Karina’s 21st Birthday Present

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Karina’s 21st Birthday Present

After the fire destroyed everything he owned and cost the life of his wife, he was devastated. He no longer wanted to live in a city and happened on a remote farm in a lonely area. He managed to get a lease on it and moved there with his two teenage daughters.

Life was difficult, but fortunately, he did not need a lot of money to live on. He grew crops and kept flocks of sheep. When he needed cash for clothes and such, he sold a sheep or vegetables in the small village nearest to his farm. Even the town was many miles away, and he did not go there often. He had no visitors or nearby neighbors, and he liked the isolation.

His daughters grew up and became young women. Karina was almost twenty-one and Sami was nearly twenty. He took them to the village occasionally buying them clothes and other items they required. Karina was tall slender and strikingly beautiful with dark hair pretty face and a mischievous smile. Her sister was petite and just as striking having the similar dark hair and facial features.

Their bodies were hidden under baggy clothing but still gave a hint of sensuality. Although they now lived in the country in isolation, they had grown up in the city. There they had been exposed to the decadence that was commonly practiced there. They grew up with different kinds of sexuality being widely indulged in and were aware of sexual pleasure.

The girls’ friends had shared how they had experienced sex. Some had sex with boys, and other women and men. Karina and Sami’s parents were stringent and never allowed the girls an opportunity for sex, so they were virgins at twenty. They had masturbated each other when their friends’ stories aroused them and often shared their fantasies.

Living in the wilderness had resulted in their being exceptionally sexually frustrated. The sisters solved their problem by masturbating each other. By the time they were twenty, they had realized that their father had no interest in organizing marriages for them. There were no men around, and he did not attempt to try to find a way to get them married.

One night as Karina was orgasming from Sami’s nimble fingers, she wished she had a man making love to her. She imagined his firm lips, rough hands, and hard-muscled body. It welled up as a deep yearning. After she came, she lay there and remembered her decision to have a child. She decided she also wanted a child. Sami was lying beside her naked, her body gleaming in the candlelight. Her bare breasts and dark nipples with a dark shadow between her sprawled legs her hands still caressing her wet pussy were erotic.

“Sami, that was wonderful! Amazing!”.

Sami’s lips mouth and tongue had sucked her clit and pussy until she was almost at orgasm, then her fingers deeply finger fucked her and brought her to a shuddering orgasm. The caressing of Sami’ s body, the licking of her pussy, sucking her nipples and fingering her before Sami brought her to orgasm had added to her arousal. Now she had further desires.

“Sami. I need a man. A real cock and I also want a baby.”

Sami looked at her sisters’ voluptuous body with her firm succulent breasts, long slender legs, flat belly and beautiful arms and face. Her thick black hair falling over her neck and breasts her black eyes and full mouth and said,

“Karina, I wish you luck. There are no men around here, and dad is not interested in finding any. He doesn’t even get laborers to help with the farm.”

Karina smiled in the darkness.

“Sami, I saw him today.”



“Oh, where, Karina?”

“At the stream; he was bathing, and he didn’t see me. I was in the trees and watched him. He was naked, splashing himself with water. Then he sat on the sand. I couldn’t believe my eyes. His hand was between his legs he lay back. His cock was hard standing up, and he rubbed it till he shot his cum out. I can tell you my fingers were in my pussy playing while I watched him. What a sight! All that work, Sami, his body is muscled and strong. His cock is big, and he came. There is our man!”

“You want to sleep with dad and get pregnant from him?”

She was incredulous and Karina smiled at her.

“Not exactly sleep with him! What other men are around? If we don’t have sex with him, who do we have it with? If he doesn’t get us pregnant, who will? We are 21 and never had a man!”

“Well, maybe. If you do, I also want to!” Sari said, “My friends told it was wonderful.”

“Yes, and dad and mom were always in the bedroom making strange noises which sound like the ones you and I make when we orgasm. I think he liked sex and certainly, there hasn’t had a woman since we been here. He might be as horny as us.”

“Sami, when I saw him naked and playing with his cock, I just wanted to go to him and touch it suck it and fuck him. I was so wet and horny.”

They laughed together as they discussed their fantasies about their dad and their desires.

“Karina, are you serious about this?”

“I bursa sınırsız escort am, Sami.”

They spent some time planning and eventually, they fell asleep. The next day they were excited and spent the day discussing and discarding strategies.

“Sami, I think we need to seduce him slowly, then get him drunk with us and see. He’ll never do it sober. He is too strict.”

The next day they showered early and deliberately bumped into their dad in the passage. Both were showing some flesh. Not too much, but enough for him to notice. Two days later, Karina finished the shower, and she deliberately let her towel drop as he walked past. She acted flustered and bent and picked it up, noticing he stared at her as she walked to the room.

“Sami, dad is horny! He looked at me in the passage when I dropped my towel!”

They saw he was present in the passage every morning when they showered. Next, they sat in the living room with him in quite revealing casual garments. The cloth was specially molded to their bodies giving sensuality to their breasts, thighs and hips. Dad always sat in the living room after dinner and drank wine. They sat with him, chatting. He seemed to enjoy their company, and they noticed his eyes on their breasts, and when one got up to walk, he followed them with his eyes.

Larry was confused. His newfound lust for his daughters troubled him. He had come to the wilderness after his loss to be alone. He farmed and built up a profitable business. As time passed, he would go to the village and see women walking around there and got a stab of lust on occasion. He knew he couldn’t do much about it. These women were married, and he was not going to take any chances and provoke a husband to anger.

He had not noticed any single women and realized he was not going to find one in the village. He also was determined not to return to the city. He solved his problem by fantasizing and masturbating. As time passed, he happened to see his daughter Karina bathing in the stream one sweltering day. She did not see him and see removed her clothes and splashed water over her heated skin. She sat down in the stream and let it flow over her. He watched transfixed. Her rounded full firm breasts and her flat stomach the black shadow at the top of her thighs down her long slender legs.

As he watched, she began to stroke her breasts, and her fingers were between her thighs. He realized she was masturbating. He felt his erection and undid his trousers and played with his cock until he came. He left inflamed with lust and guilt. After that, he often went to the stream, hoping to see her again. Or her sister. What he saw amazed him and aroused him more than ever.

He quietly walked in the trees toward the stream. He heard laughter and giggles and moved slowly forward. There were both his daughters frolicking in the stream. After a short while, they began to kiss each other and stroke each other’s bodies. They ended by roughing one another between their thighs. He saw they were aroused and had orgasms. They were beautiful. Firm fleshed young sexy bodies caressing kissing and playing together with abandonment and pleasure.

He masturbated and came with a deep groan and longing for a woman’s body to fuck. He was unaware that on the one occasion he went to spy, he got there before Karina. As he felt hot and no one had come, he stripped and swam. After he remembered their bodies and got aroused, he masturbated, and Karina had watched him.

As he got up one morning and went to shower, he bumped into Karina in the passage. She was wrapped in a towel, and he looked at her naked arms and legs her damp black long hair and her shoulders he felt lust. He started getting up and going down the passage whenever he heard the girls go to shower. He bumped into both, and his turn on was instant. Then as he walked, Karina dropped her towel. He got a glimpse of her breasts, her shadow at the top of her thighs and her long legs. He immediately became erect and hoped she did not notice.

Now they were sitting in the living room. As Larry sipped his wine, he could see their nipples press against their dress fabric. When they stood up and walked, the skirts they wore clung to their thighs and their cute round cheeks. He was getting hot remembering how they played with each other and orgasmed.

Soon his cock was hard. The girls did notice his erection and added to his lust. Karina let her skirt ride up and opened her thighs so he could see her inner thighs and panties. Sami lifted her arms as she lifted her long hair and let it cascade down. He was riveted on her breasts as she did it. And if not, he was looking at Karina’s legs.

The girls went to bed and once there laughed as they excitedly chattered about how he was staring, and they saw he had a hard-on. They knew he was getting interested in their bodies. Their next strategy was to talk to each other about sex when he was around.

He went to bed and remembered their movements, their sensuality bursa üniversiteli escort when they walked, and their breast and nipples pressing on the fabric of their gowns and soon was mentally undressing them and masturbating fantasizing of fucking them. He felt uncomfortable that he was aroused by them in this way.

The one evening, they were all in the living room when Sami poured him wine, and she and Karina sat either side of him on the couch. Sami kept replenishing his wine. As they chatted the girls casually touched him. A touch on the arm, on the biceps, on his thigh. He felt like electricity shocked him every time it happened and was soon erect.

Karina leaned over him to look at Sami’s necklace and deliberately leaned on his crotch. She felt the sizeable erect cock press against her and looked him in the eye and smiled and carried on chatting. When she moved off him, she looked at him, and he saw her desire flashing in her eyes. He looked away. He was so turned on he wanted to take her, kiss her, undress her and fuck her. But he blocked it.

The next night Sami gave him wine.

“Dad, you worked hard all day let me pour you some wine.”

As they chatted, they began to speak about their old friends and how they all had children. They kept it light, but also naughty, discussing how Jake must have enjoyed getting Sal pregnant.

“Karina, Sal told me he was so hot. She was bathing, and he saw her. He came to her and undressed. She said his cock was enormous, but when he entered her, it was fantastic.”

Larry gulped, hearing his daughters discussing sex. His cock began to grow.

“I bet she was very wet.”

“Well, she said they did it a lot. In the river, on the banks, in the cellar and the fields until she got pregnant. She said, sucking him was wonderful, and when he was inside her she was so wet and had amazing orgasms.”

Larry was breathing heavily as he listened and looked at his girls’ bodies. His thoughts were lustful. The girls went to bed and then they sneaked back quietly and watched him. He was fondling his cock and took it out. He began to massage it. Faster and harder.

Soon he was breathing heavily and his hips lifting. Next, he groaned and spasmed as his cum shot out over his hand and thighs. The girls were fingering themselves as they watched and scurried to the bed where they brought each other to orgasm. They chatted late as they saw their plan was working.

A week later they were watching a ram and ewe mating. Larry was also there. The girls did not say much but made sure he saw they were watching. Later that evening, after pouring Larry wine, they talked about it in front of him.

“Karina did you see that ram. His penis was huge, and he pushed it deep inside her.”

“I did, she must have enjoyed it.”

“I think he enjoyed pushing it inside her. Karina, I wonder if she got wet as we do.”

“Dad, what do you think? Does a sheep get wet when the ram’s inside her?”

Larry was hard as a rock. He was quite drunk. Sami pouring wine caused him to drink more by continually refilling the glass. He was embarrassed, yet he was aroused as he answered.

“I think animals enjoy it as much as people do. And yes, she has to be wet so he can slide in.” They chatted about the lambing season and sex and eventually went to bed.

As they left, they leaned down over him, their breasts exposed when they bent down. Karina gently brushed his cock with her hand as she bent to kiss him. It was hard. She let her tongue slip between his lips and touch his. He responded, and his tongue caressed hers. She drew away,

“Night, Dad. See you tomorrow. We are going swimming in the stream in the morning.”

They collapsed on the bed, laughing.

“Sami, his cock was like a rock, and when I kissed him, his tongue responded to mine.”

“I also tongue kissed him, Karina, but that comment about swimming tomorrow was perfect. I’m sure he will come, and we can give him a show.”

Just before lunch, the girls went to the river. They knew he always rested at that time. At the stream, they undressed and splashed each other laughing and frolicking. In the trees, Larry stood still watching them. His eyes devoured their nubile bodies. He gazed at their breast’s, sexy legs, their rounded firm bum cheeks, and their black shadows and groaned with lust. How badly he wanted to fuck them.

“But I am their father,” he said to himself.

Part of him thought they were seducing him, but the other half did not want to believe it. He knew several of his colleagues fucked their daughters. But he never approved of it. Now he was watching his girls while they were naked. His cock was hard as he massaged it imagining fucking them both. He came with a loud groan, sperm shooting out his cock. As he watched, the girls started kissing each other and then lay on the bank caressing fingering and kissing.

He watched them have orgasms and was erect bursa ucuz escort again. He jerked off, then put his cock away. He took a deep breath and walked toward them from the trees.

“Hi, girls. How you are enjoying your swim?”

They grinned at each other immediately getting excited.

“No problem. Good to see you,”

The girls did not attempt to cover their bodies. His eyes devoured the sight, enjoying their admiring bold looks at his cock and body. Larry let his eyes roam over their breasts, bellies and legs, holding his gaze at their thighs. He felt his cock growing again. He flooded with lust, his cock swelled.

“I thought I’d come by and have lunch with you.”

Karina stood slowly letting him see her full nakedness.

“Wonderful. Sit I will get the food.”

She stooped and slipped on her clothes. Sami grinned, and when Karina finished dressing, she slowly stood. Larry was sitting on a rock, and as she slowly clothed herself, Larry saw it as stripping. He was ready to come again as the lust swept him. He controlled himself and watched. Sami saw his eyes running across her naked body full of desire. She was happy.

After they ate, Karina was feeling wicked.

“Come on, dad. Let’s swim.”

He stood watching her undress then began to undo his belt. As she dropped her panties, his cock swelled. She looked at it then at him and smiled. He saw the gleam in her eyes of lust and ran his eyes slowly over every inch of her nakedness.

Sami saw, and when he was finished undressing, she undressed while chatting to him. His cock was erect as she dropped off her garments. She stared at his cock, licked her lips and then looked him full in his eyes and smiled. It was electric, and it hit him with pure wanton lust. She stepped toward him, and as she took his hand.

“Dad, I think the sheep will be jealous.”

And gently touched his cock. He groaned, and Karina smiled as they walked to the water. Karina walked on his other side and leaned on his arm, her breast pushing against his arm. She couldn’t resist teasing him so she touched his erect cock.

“Dad, do you ever get sex since mom’s gone?”


“I think it shows.”

She dived into the pool of water, and as they swam together, Larry couldn’t help himself. He came up behind them and wrapped his arms around them, his hands fondling their breasts. They felt his hard cock against their bum cheeks, and soon, all three were turned on.

“Sami, I think it’s time to go.”

Larry looked crestfallen and Sami confused. But Sami brightly agreed, and they walked to their clothes and got dressed and waved shouting,

“Bye, Dad.”

Once out of sight, they turned around and peeped on their father. As expected, he was lying on the bank his large hard cock in his hand massaging it. They watched until he came, then ran home.

At home, they were laughing and excited.

“Sami, tomorrow night, is my 21st birthday and I know what I want as my present! Tonight, we tease a bit by showing some leg and skin, and we need to flirt with him, and each other. Just follow my lead. We will get him so full of desire when we take him the next night, he will be doing us all night.”

After supper, Sami poured wine, and they relaxed in the living room. Now they chatted about the farm and the day. Larry had been overwhelmed. First watching the girls together then their suggestion to swim. He was so full of lust; his erection was uncontrollable.

As he looked at their bodies, he was reminded of his wife. Karina looked like her, and he suspected had the same wantonness in her. He remembered his wife, naked, full of desire, her skin gleaming with a sheen of perspiration as they fucked. Her long thick black hair was damp from sweat and hanging down her back and over her shoulders and stuck to her skin. Her warm, wet, smooth thighs were open and sliding over his face while he licked her pussy… he broke his thought train and imagined Karina in his bed. Then he had similar thoughts about Sami.

When their hands had touched his cock, he nearly came. Especially when Karina squeezed it. He realized his girls were now women and realized he had neglected to consider they needed men, husbands, knowing out here they would not find one, let alone two. Larry was well experienced sexually and had fucked women other than his wife. He knew his girls were sexually hungry.

He thought about servicing them himself but pulled away from that thought. In the city, he may have, but the isolation here had given him a different perspective. Once they left, he had masturbated and fantasized about them and later at home he couldn’t keep his eyes off them.

The girls decided to shower before dinner. Now they were in the living room with him. He noticed they were in their gowns, not dresses. As they moved around and got up and fetched wine, he had glimpses of flesh and realized they were naked underneath. His cock immediately went erect as lust stabbed him. He was enjoying the wine and relaxed.

Karina began to stroke Sami’s leg. Her hand caused Sami’s gown to ride up her over her thighs, and her hand stroked the smooth inner flesh. He sipped his wine and watched spellbound. Sami opened her legs, and he saw Karina was caressing her dark shadowed place. He was breathing heavily. Sami stood up and started to leave.

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