Just Teasing Ch. 13

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The first week back at work after the summer holiday was tedious. There were many good things about summer as a bike rider of course, and the nightly midnight ride home on the ZZR was always a chance to let rip a bit.

Come Thursday night and as I am riding home, maybe quarter to one in the morning, I saw a bike with a learner plate parked at a bus stop next to a block of closed shops. Now seeing a learner plated rider out after 10pm is breaking the licence conditions, so this made me think. No worry to me of course, but, coupled with the helmet hanging on a mirror and a car parked at an odd angle in front of the bike, I just had this weird feeling something was amiss.

As I’d just flashed past this scene at a slightly illegal speed, I decided to do a U-turn and check that all was in order. Us bikers have to look out for one another you see, and this wasn’t the best part of town, so with a mixture of concern and caution I rode up behind the parked bike after having done a second U-turn.

In the bus shelter I now see the rider fending off a young man who seems rather enraged, pushing the rider around, yelling loudly and punching wildly. As I approach the bus shelter I check that there’s no one else in the car or lurking nearby in the shadows, basic army training stays with you I guess.

“Hey fellas, what’s the go here?” I call out as I get close, at which the attacking man turns on me in a flash. OK, this isn’t what I expected, maybe an ambush then? He flashes a blade at me and lunges for me. Shame he missed me, stumbled and helped by my swift foot ended up kissing the pavement. Taking the blade off him, kicking him in the kidneys and then standing on one of his hands I call out to the rider: “You alright there mate?”

“Yes, no, please help, he….” a female voice calls out in a shaky fashion.

The guy on the pavement starts yelling and screaming, interrupting the rider, and telling me that I’ve got it all wrong. With a bit more pressure on his hand he soon shuts up and I call on the female rider to continue.

“He stopped when I ran out of petrol, then when I didn’t want to….he began pushing me around, hitting me, and then you rode past…and I was so glad you turned around….” she said as she promptly burst into tears and slumped to the ground in the bus shelter.

Sitting on the guys’ lower back I fished out my cell phone and called the police. The operator said there was already a unit on the way to the location I’d given, someone from across the road had called already. The guy I’m restraining doesn’t want to stay put; a quick smack in the face sorts him out. The operator asks what that commotion was and I explained I was restraining the attacker at present but getting sick of his language and continued attempts to escape.

“Yeah well, reasonable force is fine sir,” she says as she hears me bop him another one.

“I can hear a siren now, so I guess we’ll be fine soon, thanks,” I say as I stay on the line until the boys in blue charge in and take over.

Pretty soon we’ve got three patrol cars on scene and all I want to do is go home and to sleep. A brief statement along with my particulars is all that the officer in charge needed. He compared what I’d said with the caller’s statement, as he’d witnessed the whole thing from across the road, and I was free to go. It wasn’t until I was lying in bed that it dawned on me how this whole thing could have turned nasty. Still, I felt like I’d done the right thing. I slept like a baby that night and put the whole thing to the back of my mind.

Around 8am on Saturday morning the police call and want me to come down to give a detailed statement. That was done soon enough, court date would be advised etc. The victim’s family wanted my contact details, was that OK? Sure why not is all I said to that, and soon enough I’m home with my head on the pillow again, dead to the world.

Early in the afternoon I had my bike out in front of the garage, washing it, tensioning and lubing the chain etc. when a top end Merc pulls up, a well-kept lady hops out and walks up the driveway carrying a small gift basket. There’s just something about a woman who rocks up in $200,000 car wearing $500 high heels, an outfit worth several thousand and jewellery worth more than my bike. Let’s just say she had my undivided attention the minute her firm pins walked up my driveway…

“Hi, are you Nick Lassiter?” she asks as I get up from the ground.

“Yes, m’am, and you are?” I replied.

“Oh, I am Emma Carrajanis, Trudy’s mom,” she says.

“Thursday night’s damsel in distress I suppose?” I ask, merely confirming the obvious.

“Uhuh, got it in one,” she laughs nervously.

“How is your daughter doing now?” I asked, now noticing how Emma is trembling slightly.

“How about a coffee and a brief sit-down?” I add.

“Yes please,” Emma quickly answers.

I washed my hands, shook her hand, at which she put the basket on the ground, wrapped her arms around me and just hugged me for what seemed like at least a minute. Beylikdüzü escort She didn’t say anything until she let me go. “Did you know the guy you took down was a convicted rapist?” Emma asked with tears forming in her eyes.

“C’mon let’s get inside and you can tell me the whole thing m’am,” I answered as I led her inside, scooping up the basket she brought.

As I make coffee I just dismiss what I did: “To me what I did was simply the right thing at the time, I’m just pleased your daughter didn’t fall prey to this guy.”

Emma was visibly shaking as she retells her version of events: “I was so disappointed you’d left the scene only minutes before I got there myself. To hear Trudy say how you screamed past, turned around, raced up, pummelled the bastard to the ground, smashed him in the face repeatedly when he wouldn’t shut up, made sure she was not hurt, calmly called the police, smashed the bastards’ face some more, talked to the cops for a few minutes, and promptly rode off as quick as you arrived.”

“Wow, that’s not quite how I remember it m’am,” I laughed as I sipped my coffee. “To me it was simply a biker in distress, and we help each other out whenever possible. Basic army training took care of the rest, it was all over in no time,” I said calmly, watching how her face took on a quizzical look.

“Please call me Emma,” she urged as she continued: “Yes, you may dismiss it as easily as that…but for me…my little girl could have been….I’m sorry I just can’t bear the….” she trembled and started sobbing, putting her face in her hands.

Getting on my knees I put my arms around her as she gently sobbed on my shoulder. This was unfamiliar territory for me, a woman crying in my arms while thanking me for something I’d done for her kid… Several minutes later, she seemed all cried out, regained her composure and the box of tissues on the table came in handy.

“You must think I’m a real basket case huh?” Emma asked as she dabbed her face, makeup now somewhat smeared.

As she touched up her makeup, I tried to explain: “No m’am, sorry Emma, I don’t judge people on that basis. And anyway, why would you worry about what a stranger thinks of you?”

“Yes so true, my late husband had similar sentiments,” Emma said with a sad look. “Trudy was only 12 when he died, but even back then he’d promised her a bike for her 18th birthday, so I just let her have the bike. Shame her dad isn’t around now to show her the inns and outs of riding, he was such a keen rider you know Nick,” she says, now with a happier face.

“Sorry to hear that,” I said softly. “Oh well, it’s been six years so….” Emma countered.

“A widow at 29, such a shame,” I half mumbled, at which Emma’s face broke into a big grin. “You charmer you, a widow at 29, I wish….no hang on I didn’t mean it like that,” Emma now laughed.

“Now, Trudy wants to meet you, thank you in person, would you please…Nick?” she asked, subtly changing the subject.

“Whenever you’re ready m’am, sorry Emma I mean,” I said. “If you call me m’am one more time I will put you over my knee and spank you sonny!” she scowled at me, breaking into a grin as she said it.

“Only one problem with that m’am, I might actually enjoy it if you spanked me….” I said as I lifted my eyebrows quickly. She was momentarily lost for words, so now I changed the subject again: “So yes, Trudy, one weekend, here or at your abode?”

Emma, now shaking her head and laughing: “Please come to our house, ride up and she’ll be so thrilled. Who knows, you might want to impart some of your knowledge on her. Tomorrow OK for you sonny?”

“Yes of course, about lunchtime? And if you call me sonny I will have to spank you m’am,” I said, now unable to keep a straight face.

“Ah, I see, but of course I might enjoy….…have you considered that?” Emma said, adding: “Lunchtime is perfect, join us for lunch please?”

“Done, will see you then,” I said as we made our way outside. Emma lingered at the ZZR, admiring it briefly but not saying anything.

“See you tomorrow Nick,” she said as she hopped in her fancy Merc and zoomed off.

I was a little ashamed at having flirted with Emma, but at the same time it was only meant to lighten the atmosphere… She seemed to enjoy it; otherwise she wouldn’t have repeatedly tracked back to the suggestive comments right?

Next day I rode up a few minutes before midday, the address I’d been given sure matched the Merc that Emma was driving yesterday! Three car garage, sizeable grounds, big two storey house, housekeeper opening the door for me before I even rang the bell, Trudy storming out the door to give me a big hug, Emma standing by watching her daughter…smiling and taking photos, kinda bizarre really.

Over lunch I found out that Carajannis was a Greek name. Emma used to pillion with her late hubby, same with Trudy. Cancer took him, and only 5 years older than Emma. She didn’t mention how old she was, but I figured she’d be around 40, a nice age for a well-kept woman, especially one who was now so obviously Beylikdüzü escort single and flirting with me!

After lunch Trudy wanted to go for a blast on the back of the ZZR. Emma just said: “Take it easy please Nick, and be back in an hour or so, then it’ll be my turn on the back while Trudy accompanies us on her little 250?”

“Cool mum, see you in a bit,” Trudy said as she hopped on the pillion seat.

I briefly talked with her about leaning with me etc, but as she’d ridden with her dad that was old news to her. Taking it easy at first, Trudy was soon urging me to give it a bit of stick. Once on familiar territory and away from the constabulary I duly gave the bike its head, hearing only sounds of yeeha and various other encouragements from Trudy. Soon we were back at the house and found Trudy’s bike out front and Emma standing there all ready to go. Skin-tight jeans, boots, snug jacket and helmet now going on her head, gloves pulled on as Trudy mounted her own bike and cranked it up.

“She looks fired up, did you give her a thrill?” Emma cheekily asked, face largely obscured by the dark visor.

“Not much, only used three quarters of throttle at the most,” I replied. Trudy now took off, taking the lead as I’d told her to, and taking it relatively easy too. For almost an hour we trundled along nicely, Emma occasionally urging me to blast past her daughter, but I didn’t want to spoil Trudy’s fun. Here she was, leading a big bore blaster as she called the ZZR, and whilst going relatively slow showing good basic skills.

As my fuel level was now fairly low, I pulled alongside Trudy and motioned that my bike was due a drink, she nodded and led the way to the nearest servo. Emma insisted she pay for both bikes, I wasn’t going to argue. Watching her butt sway in her skin-tight jeans I was having some very naughty thoughts about this yummy mummy.

Emma returned, and announced that I was now going to give her a fast ride, so you’re on your own from here she said to Trudy.

“Oh well, at least I’m not gonna run out of gas in a hurry hey?” Trudy laughed heartily, before adding: “Watch out Nick, any faster than a hundred and mom will slap you!” With that Trudy rode off, leaving me to take off in a different direction.

“Is that right m’am?” I asked quietly.

“Maybe sonny, you might get a spanking yet!” she shot back, grinning.

“Promises m’am,” I sneered cheekily.

“That’s right sonny,” Emma saucily retorted.

“Keep going that way…and your jeans will be around your ankles….your buns glowing red! I sniggered.

“Promises sonny!” Emma laughed out loud.

Taking to a favourite stretch of road I gave the bike a bit of stick, finding out how much Emma was comfortable with. She didn’t seem nervous at all, relishing the brisk bend swinging and occasional burst of full throttle acceleration to blast past slower traffic. She snuggled up tight behind me and had her arms around my waist in a comfortable, familiar fashion. All too soon it was time to head for home. Dropping her off she asked if we could do this again next weekend. Plans made for Saturday this time I couldn’t help but ask one more cheeky question: “Say tell me m’am, where exactly did you stash your wallet? There sure is no spare room in those jeans…”

From her back pocket she whipped out a single ATM card and just grinned, turned on her heel and putting an extra sway in her hips made her way into the house. Trudy came out and thanked me for the ride and waved me off.

The next weekend came and Emma was raring to go the minute she hopped on the back. No Trudy in sight, she didn’t volunteer any explanation so I didn’t ask. “Where to m’am,” I asked.

“Let’s see sonny, let’s start by heading north for a bit,” Emma sniggered back at me.

We rode north for maybe half an hour, her body leaning fully into me, hands clasped together just above my groin, head looking over my shoulders every now and then. Gradually she allowed her hands to rest on my groin, not rubbing or anything, just resting her hands on my dick, pretending nothing was amiss. Even when my cock grew harder and twitched slightly, she just kept her hands leaning on my shaft, not saying anything or responding in any other way.

After an hour or so, Emma asked if we could stop for a bite to eat. We stopped at a café just off the main road with a small park adjacent to it. Parking the bike next to the shop we got our food and sat under the trees on small park bench/table combos. When it got too warm for Emma, she took her jacket off completely, now just wearing a snug fitting T-shirt and her deliciously tight jeans, now a black pair. Leaning back, I watched her stretch and was turned on to see her boobs were bare under the tee. As I watched her from behind my sunnies, I could see her nipples begin to grow in the slight breeze.

I’d already taken my jacket off earlier, now sitting there in a polo shirt, arms nicely ripped and tanned, and I’m sure Emma was watching me perving on her…

“So, you must spend Escort Beylikdüzü a bit of time in the gym, judging by those arms sonny?” she asked, breaking the momentary silence.

“Yes m’am, the way my work runs 4pm till midnight I find gym work in the mornings, alternated with tennis keeps me on track,” I said, briefly outlining the basics. Not mentioning of course that a good part of my fitness routine was pumping pussy at least five mornings a week as well, this being the more enjoyable exercise regime.

“And how about yourself then, can’t tell me a woman looking as good as you achieves that by lazing on the couch all day?” I asked in return.

“Ah but I don’t have to work, so I have all day to work on my fitness, sonny,” Emma said suggestively.

“Still angling for that spanking then I hear m’am?” I grinned as her face broke into a huge smirk.

“You keep promising, but you just don’t seem to deliver, sonny,” Emma shrugged.

“Same goes for you m’am,” I sneered back.

With that we got up and on the way back to the bike I got slapped hard on the arse. I did expect it, but didn’t expect Emma to put so much effort into it. Seeing my face grimace somewhat I saw Emma giggle and shimmy to stay out of my reach, she now knew she’d get one back sooner or later! She hopped on the bike first and as I put my leg over she smacked my arse again, two-nil now.

“Patience is a virtue,” I said calmly as I watched her eyes beam at me in the mirrors. Her ‘gotcha-sneer’ was wide and proud. On the road she now had her hands leaning on my dick without shame, occasionally rubbing a little, feeling me go hard she just rested her hands steady, just playing innocent.

Twenty minutes later Emma tapped me on the shoulder and called out that she had to pee. I laughed and told her she should have listened and gone at the café, and for a minute or two I just rode on. “Need to pee now!” she called out. No toilets for quite a while so I stopped at a gravel dump along the road where there was some shrubbery.

“Here, you’ll need this,” I said, throwing her a roll of toilet paper from my pack as she headed for cover.

“Thanks, yes, handy,” she whispered.

Soon she returned, looking relaxed and as she handed me the roll of toilet paper back I grabbed her wrist and spun her around, took her by the waist and slapped her pert little backside about ten times on each cheek. Letting her go, she looked at me with surprise and her face flushed red. “Mmmmm, now that was a surprise!” she grinned, wiggling her bum playfully and rubbing it in mock agony.

Her finger beckoned me around the other side of the bike, her command was now simple: “Hands on the seat sonny!” I complied, placing my feet shoulder width apart and leaning forward to place my hands on the seat. Just as my hands touched the seat, the first of many slaps hit my butt. Whack! Slap! She smacked my bum several times, before reaching around to unzip and unbuckle my pants, soon dropping them to my ankles.

Now standing there in just my boxers she slaps my bum again, this by the roadside in a gravel dump! No traffic has gone past yet and we can see a fair way either side…. Next I feel my boxers being yanked down as well, my bare arse now being spanked with enthusiasm by Emma. Her hands sting each time she smacks my butt…whack! slap! Over and over she smacks my butt. Then she stops and kneels down behind me, kissing my red and sore bum and reaching around the front to my now swollen cock. “Fuck!” she exclaims as she feels my heavy cock up and down with her hands, not able to see much from her vantage point behind me. Cupping my balls between my legs she strokes my fat shaft with her long fingers, carefully sliding the foreskin back and forth before calling out: “Car coming, looks like a police car too, better cover up sonny!”

With my dignity restored before the patrol car reaches us, I make to the edge of the bushes to take a leak after the car passes us.

“Hey, so do they call you Nick the Dick?” Emma laughs in wonderment. “Or is it double dose maybe?” she grins as I return from my leak.

“I’ve been called all sorts, so give it your best shot!” I said to her.

“Oh, I kinda like double dose, ‘cause it feels like you’ve got about twice as much as most guys, am I right?” Emma winks and sniggers, now barely able to hide her lust. “So is there a lady who gets that double dose on a regular basis?” she continues, now closing the gap between us, taking my crotch in hand and giving me a little kiss. “Or do you just sit in front of the TV watching porn and whack yourself off at night?” Emma teases. “If you just whack it, I’d love to watch you do it….or maybe I can whack it for you….maybe suck on it a bit….see how much juice you can spurt from these hefty balls,” she grins as she firmly gropes my sac, pushing it into me.

“You can’t ride with that pole in your pants, so go on, whip it out and whack off for me, right here, right now!” Emma challenges. At the edge of the bushes I unzip and pull out my donger, easing my balls out as well, slowly stroking the throbbing shaft as Emma watches intently. Whacking my own cock while Emma stands there watching me wasn’t what I had in mind, but after a couple of minutes she unbuttons and unzips her tight jeans, reaches in and begins friggin her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32