Justine Again

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About a year after his dirty weekend with Magnus and Anton while his parents were away visiting his sister, Justin still thought about the many times the two men had taken and used him as their personal fucktoy. He had spent most of the weekend completely naked, his face made up as Justine, available and ready and so very hungry. He had drunk almost all of their piss whenever they had needed to go and urinate, and had sucked both of their cocks dry of cum.

As Justine, his femboy alter ego, she had masturbated furiously, while sucking the men off, while getting ass fucked, or fingered – Magnus had discovered the pleasure that fingering Justine’s prostrate could release – and her cock had ached with over use and her ass felt swollen, distended, almost prolapsed from the repeated fucking. She had fallen asleep in the men’s muscular arms, and had been once or twice woken up with a cock being rubbed over her mouth. Naturally, she would open wide to take it in greedily. On another couple of times, she had woken the men up by giving them blow jobs while their cocks were both limp.

Yes, that was one glorious sex party he had had with the two men, and he relished the memory of it lovingly, bringing himself to countless orgasms since as he recalled different experiences, the smells, and tastes. He wondered how he could repeat the experience, or even how he could top it.

He had discovered that he loved to be used, to be dominated, and while he wished that he could have his own cock sucked, he was too enamoured with giving pleasure and being a little slut for the two men to let that get in the way. Anyway, his cock was so lubed with pre-cum and he was so sensitive, he was able to bring himself off frequently and easily over the course of those two days and one night of heaven, about a year ago now.

Justin also concluded that he was probably gay, and was also feeling more confident as his alter ego, Justine, who he often role played alone in his room. He still liked to watch himself and had taken to using a small digital video camera set up on a tripod to record himself being Justine, and showing it on a screen so he could watch himself wriggle his ass, or ride a dildo, or stroke his cock and cum. He even kept some of his personal faves, although didn’t know what to do with them. He thought about uploading them, but remained ambivalent about the idea, so hadn’t committed to that action yet.

Since that sex party weekend, he had also bought a couple of new outfits, so in addition to his little school girl outfit, he now had some lingerie, some stockings, and a new skirt, a boob tube and a halter neck, and an indulgence, a spaghetti strapped short dress. He had grown his own hair longer now that he was no longer living at home, and being a university student allowed him the flexibility of maintaining privacy while he indulged his alter ego under the guise of student rebellion and fashion.

But university also allowed certain freedoms, and Justin had located a gay and trans bar in town which he began to frequent. He had hooked up with a beefy guy, Nolan, who liked to use Justin’s femboy ass pussy, who insisted that Justin be Justine and would fuck her like a girl, regularly, using her as his cum dump. But Nolan was away for a couple of days, and Justin was feeling horny and so went to the bar and started flirting with a couple of guys. Justin wasn’t bold enough to go out as Justine, but when he visited the bar he did wear some make up, and it was quite obvious that he was a transvestite even if he didn’t wear the gear.

He found that quite a few guys were attracted to this, and the two guys he was flirting with were themselves a couple, and invited him to their place to make out. Justin eagerly agreed, finished off his drink and got into the back of their car.

The taller slim guy, Barry, leaned over and kissed his lover, Stan, on the mouth and they locked tongues for a bit, and then he turned around to Justin and said “why don’t you kiss me too.”

Justin leaned forward and pressed his lips against Barry’s feeling the lips of a man for only the second time in life, the other bahis şirketleri being Nolan. When he withdrew, Stan leant forward as well and pressed his lips against Justin’s pressing the stubble from his face against Justin’s soft skin, and slipping his tongue into Justin’s mouth, exploring and probing.

Flushed and suddenly light headed Justin fell back against the seat and exclaimed “wow! This is hot!” and Stan chuckled and said “Let’s get home. I wanna fuck you two,” and fired up the engine.

When they got to the apartment, Barry threw open the door and said, “why don’t you two get to know each other, and I’ll fetch us some beer.”

Stan clearly didn’t need any further instruction and scooped Justin towards him with his strong arms. Justin could feel the man’s hard body against him, and felt himself go faint at the prospect of being naked with this man, and surrendered to Stan’s lips and tongue. Then Stan stepped back and told Justin to get undressed, while he himself took off his shirt, undid his pants and stepped out of his shoes.

Justin could barely get his clothes off fast enough, and soon was naked in front of this strong man, admiring his physique, the curvature of his abdomen and arms, the curly hair on his chest and stomach all the way down to his semi-erect cock reaching out from a nest of curls. Justin, in contrast, was slight, hairless, except for a landing strip of close cropped pubes, and his own cock was growing. Suddenly he sensed Barry behind him, and felt a soft warm cock pressing up against his buttocks as Barry encircled him in his arms pulling him close. Justin let himself go against the man’s warmth and watched as Stan reached down and stroked Justin’s cock gently. That was enough to give both of them erections, and Stan turned and led the way to the bedroom.

Justin sat of the edge of the bed, his cock hard, looking at his new friends, both naked, Barry smaller than Stan and not so hairy, Stan bulky with muscle and covered with dark hair. Barry knelt down in front of Stan, and took Stan’s strong thick cock into his hands and wrapped his mouth over the tip, and began making slurping sounds as he took it into his mouth and sucked. Justin watched, transfixed. He had never seen another man sucking someone before in real life. Even Nolan would only wank him off, but wouldn’t suck him.

Barry looked up and gestured with his hand for Justin to join him, which he gladly did, and then his face was next to Barry’s and he was sharing Stan’s beefy cock. Barry sucked on the glans, while Justin licked the contours of Stan’s well-defined shaft, loving the detail and the curves of bulging veins under the flat of his wet tongue. Justin made his way to Stan’s hairy balls, cupping them in his left hand, while his right hand reached down for Barry’s now hard cock and stroked him backwards and forwards, causing him to moan softly around Stan’s engorged cock.

They traded places, this time Justin took the man’s big cock into his mouth and sucked on it hungrily, while Barry licked the shaft, and then Barry and Justin tongued kissed around the swollen glans of Stan’s cock, revelling in the lustful abandon of sucking and pleasuring this large man. Barry’s hand was on Justin’s cock now, and Justin’s cock was leaking pre-cum, and Barry was clearly aware of this as he threaded some of the silky juice in between his fingers using it as a lubricant to rub Justin’s gland gently, causing Justin to shudder and moan with pleasure.

After sometime of sharing Stan’s cock, Barry stood up and motioning to Justin, told him to lay down face up on the bed. Justin gladly obliged, his own hard cock swinging side-to-side as he did so.

When he laid down, Barry climbed over him, facing Justin’s feet and told Justin, “lick my ass baby – make it nice and wet for Stan.”

Justin was by now a well seasoned ass licker, and enjoyed sucking on Nolan’s asshole whenever he got a chance. Magnus had made an asshole slut of him, and he was very into licking Barry’s clean shaven puckered hole. “Get right in there baby” he heard Stan say, and willingly obliged, sticking his tongue into Barry’s bahis firmaları sphincter as far as he could reach. Barry helped out by spreading his buttocks far apart and pressing down against Justin’s face, and started flexing so that, in effect, he was riding Justin’s probing tongue.

Barry’s ass was now sodden with Justin’s saliva, and Justin’s mouth was filled with the taste of anus, warm, musky and intoxicating.

Stan stepped forward and offered Justin his wonderful cock and instructed “You’d better make that nice and wet too!”

Justin opened his mouth wide and sucked and licked Stan’s member, making it glisten with his saliva, all the while looking up at Barry’s still spread buttocks and admiring the sight of that clean shaven anus, now wet and shining in the light of the bedside lamp. Justin watched as Stan positioned himself behind Barry, and pulled Barry by the hips closer towards him, moving his cock over Justin’s mouth.

Barry bent over to make himself more available for Stan, and in doing so put his mouth over Justin’s hard cock, and sucked on him, while Justin, for his part, was sucking on Barry while watching Stan’s meaty cock slowly glide into Barry’s waiting asshole. Barry slipped a finger into Justin’s anus, and Justin relaxed as he felt it slide in, stretching him as Barry used another finger and then another, all the while sucking expertly on his upright cock. Justin watched delighted to have this front row seat, and nuzzled his nose up against Barry’s hanging balls, smelling them, and feeling their warmth, and watched Stan’s cock disappear into that lovely smooth asshole.

Stan began to rock backwards and forwards, and Barry began to grunt and moan in unison, as he had his ass fucked, and his cock sucked simultaneously. Justin’s ears were filled with the sounds of mutual pleasure and the soft wet sounds of the cock sliding in and out of Barry’s ass, and his mouth was full of Barry’s cock and the leaking pre-cum that Justin was scooping with his tongue to savour and to add as lubricant to the saliva already coating Barry still hard cock. Then suddenly Justin heard a plopping sound and opened his eyes to see Stan had pulled his cock out of Barry’s wide gaping asshole, that was flexing spasmodically, and was offering that warm wet cock for Justin.

Justin could smell Barry’s ass juices on that meaty cock and felt like a hungry slut as he licked those juices off of the cock, before taking the head into his mouth and sucking on it greedily. All too soon, Stan pulled his cock out of Justin’s mouth and slid it back into Barry who let out a pleasured sigh as he did so. Justin felt so dirty and such a slut: he had never sucked a guy’s cock still warm from another man’s anus before … and fuck it – he loved it! He wanted to do it again, and again. And he was able to, because Stan pulled out of Barry ass several times after that, feeding his thick cock to Justin’s eager and waiting mouth, filling his mouth with Barry’s ass juice and the heat of hot throbbing cock.

When he wasn’t sucking on Stan’s cock, Justin was eagerly sucking on Barry’s dick, reaching up from time to time to stroke Barry’s balls, and then Stan’s balls as they bumped up against Barry’s. Then suddenly Stan stepped back and disappeared from Justin’s view, before Justin could feel Barry lean forward and spit on his own asshole. Justin heard sucking sounds, and realised that Barry was wetting Stan’s cock for him to be fucked. Barry had been preparing Justin for this, and Justin began to feel the pressure of Stan’s thick cock against his ass, while Barry returned to sucking him again, and stroking him with his free hand.

Justin sighed with ecstacy as Stan’s cock filled his rectum, stretching his sphincter and making him faint with desire and surrender. He loved the feel of this big man’s cock in his ass, and wanted to be completely taken by him. Once the initial rush had subsided, Justin returned to attending to Barry’s leaking cock, sipping the pre-cum up as if it were nectar, taking as much of that cock down his throat as he could manage. He could hear grunting and moaning, and realised that he was kaçak bahis siteleri doing the moaning, and then suddenly his asshole was empty again, and Stan was standing behind Barry, offering his cock to Justin to suck and to lubricate. Justin, naturally, did so without hesitation.

Feeling empty now, Justin watched as Stan slipped his cock back into Barry, and felt Barry insert several fingers into Justin’s gaping asshole, helping to feel more full again in the wake of Stan withdrawing his cock. It was as if Barry understood that feeling of having once been filled and compensated for it by fucking Justin with his fingers, reaching up inside him to stroked his prostrate gland with his finger tips. Justin acknowledged this by licking Barry’s swollen cock and stroking his balls, running his fingers around Barry’s filled anus, stroking the widened sphincter and feeling Stan’s cock moving in and out like a piston as Barry’s asshole swallowed it and then released it.

Perhaps it had something to do with Justin’s gentle roving fingers, but suddenly he heard Stan breathe and start to grunt.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming” he gasped, as he thrust into Barry faster and faster, and then suddenly quivered in sheer ecstacy, shuddering balls deep in his lover’s ass as he seemed to be pumping his cum deep inside of Barry who was moaning and shivering in pleasure.

Stan withdrew from Barry’s stretched asshole and delivered the last few gushes of hot salty cum all over Justin’s upturned face, down the back of Barry’s balls and over the cock that Justin was sucking. Justin, by now a seasoned cum eater as well as ass licker, was only too happy to suck the man’s cum off of Barry’s balls and reached upwards to lick at the back of Barry’s scrotum to get to the last beads of pearly coloured liquid. Justin needn’t have worried however, because Barry obliging straightened up, and his stretched ass loomed over Justin’s open mouth.

Justin couldn’t believe that he was about to do what he knew he was going to do, as a wanton slave to pure lust. He stretched out his tongue to the distended asshole, saturated with cum and ass juice and inserted the tip into the gaping hole. He was eating Barry’s ass hole out to retrieve the cum that was in there. He felt Barry flex his ass, and then tasted the first in a series of globs of hot semen, laced thick with ass juice.

Barry straightened up even further, spreading his cheeks and giving Justin even more access, until it flowed out of his ass, and onto Justin’s tongue. Barry was stroking himself furiously now and started to shake as his orgasm built up. Justin too, creampie eating cum-slut that he was, was also wanking off as he ascended the arc of his own climax, and with gobs of hot spicy semen in his mouth, Justin felt Barry climb off of his face and then showered it with more cum, large dollops of cum from a well exercised and stimulated prostrate gland. Large gobs of it flew onto Justin’s upturned face, covering his nose, his forehead, and much went into his wide open mouth.

As he felt the heat and the gobs of cum land, so he gave into his own climax and spunked all over his hand, his stomach and even his chest moaning loudly, around the mouthful of creampie and fresh salty cum. Both Stan and Barry took turns offering their swollen cocks to Justin to clean off which he did gladly, draining each cock of any remnants of cream. Then he saw Barry lean over and start to lick and suck up Justin’s own cum dump from stomach and to suck the last bits of cream from his still hard, jerking cock. Barry collected all of this cum and then, turning back to Justin’s face, reached over and pressed his mouth against Justin’s and allowed the semen to drip into Justin’s mouth.

Entangling their tongues, the two exchanged their cum, sharing it between them, recognising themselves in the other: bottom cum-eating sluts both, only too eager to service a man like Stan, to be his little slut and to eat every last drop of his seed.

The three changed positions on the bed, and Justin lay between Barry and Stan, exhausted, happy, sticky, satisfied, and somehow eagerly anticipating what would happen when they next work up. He was sure there would be more fun to be had with these two delicious cocks, and all of that cum to eat. What a breakfast that will be, he thought dreamily as fell into a satiated slumber.

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