Karen’s Story-6

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Big Tits

Later on in the car, Karen manoeuvred the car through traffic and exclaimed “Fucking hell. That was so fucking hot.” Jeanine just smiled. Karen smacked her arm. “Hey, what’s that for?” Jeanine said shocked.

“You bitch. You gave me two options, remember? Either get fucked by Raymond, or let Robert fuck you! Raymond is fucking gay! You lied!”

Jeanine answered. “Gay, or bi-sexual or whatever. Besides, I had to tell you something. If I didn’t you would never had let me fuck Robert… God, that was so cool. Every time I think about it, my pussy starts to dampen.”

Karen played like she was angry, but couldn’t stay that way for long. She started to laugh. “Yeah, I guess that was a really hot night, wasn’t it….” Karen had realized how silly her dream had been in which Raymond had raped her in her cunt and ass.

“So, who was Raymond fucking anyway?” Karen wanted to know.

“Well, this time it was de delivery guy. They are old mates. Every time he gets around, Raymond fucks him in the warehouse. Most employees know about this, and keep out of the way. When I realized you were sent to the warehouse, I immediately got to get you, but I guess I was a little bit late,” Jeanine said apologetically.

“No. I think you were just on time,” Karen said.

“So, did you see dad yesterday?” Jeanine said. Karen looked at her sister for a moment, her cheeks started to get red.

“I did see dad alright,” Karen replied.

“So what happened?” Jeanine asked.

“Well, I went up to the balcony at around five. The curtains were closed alright, but I could peek in through the opening. I saw dad sitting on the bed, he was naked from the waist down. He was stroking his hard cock. It looked huge. I don’t know, about 10-inches, maybe more.”

Jeanine nodded. “Yes it is rather big, isn’t it?”

“Rather big, it is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in real life. I don’t think my fingers would reach around when I held it.”

“Don’t you mean, if you held it?” Jeanine asked.

Karen blushed. “Yeah, Freudian slip girl here. Anyway, Anne, our lovely blond housekeeper of thirty, came into the room. Without saying anything she got down on her knees in front of dad, and swallowed his cock. The muscles of her throat mercilessly squeezed dad’s cock and he was really enjoying himself. Her head went up and down, deep-throating him fast, like she was in a hurry. Dad held her small head with his big hands and held her steady. She was blocking his big cock from my view, but I swear I got wet between my legs as soon as I saw that cock for the first time….”

“You slut, you got wet watching your father’s cock?” Jeanine joked.

“Yeah, isn’t that something. I feel terrible,” Karen confessed. Jeanine lay her hand on Karen’s lap and replied “Don’t worry, when I saw him getting a blow job the other day, I fingered my clit for hours. It got me so fucking hot!”

“Yeah, me too. I started to rub my pussy on the balcony, only a few feet from daddy and his suck slut. While I was on the verge of cumming, I saw dad pump Anne’s mouth with even greater vigour. He was close too. I could tell by watching his face. I think she was happy too, because her jaws must have been tired after sucking that big cock of his. Dad let his cock slip out her mouth a few inches. Then he held her head still and spurted his cum into her. She had a hard time swallowing, and some of it dripped out of her mouth. It was running down her neck,. on to her shirt. The crazy thing was, while he was cumming, it seemed like he looked straight at me. As if he could see me. This freaked me out so much, I didn’t dare cum or move. I was nailed to the floor. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but I thought I would die that instant.”

When dad was done, Anne took his fat cock out of her mouth, and she cleaned his head thoroughly, as if it was an ice cream cone and she didn’t want to lose one drop. I finally recomposed myself and got off the balcony. I ran into the house, into my room and jumped on my bed. I pulled down my jeans and underwear and put three fingers up my cunt.. Just the thought of dad getting his cock blown in the other room, was too much. I don’t know how much I came, but it was already getting dark when I finished fingering my cunt. I felt totally exhausted. Just the thought of it makes we wet now.”

Jeanine kissed her sister on the cheek. “Me too, babe. Me too.”

They both stayed silent for a while. Karen concentrated on the road. They were almost home.

Jeanine broke the silence. “Should we tell mom?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she already knows. Maybe this is the reason why they split up. Besides, you just wanna tell her that we spied on dad getting a blowjob by the housekeeper. How will that sound?”

Jeanine smiled. “Horny as hell, if you’d ask me. But maybe not for mom.”

“By the way,” Jeanine asked. “How is Robert doing on that little movie of his?”

Karen’s face started to look grim. “I don’t know. We haven’t spoken in a couple of days. Not since I gave him a little show with your dildo. (Jeanine smiled when she heard that, she would have loved to have seen it.) I hope everything is all right.”

“Why don’t you call him tonight?” Jeanine offered.

And so she did. I had just arrived in my hotel room. I took of my cloths to get a shower and to get ready for dinner with Dawn, when the phone rang. It was Karen. We said our sweet hellos and asked each other how things were going. Karen told me everything. About getting off with Jeanine, about Raymond and about spying on her dad. I was relieved that Raymond turned out to be gay, I must admit. Now, the story of her dad really shocked me. “You spied on your dad getting a blow job?!” I exclaimed. Then again, when Karen started to describe the whole scene, I immediately got hard. I knew how the housekeeper looked and it wasn’t hard to imagine her beautiful mouth sucking on my cock to be honest.

Karen said that she felt lonely and that she was missing me. “I long for your hard cock. I need it in my pussy so bad. I am almost burning up inside,” she panted over the phone.

“I know honey. But am still going to be gone for another five weeks or so. Maybe you can borrow your sister’s dildo again. You seemed to really like it the other day,” I suggested jokingly.

“Well, the dildo isn’t the same as your nice cock….” she said.

“Thanx babe, but there is nothing I can do about it. Seems to me like you’re better off then me, though…” I said a bit bitter.

“What do you mean?” Karen wanted to know.

“Well, you’re having some family fun while I am here all alone… You got your rocks off with Jeanine the other day, Sex hikayeleri and don’t tell me Peter isn’t willing to ‘help’ you with your little sex problem,” I said.

“Hey, mister, that’s a little bit below the belt don’t you think…” she replied.

“I guess you’re family knows all about that, huh. Especially you.”

“So, that’s it, huh. Well, maybe I should just ask my sister to help me with my belt problem, would you like that?” Karen replied a bit angry.

I got angry too. I was too tired to deal with her bad attitude that night. “Why don’t you throw in Peter’s cock while you’re at it, so you three can fuck each other, for all I care.”

Karen got mad now. “Maybe I’ll just do that. Maybe dad can watch us fucking each other’s brains out. It is not like you care or anything, right?!”

“Right!” I said while I slammed the phone down. I hit the shower and washed away my anger with nice cool water. I felt sorry for shouting at her. Must have been the stress of the film. Everything was going well professionally. But there were two problems rising on the horizon. Dawn and I saw each other everyday. Either on set, while she retouched some of the main actor’s make-up. This often had to be done. Although I was busy getting the camera set up by my assistant and talking to the gaffer and the director, I did look in her direction every once in while and especially at her perfect ass.

The other problem was of a different nature. The whole fucking around in Karen’s family started to bother me. Fucking her brother once, was one thing. But then we both fucked her at one point and now she saw her dad getting a blowjob. And she sometimes slept with her sister and they masturbated together (okay that was kind of hot.) What’s next: a family love-fest? I wondered. No doubt Peter would try to get back into her panties during my absence. And after our phone-call tonight, she probably would welcome him too. Yes, I must admit that I was jealous. Yes, they were her relatives and they all loved each other very much. I guess I just felt a bit left out. Karen was getting fucked whenever she wanted, and here I was, jerking off every night, while a beautiful woman was just next-door, waiting for me to make my next move. Maybe it was time to make my next move, then.

Dawn and I had a nice dinner that night. We both had the day off the next day, so we drank a lot of booze. During dinner, she sometimes let her foot up my leg. At one point pressing her foot deep into my crotch. That felt great. She was in heat, and so was I. No wonder we ended up in my room a few hours later. We were standing in front of the room looking into each other’s eyes. “You want a nightcap?” I asked her. Her beautiful blue eyes were shining and told me she wanted more than just a nightcap.

She jumped into my arms and we kissed passionately. I walked her into the room and threw her on the bed. I jumped right on her, continuing our kissing. Her hands were all over my body, ripping at my clothes. My hands roamed her beautiful body, and caressed her tits through her cloths. They felt big, bigger than Karen’s.

“Hold on Cowboy,” Dawn said between kisses. “I just gotta go to the little ladies room.” I rolled of her body and watched her disappear in the bathroom. “Don’t be long!” I said. I noticed the door of my room was still open and closed it.

While I heard Dawn doing her stuff in the bathroom I wondered if I could really go through with this. Could I really cheat on Karen? But she was fucking other people too. Okay, so they were relatives. But does that make any difference?

I made up my mind. I dropped my clothes on the floor, walked in the bathroom. Dawn’s cloths were stacked up in a neat pile on a chair. She was still sitting on the toilet, wiping her cunt lips. My stiff prick was standing proud before me, aiming at her luscious body.

“Wow, look what the cat dragged in…” Dawn joked. She was finished and wanted to get off the toilet. I didn’t let her. I pulled her mound to the edge of the toilet and pressed my hard cock straight into her tingling love tunnel. She sighted while we both watched my prick disappear in her clean shaven pussy. What a wonderful sight. She grabbed me by my neck and pulled herself near me. I lifted her off the toilet and pressed her back against the wall. She ground her pelvis against mine, wrapping her legs around my waist and digging her heels into my ass, helping me push deeper into her. I fucked her with nice slow strokes. Filling her up completely. We were both sweating by exertion.

I felt the head of my cock press against her cervix and tried to push even harder. “Deeper, Rob. Fuck me deeper, harder,” she said. “Your wish is my command, dear lady,” I said and mashed her even harder into the wall. My balls were slapping against her outer lips, while I fucked her harder and harder. I think we waked up the neighbours because the we made the whole wall shake. Stuff was falling off the toilet and off the sink: a toothbrush, some soap, my comb. I didn’t care. All I wanted was to bury my cock inside her lovely slit as deep as possible. I wanted to tear her body apart with my fucking. I smashed her big breasts with my body and it felt like nothing I felt before. She looked into my eyes and I felt like I was drowning in her beautiful blue debts. Her curly brown hear was shaking by our movements.

“Oh darling, I’ve wanted you for so long. Seeing you on the set everyday, but not being able to touch you, it was killing me,” Dawn panted between thrusts.

“Me too, I just couldn’t hold it anymore… I had to fuck you tonight!” I screamed, while I tried to hold off my orgasm. Her nice shaved cunt started to milk my cock and it was very hard not to shoot my load right that minute. I stopped thrusting into her for a second, trying to stay on the edge, not go over it.

“Are you cumming?” she asked.

“Almost….” I said.

“Pull out before you cum, babe. I am not on the pill, and you’re not wearing your little raincoat.”

“Damn, I haven’t brought any,” I said while I slipped my prick out of her wet slit. Dawn slowly let her feet drop to the floor and stood by herself.

“I did. They are in my room…” she said while she looked at my cock, covered with her juices. “But I don’t want to leave you like this…” She went down to her knees and her mouth fully engulfed me. She deep throated me with great enthusiasm, and it was hard for me not to cum that instant. I looked at her lovely face going up and down on my love stick, sucking hard. Dawn cupped my balls, squeezing them a little bit. “Fucking hell, I am going to shoot my load.” But before I could, she cut off Sikiş hikayeleri at the base of my prick, so the pressure went down for a while. She let my cock slip out of her mouth. “Don’t cum yet lover, I’ve got an idea. Follow me.”

She went back to the bed, got on all fours and pushed her ass into the air. “I want you to cum inside, but not inside my pussy or my mouth,” she said horny.

She didn’t have to say that twice. I sat down behind her and looked at her inviting little hole in front of me. Without thinking or waiting for her cue, I started to rim her asshole. It was tight and hot as hell, just the way I like it. I held her bums apart a little bit while I tried to get the tip of my tongue into her ass. I heard Dawn moan loudly. She was fingering her engorged clit. I think she was having a series of small little orgasms, because her body was shaking all the time.

After rimming her for a while, her hole was feeling relaxed. I put in a finger and it went in easily. I turned the finger around her ass. Dawn turned her head and looked straight at me. “Enough foreplay. Just stick you cock into my ass, now!” she demanded.

Well, the lady’s wish was my command. Or should I say her command was my wish. Anyway, I pushed my cock into her ass and it went in with great ease.

“You must have done this before,” I remarked.

“Man, I love a cock up my ass. Actually, after a couple of blowjobs, the first orifice of my body that was penetrated, was my butt. My first boyfriend was so nervous and the room so dark, he slipped his cock into the wrong hole.”

“That must have hurt…”

“Only for a moment, actually I loved the feeling. Too bad he came almost immediately,” Dawn said while I buried my cock to a hilt in her ass.

“Let’s do that better this time,” I said mischievously while I started to screw that nice ass of hers. I pumped in and out of her hole, stretching it to the max. I pulled out my cock and just before my head could pop out, I pushed back into her again until my balls were hitting her ass. I bended over more and grabbed her tits. I mashed her nipples between my fingers. She really liked that. Meanwhile her fingers were touching her clit at light speed. We moved like this for a while, building up speed. At one point we were fucking so hard, my cock slipped out of her ass.

“Put it back in, please!” she pleaded. I held my cock and pushed it back into her ass. She fell on the bed, flat on her stomach. I fucked her like there was no tomorrow, my cock ploughing in and out of her ass. I took it all the way out and then all the way in, penetrating her little asshole every time.

“Shit Dawn, you’re so tight, I am gonna shoot my load!”

“Fill me up, Rob. Fill my ass with your sperm. Now goddammit. I need it!”

I felt that familiar tingle in my balls. My sperm moved up my cock and I unloaded one of the biggest loads I’ve ever released. I must have coated her whole bowels with the stuff.

“Ouchhh, yeah, I am cumming too. Fill me up, fuck me, aaaarchhhgg!!!” Dawn screamed.

I lay on top of her, feeling my orgasm subside. I guess we fell asleep like that, because when I woke up an hour or so later, we were spooned up next to each other, my cock still in her ass, cum dripping out of her ass.

Dawn moaned when I took my cock out. “Hmmm, that was a real nice fuck, Robbie.” I kissed her cheek and got out of bed. I had to pee like hell. While I was standing above the toilet, I looked at my limp cock. Only a few weeks ago it had fucked Jeanine, Karen and had been in Peter’s mouth. But those experiences were overshadowed by what happened that night. I started to think that Dawn was the best fuck I’ve ever had. It had felt so good. Maybe it was because I was in a post coital state that I thought that way, maybe it was the truth. I didn’t care about it at that moment. All I wanted was to do it again. I came back into the bedroom and saw Dawn lying in my bed. The covers only covered her legs. She rolled over on her back, her tits standing proudly on her chest.

She opened her eyes. “What are you looking at, silly man?” she asked.

I smiled at her. “You of course.”

“You like what you see?”

“Well, it’s not bad.” I teased.

Dawn’s lip pouted. “Not bad?! Well come here and I’ll show you what you can do with it. ‘Not bad’, you little fuck!” she said smilingly.

I went over and she showed me what one could do with such a wonderful body. I think we fucked until daybreak. Then we fell asleep and slept through most of the day.

Anyway, while I was filling Dawn’s ass that night, some other things were happening back in Holland, at Karen’s place to be exact. Had I’ve known this at the time, I wouldn’t have felt that guilty feeling that crept through my body only for a moment, when I penetrated Dawn for the first time that night.

That same night Karen’s dad sat in his favourite chair, in the dark, holding his drink. He was still wearing his suit.

“Dad, what are you doing in the dark?” Karen wondered.

“Just sittin’. Thinkin’. What are you doing out of bed at 2 o’ clock at night?”

Karen walked to the kitchen, switched on a light and opened up the fridge. “I got hungry.” Her dad could see her nice perky ass sticking out when she bended over. Karen only wore a t-shirt and some panties since she hadn’t expected to meet anyone at this time of night. “What are you thinking about? Mum?” she wanted to know. She got the cheese out of the fridge and cut off a piece. She walked over to her dad and sat down on the chair next to him.

“Yeah, I miss her, you know. Things weren’t going that well lately, but if you’re together for such a long time, it’s hard to be without each other…” he said while he took a big sip of his whiskey. Judging by the smell of his breath, Karen could tell that this wasn’t his first drink,.

“I know what you mean. I miss Robert too.”

“How long is he going to be gone?” her dad asked her, after he finished his glass. He got up and poured in another drink.

“About three weeks to go,” Karen answered.

“You want a drink?” her father asked her. Karen nodded. Her dad poured two drinks from the little cupboard that was filled with booze and returned with two glasses. Karen took a big sip while her dad sat down in his chair. He loosened up his tie.

They sat there in silence for a while, enjoying their drinks. Then her dad looked at her, her fine young body and asked if she had enjoyed the show the other day. Karen played stupid for a while, but her dad didn’t want to hear any of it. “That was you, watching through the window, wasn’t it?” he wanted Erotik hikaye to know. Karen nodded ashamed. Her dad smiled. “Don’t worry about it angel. And if you want to know, it has been going on for quite a while.”

Karen took another sip of her drink. “Dad… you don’t have to tell me.”

“No,” he replied. “I don’t mind. I don’t have any secrets for my daughter. It was just a blowjob, that’s all. You see, your mum and I, well, let’s just say she hasn’t giving it to me in a long time. In fact, the only time she did touch me lately, was when she gave me a backrub.”

“Your back still hurting you that much?” Karen asked trying to change the subject. Talking with her dad about his cock getting blown made her feel a bit uncomfortable. She was afraid that her pussy would get so wet that he could tell.

“Yeah, ‘fraid so. Say, would you be a doll and give me one tomorrow? Normally Anne gives me one when she’s working here, but, since she got that party tomorrow she won’t be in.”

Karen nodded. “Sure dad. Just call me when you get home.”

Her dad stood up and left his glass in the kitchen sink. “Thanks, babe. I am off to bed.”

Before he could reach the door, Karen giggled “Yes, I enjoyed the show dad. It was… quite something.” Her dad looked at her. “Please, let’s keep this between us. Don’t tell your mother, okay?”

Karen winked at him. He just smiled and went upstairs. Karen remained in the room.

Two minutes later, her brother Peter came in the door. “Jees, you’re still up?”

Karen said yes and went to the fridge. “You want something, Pete?” she asked while she was standing at the opened fridge door. In the kitchen there stood a large counter across from the fridge, leaving just enough room for two people to pass. Her brother walked towards her and grabbed her above her ass with both hands. His ass against the counter. “I’d like a piece of that nice slit you’ve got hiding there little sister.” Peter pressed his crotch into her ass. Karen liked the feeling – a lot.

“Pete, don’t. Dad just went up to bed and…” Karen said hesitantly. Peter pulled her panties down, he watched the nice crack of her ass, dividing her globes of flesh.

“So he won’t come down for a while. At least not until the morning, my darling sister,” Peter said with horniness in his voice. Both his hands moved over her ass cheeks, his right hand slipping over the underside of her ass, reaching her outer lips. She was already wet, and anticipating his every move. His fingers touched her wet slit and he slipped in two fingers. Karen’s resistance, if there ever was any, disappeared with that first dip into her pussy. “Hmmmm….” she said.

Peter zipped open his fly, his cock sprung free. Without hesitation he pressed his cock under her buttocks and entered his sister’s cunt. He loved the feeling of her velvety lips parting for his 7-inch member and he loved the heat that spread from her cunt. Pete got hold of her ass again and started to pound in and out of his sister. Karen had to hold on to the fridge not to fall down. The fridge shook from their movements. Karen let out a low grunt, when Peter slipped out his cock, only to re-enter even harder into her moist slit. “L-let’s move to the couch…” Karen said softly. Peter pulled out and Karen took a minute to recover. She let her panties slip to the floor and stepped out of them. She saw Peter sitting on the couch, he pulled down his pants, his cock standing proudly in his lap.

“Come here Karen, straddle yourself on my dick,” Pete demanded. And so she did. She walked over, and put his lovely prick into her slit. His thick cock parting her swollen inner lips, stretching her cunt. “Yeah, that’s what I am talking about!” Peter said.

Karen loved the feeling of her brothers dick fucking her in the middle of the living room, the chance of getting caught made it that more exciting. Peter held her ass and practically moved her up and down his shaft himself. Karen moaned, wanting this to never stop. She kissed Peter passionately, while her fingers caressed his chest under his shirt. She pinched his nipples for fun. Peter stopped his pounding, just enjoying his cock in her heavenly wet hole. Her pussy squeezed his dick tightly. And Peter almost came that instant. “Wow Karen, that feels great. Do it again.” And she did. She milked his prick while he was just holding her, feeling his balls getting ready to release his cum.

“You really have the tightest pussy ever….ouch, I am almost cumming.”

Karen kissed his mouth softly, her tongue flicking across his lips before probing his mouth gently, feeling his tongue slipping and sliding alongside hers. Their bodies moved rhythmically – together as one – making a loud slapping noise.

“I’m going to shoot my load!” Pete said. Karen moaned as her brother filled up her wet pussy.

“Hmmm, Pete. That felt wonderful…” Karen sighed. Then they heard someone coming down the stairs. Karen jumped off Peter, and sat down next to him. Since she couldn’t find her panties that fast, she sat down on her legs, trying to cover her pussy and pulling her t-shirt down far enough to cover her mound. Meanwhile Peter pulled up his pants, almost getting his dick caught by the zipper.

Their dad walked in the room. He was dressed in just his robe. “Dad, what are you doing..?” Karen asked a bit frightened. Her dad seemed a bit sleepy. “I am just getting another drink, honey. And I forgot my glasses… oh there they are.” He walked towards the kitchen.

“Hi dad.” Peter said.

“Hi Pete. I thought you were working the nightshift tonight…”

While her dad and Pete talked some chitchat, Karen felt Peter’s cum dripping from her cunt onto her legs. She pulled her t-shirt down a bit more, but then discovered there was forming a wet spot of Peter’s cum in her t-shirt. She suddenly realized her panties still lay on the floor in front of the fridge, and she felt the cold sweat drip down her neck, down her spine, down her buttocks. Her dad walked by to get another drink from the cabinet and while he poured it, Karen glanced over to Peter. He was smiling at her trying not to show how scared he was. He saw that some of his jism was leaking onto Karen’s leg.

“Well kids, I am off to bed” and then their dad left the room.

“Wow, that was a close call,” Peter said. Karen leaned to Peter, feeling relieved. Then she remembered her panties and she jumped up from the couch and ran to the fridge.

“Oh shit…!” she said.

“What is it?” Pete wanted to know.

“My panties. They were in front of the fridge, now they’re gone.”

“Maybe they slipped under the counter,” Pete went to check. Couldn’t find him. They watched each other, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“You don’t think…” Pete started.

“Dad took them, you mean?” Karen ended his sentence.
To be concluded….

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