Karen Calls on Me

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Karen is a divorced woman in her forties. She has two sons, one grown up and one a teenager. Sometimes when the younger one is in school she comes over to see me. The last time she came over, she was wearing a jersey dress. Karen is tall and voluptuous and the dress showed off her sexy figure. She has beautiful shoulder-length reddish-brown hair that nicely frames her face, which is pleasantly pretty, and her smile makes her face all the prettier. On this day, she had her hair pulled back behind her cute ears, which are two of the places I like to kiss her. We embraced and kissed at the door and after she removed her shoes, we kissed some more because we hadn’t seen each other for a long time and we were really glad to get together again. Still hugging each other, we walked to the living room sofa and sat down and resumed kissing, with our tongues also hugging. The sofa is strategically placed with a large mirror on the wall at one end so people using the sofa can look in it and watch themselves. The Venetian blinds gave us privacy but plenty of light for us to see everything.

Besides her mouth, I kissed her eyes, throat, and both those cute ears I favor so much. Karen returned my kisses and her bold hand reached for my lap and felt my cock. Then she unzipped my fly, reached in and fondled my bare cock. She stood up then, turned around and asked me to unzip her dress and unhook her bra, which I gladly did. Then she cozied up to me and started unbuttoning my shirt. When she finished, I pulled it off and Karen got busy unfastening my pants and pulling off them and my underwear. When I was naked she stood up and dropped her dress and bra to the floor and was wearing only clean, white panties. As usual I admired her sexy body, especially the big, erect nipples. It is very gratifying to me to see Karen so open about her nakedness and sexuality. The first time we were together she undressed in the bathroom and came into the bedroom holding her clothes in front of her. Once she got into bed she covered herself up and I had to peel back the covers before I could mutually pleasure us. That was somewhat enjoyable, like unwrapping a gift but I much preferred being able to feast my eyes on her sexy body like I was doing on that day.

I was sitting on the sofa with my legs spread. My cock was not completely hard but Karen knelt between my legs, bent over and pulled my cock into her mouth with her tongue. The flaccidity quickly left as she rolled my cock around with her tongue and the inside of her cheeks. Once my cock was fully hard, she backed her mouth away, held it gently in her fingertips and expressed delight at how stiff and ready it was. She kissed the tip and then slowly lowered her head, taking the entire length into her mouth, with her tongue caressing my cock as it entered. Then she slowly raised her head again until her mouth was empty, and she licked the head like a lollipop. “Yum yum”. It’s been too long since I sucked your cock.” After saying that, her head slowly eased down, all the way to my pubic hair as her mouth and tongue engulfed me again.

Leaning back in the overstuffed sofa, I enjoyed the view of the top of Karen’s head moving slowly up and down, and the incredible feeling as my cock was enveloped by her wet, warm mouth. Some of her hair had come loose from its binding and was partially obscuring my view in the mirror. Part of the pleasure is watching my cock sliding in and out of her pretty mouth so I reached forward and pushed the hair away. Karen straightened up, kissed and licked the head of my cock and secured the hair again. “I like to watch too”, she said, and pointed to our images in the mirror. Then her mouth got busy again at more mutually enjoyable activities.

Neither of us was in any hurry so Karen sucked me slowly and gently and I reveled in the pleasure she was giving me with her lips and her tongue, knowing that I was giving her pleasure also with my cock. Occasionally, I looked at our images in the mirror. I grinned when I saw her looking too, and she grinned back at me. Sometimes, when we saw each other in the mirror, Karen would take my rod out of her mouth, look at me and smile, kiss the head, and plunge her mouth back around my cock with her tongue laving the entire length. Unhurried, affectionate sex is the best kind and this is especially so when my partner is someone as sweet and nice as Karen, who is also so good at giving head.

Although her strokes were slow, in hopes of delaying my climax and prolonging our pleasure, the time came when I knew I was going to cum soon. I could feel it building and I tried to delay it by not looking at Karen’s bobbing head or my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. This helped some but the incredible pleasure she was giving to me could not be denied. “I’m almost ready to cum”, I told Karen.

She took my cock out of her mouth. “Let me know when so I don’t lose any of your juice.” Then she took my cock back into her mouth and resumed stroking it with her mouth, but at a faster pace. After a few minutes at this increased speed, I told her I was cumming and, seconds later, I ejaculated into the back of her mouth. Karen swallowed this first spurt and squeezed my cock tightly with her lips. Tokat Escort She milked everything from my cock, then took it out of her mouth and licked off the head and under the ridge. With an index finger she wiped around her mouth and then she licked off the finger. Karen likes to eat my cum as much as I like to eat hers and she doesn’t want to let any of it to go to waste.

After a few minutes she sat next to me on the sofa. We hugged each other again, and kissed. My cock, now soft was lying against my thigh. Karen noticed that a few last drops of cum had trickled out of it so she bent over, licked it off my thigh and the head of my cock, and we resumed kissing. Besides her mouth, I kissed her eyes and her cute ears again, and the pulse spots in her throat. I had just taken one of her gorgeous titties in my hands and was licking her large, sensitive nipple when she stopped me. “George, I love what you are doing and what I know you are going to be doing, but I need more room to enjoy it the most, and I know you’ll enjoy it more too. Let’s go into the bedroom.”

She was right, of course, so we walked arm-in-arm into the bedroom. Karen was still wearing her white panties but they were so dripping wet that they were transparent and were clinging to her lovely pussy and did nothing to conceal her charms. Once we were in the bedroom I rolled the dresser with its big mirror over next to the bed where it blocked the window. Then I turned on the light. We would have complete privacy and we would be able to watch ourselves cavorting on the bed. I pulled off Karen’s wet panties and she undid her hair and lay down on the bed, her beautiful hair spread out on the pillow. With her gorgeous, voluptuous body, she was a treat for my eyes and I knew her body would soon be a treat for my tongue and lips, and later for my cock. I bent over her and kissed her on the mouth. I knelt on the bed beside her and kissed her again on her lips and on her ears. More throat kisses and I was again ready to caress Karen’s beautiful titties with my mouth.

Most men admire large breasts and, I must admit, that I am one of them when the woman is dressed. When she is naked like Karen was, though, big nipples are much sexier to look at, and especially to lick. Karen has large breasts, and I enjoy that but she also has two of the biggest, sexiest nipples I know of and they are very sensitive also. I held one of the beautiful globes in either hand and bent down and licked either nipple a few strokes with my tongue. Then I realized that I was between Karen and the mirror so I moved over and knelt on the other side of the bed and resumed licking her delectable nipples. Karen was lying back with her head on the pillow and her eyes closed, enjoying the attention I was giving to her lovely mammaries, but she might also want to watch later. They are so beautiful and sensitive that I love to spend a lot of time licking and sucking on them, and Karen really loves this too.

Both nipples were fully erect, because Karen was aroused, enjoying our love making and looking forward to a lot more of it. I held one of her adorable nipples in my lips and licked at the tip. I sucked her succulent titty into my mouth and held it there with my lips. I held it lightly in my hand while my mouth applied gentle suction to it and my other hand gently massaged its beautiful twin. My tongue caressed the nipple and traced the areola. I could hear Karen murmuring with pleasure and I looked up at her face. Her eyes were open and she was looking at me and smiling. Why look in the mirror when our faces were just a foot apart? I turned my face up, smiled back and gave the nipple an extra lick with my tongue. Then I leaned over and started sucking on the other luscious titty while massaging the first one. When I looked at Karen’s pretty face again, she was still smiling and she told me how much she loved what I was doing and to keep it up.

I did just that, continued to massage and suck on Karen’s lovely glands for several minutes, switching my attentions from one to the other. A look in the mirror showed her sexy, naked body beside me, her smiling face and her squirming pussy. I had been smelling fresh juices lubricating her pussy for a while and I knew it was time for my mouth to be pleasuring both of us down there. I licked the channel between her twin beauties, with one of them rubbing delightfully against either of my cheeks. Down her sexy body went my mouth, kissing and licking her soft, inviting skin. When I wiggled my tongue into her navel, Karen giggled and urged me onward.

When I reached her soft, reddish-brown pubic hair, I got off the bed and knelt between her outspread legs. A pillow slipped easily under her ass and her lovely, fragrant pussy was available for my eating pleasure while my mouth was available for her being eaten pleasure. Again, I looked at Karen’s pretty face. She grinned lasciviously at me, raised her legs, reached down and spread her asscheeks to accommodate my finger. Lubricated with saliva, the middle finger of my right hand slid into her ass. I pushed it in and out a few times and then I positioned my shoulders against the underside of her thighs, leaned forward and began to pleasure both Tokat Escort Bayan of us, with Karen’s sexy legs draped over my shoulders.

The first place I pleasured both of us was her adorable love hole, when I licked up all the juices she had been secreting, and my tongue and taste buds reveled in their delicious flavor. After I had consumed all of them, I licked all around the edge of that delightful place. Karen turned partly onto her left side so she could look in the mirror and watch what my mouth was doing to her pussy, increasing the pleasure she felt. I smiled about this because one of my favorite things about her is the way she delights in making love with me.

Another of my favorite things, of course, is her lovely pussy and I intended to concentrate on eating it thoroughly and taking a long time doing it. I pumped my finger in and out of her ass, then started licking the edge of her right outer pussy lip, with my left cheek almost resting on her leg. In the mirror, Karen could see what I was doing and she put her hand on my shoulder in encouragement. After I got more active in eating her pussy, she wouldn’t be able to see anything but the back of my head and I wanted her to see some of the action.

I licked slowly to the end of the edge of that pussy lip because that was the only actual contact she would be able to watch. Karen expressed her appreciation that she had been able to see my tongue on her pussy, and she was already cooing her pleasure at what my mouth and finger were doing for her. With my face pressed against Karen’s pussy, I started licking the inside of that same lip, and she rolled back flat on her back. My tongue probed the underside of the outer lip as far is it could and licked the inner lip as I pulled it back. I kept my mouth in the same place but moved my tongue slightly to either side, as well as probing as far in as I could, then I moved very slightly closer to her clit and continued to lick the same way. Karen has a marvelous pussy and it deserved to be thoroughly eaten. Very slowly, I moved toward her clit and when I reached that precious love button I stopped and then started on the other outer pussy lip. Karen was cooing and sighing and expressing her enjoyment and that was a delight to my ears. The feel and sight of her pussy, which had started humping into my face, was a tactile delight and a delight to my eyes, as was the sight of my finger, going in and out of her ass. The fresh pussy juices available in her love hole delighted my senses of smell and taste.

I slowly licked the edge of the second outer pussy lip to the end and came back and started on its inside. Again, I thoroughly covered the inside of that lip, probing my tongue in as far as I could and licking the inner lip as well. Slowly, my tongue covered both labia all the way to the clit and this time I kept going. My tongue lightly caressed Karen’s adorable love button and her pussy started humping harder into my face. “Oooooo, George, that feels so gooood. Lick my clit some more”, was what I heard. I did lick Karen there but very lightly and not for very long. I would be back soon but I had other places I wanted to go first.

The first of these other places, of course, was her love hole to devour all the fresh juices. After that, I started licking the rim of that delightful hole, first the bottom then the sides. Karen’s thighs had now rotated outward, presenting her pussy fully to my mouth and by now, it was humping strongly into my face. Then my tongue started probing the very sensitive area just below Karen’s adorable clit. She was moaning in pleasure and when I moved my mouth up slightly to encompass that sweetest of sweet spots, Karen’s moans turned to crooning her delight. I sucked on her delectable love button and caressed its top and sides with my tongue and I knew that Karen was about to cum. Her hips were swiveling on the bed beneath my and her pussy was humping so strongly into my face she was almost lifting herself off the bed. Suddenly she squeezed my head with her thighs, and her hands pushed my face tightly against her pussy. If she announced that she was cumming, I couldn’t hear it because her beautiful legs were clamped over my ears. My middle finger, which had been fucking intermittently into Karen’s ass was held tightly by her constricted muscles and her heels dug into my back. The leverage lifted her ass off the bed. I continued sucking on her clit and my tongue continued its probing and licking until Karen relaxed and her ass dropped back onto the bed. Her hands and her thighs released their grip on my head, and her arms relaxed beside her. Karen’s face, when I sneaked a peek in the mirror, had a blissful smile, her eyes were closed and she was completely relaxed. The muscles in her ass, which had been squeezing my finger, relaxed but I left the digit in place because it wasn’t through yet

After I feasted on all the cum juices in her love hole, I started again licking its bottom rim. Earlier, Karen had said it had been too long since she had sucked my cock. That was true and it had also been too long since the last time I had eaten her lovely pussy and I wanted to make up for it. I continued slowly pumping my finger Escort Tokat in and out of her ass while I licked the bottom and side edges of her delightful love hole. Karen was looking into the mirror and I caught her eye. She smiled, made kissing motions with her lips and said “I really, really love it when you eat my pussy, George. Don’t stop”. Then she snuggled her head into the pillow, closed her eyes with a smile on her pretty face and enjoyed what was happening.

What was happening next was that I was probing the inside surface of one of her inner pussy lips. My tongue immensely enjoyed the smooth, warm, wet surface, and Karen was already cooing with pleasure. My tongue slowly caressed the length of the lip, all the way to where it forms half the hood over her clit. This is a very sensitive part of her pussy, and Karen was already moaning and her pussy was already slowly humping into my face. The inside surface of her other pussy lip was the next place for my tongue and I treated it the same way. I covered every bit of the underside of this lip, from her love hole to her clit. When I finished, Karen’s pussy was humping stronger into my face, and there was fresh juice for my pleasure.

A pleasure it was, too, fragrant and delicious. We had both enjoyed this so much that I went back over the same places with my tongue, slowly licking all the way to her clit. This time, when I finished licking the second pussy lip, I caressed Karen’s clit with my tongue, very gently, because I wanted to take as much time as I could, eating her pussy the second time. “Oooooo, George, I love that. I love it. Lick my clit,” was her entreaty. I licked her clit, but only with the lightest of touches and I didn’t suck on it. Not just yet.

Karen’s pussy was humping much harder into my face and her thighs had rotated outward again. After I licked all the fresh juice out of her love hole I briefly concentrated on my finger in her ass. I had only been pushing it in and out intermittently and slowly but now I sped up the strokes. After about a minute of this, Karen’s ass started squirming a little around my finger. I bent the knuckle that was inside her ass and she jumped lightly and her pussy started humping even harder. I licked up the latest batch of nectar and resumed eating her delectable pussy.

I went back to the lower rim of Karen’s adorable love hole and probed and licked with my tongue. Then I licked and probed first one side of her love hole then the other. When my mouth was in this area I was resting my chin on my right hand so I was not finger-fucking her ass. While licking the side edges of Karen’s love hole, my tongue moved up and down sometimes and back and forth sometimes, When it went back and forth, it actually entered the hole itself, and this was one of the nicest places it had ever been in. Finally, my tongue found its way to the top of her love hole, in the small area just at the base of Karen’s precious clit. When I licked her there, I was stimulating that sweet love button and I could hear hear her begging me to lick and suck her clit. “Very, very soon”, I thought. But first I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her smooth, delectable love hole. I flexed my tongue up and licked the top of that marvelous place, indirectly massaging the underside of Karen’s clit.

I backed my face away to breathe deeply, enjoying the aroma of Karen’s pussy. Once again, her hips were swiveling on the bed and thrusting her legs out like pistons and her pussy was humping strongly against my face. I looked in the mirror and I could see Karen’s shoulders and her head thrashing about on the pillow, with her fingers squeezing her nipples. She wanted to cum and she was ready to cum.

I wanted her to cum also. I teased her a bit by licking all around her clit, then I took it into my mouth, with my lips squeezing as far down as I could get. I sucked as strongly as I could on her charming love button and my tongue licked and probed all over it. After a few minutes of this, Karen’s legs were around my head again, but this time they were down lower, away from my ears, and I could hear her crooning that she was cumming. Karen’s hands were on the back of my head, mashing my face into her pussy, and that was good because it made it easier to continue sucking and licking her clit until she finished cumming. This part is so wonderful, especially with someone as sweet as Karen that I like it to last a long while. Earlier, her head and shoulders had been thrashing about but now her whole body was, pitching like a boat in a stormy lake. I put my hands on her curvaceous hips for a little more stability and kept sucking and licking her precious clit. Karen’s orgasm seemed to go on for a long time but it was probably only a couple of minutes until she climaxed, with a spasm that arched her back and dug her heels into my back. Then she relaxed; her hands turned loose of my head and her thighs also loosened her grip but they were still across my shoulders. Flat on her back she lay, with her arms out at her sides. After devouring all the delicious juices in her love hole, I backed out from under her legs, which flopped onto the bed. To me, she looked really beautiful as she lay sprawled naked on her back, completely relaxed, her arms and legs spread out randomly and a mixture of my saliva and her own pussy juices matting her pubic hair. One time, I had offered to take a picture of her like this and Karen offered to break my neck if I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32