Just Dropping By

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“Can you believe the luck?” The man ahead of me chuckled as he gingerly stepped over the gravel piles and puddles of slick mud outside of the tiny airport. It had been raining off and on for several days in this northern state. Part of me wanted to get back on the puddle jumper and back to civilization. The other half of was consumed with intrigue and curiosity for a woman who called herself “Lovely Bombshell” on the internet.

She was fun. Light hearted and proper at some times, but fascinatingly dirty and explicit at others. “Where did you say you were headed again son?”, the same man ahead of me quipped as he scraped his work boots on a curb stone. “Oh I don’t know really…” looking up from my cell phone and the single bar of signal I had. “I’m meeting someone out here, and then I’m off to Montreal to see some of my cousins.”

My escort pointed to a small rectangular building with log cabin features and a single “Open” sign in a foggy window. “Well, that’s the watering hole. May as well have a beer and some grub before you go exploring the wilderness right?” He was very impressed with his own sense of humor. I smiled and shook his hand, heading across the street to this dive in the middle of the woods.

A couple of brass bells jingled as I pushed the front door open. The smell of cigarette smoke, stale beer and old carpet and felt from the pool tables reached me all at once. The bartender looked up at me from her cigarette and crossword puzzle. Three other men were all seated at the bar, nursing their mugs of beer. “What can I get….” She stopped mid sentence as she looked me over.

A sly grin tugged at the corners of her mouth. “Have a seat honey. Someone’s been expecting you.” She winked and sprang up from her barstool. I glanced at the other men sitting at the bar, rustic worker types in their Wolverine work boots and flannel shirts. One of them still had engine grease on his hands and spots of it on his T Shirt. “You’re the guy we’ve been hearing about huh?”

I grabbed a cigarette from my breast pocket and fetched my lighter from my jeans. After my first puff in what seemed like days, I addressed him. “I don’t know man, just stopping by.” The other patrons around me chuckled and snorted. “Oh, we know. She was in here last night…bragging about how she was having a man imported from Canada. Says you might be grade A beef steak!” I coughed and spit my smoke at this last comment.

“Well, does everyone in this town already know what I had for lunch today? Word seems to get around awfully fast.”

The bartender had returned with a pint of dark beer and what looked like a shot of chilled tequila. I grinned at her and dropped a twenty on the bar top. Downing the shot first, and chasing it with beer, I turned around and faced the man who looked like a mechanic. “I guess we’ll find out right? And if everyone here is thick as thieves, you’ll know if I was any good or not before I leave town…tomorrow morning.” I lifted my glass in a toast at this last stroke of wit.

I spent the next hour, talking with the guys about the local economy, how it was different from where I had been living in Texas and various parts of the United States. My male bonding moment was interrupted suddenly, by a hand on my shoulder.

I glanced down and noticed a set of perfectly manicured, purple fingernails near the collar of my shirt.

“Ok boys! You’ve had your fun. Now I get to take this lonely tourist around and show him the sights.” Tekirdağ Escort Her voice sounded like honey, poured over the razor’s edge of a dagger. She spun me around in my bar stool so I could see her, and she smothered me with a hug, nearly knocking the glass of beer from my hand. I blushed and met her sparkling blue eyes. “I assume that you’re Ms. Bombshell?”

Her eyes locked mine in a predatory stare for a moment, before they wandered down my neckline and over my shoulders. “Yes. But you can call me Amy now.” I set my beer down with a thud. “Your friends tell me that you already have big plans…care to share them with me?”

I allowed myself to look over her curves. She was shorter than me by about seven inches, with a pair of breasts that threatened to burst from her purple shirt. Her golden wheat colored hair was feathered and teased, spilling across her collar bones. I briefly looked over her hips, powerful and nicely full. She wasn’t lying when she said those hips could sink ships.

She grabbed me by the shirt collar and hauled me out of the crusty dive. Cheers and clapping filled the room as we left. Maybe it was the tequila or the way she grabbed my hand and placed it on her thigh while she drove. I’d only seen this woman in the flesh for a half an hour, already my mind was racing with deliciously deviant plans. We didn’t speak much on the car ride to her house. I couldn’t tell you where we went if my life depended on it.

I decided to try my luck. I slipped my hand between her thighs as she shifted gears, stroking the zipper and looking at her as she bit her lower lip. My eyes were asking for permission, but the warmth beneath my fingertips, and the moisture on her jeans had already approved of my advance. She glanced at me with excitement and lust in her face.

With a giggle, she reached down and undid the button above her zipper, sliding forward slightly and giving her ass a wiggle in the seat, allowing her pants to come loose.

I smiled at her bold move, flicked the zipper open and reached into her pants. She was soft and very warm to the touch. I could tell that her lips were already swollen with anticipation. I dragged my forefinger across the upper part of her delicate lips. Gently spreading them with my other fingers and slipping into her pussy with ease. I could make out the swollen bud of her clit right away. She was bracing herself on the steering wheel and breathing shallow. Her pants were quite warm and moist where she had been pressing against them on the car ride to pick me up. This was encouraging.

Her thighs quivered for a moment as I pressed my fingers further into the wet layers of flesh. Her vagina seemed to kiss my fingertips, suckling them and drawing me further inside. I obliged happily. After all, the body never lies. It began with one finger. Her breathing got heavier and she fumbled with her sunglasses as she drove, checking the rear view mirrors for anyone who may drive up and ruin her fun.

There was a blush of rose on her cheeks I hadn’t noticed earlier. The second finger slipped into a very slick opening, caressed by her hungry opening.

I reached in as deeply as I could, turning my fingers in a gentle spiral motion, keeping my palm over her clit so she could feel the muscles in my hand shift and tense as I worked her soaking wet pussy.

She gasped, but her lip again pressed her head against the head rest. The car slowed and sped back up…she was Tekirdağ Escort Bayan losing focus. A soft whimper escaped her mouth. The gentle pulsing grip on my fingers told me she was already coming. Her breath came in staggered bursts as she came back to her senses. “Oh damn!…” she managed, as she grabbed my wrist and wove her petite fingers over my knuckles, pushing me deeper inside.

The car ground to a sudden stop in a gravel drive way. Her garage door had started opening, but we were nowhere near the entrance. “You’re dead!” she grinned at me and pulled me in for a deep kiss. Her hands on either side of my neck, she worked her tongue around my mouth like she had discovered the fountain of youth between my lips.

She pulled back, looking me up and down one more time. Her approval came in a simple “Mmmm.” as she noticed the bulge in my pants. I was ready, had been ready since she placed those purple fingernails on my shoulder.

“You’re going in that house, and you’re going to get naked as fast as you can…ok?” Not a question really, but more of a command. I nodded. “Well, alright.” I swung my door open and glanced around. She laughed over her shoulder, as she popped the door open with a swing of her hip. She waved that single finger at me in a direct order as she slid inside the house “this way, now!”

I took a deep breath and followed her inside. Pulling my shoes and socks off, I sat on the arm of a plush loveseat. I peeled my shirt off, wet and sticking to my back from the nervous, aroused sweat that poured down my spine. She came into the den with a heavy step and a purpose. She was completely naked already. Sparkling stars tattooed across the ample curve of her breasts, and flowing script that read “Only God Can Judge Me” just below her neck line. Her breasts bounced and swayed to the motion of her hips as she approached. She had a target in sight, and she was on a mission to destroy.

The look in her eyes made me nervous and excited all at once. She slammed into me, grabbing the buckle of my belt and snapping it open. She had my pants open faster than I could safely count. She grabbed my aching cock in both of her hands, feeling out my dimensions with amusement and anticipation. “Honey, you’ll do JUST fine! Mama likes.” She planted a wet kiss on my face before crouching in front of me. Her tongue slid under the head of my penis and crept down the shaft. She grabbed with her right hand and gently stroked me, pulling me into her mouth. She was working my cock slowly, applying suction as she drew her head back, releasing when she pushed forward.

I dug my fingers into the fabric of the chair, afraid that I would burst in the back of her throat. She was paying more attention to her movement now, lightly swiveling her head when she had me pressing against the back of her throat. Those brilliant blue eyes looked up at me once again. She had a challenge in her gaze, “Try not to come, tough guy I dare you”.

She pulled me out of her mouth and smiled at me. “I know you like it honey. I can taste it.” She drew a finger across the clear, slick fluid on the head of my penis, and then placed the same finger in her mouth. She rose and walked backwards toward the open bedroom door. I glanced down at her pink toes, and noticed a tattoo of a cowboy boot, swirled in barbed wire. “Cowgirl up!” written in the same flowing script that decorated her chest.

“Oh, I’m dead…” Something about her manner Escort Tekirdağ and those naughty tattoos made my blood boil. She wanted me at my worst, and she was about to get it. I dropped my pants to the floor and chased after her. She shouted and ran ahead of me to the safety of her bed. She got to the corner when I grabbed hold of her elbow. With a firm thrust, I pinned her to the mattress, face down. I reached down and lifted one of her legs onto the bed, giving me a clear shot at the soaked and swollen pussy. She tried to rise up and turn her head towards me. That was answered with a firm shove, back into the comforter. I grabbed both of her wrists with my left hand, pinned them to the small of her back, just above her lovely round ass.

With my other hand, I grabbed my cock and pressed the head of it just inside of her pussy. I let her push back against me slightly, so she could feel the angles and shape of my body as it slid inside of her. She took an inch or two, but I held back. “Come on baby, come on…you got me pinned. Fuck me honey!”. Her voice was laced with desire and adrenaline.

“Don’t worry about that, I plan to fuck you senseless.” I grinned and pushed as fully as I could. Her pussy opened and engulfed me like a hungry beast. Her slick lips pressed at the base of my cock as she wiggled her ass into my lap.

I released her hands and grabbed her backside with both hands. I started slowly, guiding her over my penis and exploring the inside of her pussy with care. I wanted to feel every sensation she could offer me, the tightness at the opening of her vagina, that smooth and firm stretch of muscle in the center, leading to that tightened gathering of flesh just before her cervix. She turned to look at me, her mouth open and tongue darting over her lips. She was enjoying herself a great deal. “Oh shit!” She cried and flipped on her side, draping her calf on my shoulder. She opened her hips wide for me, pulling me inside of her as far as I could possibly go. “Damn baby, I can feel your pulse!” she spat in near disbelief. Staring down at the spot between her legs where I had invaded.

I took this as a clue, grabbing her ankle and holding her leg firm I drew back and slammed into her. Again, again and again. She gasped and dug her finger nails into my hips. Neither one of us could compose words by this point. We were breathing, solely for the energy to continue our frenzied pace. She was sopping wet at this point; the soft suckling noise came from her pussy as I attacked repeatedly. Her thighs slapped against my hips in a dirty rhythm. The veins in her neck bulged as she tried to scream. She was moaning in short bursts. Slapping her hands against my chest, then grabbing my hips.. “I’m…I…Ahhhhh…I’m gonna fucking explode! Don’t stop honey, don’t stop…Oh God don’t stop.”

It was getting tough for me to maintain. Her pert, pink nipples danced in front of me as she shook with each thrust. I felt my own climax building at the base of my penis; I wouldn’t be able to hold on for long. I closed and then opened my eyes. She was getting tense from the inside. I could feel her vagina grip, and spasm in waves. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes slammed shut.

Her scream came in broken bursts. Her hands darted over my forearms, grabbing my biceps and settling on my hips again.

I took a deep breath and waited for her to stop shaking. Her pussy was throbbing around my cock like the bass speakers at a rave. I leaned down and kissed her softly, brushed the hair from her sweaty face.

“Aren’t you going to come? Baby I want you to come too!”

I smiled at her, dragging a finger across her glossy lips. “I’m just stopping by sweetie, but I’m not done yet. You want a glass of water before we go again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32