Kait’s Story Ch. 03

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Kait was up and working when I woke.

I lay there thinking about last night and wanting to talk to her about it. I also wanted to stay where I was and get my own thoughts straight.

I grabbed coffee and logged on to the computer before checking in with Kaitlin.

She’d sent me an email. All she wrote was “THANK-YOU.”

I smiled to myself. I wanted to go outside, hug her and tell her that I wanted to talk whenever she was ready but I had another email from Jerry, my buddy in the City, Kait’s Uncle, that I opened first. Jerry wanted to know if I was still heading up there on Thursday and if his Niece would be coming too.

Years ago Jerry and I had been involved in a rather strange but immensely sexual and satisfying relationship with a girl named Caroline. Jerry wanted to let me know that Caroline was in the City and a get together could be in our future.

It was the last thing I wanted right now but I didn’t want to have to explain why to Jerry. For the first time I felt some wariness about explaining it all to Kait. I knew on one hand that I wanted to tell her everything but on the other I wasn’t sure that I was ready to tell her the details of the most erotic period of my life.

It would be better to tell her about a few of the one night stands and long term monogamous relationships before launching into the story of the fuck fest that summed up my time with Caroline. The fact that her Uncle was implicated in the whole history of events wouldn’t help either. Beyond this I wanted Kait to stick around. I sensed that she would but I didn’t want to throw doubts in her way either.

I replied to Jerry and told him I’d let him know on both counts later. I logged off and went out to the garden leaving a couple of dozen emails unopened. Kait walked towards me and hugged me tightly to her. Her hug was long enough for me to know that she needed hugging back.

“You ok?” I asked.

“If you are, if we are.”

“Couldn’t be better Kait. It was the most amazing event of my life.” I figured I could find a way to explain why it was if only by the difference of the experience versus any other I’d ever had.

She hugged me tighter “can we have lunch together?”

“Of course we can, I’m going to the gym for an hour, you want me to make reservations somewhere?”

“No, we can eat here.”

She hugged me again and looked up at me, our lips met and I spoke in a whisper as I took her face in my hands “Kait, don’t worry about it, it was beautiful.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure, I want us to be open and honest, it’s the best thing and you enjoyed it right?”

“Oh so much Ben. I just loved it, I didn’t sleep a wink through thinking about it. I masturbated twice in the night.” The words rushed out of her now. She was over the shy hesitation of a few seconds earlier.

“Oh dear sweet Kait, you must be so tired, you should have woken me. Take a nap maybe?”

“No, I’m fine, let’s just have an early night.”

“As you wish Kait, but Kait, it was beautiful and I’m here and you’re here and we’re together and we’ll be fine.”

“Will we do it again?”

“If you want to we will, do you want to?”

She put her face back to my chest, she couldn’t look at me as she said “yes, you know I do, I want all of it.”

“Then you shall have it all.”

She looked back at me “But Ben, you have to be with me, I need you with me for it all or I don’t want any of it, you make me safe.”

I realized she’d probably been contemplating this conversation since last night had happened. Since Chris had fucked her she’d been thinking about the ‘what happens next’ question. She was finger fucking herself in the night as she relived it all. As I was sleeping like a log long after she’d risen, she was probably worried sick about how this would work out. For the first time in my life I became surprised by my own sensitivity to a lover’s feelings. Sure I’d sometimes been sensitive but never this sensitive. It dawned on me again, more brightly than before, I’d never wanted to be with anybody like I wanted to be with Kaitlin.

I smiled at her now “Kait, are you telling me that you want the hooded stranger? The girls in the magazine? Chris the runner?”

Her turn to smile “yes, and all at the same time but most of all…. I want you.”

I smiled at her as I held her more tightly to me “Then you’ll have it all Kait, we’ll have it all, I want it too Kait.”

“I hoped you would. I kind of knew you would too I guess.”

“You’re very perceptive Kait. Where do we begin?” I knew it was okay to smile again.

“You’ll have to decide, I want to be….” she trailed off and looked away again.

“Say it Kait, it’s okay, you can say it, whatever it is.”

She looked back at me before she spoke slowly and quietly “I want to be…. slutty.”

My lips creased “you want to be slutty? Does that mean you want to be a slut?”

“Yes, it does, it just sounds different, or feels different but yes, that’s what I want to be.” It was her turn to hug me more tightly. escort bayan Seeking approval.

I smiled more broadly but I tried to make it a friendly smile of reassurance “say it Kait, see if you can say it. I think last night you showed me that you could be it. Now say it.”

She spat out the words “I want to be a slut. There. I said it.”

“Yes you did, and I am the luckiest old bastard on the planet.”

“Stop it, you’re not old.” Another tight squeeze. She didn’t want to let go.

“Yes I am, well no I’m not but relative to you I am and it’s a good thing.”

“Well, I like it that way.”

“Me too Kait. If I was 20 years younger I couldn’t handle this conversation. I couldn’t handle you for that matter. As it is I can handle both and love you more.”

“What?” She gave me a look of surprise and as it spread across her face I realized why, I’d used the “L” word.

“Yes, Kait, I love everything about you.”

She hugged me tighter again but briefly.

Kait signaled that she felt better by releasing herself from our embrace. It was a wonderful feeling to have again openly overcome a hurdle by airing it but it was Kait’s doing and she did it very naturally.

I left her to her work as I left for the gym. I contemplated how I would tell her about Caroline. I wasn’t worried about how she’d react but I wanted to make sure that she got all the reassurance I could offer and that our relationship would not stall because of it. She was hard to shock and her mind was so open. I felt that the likelihood of her being excited by tales of Caroline were also high and I wasn’t wrong about that.

The biggest difficulty was going to be keeping her Uncle Jerry’s name out of the story. Not least to protect Jerry and her relationship with him but also, it crossed my mind, that she might be turned off of the whole idea if she was conjuring up images of Jerry engaged in wild gang bangs with other men and one or two women. By the time I’d completed my work-out I knew I had to tell Kait the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I accepted that I wasn’t in control of the consequences but this relationship didn’t need any lies.

I called to Kait from the porch when lunch was ready. She washed up and we sat outside to eat. Her gorgeous long legs crossed, exposed from her tight denim shorts with ragged edges. The sun had turned her skin into a beautiful deep shade of honey. Work boots and white socks completed the lower half. One of my T shirts covered the top and her hair hung from the back of her old baseball cap.

“Kait, I want to tell you a story.”

“Oh good, I like stories.” She raised her eyebrows.

We smiled at each other.

“It was about 10 years ago, Jerry and I worked together at a place called TMG, it was before I went out on my own. We had a colleague, a girl called Caroline, who had a real need to get fucked my multiple partners. She wanted to be tied up and gang banged amongst other things and we organized that for her with some clients…..”

“Uncle Jerry and you?” The element of shock in her voice was noticeable but not as obvious as I might have expected.

“Yes, let me finish before you become too shocked.”

“I’m not shocked Ben. My Mom always described Jerry as a pig but frankly I like him.”

“Well, that’s good because he’s a good guy. I think not judging him negatively is the best approach. Anyway, this whole experience is probably the wildest story of my sexual career, well, the only wild story. So if you’re not shocked by this, you won’t be shocked by anything I could ever tell you. It just seems soon to be telling you and with Jerry being related to you, well, it’s a little bit awkward too.”

“I’ll hold off on the questions, should I take notes?” Kait winked at me.

“Sure, just don’t talk with your mouth full. As I was saying, Caroline got off on multiple partners, being tied up and creating a non-consensual, well, almost a gang rape situation. The thing is, she was a willing participant and Jerry and I would organize gang bangs for her and us and clients too. Sometimes Jerry and I would fuck her all day. She wanted pain, not nasty pain, not a beating but a pleasurable temporary pain from sex and fucking and this felt better if she was blind folded and tied up. She wanted strangers. She wanted us all to fuck her and the more we did, the better she felt…..”

“Oh my God, that’s how I feel sometimes….”

I smiled at her, “I know, that’s how I know, let me finish.”

“Sorry, I’ll take another bite” she filled her mouth with sandwich.

“Something you said made me know exactly how you felt. Caroline wanted to be a slut too but she wanted protection with it, she wanted to feel safe exactly how you’d described wanting to be safe with it. Caroline could be fucked by eight guys and then be happy to be alone but she needed to know that Jerry or I were there for her, that we understood her, that she could call us if she wanted to, that she could just be near us and feel safe which she escort bayan always was. She introduced us to a friend of hers, Jennifer, and we had some very wild times together. It was all about sex. When she wasn’t getting fucked or burning the midnight oil at work, she’d call to talk about getting fucked. She talked about dreams of cum and what she wanted done to her. That was it, cum was her focus in life.” Kait giggled as I smiled to make it seem almost funny. “She’d leave me messages at the office, they’d last for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, until the recorder cut her off. Then she’d call back. She was completely insatiable, she got off on telling us what she wanted us to arrange. Then she’d do the same to Jerry. Describing what she wanted, how many cocks, where she wanted their cum. It was hot and incredibly sexy but it became non-stop. From the occasional crazy sexual interlude, it became out of control, it took over from work and luckily it ended before we all got fired.”

“How did it end?”

“Eventually I decided that I wanted to start my own business, my marriage was already over and it just came time to move on. From time to time I’ve seen Caroline and Jennifer, even together with Jerry but the wild times are behind us. As I was planning my move Caroline moved on herself. We had a big client, Mersons, they decided to take the advertising in house and they recruited Caroline, she’s still with them I think. Any more?”

“What happened to Jennifer?”

“Funny you should ask. Jennifer was not at all like Caroline. She wasn’t crazy about fucking but she loved to suck cock and especially pussy. She loved to be there and watch but she lived for Caroline. She lives with her now I think unless something changed.”

“Wow, I see.”

“Any more questions?”

“Yes, lots more, but I need to think first.” She was smiling. “I want you to tell me more later.”

“I can do that but Jerry has asked me if you’ll be coming to the City tomorrow and Caroline might be in town.”

“Oh, I see. When did you last see her?”

“It’ll be over a year ago.”

“Did you fuck her then?”

I paused “Yes.”

“With Jerry?”

“Yes, with Jerry.”

“Anybody else?”


“I see. Well, I want us to go to the City and I’m ready to tell Jerry that I’m falling in love with you but I have no desire to jeopardize what we have by being with Caroline or anybody else. I only want what we decide we want together. Not people you already know. Were you planning on telling me too or just Jerry?” She smiled again.

“I think I’ve touched on it but let me make it clear… Kait, sweet slutty sexy Kait, I am falling in love with you.”

“Good, ditto, no not ditto. I love you already but it’s okay, you can hold something back, I understand that. Now I have to prepare for the delivery of the most beautiful garden shed in America. Thanks for lunch.”

She stood and left the table, looking back at me with a wink, she swayed her ass my way, paused, bent over with her hands hooked behind her calves and looked back at me from between her legs. I leaned back in my chair as her hands slid upwards, reaching her ass and briefly pulling her cheeks outwards. I laughed with her. Her cap fell off and she replaced it as she walked away, still swinging her sexy ass.

“Kait, what do I tell Jerry?” I called after her.

“What do you want to tell him?”

“That we’ll be there, you too but that I have no interest in hooking up with Caroline. That we have a lot to do but we can grab lunch with him.”

“Good, that works for me.”

I went into the house and replied to Jerry’s questions. I spent about an hour on work mails, a few of them contained very good news, some indifferent, some routine and nothing bad. I let the office know that I’d be in for a while the next day. I asked for the attorney to be present for a meeting concerning a potential buy out.

My next disturbance arrived with a delivery truck. All the pieces of the shed were delivered along with fencing panels, posts, bags of cement, a hole digging tool and a bunch of other stuff. I signed and presented the check in the usual manner and the two guys on the truck set to work. Kaitlin hovered nearby and generally seemed to be assuming a supervisory role as she moved between red flagged stakes.

I took out a selection of sodas and left them to it. Returning to work the phones myself.

Eventually she came in “how’s it going?” I asked.

“The shed is erect, the fencing posts are erect and the cement is setting. They’ve gone, I’m wiped out and only if you get erect do I want to hear from you in the next hour. I’ll be in the tub.”

“Good, I’m saving myself for Miss Clean.”

“Well, that could be me in an hour or so. Right now I’m Miss Dirty.” She chuckled back at me as she stood from the kitchen table “but I might be Miss Clean and Dirty later.” She flicked her foot back into the doorway as she left the room.

There was a knock on the door and I went to answer bayan escort gaziantep it. The very attractive thirty-something Ellen White introduced herself as a neighbor from the next street. She’d seen the progress we’d been making on the garden and wondered if she could get the name and number of the contractor. I suggested she give me her number and I’d have them call her. She agreed and I asked her in as I retrieved a pen and paper. I heard Kait singing along with a tune upstairs and kept my smile to myself. Ellen White commented on how nice the house was and asked how long I’d been here.

“It’s been a work in progress for four years Ellen, just really getting to the final stages now.”

“Well, it’s beautiful. And the garden, I can see it’s going to be amazing.”

“I think so too. How about you and your husband come to a party we should probably have when it’s all done.” This was the best idea I could come up with for not offering a grand tour but more than this I noticed that I’d said “we” as opposed to “I”. I confirmed to myself that there was zero chance of me throwing any parties unless Kait was with me.

“Oh that would be nice but there’s no Mr. White. Still, perhaps I’ll have a date by then.” A drizzle of nervous laughter escaped her.

“I see, maybe you will.” I raised my eyebrows and offered a smile. I followed her back to the door, we shook hands and she left.

Kait emerged fresh faced and sparkling clean. Cocooned in a Terri robe and the customary towel wrapped around her locks. “What’s for dinner stud?”

“Well studdess, you name it, I’ll make it, check that, I’ll procure it.”

“How about coq au vin?”

“Were you thinking chicken in a white wine sauce? Or something more, er, frisky?” I knew I might be opening the conversation up for what she really wanted to laugh about.

“Just bring me your cock and a glass of wine. Maybe order a pizza too? She smiled, I smiled. “No, really, let’s just order something, anything, what do you want?”

“You’re not old enough to drink but I might like coq au vin too.”

“Ooohhh Baby, now that would be something.”

“Oh yeah” I approached her now “you think you’d like to see that?”

“Would I ever. Oh come here.” She opened her robe and her hands reached for me. Kait wasted no time in getting inside my pants. As she caressed my cock to a state approaching ultimate hardness she leaned in to my neck and began whispering to me “do you want to suck a cock? Will you let me watch? Will you make him cum? Will you suck a cock for me Baby? That would be soooo sexy.”

She didn’t pause between questions. She didn’t want an answer yet. She kept stroking my cock, her rhythm was expert and she’d quicken and slow down just as she’d observed me doing, maybe others too. I made a mental note to ask her exactly how and when she’d learned and perfected her technique but it could wait. She continued whispering.

“Will you swallow his cum? Will you share with me? Will you suck Chris’s cock if we see him again? Would you like that Baby? Will you suck it like this.” Kait slid to her knees and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth, she looked up at me and kept stroking, she cupped my balls and rolled them gently in her palm as they tightened. As she felt me shiver she sucked harder and held her mouth tight around the inevitable and almost involuntary thrusts I made into her mouth.

As orgasm subsided and I softened, she sucked again and licked me. She showed me the drops of cum on her tongue as she dragged herself back to my face “kiss me.” I kissed her. She shoved and swirled her tongue, her kiss doubtless more enthusiastic than mine but I sucked her mouth and savored it as she wanted me to. She gasped into my mouth as my finger found her clit and her legs parted to invite me inside her folds. I found her wetness and delved slowly deeper with each gentle thrust. Her legs weakened I stayed on the edge, a thin line between hardening again and softening until her hands, mouth and the feel of her response to my ministrations brought me back to a hardened state. She kept fondling my cock, she pulled me with her, never releasing our kiss or my cock as she lowered us slowly back to the big leather chair. By necessity our mouths separated and she pulled my cock to her sex. She pulled me along the soft wetness and wrapped her legs behind me in a motion that begged for her filling. I lunged into her and pumped her cunt. She responded by dragging me harder into her. I alternated my gaze between our joined sex and her gorgeous face, filled with the expressions of sexual desire and imminent fulfillment. She grabbed my hips and held me tight as orgasm ripped through her. Kait had screamed plenty in the weeks we’d known each other but this one was of operatic magnitude and would have threatened the lead crystal had there been any close by. Her tone changed dramatically from her high pitched screaming climb to the low frequency gutter sounds of her shuddering leveling on the plateau of orgasm. I held her there, inside all the way but still thrusting, still pushing, still pressing the invisible button that could keep her there. I was happy not to have cum.

The awkwardness that sometimes arrives with release was never there with Kait. This time I hadn’t cum but I knew there were words as yet unspoken and I wondered where we might pick up the conversation.

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