leaned down to kiss me. She moved her body slowly back and forth, and I could feel her pussy rubbing against my crotch. As I got hard, she smiled, then rubbed on it some more.

I was getting very horny, from the stimulation and the situation. She suddenly stood up, exposing my very damp crotch to the world, and took my hand. We dashed off into the trees, and soon found a spot that we didn’t think could be seen by anyone.

She said, “The great thing about wearing one piece gear is how easy it is to get naked,” and with one swift move of her arms, she was standing stichless to the world. She quickly pulled down my unitard, and I stepped out of it. She walked off to a nearby clearing in the trees, then lay down and said, “Come and get it!”

I walked over to her, hard cock bobbing in front of me. I kneeled down by her head, then stretched out on top of her, so my tongue met her clit just as my cock met her lips. She sucked me as I tickled her, and as we were both so horny already, we quickly came together, both crying out.

Kat got up first, and left me lying there. A moment later, she came back, but this time she was wearing my red unitard. It looked very sexy on her, showing off her curves and her nipples. But then she threw her dress at me, saying “It looks like there’s only one thing left for you to wear!”

I’d never even thought of wearing a dress, but then I’d not thought of doing a lot of things I’ve done recently. I put it on – it felt quite strange, but it did cover up my cock okay.

She walked off through the trees and back to the public. I heard her shout to me, “Come on, no-one will notice!” I didn’t think she was right, but I didn’t think I had much choice either.

I caught up with her, and we walked, hand in hand, across the park – her looking sexy in tight red, and me feeling silly in flighty yellow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32