Karaoke Night

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It was a typical Friday night at home. Linda had gotten home from work and after dinner we sat on the couch watching some TV. As usual there wasn’t much on and she was beginning to drift into sleep. It was my night out and she knew that I would be heading out soon. As I said it was a typical night. She knew where I would be going and knew what time I would be home. Or so we both thought at that point. Boy, where we both wrong.

It was Karaoke night at my favorite hang out and I had just finished singing a song when I noticed two women at the bar watching me. I smiled as I walked past them and they smiled back. I sat back at my table and was thumbing through the song list when I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up and it was the ladies that where sitting at the bar. They asked if they could join me and I said sure. You know, just being a nice guy. We started some polite conversation and they introduced themselves as Starr and Janelle. As I was thumbing through the song list the girls sat on either side of me helping me pick out songs to sing. I picked a favorite Uncle Cracker song of mine and we talked some more.

My turn came up to sing and once I was done I got the usual response from the audience. I knew a lot of people there and was applauded and encored (That song is one of my best). That’s when the night started to get really interesting. When I sat back down Starr and Janelle placed their hands on each of my legs and leaned into me smiling. Starr said she loved that song and that I sounded great. Talk about ego inflation. I had two beautiful women at my side and was having a good night of singing. What could be better?

After a few more drinks and some more singing the girls asked if I would like to go back to their place. As tempting as it sounded I explained to them that I was pretty sure that my wife would not like that one bit. Damn, but the opportunity to fulfill a fantasy. Janelle suggested that I call Linda and tell her what I was doing. Was she crazy? Just then Starr grabbed my sell and scrolled my numbers till she found my home number and she hit the dial button. No stopping now I had to talk to Linda. When she answered the phone I could hear the sleep in her voice when she said hello. She obviously heard the nervous tone in my voice because she asked what I got pulled over for now (I don’t have the best driving record….hehe). I told her I was not in trouble but needed to ask her something. I was totally honest with her and told her I had an opportunity to fulfill a fantasy with two woman. She knew about the fantasy but was not interested in fulfilling it. When she said it was ok I just about hit the floor. She just told me I would have to tell her all about it.

As I hung up the phone the Antalya Escort girls already had their coats on and where heading for the door. I followed them out and they told me to follow then to their place. When we got to the house we walked in hand in hands. It was a small house but very nice. When we got inside Starr sat on the couch and I took a seat in a nearby chair. Janelle went to get some drinks and after handing me one she sat by Starr. I looked around and noticed pictures of Starr with some guy and others of her and Janelle. I thought that was kind of odd. The guy looked a lot like Janelle and I thought Starr must be dating her brother.

The girls started fondling and kissing and I started to get a little more than turned on. And when Janelle pulled Starr’s shirt of and I saw her tits I just about exploded in my pants. As Janelle started kissing her way down Starr’s body she pulled at Starr’s jeans exposing one of the most beautiful bodies I’ve ever seen. Now Starr was pulling at Janelle’s cloths and soon they where both down to just their panties. Starr was sitting on the couch with her legs spread and Janelle had her face buried between her thighs. I couldn’t take much more and started stroking myself through my jeans.

When Janelle stood and Starr pulled her panties down they must have heard the thud when my jaw hit the floor. They both looked at me and giggled. Janelle had a dick! What the fuck? Janelle sat next to Starr and they both explained that Janelle and Starr where married but Janelle (John I soon found out) had always known he was a woman and Starr understood and would support him through his transformation. Janelle explained that she would not do the full transformation because she still liked having a dick. Hey, that was cool. They told me if I wanted to I could leave and they would not be hurt or upset. Are you kidding? Leave to beautiful women? So what if one had a dick. This sounded way to fun to pass up. And hell, Linda said she wanted details. What a story I would have for her.

The girls walked over to me and began pulling my cloths off and when they had me naked and saw my dick hard and laying against my stomach they both smiled. Janelle stated that I was much bigger than she was. I smiled and said guess we’ll just have to see about that. Starr kneeled and took my head into her mouth and Janelle stepped forward to me. This was going to be a new experience for me. Sucking dick? Never did that before, but what the hell. I took her flaccid cock into my mouth and felt the soft skin between my lips. I could taste her pre-cum on my tongue. A mild salty taste, but not unpleasant. Starr was taking me deeper into her mouth and I could feel Janelle getting harder in mine.

I was Antalya Escort Bayan slowly sucking on Janelle’s cock and cupping her balls when Starr lifted my legs over the arms of the chair . When her tongue touched my asshole I just about lost it. Fuck that felt good. Her saliva was lubing my ass good and she slowly slipped a finger inside. When she took my cock back into her mouth I came immediately. Starr looked a Janelle and in a gargled voice said “you have got to taste this.” With that Janelle bent over and kissed Starr deeply swapping my cum between them.

Starr stood up and bent over and kissed me and I could taste my self on her lips. Janelle kissed me next and again I tasted myself. Then Janelle got on her knees and took me deep into her mouth. I was so excited that my cock was still stiff and didn’t show any sings of giving up tonight. As Janelle was sucking me Starr laid on her back between Janelle’s legs and began to suck her balls and stroke her cock. At that point Janelle stiffened and he mouth wrapped tighter around my dick. She was filling Starr’s mouth with another load of cum.

Starr climbed on the chair and stood on the arms of it as she brought her pussy to my mouth. I flicked my tongue across her clit and captured it between my teeth as I gently bit down. Damn, this woman was wet. Her juices where running down her legs and I eagerly lapped them up. When I stuck my tongue inside her she moaned in pleasure pressing her pussy harder against my face. Janelle was still working my cock with her mouth and was now working Starr’s clit with her thumb. Starr exploded in an intense orgasm as her juices damn near drowned me.

Janelle laid on the floor and after crawling off the chair Starr climbed on top of her I a 69. As Starr took Janelle’s cock into her mouth Janelle began to lick and suck at her pussy. I took this opportunity to take Starr from behind and with one thrust buried my cock into her pussy . She moaned loudly around Janelle’s dick and I could feel Janelle’s tongue flicking across my balls. I wrapped my fingers in Starr’s hair forcing her mouth deeper onto Janelle’s cock. I pulled my cock from Starr’s pussy and Janelle swallowed it deep into her throat. As I fucked Janelle’s throat she shoved three fingers into Starr’s pussy. Starr thrust back hard and with a grunt came again.

Starr climbed off Janelle and bent over the couch. I stood behind her and thrust my cock back inside her. Slowly pumping in and out of her. Janelle left the room and quickly returned holding something. As she stood behind me I felt a her finger slip between my ass cheeks with a slippery liquid on it. My eyes widened a little. She was lubing my asshole. She slipped a finger inside me as I was fucking Escort Antalya Starr and slowly worked it in and out. She spread my ass cheeks and when I felt the head of her dick pressed against my asshole I tensed up. Janelle cooed into my ear and told me to relax. I did and I could feel her cock pressing into me. The pain was intense but as I began to relax and she slipped deeper into me it became pleasurable. I was fucking Starr’s pussy and Janelle was fucking my ass in a slow rhythm. God this felt good.

After a few more strokes I could feel Janelle tense and her cock expand and begin to pulse in my ass. She was cumming in my ass! This sent me into my own orgasm and I filled Starr’s pussy with my own cum. Janelle slowly pulled her cock from my ass and I could feel her cum running down my leg. As I pulled my cock from Starr’s pussy my cum flowed from her as well. Janelle and I both dived into Starr’s pussy tasting my cum mixed with her juices.

Janelle said she felt cheated because she had not felt my cock inside her man pussy. I smiled and told her to give me a couple minutes and then she would not be so cheated. That didn’t quite seem to fit in her plans. She knelt down and started sucking my cock. Starr decided that that was to much fun to miss out on and she began sucking and licking my balls. I was hard again in no time. I sat on the couch and Janelle straddled me lowering her ass to my cock. As my cock pressed to her man pussy she sighed with pleasure slowly lowering herself onto me. I guess this wasn’t good enough for Janelle because after a few strokes and she was used to my size inside her she pulled off of me and turned around. Sitting back on my lap and taking my cock back into her ass she grabbed Starr by the hair and pulled her mouth to her cock. Janelle rocked back and forth on my cock and Starr had her cock deep in her throat. Starr was cupping and massaging my balls and I reached around cupping and massaged Janelle’s balls. Starr was thumbing her clit and had two fingers buried deep in her pussy. We all ended up cumming at the same time. I filled Janelle’s ass with my cum, she filled Starr’s mouth with hers, and Starr flooded her hand with her own juices.

We all went to their bed and slept for the rest of the night exhausted. When I woke the next morning the girls where in the shower and I joined them. We all washed each other, and after dressing and some shared kissing we said our goodbyes. As I was walking out the door Starr handed me a gold card pass to the most elite men’s club in town. She told me I would have to bring Linda If I wanted to get in. I agreed and left.

When I got home I was really nervous. I expected to see my bags at the door and no Linda to be found. To my surprise Linda was sitting on the couch coffee in hand and a cup ready for me. She smiled and said, “have fun? Tell me a story.” God did I have a story for her. I sat down showed her the gold card pass and began my tale.

That night we used the pass. But, that is another story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32