Just the Three of Us

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What had started as a beautiful warm summers morning had become, a sweltering hot summers day. Hot and sticky. Fine if you’re not at work but I was, and work was the last place I wanted to be on a day like this. Everyone was hot and irritable, all anyone wanted was to get out of out of the office. As I left work all I wanted was a shower, a beer and a cool breeze. The sun and heat is a big turn on for me, I was sure if I could get you to the pub for few white wines, which seemed to be an aphrodisiac for you, I might just get you in the mood. Home is a forty minute car journey away so I put the air con on full blast and tried to cool down as I crawled through the traffic. My mind was racing through various scenarios getting myself even more wound up causing my cock to strain hard against my jeans. I needed you bad.

Thursday is your day off and I wondered what you’d been up to all day. When I finally get home, I step out of the air conditioned car into the heat. As I walk into our house I call out your name but there is no reply. Walking through the dark house to the garden my eyes take a while to adjust to the light outside, I see a woman I don’t recognise, sitting opposite you. It looked like I was not going to get you to myself and into the little denim shorts you were wearing. I made sure my hard cock was not obvious through my jeans, as I stood in the door way to the garden I could clearly see you and the other woman were both a little drunk. Not a lot, but just enough for you to be cheeky and provocative.

You walk over to me, your eyes dropping to the bulge in my jeans and back to my face with a broad smile ‘We need more wine can you go to the shop’. Your hand sliding up my back under my shirt while the back your hand holding the wine glass drops down to gently brush the line of my cock, hidden from the view of your friend.

Having been at work all day I thought it was little naughty but I go to the shop none the less. The village shop is only a short walk away so I was soon back but only to find the garden empty. There was no sign of you or your friend.

As I went back into the kitchen I hear a shout ‘We’re upstairs, bring the wine and some glasses… oh and some ice too’.

I uncork the wine, pour a couple of glasses and do as I am asked. As I reach the top of the stairs I realise you’re both in our bedroom, the tour usually stops in your dressing room with you going through your extensive collection of büyükçekmece escort shoes. As I step into the bedroom the haze of the hot day at work begins to clear and I noticed you and your friend are sat on the bed, in short, frayed denim shorts, vest tops and gladiator sandals. Your sandals, tall with brown leather straps the length of your calves, a favourite of mine for some time.

I slowly become aware of the tension in the air, you are very close to the each other, very close, with hands touching. Through your vest I can see the outline of your pert breasts, your nipples clearly visible and erect. This is really not like my wife. My wife is normally so reserved with people she doesn’t know well. I hand you and your friend the glasses of wine and feel a slight twitch of my cock as my mind begins to run away with itself.

You point to the chair opposite the bed by the window, ‘Sit down Charlie’ so I do as you ask. What happens next shocks me but more so, much more, turns me on. The other women places her hand on your thigh, stroking up along your body into the hair on the back of your head, I can see your back arch as she pulls in close, till your lips meet with a long lingering kiss. Your hands are around her waist, sliding up her back to her head. I can’t quite believe what I am seeing. You and I had talked, and I had fantasied, about your bi-curious experiences but I thought this was part of a wild youth. Your past. This was not what my wife did. Two women kissing passionately has always been a fantasy of mine, this was no secret. I’d never wanted to join in just watch my wife with another woman. My cock has gone from twitching to throbbing hard in a matter of seconds.

Breaking from the long passionate kiss you look at me ‘Do you mind?’ no, no I do not and I shake my head. But no words, I was speechless. My eyes fixed on you as you turn back to your friend and kiss, her friends hands stroking along your body sliding underneath your top to stroke your gorgeous, pert breasts.

Kneeling on the bed opposite each other, you lift your tops up over each others heads and throw them to one side. Your friends head drops to your breasts and begins to kiss them, kissing all over your breasts and then her moist tongue licking and flicking the hard nipple before sucking it into her mouth. Your head tilts back with ecstasy, I hope she doesn’t do a better job than I do!

Your hands slide fatih escort down to your friends breasts and began to gently stroke, caress and arouse her nipples, your friend sucks harder, little moans escape her lips as you stroke and gently squeeze her hard little nipples. She pokes her wet little tongue out to flick across your nipple swopping from one pert little breast to the other. Her hand glides along your body, down the front of your shorts, your breathing gets heavier as her fingers explore your moist lips, you push your hips against her hand as she rubs your pussy.

Without breaking from your passionately kiss you hurriedly undo each others shorts. Then slide them down your long legs. It is an incredible site. My beautiful wife kneeling on the bed with this strange woman both in nothing but sandals and knickers, hands now down the front of each others white panties. I can clearly see the outline of fingers through the crisp white knickers as they caressing and stroke each others pussies. Your lips pressed together, gentle moans escaping as you both lose yourselves in the passion.

Your friend kneels up and pushes you back on the bed, she kiss down your body, down along the inside of your thighs, pulling your panties down your long legs she fixes you with a stare as her heads drops between your thighs, her tongue licking along the full length of your lips. Long and slow, her eyes fixed on your’s. Her wet tongue pokes out and circles your hard little clit, round and round, you throw your head back in ecstasy letting out a long low moan. You turn your head towards me, pleasure written all over your beautiful face. You grab her hair in your fist and push her face into your pussy. Its clear your friend really, really knows what she is doing!

I sit back and take in the beautiful scene in front of me. My wife naked except for her sandals, her eyes shut in ecstasy as a women I’ve never seen before expertly goes down on her. My cock is strain for a release from my tight jeans. You look towards me, almost reading my mind as you reach out your hand, curling your finger to beckon me over.

I walk towards, the bed, you reach out your hand and guide me to stand over you, behind your head. ‘Just me’ you say. ‘Of course I whisper, only ever you’. Your hand reaches up to pull apart my button fly. Curling your fingers into the waist band of my pants, you pull them down allowing my cock to spring free. esenyurt escort The head is glistening. You reach up curling your slender fingers around my shaft as your thumb rubs a clear drop of pre come around the rim of the triangle on the base of my cock, I can not help but tilt my head back with the pleasure rushing through me.

I look down, to see your beautiful body stretched out before me, your friends head between your thighs, her tongue licking up and down your pussy, every now and then circling your clit. You begin to slide your fist up and down my shaft. My body is alive with the sensations pulsing from my cock. After a few minutes you reach down and lift your friends head from your pussy. You whisper “I really need Charlie’s cock in me’. Your friend smiles and sits up. I strip as you turn and kneel on the edge of the bed. Your friend sits back and slides her hand down the front of her pants. I can see her fingers begin to rub her clit. I grip the base of my dick and guide it slowly along the lips of your pussy, rubbing it against you, before slipping inside. You feel so good and so tight. I’m shaking with pleasure. My hips are pressed against you pert little cheeks as I slide my hands along your back and around to cup you breasts, my finger and thumbs naturally finding your nipples, gently rubbing them. You kneel upright as I thrust into you. Your friend moves to kneel in front of you, her free hand sliding between your legs as I thrust into you. She brushes my hand away and drops her head down so she can suck and lick one of your nipples.

You are the centre of our attentions. My long thrusts into you while your friend sucks your nipples and gently caresses your clit. Rubbing her own pussy faster and faster.

In only a few minutes my balls begin to tighten as I feel I’m going to come, as I start to come and my thrusts become short and fast, your body tenses and you close your eyes as you also begin to come. Pleasure rushes through your body. Then your friends hand in her knickers begins to move quicker as she starts to come. You simultaneously let out a long moan as your orgasms rush through your bodies, your faces and breasts flush as the pleasure pulses through you. You shudder for several moments before fall onto the bed, panting but grinning from ear to ear.

Your friend leans forward, kisses you on the lips before pulling on her shorts and vest and with a wave is gone leaving me lying behind you, trying to catch up with what has happened. I knew you were a very sexy woman but this was quite something. Then slowly my cock begins to hardened. I roll you over onto your front and climb astride your legs before I slide inside of you… We rarely fuck twice but on this occasion I need you all to myself.

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