Just One Touch

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It was late in the evening and most of the worker bees were already gone. I was tired and just wanted to relax. Cleaning up my desk area and packing everything away. The company was anal about leaving anything on you desk overnight.

I shut everything down and picked up my stuff I needed to bring with me. Walked along the corridor towards my car, I happen to look out the window to the ground below. There was a family of foxes starting their evening tour. Mom and 4 little ones. Mom seemed to want to get going, but the kids were only interested in playing. It was amusing to watch and took my mind off the day I just finished. I didn’t even notice the person approaching me until I heard,

“Something interesting out there?

I turned with a start to see who disturbed my personal zoo. I have seen her around the office June I think her name is. Very cute. She stood about 5′ 6″. Dark shoulder length hair, a very shapely body with curvy hips and nice looking legs. Indian background I think. Big dark eyes framed by glasses, generous lips lightly painted red, and a beautiful smile. She always had that shy seductive look that just made me want her badly.

She wore an above the knee summer dress with buttons down the front. While her breasts were not large (more medium, I could never guess cup sizes), but they pushed tightly against the buttons of her dress. In fact it looked like they could pop at any second. The dress itself was light linen, you know the type, the kind you can see through if the light was right.

She wore open strappy fire engine red high heels. With nylons. I thought it odd since most women don’t wear Antalya Escort stockings in the warmer weather.

Mentally I shook my head to stop from staring. “Just watching a family of raccoons.”

“Mind if I join you? I love animals.”

“Sure, no charge to share my personal zoo.”

She smiled and moved beside me to look out the small window. I actually had to stand slightly behind her to let her look out. I could smell her perfume. It was making my head spin, like opium. As she turned her head towards me, I watched her eyes do a sideward glance to me. She smiled.

“They’re so cute. I wish I could take them home.” She said.

“Yeah and then they trash your house. I know even if they are young they are pretty wild.”

“Oh, look what they’re doing now!”

I had to squeeze closer to take a look. My chest touching her shoulder. We continued to watch them play. I could start to feel the heat from her body radiate. I placed my hand on her other shoulder then actually started to imperceptively lean towards her. She leaned back. My cheek rubbed against her ear, then her cheek as she turned her head slightly towards me.

I heard her make a slight “Mmm” sound.

Our left hands touched. Our fingers intertwined. I turned her cheek towards me. I looked deep into her eyes, then brought my lips to hers. Our lips touched, just barely making contact. Her eyes said “yes”, and I brought my lips to hers again. This time kissing her more deeply. With parted lips, our tongues touched. She tasted sweet.

Her left hand then moved towards my crotch, stroking me through my pants. I Antalya Escort Bayan was half hard already. This brought it to full attention.

I slipped my right hand off her shoulder down her back and caressed her ass cheek. I didn’t feel any panties, but I did definitely feel the straps of garters.

“Yes, I love wearing stockings and garters. And no panties make me feel like I’m naked.”

I massaged her ass crack with my middle finger. The light material allowed me to shove it between her cheeks and finger her ass hole.

With my left hand I deftly undid one of her lower buttons and slipped a hand inside to confirm that fact. She spread her legs slightly giving me better access. I ran a finger along her pussy lips, they were already wet. Using her juices, I wet my finger and slowly inserted it into her. I was manipulating both her holes simultaneously.

“Ugh…Fuck….” She moaned while almost collapsing. I held her tight to help her recover while still fingering her. Her hips were now humping my hands while her hand continued to jerk my cock through my pants. I started getting a wet spot showing through the material.

“I need you to fuck me NOW!” She whispered in my ear.

I lead her by the hand to my Hummer in the employee parking lot. With the darkness of the night and the tinted windows, no one would be able to peek inside. In the back, we continued our embrace. I cupped her breast, with my thumb I played with her nipple through the thin material of her dress. Her bra was also made from light material. It was easy for me to feel her excitement as her nipple turned hard.

Her Escort Antalya hand reached under my shirt. Her fingers searched and found my nipples. Pinching them between her thumb and forefinger. I slide my hand onto her leg and slipped it under the hem of her skirt. Her moans told me to keep going. I slide my hand higher. She once again parted her legs as I reach her pussy lips.

I easily slipped my finger between her wet lips plunging them deep into her cunt. My fingers seeking her g-spot. She parted her legs more allowing me to find that spot.

“Ooohhh…Fuck me!” She screamed.

Her fingers ripping at my pants. Pulling them down to my knees, then climbing over my lap. She carefully pointed my raging hard on just touching the opening of her hole, paused for a brief second then drove her hips down. My cock felt like it was on fire as she pumped her hips into mine.

I unbuttoned her dress down to her waist, ripped off her bra to get access to her tits. She grabbed both my wrists and push them against the seat, then shoved her right breast into my mouth. I could barely breathe, but tried to suck in as much of her tit as I could.

“Bite my nipple!!!”

I complied.

“Fuck.. Fuck…Fuuuck!!! I’m cumming!!!” Her cunt exploded in my lap. Her juice pouring out as she continued to hump me.

I started to cum as well. It felt like a 50 mm cannon firing huge shells into her womb. Finally I was out of ammo and she slowed to a slow grind. We sat in the back seat of the Hummer, my ass soaked with her cunt juice, my cock still buried inside her for a long while, before she kissed me lightly and dismounted. Sitting on the seat, her back against the door, she brought her legs up on the seat and spread them. My white cum started to leak out, but more stayed in then came out.

“Fuck, that was great, but I’m soaked.” I finally spoke.

“Yeah, that was fantastic.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32