Kallie Slips the Leash Ch. 01

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This whore is out there.

She might be reading this.

She knows who will always own her.


She looked like shit. She wasn’t kidding, she had become fat, so very fat.

I expect that she had put on at least another 50 or 60 pounds, meaning she had broken the 300 mark.

It showed in her face, heavier thighs, rounded ass, and of course her already massive breasts and belly. Her dress was tight, worn thin in the places her body had thickened, a twist or turn in the wrong direction would split a seam with no effort.

Her tiny fat feet had been recently cared for, a home pedicure certainly. An effort to be sure, as she would have to have maneuvered her breasts and belly out of the way to reach her toes. She curled her toes in her sandals, nervously.

Her wavy hair had grown out of its last cut, down to her shoulders, it added to her general air of disrepair. She was a woman long lost, and age was beginning to take her, a wrinkle here and there despite her weight, signs of laughter and deep sorrow.

In her short thick fingers, she clutched her battered phone, anxiously checking the screen for a phone call that hadn’t happened yet.

She sat on a brick half wall in the shade, a trickle of sweat falling into the vast chasm of her cleavage. She kept bringing her fingers to her mouth, because she wanted to bite xslot her nails. At least she remembered that much of her rules, she checked her phone, looked around for anyone that might be watching, and readjusted her tits.

In the moment, she didn’t look anything like a woman who had been trained for nearly a decade to act and react like one man’s perfect whore.

Now in her early 40’s, she did look like a huge pothead, which she was, she looked like she was at the end of her tether, which was also true.

There are certain things that you can run from, and who you actually are isn’t one of them. This whore had found her way back home.


She startled, fumbling the contents of her bag onto the ground.

“Oh! Master, I… ” she choked a little on the words, “I am so happy to see you.”

Her embrace was full and used every ounce of her body. Her eyes were puffy, dilated to a point that you could not tell what color they actually were.

She wept quietly.

I allowed her the moment.

“Enough tears, Kallie.”

My right hand went to the small of her back, and the left tangled in the hair at the back of her neck. I pulled her head gently back, exposing her throat to me, while pulling her soft belly into my hardened cockmeat. Her hands dropped, extended to her sides, her body was almost xslot Giriş limp.

“Yes, Daddy, I mean Master, Sir. I’m sorry.”

I brought my lips close to hers, almost as if I was going to kiss her.

“Who’s whore are you?”

“Yours, Master. Always yours.”

“Have you been anyone else’s whore since you slipped the leash?”

“No Sir! I tried to date, but… “

“But what?”

My fingers turned in her hair, pulling her closer.

“But i couldn’t let myself let anyone else fuck your property without permission!”

Her tears flowed freely down her face, and were lost into her cleavage. I slipped my hand from the small of Kallie’s back to the buttons straining to contain her tits.

I plucked the top two, as her breathing went shallow and closed her eyes. I dipped a finger into her massive cleavage chasing the teardrops.

My tongue darting out to taste the saltiness on her cheek.

Behind the cars, obscured from view, I whispered into her ear.

“Of course you couldn’t. Now how will you make it up to me that you tried?”

Her trembling hands fumbled at my zipper, her hands were cold on my cock as she knelt to worship.

“I’m sorry Daddy… cock… coc…k”

The of the words were lost as the length and thickness of my shaft found its way down her velvety throat. xslot Güncel Giriş She’d not lost any of her ability or her skill.

“Daddy, I’m sorry… “

She said as she gasped for air, her hair plastering to her wet cheeks.

“I’m your whore, yours. Please take me back, I’ll be good, I’ll be the best whore ever. I’ll clean the cum from your cock when you fuck other bitches, I’ll do my chores and punish myself for your pleasure, I’ll – “

I pulled her head back onto my meat, the only sure way to silence her prattle.

“you will do as you are told from this moment. Do not think, or decide, or any of the bullshit things that made you believe that you could be anything other than what you are.”

I stopped the rhythmic mouth fucking of my cock with her lips nested against my balls. She couldn’t breathe like this.

“you are a cheep, worthless, pothead whore whose only redeeming quality is who you belong to.”

She nodded her agreement vigorously, almost triggering my orgasm.

“Fucking cow. “

I released her head, allowing her to continue.

Her hands clutched my ass, as my cum spilled down her throat.

Her head bobbed and twisted masterfully extracting all but the last blast of cum, which I placed on her fore head and let slowly run down the side of her nose, lips, chin, and finally tits.

She licked the spunk from her lips, reaching up for the rest.

“Leave it. You can go to work that way.”

“Thank you Master.”

She was blissed out in subspace.

“Oh Master?”

“Yes whore?”

“Will i get to meet your wife?”

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