Just Between Friends

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


“I’m not so sure I want to go this far…”

Amethyst raised an eyebrow, sat on the naked stallion’s lap with her legs wrapped around his thighs. The dappled grey horse tossed his head and nickered, the whites of his eyes showing around the blue cornflower irises. In a hotel room with friends – admittedly nude – Mugsaith should not have found himself so anxious, heartbeat racing to the gallop of imaginary hooves. Blinking down at the chestnut horse with her arms slung familiarly around his neck, body close enough to trap his cock, he slipped his paws from shoulder to waist, from hip to stomach, finding not a single place to settle.

He shook himself, skin twitching over muscle as his friend, a wolf sprawled up at the head of the king sized bed, snickered at his colt-ish behaviour. The horse’s ears flipped down, indecision battling with a want to know, if only from mere curiosity, a passing whim. He should not have been nervous – Solus would never let him hear the fecking end of it. After all, he was the one who had initiated their liaisons, convincing the red mare in turn to persuade the grey wolf, Solus, back to her hotel room that first time in the bar. Only the trio to find greater pleasures and for Mugs to end the night with his best friend’s – best straight friend’s – cock buried under his flagged tail.

The mare pressed her muzzle into the larger stallion’s neck, kissing down the arch to his collarbone. Despite his trepidation at what his friend had so wickedly suggested, he leaned into her touch, upper lip quivering as if to peel back and sift through the scents. His cock throbbed, drooling a string of pre cum and jerking to slap back against his own stomach in feral mind. Amethyst curled her paw around the length, finger and thumb barely meeting on either side, and stroked lightly down to the medial ring, keeping him worked up and shivering in anticipation. She would have him.

Solus flaked out with an arm flung behind his head, grey coat slashed through with black and white markings that seemed to have no rhyme or reason upon first glance. Upon closer inspection, however, his markings were perfectly symmetrical, as if a tattoo artist had gone to town on his fur. A blip in genetics, there would never be another wolf in the world with the same markings. On the other paw, his markings lead to some awkward situations when he would have preferred to move by unnoticed, finding himself too distinctive on a later date. That was mostly his fault for causing so much trouble with Mugs.

“You roped me in, didn’t you, Mugs?” Amethyst nipped his ear. “So why shouldn’t Solus here get a bit of a show too? You got to take his cocks into your tail hole, even while the poor pup was tied down.”

Solus’ ear twitched at the name but he slid his gaze away, choosing not to comment.

“That was different… I’m gay…” Mugs protested weakly, gaze imploring.

It didn’t matter if he was gay or not though – not when he had a paw teasing his cock. If he closed his eyes, he could not tell the difference between her touch and that of any other male. The mare had a firmer paw than most, not that he was complaining.

Amethyst chuckled and shook her head, easing behind the horse who hunched forward on the edge of the bed, muscles tenser than she had ever seen them. She rested her paw in the centre of his back and gently kneaded out the tension with the heel of her palm until his eyes closed and he swayed dozily. He would do as she wanted regardless of anything else, the submissive little colt that he was.

“Mugs…” She purred, creeping a paw around his shoulders and nuzzling into his mane. “Don’t you want to know what it’s like, pony? To be inside a mare? There’s a part of you that is curious, I’m sure. Very curious.”

He gulped and hung his muzzle down to his chest, shaking even as his cock throbbed, a globule of pre cum beading at the tip and oozing viscously down the length from mottle to mottle. Reaching around the horse’s stomach, Amethyst nibbled his neck and coaxed another drop of pre, and then another, from his needy shaft, paw squeezing and stroking in time to imagined, lusty thrusts. The stallion’s hips rocked up from the bed and he whickered, words a mumbled mess of language fumbling with every scrap of desire and doubt held in his heart.

Amethyst shot Solus a look and winked, arching her back to show off her rump, sleek and rounded after arduous hours spent in the gym. The work there, after all, only served to assist her ‘hip thrusts’. The mare’s lips twitched yet she held her pose, expression painted smooth as her eyes danced with mischief.

“Maybe I could even persuade sweet Solus to mount you while I take you inside me,” she suggested casino oyna with a wink, tail flicking up to show off her sex to the wolf. “Have a nice, thick wolf cock breeding your tail, a real stud to fuck you and show you who’s really on top when it comes to the two of you.”

His ears pricked up and he licked his muzzle with a long, pink tongue, her show having precisely the effect that she desired. His twin penises twitched, blood pulsing through the lengths, and he barked, pushing himself up on the palms of his paws with that lazy smile of his stretching his lips wide. Amethyst blew him a kiss, tail flicking back and forth like the pendulum of a clock. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… The night was passing. Tossing her mane back over her shoulders, Amethyst slipped a paw between her thighs, teasing her clitoris with just the very tip of her finger, hoof-nail painted stark black. Solus whimpered, nose twitching as he inhaled her scent, potent and heavy in the air.

Sometimes males were almost too easy to wrap around her little finger.

Fingers pressing into the front of his deltoid, Amethyst lay the horse back on the bed and drew his paws up over his head. Without request, for dominance came as easily to the wolf as it did to the mare, Solus grasped Mugs by the wrists and pinned them in place so that all the pony could do was squirm, locked in a vulnerable position with his goods on display. Amethyst blew Solus another kiss, taking note of how his eyes dropped to her breasts, nipples hardening into small nubs through her chestnut coat.

Swinging her leg over Mugs’ hips, Amethyst lowered her pussy to his shaft, dropped over his abdomen. If anything, his cock hardened at the restraint and he nickered as Amethyst reached back to stroke his balls, cupping and squeezing them in one paw. As she teased, she rubbed her pussy along his shaft, pushing over his medial ring and leaving the underside of the pink and grey shaft slick with her arousal. The stallion grunted and bucked, hooves scrabbling over the duvet as if struggling for purchase, though there was not enough free space for him to pull them up. Forced to let his calves and fetlocks dangle, Mugs blushed and moaned as Amethyst worked her magic. Sensation was sensation, no matter whether it came from a male or a female fur, or so he told himself in the privacy of his own mind. The paw on his balls squeezed and a tremor ran through his body, hooves flailing helplessly against the side of the bed.

The wolf stroked each of his shafts in turn, a low murr passing his lips as if he could not hold back his own devious pleasure at the show, rolling to the side for a better view and forgetting his place in holding Mugs’ wrists down. Amethyst spread her rump cheeks, fingers digging into the flesh of each as she showed off her dripping sex for the wolf’s viewing pleasure. Groaning, he panted heavily with an open-muzzle, pink tongue lolling out as if he was a feral wolf lusting after the newest bitch in the pack.

Amethyst dipped a finger into her sex and pushed it deep, whinnying as it re-emerged with a slick coating of arousal.

“Hey, Solus…” Amethyst leaned further forward, putting her weight on Mugs’ wrists to take the wolf’s place in restraining their shared partner for the evening. “Want a taste of a mare?”

He licked his lips and nodded, chest rising and falling quickly as he panted, leaning in to lap the juices from Amethyst’s finger. Tongue curling around the digit, he moaned softly at the taste, both sweet and tangy, and took the whole finger into his muzzle, a whimper trembling from his lips as his two cocks drooled pre cum. Amethyst grinned, pussy grinding and sliding with greater and greater ease over the horse’s shaft as he became a toy beneath the two of them.

Drawing back, Solus grumbled at the lack of further treats and looked up at Amethyst expectantly. She raised both eyebrows and slid her gaze down.

“There’s more where that came from, stud-wolf,” she crooned, inclining her head towards the shaft trapped between her pussy and Mugs’ abdomen. “All ready for you right down there, if you’ll only take the plunge and start licking.”

The wolf wrinkled his muzzle, lip curling back in distaste. Amethyst cupped his muzzle and dragged her fingers slowly through the different tones of his fur, down to his crotch. Once there, she pressed his cocks together and pawed both slowly, muddying his distaste with pleasure that was too good, too mind-encompassing, to ignore.

“Try it, wolf, you may even like it.” Amethyst leaned in to kiss his lips, ignoring the indignant huff beneath her as she moved her weight off Mugs’ cock. “Leave no taste of me on his cock and I’ll let you mount me, a cock in my tail hole and a cock in my pussy… Such different sensations together… Has a lady ever let you do that before?”

Solus’ eyes grew wide and the tip of his tail twitched into a wag, black hair a mess about his eager muzzle.

“Under your tail?” He probed, looking between Mugs’ cock, shiny with a mare’s slot oyna arousal, and her not-so-innocent smile. “No… No, no one has let me do that before. Only anal with one cock.”

That settled it: the mare had him good and proper. Snapping her fingers, Amethyst arched her back and knelt beside the horse, sneaking him a sly wink where Solus could not see. Snorting, Mugs shook his dark forelock out of his eyes.

“Then get down there and start licking, wolf-boy.”

Solus grumbled and lowered his muzzle quickly as if he could rush through the process and get to the main event more swiftly. He lapped up every drop of the mare’s essence from the rod of flesh, long, canine tongue flicking and curling around the side with ease to catch every single drop. Amethyst smirked, watching, and pumped her paw along each of his cocks in turn, permitting equal attention to each to keep his attention where she wanted it.

Beneath them, Mugs groaned and bucked, the feeling of his friend’s tongue on his cock pushing him closer to the edge from the act alone even as sensation came in hasty swipes of a tongue after a sweeter treat than his fat length. He nickered and shuddered, panting in short, sharp breaths, nostrils flared as orgasm threatened to overcome him.

Amethyst drew Solus back with a quick push to his shoulder, the wolf moving away a little too keenly for her liking, the taste of horse cock mixing with mare pussy in his muzzle. Mugs whinnied, cock half-flaring as he bobbed on the precipice of a climax denied.

“Ah-ah…” Amethyst waved a finger at Mugs as if he was a youngster caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing, too close for comfort to the cookie jar. “None of that. You’re not getting off right now. This isn’t for your pleasure, pony.”

She exchanged a look with Solus.

“It’s for ours.”

She took the wolf’s place over the horse and lifted his shaft with one paw, rubbing the head back and forth over the entrance of her sex, letting the flare die down enough for entry. Pushing down, for she was more than wet enough to take a needy stallion even with a half-formed flare, Amethyst snorted and flicked her ears back, grinding back until the flat head popped into her sex. She grunted, muscle quivering as she supported herself with her palms flat on his chest, tail flagged high to show Solus every inch of horse cock sliding deeper and deeper into her cunny.

Squirming, Mugs whinnied, muzzle screwed up as he wanted to pull away, to complain at the most unjust treatment she had subjected him to. It wasn’t meant to feel so good – she was a mare! A mare! A pussy did not feel like a tail hole, hot and tight, wet without lube. Every tremble of sensation was foreign to him, his first time with a mare bringing more insight that he could have thought possible.

“Feel that, pony?” Amethyst kissed his nose, lips brushing over his velvety snout. “That’s your first mare pussy.”

Mugs groaned, eyes closed. Though no one held his paws down anymore, he kept them obediently above his head, fingers curling into fists to anchor himself.

Sinking down to take the stallion’s full length into her pussy, cunt lips stretched around the fat girth, Amethyst’s breasts rose with every breath, dragging in lungful after lungful of air to sustain herself. It had been a while since she had had a horse that big in her! It did not take her long to adjust, relaxing in the moment, and hooked her hooves under Mugs’ knees. He barely had a second in which to react as she grabbed his shoulders and swung her hips heavily to the side, rolling them over towards the wolf closer to the pillows.

Yelping, Solus ducked out of the way as Amethyst flipped towards him, rolling over so that Mugs was on top of her, black tail quivering and lifted up from his tail hole. Solus watched it clench as Amethyst gripped his butt cheeks and spread them apart, not allowing the horse to hide from the eyes of his ever hesitant friend. Though “friends with benefits” would be a step too far, at this stage, she had an inkling that they would learn, sooner or later. The mare shot Solus a wink, made-up lashes starkly painted and curled up.

“Come on, Solus,” she teased. “Why so shy?”

The wolf huffed and turned his muzzle away, folding his arms across his chest like a petulant pup.

“I thought you said I was going to fuck you?” He demanded, ears slanted backwards.

“Afterwards…maybe…” She added the second word under her breath. “His tail hole will feel just as sweet as it did the first time, I promise. It’ll be just like taking a lady under the tail.” She winked. “But he’s more practiced. I’m sure he’ll clench and squeeze beautifully around both of your cocks.”

It was too much temptation for a wolf that had more than a lick of booze in his system, whisky a sweet aroma on his breath. But he would have done it regardless of the drink, the liquid confidence, or so he would later tell himself. Clambering up on to his knees behind Mugsaith, Solus blew a cocky kiss to the mare, running canlı casino siteleri his paw up her calf to her hoof and catching it as if to hold her and the stallion between them quiet in place. He held his cocks together with one paw, rubbing the tapered tips over Mugs’ tail hole. If he delved into the realm of imagination, that tight rosebud of a tail hole could be a mare’s winking pussy.

The wolf growled and licked his lips, putting weight behind his hips to push in with only saliva and pre cum to ease his path. It took more effort than expected to slide both members past the horse’s anal ring and, as Amethyst had promised, he was tighter than ever. But it was every inch as good as the first time, when he had been tied down for their wicked plot. Power rushed through his veins and the wolf snarled, short claws digging in to Mugs’ rump as he revelled in his whinnies. Now this…this was better. Much, much better!

Beneath him, Mugs grunted and bucked his hips, body conflicted between sensations. Should he push back or push down? As good as it was to have a cock under his tail, having his stallion-rod buried in a hot hole was almost as good, dual sensations overwhelming. His ears flicked as if to take in everything at once, teeth grinding hard enough to make his jaw ache. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all… He huffed, the need to cum rising with sudden unstoppable force. The stallion screwed up his muzzle, nose pushed into Amethyst’s neck as every muscle in his body tensed, the head of his cock swelling into its tell-tale flare and scraping through the mare’s pussy. A neigh built in his throat.

He was going to cum!

Amethyst snapped at him in a shockingly feral manner, teeth clicking together a fraction from his open muzzle.

“Don’t you dare cum, pony,” Amethyst hissed, snatching up a chunk of his mane and dragging his muzzle to his, her eyes blazing. “Or there’ll be hell to pay. The only time you get to cum, in this room, is when I god damn say so.”

She stared him down, waiting until he dropped his gaze, flare fading under the heat of her command.

“Yes, ma’am,” he muttered, nipping the inside of his lip as the wolf thrust into his with a groan that made his cock throb. “I won’t…ah…cum.”

“Good colt.”

She petted his mane, fingers curled around his biceps as she rolled her hips up to him, meeting his unintentional thrusts as Solus rocked him forward into the mare with his lustful actions.

Whining, Mugs locked out his arms, paws flat on the bed as he tried to think of anything besides what was happening to him, anything that would stop him feeling such a persistent need to cum. As if knowing what a predicament he was putting the horse in, Solus panted harshly in Mugs’ ear, body arching over the muscled colt, and stretched him out to what felt like past his limit, tail hole straining. Though he flinched and trembled, sweat darkening his dappled coat, not a flicker of pain shocked his body, tail hole readily stretching to accept every inch Solus had to offer. Maybe Amethyst had been right in her comment earlier. He was built to take the cocks of studs.

But only if he chose to take them, of course.

The stallion tossed his mane back off his neck, meeting the brown eyes of the mare beneath. Legs bent and pressed to his sides, she grinned and pulled his lips to hers, forcing him into a kiss that was right in the sensations but lacking a masculine tang to the embrace. Pounding into him, Solus made it so the horse did not even have to thrust, dragging his hips back in time with his thrusts to force him into a semblance of motion. Groaning, Mugs glanced back at the horse and trembled in place as he was forced to fuck and be brutally fucked, tail hole slurping up the very welcome intruder. Why hadn’t he convinced Sol’ to do this earlier?

Amethyst would not allow him to remain so prone, however, and dislodged Mugs’ paw from the bed to shove it between their bodies to tease her clitoris as she had shown him. He nickered, bumping his nose into hers as her eyes glazed over, breath coming in soft gasps as his fingers went to work. It didn’t take much to get her going – the whole situation made her want to grind on his thick cock and climax with an equine shriek of pleasure, a whinny blending into something far more feral and raw.

As the mare felt orgasm stalk her, acting as willing prey, Solus growled against the back of Mugs’ neck, muzzle buried in his mane. The wolf nipped at the arched equine neck, drawing a speck of pain with his sharp teeth, and reached down to squeeze his swelling knots. Maybe one day he would lock both of them inside Mugs’ tail hole, stretching him out further and feel him squeeze around his shafts as the horse could do nothing but cum with vulnerable abandon.

With the thought of the spurting horse in mind, Solus’ paw tightened around his knots, barely able to stretch his fingers far enough to catch both of them. He gritted his teeth together and snarled through clenched fangs as his cock throbbed, pulsing cum into a male’s depths, entirely of his own will. The wolf stifled a howl, briefly considerate of other hotel guests, and shuddered, hips flush to the horse’s rump as he seemed to ejaculate for an age, body beyond his control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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