Just Another Office Meeting

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I knew I wanted to fuck her the first time I saw her. Maybe not so roughly though. More like make love than fuck. She was drop-dead gorgeous. Long, dark brown hair, hazel eyes that change color in the sunlight, fit body, nice, perfectly-shaped small breasts. She was exactly my type. Her height and mine being only an inch apart, we were perfect for each other. Since the first time I saw her at the weekly office meeting, I knew I wanted her.

She was sitting cross-legged across from me now, her skirt just inches too long of revealing what I really wanted to see. God, her legs were beautiful too – toned and slim, smooth-shaven. Her left arm propped up her right as she held the end of a pen to her mouth, parting her lips ever so slightly as she focused on what our supervisor was saying. All of my focus was on her. I loved the way her blazer hugged her in all the right places, the breathtaking way she parted her knees as she uncrossed and recrossed her legs. Her name was Alex, she was the new intern, and I had to have her.

While not yet ready to change jobs, I’d been with this company long enough to get bored of my options for a good time, or lack thereof. Strictly speaking, I’m not much of sausage-eater. No. The real thrill for me is between the legs of a beautiful woman; that’s where the real flavor is. I’m not an easy give-away though, I’ve feigned a couple ex-boyfriends in the past to keep inter-office mingling on the down-low. I’m careful. All of my flings have been temps. That way things don’t get too complicated. We have a few laughs, a few great fucks, and then we move on. I’m not the type to get attached. I know I’m not bad-looking for 27; for a woman on her way to her thirties, I could still pass as a teenager. I still get carded for beer.

No lie. I’ve got a short pixie cut, 32C breasts, and a muscular-fit body that I work hard for through biking every weekend. Beylikdüzü Escort There isn’t anything wrong with me physically… except that I keep attracting men. And don’t get me wrong, while the boys are fun to mess around with from time to time, they’re really not for me. So usually around the time they’re getting comfortable enough to commit long-term, is about the time I let ’em know I’m a lady lover. It never ends well. After that last ugly break-up, I’ve decided no more messing around. It was time to get my shit together. But Alex. Oh my god, she was like no other intern before. I knew she would break my curse. I just had to get close enough to tell her.

I waited patiently for the meeting to end. “On my desk by Friday noon!” a gruff voice broke into my reverie. “Huh?” I replied.

“Jamie, I expect it to be on time this time,” my supervisor scolded before walking away exasperated. I was in no mood to worry about that now. I spotted Alex making her way to the restroom as the other women went back to their desks, I followed her in casually.

“So what’d you think of your first meeting?” I inquired, not actually caring about what she thought of the meeting at all.

She paused in the middle of re-applying her lipgloss, “Oh… it was… uh… it was a good experience,” she replied non-committedly. Smart girl.

I laughed, “You don’t have to bullshit me. I know it was worse than watching paint dry.” She gave a nervous laugh in response. I willed myself to continue, “But luckily, I was watching something much better,” I smiled mischievously. I watched as her face flushed. I held my breath, this would either go down well or it wouldn’t.

She cleared her throat and backed away a bit, slowly putting away her lipgloss, “I-I… ,” she stammered, “I… um… noticed you too,” she finally admitted as she reached for her bag and averted Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan my eye contact.

I immediately made a straight face and forced a serious tone, “Alex, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh… my… god… , it’s not like that,” she started, “I misspoke,” she tried to cover nervously.

I grinned playfully. “Just kidding,” I said and kissed her full on the lips, backing her into the counter behind her. Just as I’d imagined, her lips were so soft and sweet, and she kissed me right back. I felt her tongue beginning to play, tentative at first and pressed my body closer to encourage her. I felt her hand grab a fistful of my hair and that put me over the moon. With her arms around my neck, I lifted her easily onto the counter, in one quick motion. Her tongue was no longer shy, darting in and out of my mouth, expertly. It occurred to me that anyone could walk in to the restroom at any moment, but that made our rendezvous all the more exhilarating. I pushed back her blazer off of her shoulders and kissed her from her neck down to her cleavage. She sighed welcomely in response, urging me forward. Pulling of the rest of her blazer, she then begin to struggle with her shirt buttons down the front. My nimble fingers finished the work for her and released her perky breasts from her front-clasping bra. I began to rub her nipples lovingly, they responded immediately to my touch, and became hard little gems, perfect for sucking. I bent down and ran my tongue between her breasts, while still playing with her nipples. She moaned aloud. I then placed my mouth over her right nipple and sucked hard.

“Ahh… just fuck me already,” she cried out.

“Not yet,” I smirked. “I need to make sure you’re ready,” I said as I reached a hand under her mini-skirt and felt the radiating warmth Esenyurt Escort from between her legs. I ran my fingers over her panties, teasingly. She moaned again, this time her body writhing out in want. “I think you’re just about ready,” I said as I rubbed my fingers over her panties until a wet spot formed. I pressed a little harder with my fingers until I heard her breath catch. I kissed her again on the lips and scooted her body to the edge of the counter, pulling her panties down past her knees in another swift motion. I brought my lips down to her outer labia and blew lightly and gave her a quick flick of my tongue. Her thighs tensed up in response, and I began to kiss all along her left thigh, slowly. Until I got back to her center.

“Please, please… ,” she begged.

“Almost there,” I promised. I kissed her just between her legs and inserted my tongue into her warmth.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped. I could no longer respond, I was all in. My tongue moved all around inside her, enjoying every little surprise. I ran my tongue over and over her perfect little pearl of a clit and she tensed up again. I kept sucking and her juices kept flowing. She was so slick with excitement. Her breathing had become ragged. It was time. Careful to make a smooth switch, I slipped in two fingers just as my tongue exited and thrust inside her just as I kissed her, letting her taste herself. Her hips gyrated in motion with my thrusting and I kept coaxing and coaxing until I hit her g-spot. Faster, faster, faster… and then her body convulsed over and over again. She rose and fell against my fingers with the most appreciative moans. Her thrusting became more deliberate. Faster, faster. My fingers never let up and I felt her explode all around me as she orgasmed. As her motion slowed to twitch, and I felt her body grow limp from exhaustion and bliss, I pulled out my fingers and went back down to clean up what I’d started.

She smiled down at me as her breathing returned to normal. “Your turn,” she said as she pulled my face back up to hers.

I smiled back, a tingle of warmth already forming between my legs. I have a feeling her and I are going to really enjoy office meetings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32