Just a Key

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AUTHOR’S NOTE — This is the third, and final, instalment of the Just a Friend series. Again, it’s strongly advised that you read the first two parts, “Just a Friend” & “Just a Kink”, in order to follow the story. Both can be found in my profile.


With a heavy thud, the back of Jess’ head smacked against her bathroom door as she threw her head backwards and gasped for air. The considerable impact jolted her back to her senses as the latest in a tight cluster of orgasms started to pulse, then weaken, as she sat naked on her bathroom floor. Jess was seated in her now familiar position, leaning against the bathroom door as the bare cheeks of her ass rested on the cold tiles of her bathroom floor.

As the clock moved past 4:45 am, it was only a half-hour earlier that Jess had marched into her bathroom with the sole intention of satisfying the despicable visions which the kink had been tormenting her with. The ending of her steel web fantasy, playing on an endless loop in her mind…with the man she loved pumping ropes of his hot seed into Lana’s unprotected pussy. All while Lana’s sick taunt echoed in her mind, that she was going to take Mark…

At that precise moment, Jess had no idea how many orgasms she’d had. All she knew was that they kept coming, one after the other. Midway through, she’d managed to pull herself back up from lying on the cold floor to sit with her back against the bathroom door, but her legs had started to feel numb.

Jess’ skin was glistening from head to toe as she was soaked in sweat. With care, Jess tried to lift her numbed legs to stand to her feet. As she did, she felt the blood rush back to her lower limbs as the discomfort of pins and needles began to make itself known. She’d only just made it back to a standing position before she heard a text notification coming from the living room. As she gingerly made her way from the bathroom to her couch, Jess reached into her bag and retrieved her phone where she was greeted by a text from Lana. After everything she’d seen that night, and the way she was asked to go home alone, Jess could feel herself beginning to hold her breath as she walked towards the kitchen while staring at her phone.

She hesitated for a few moments as she spotted the remnants of the bottle of beer she’d left on the kitchen counter earlier, before opening the fridge door and fetching a cold replacement. Jess sat the phone down for a moment as she grabbed Mark’s bottle opener and swiftly removed the cap before taking a few gulps. The taste remained just as horrendous as half an hour ago, but the cold beer was at least refreshing as it tickled the back of her throat on the way down. Satisfied that she’d quenched her thirst, Jess swapped the cold bottle in her left hand for her phone and opened Lana’s message. As her eyes struggled to focus, she was instantly surprised at the length of the text message itself before noticing another clip was attached.



What a shame you had to leave, especially going home on your own. And what unfortunate timing…

If that silly taxi driver had just waited a little bit longer, you’d have seen Sophie finish her dance for Mark!

Now, I know that you only got home a little while ago and after everything you saw tonight…the last thing you’ll be doing is sleeping. So, don’t let me distract that filthy mind of yours with anymore of those harmless little ideas…

I just didn’t want you to worry about Sophie…it’s like we said…she’s a professional!

I mean…it’s not like the moment you closed the door behind you that things just spiralled completely out of control…Where she finally peeled those tight fucking jeans off…and gave your boyfriend one of the hottest kisses I’ve ever seen…

Could you imagine that though? Oh my God…that would have been so fucking hot…

Mark and I are snuggling in my big bed and Sophie’s having so much fun at our sleepover! She’s promised that she’ll be on her best behaviour. If Mark and I do anything naughty…she pinky-swore that she’ll cover her eyes with a pillow and look the other way…

She’s such a good friend, Jess…she always does exactly what I ask her to…

See for yourself…xx


Jess hadn’t even managed to finish the message before she felt the heat flare back between her legs. She pictured Lana uttering every word of the message in that faux innocent voice that she and Sophie had barraged her with earlier that night. Whatever vein Lana was tapping on with the wicked schoolgirl routine was working wonders on Jess as she struggled her way through the message. She knew what was going on, she saw Sophie kiss Mark through Lana’s window and saw for herself just how heated things had gotten on Lana’s couch.

For a second, Jess was again struck by something Sophie had said earlier in the cocktail bar, that everything that happened tonight was all about her. All about Jess. And Jess knew by now that Lana was far too slick, far too polished and far too experienced to make a mistake in one of her games. Jess knew that Lana wanted her to know exactly what was going on as she felt her eyes staring at bahis siteleri the jet-black thumbnail of the attached clip. Still perturbed by the fresh discovery of how her steel web fantasy finally ended, Jess tried to take a breath and work out what buttons Lana was trying to push with her message. Briefly, Jess calculated that if she just ignored the clip then she might start to turn the tide in the battle for her own mind. But the thought only survived in her own head for about three seconds before she felt herself cave and tap the thumbnail to load the clip.

Jess stood in her kitchen staring at her phone as the clip started to play. Instantly, Jess could see Lana was still handcuffed to Mark as she was clad in only her gorgeous white knee-high stockings, and was kneeling in the middle of her bed facing Mark. Jess was struck by the way he was looking at her, wide-eyed and with a warm, beaming smile. When Jess pulled herself away from Lana’s window almost an hour earlier, he still had his ripped blue jeans on, but he was now completely naked. And every bit of his straining erection was in full view of the camera. Lana stared back into Mark’s eyes for a few moments before leaning downwards and wrapping her soft, plump lips around the bulging head of his cock. She only held that position briefly before leaning backwards and gently took his hard dick in her right hand. Jess heard Lana giggling as she shuffled closer and guided Mark’s hardness directly between her stunning enhanced breasts, allowing Mark to slowly, but firmly, start fucking her incredible tits as they knelt in the middle of the bed.

As Lana’s hands pressed her breasts tightly around Mark’s cock, Jess couldn’t help but stare right at Sophie who was lying in the bed to the side of them. She was exactly as Lana had suggested in her text message. Still clad in her thrilling red lace bra and G-string, Sophie was lying on her side facing the camera with her back to Lana and Mark. There wasn’t a duvet cover in sight and Sophie had indeed placed a pillow over her head, but was very obviously, theatrically, ensuring that the camera could see her face.

Jess noted just how sneaky Sophie’s grin was as she saw her look directly into the camera, right at Jess, before groaning in that same wicked schoolgirl voice. “Oh my God…you guys! We promised Jess that this sleepover wouldn’t get out of hand…I’m going to have to cover my eyes all night if you start being…so fucking bad!” With a teasing giggle, Sophie slowly slid her right hand inside her tiny red G-string and started naughtily rubbing her clit while staring directly into the camera. She held her gaze for a brief moment before very deliberately looking over her shoulder at Mark, whose dick was starting to pump between Lana’s tits at a slightly faster pace.

Sophie eventually peeled her attention away from the two behind her and looked back into the camera. “Fuck, Jess…that big hard cock is right behind me…I’m so fucking close to it…” As Jess stood there, speechless, in her kitchen with her phone in her hand, she saw Sophie’s eyelids flutter as she slowly pulled her damp red G-string to the side and offered the camera a clear view of her bald, glistening pussy. Sophie wasted no time before she curled her middle finger and pushed her fingertip just inside her slick entrance. “I told you earlier, you’re going to have to be so fucking careful, Jess…All those little whispers…running circles in your mind…they just need the tiniest little nudge…and they’ll all come true…” As her finger pressed deeper inside herself, Sophie bit down on her bottom lip. “Oh my…fuck! All these risks you’re taking…so many fucking risks…it’s getting me so wet…why aren’t you being more careful…?”

Her loaded question barely had a chance to register with Jess before the clip suddenly changed. Jess felt her jaw start to hang wide as she saw Mark lying on his back on Lana’s bed. Sophie had dropped the naughty schoolgirl role play and lost her red lingerie along the way. She was straddling Mark’s lap with the full length of his hard dick buried inside her tight wet pussy. All Jess could hear once the clip had changed was the moans and groans Sophie was making as she was bouncing up and down on his stiff cock so hard and so fast. Mark couldn’t look up and see for himself as Lana was seductively riding his face, with both of his hands holding on for dear life to the tight cheeks of her ass. Jess could see the chain of their handcuffs dangling loosely as Mark’s tongue was slithering across Lana’s hard pink button, before darting inside her wet opening.

Jess felt herself start to walk from her kitchen on autopilot as she stared at the scene of pure lust held tightly in her left hand. As she made her way to her bedroom door, Sophie started calling out, frantically. “Lana…his dick is so fucking hard…oh fuck me! Fuck me! Just keep fucking me…fuck me…”

As soon as Jess sat on her own bed, Lana leaned forwards and took Sophie into a blazing kiss as the camera captured the wicked end of Lana and Mark’s first date. With a wriggle of her hips, Jess scurried backwards up her bed and tossed her duvet cover back, before canlı bahis siteleri climbing into the bed and resting her head on her soft pillow. Jess could have sworn that Sophie was about to explode with the sheer pace and energy she was riding Mark’s cock with, the same frenzy she showed on Lana’s couch as Jess had stolen a peek through the window an hour earlier.

As soon as she was in bed, Jess clutched the phone so tightly as her left hand dropped back between her legs and started grinding against her own throbbing clit. Sophie had only been riding Mark for a few seconds, but Jess’ attention was hijacked by Lana breaking the kiss, tossing her head back and groaning before calling out. “Oh yeah…oh my God…that’s it…oh fuck…” The sight, and filthy sound, of Lana erupting all over Mark’s face compelled Jess to thrust the same two fingers back inside her tight wet pussy, in precisely the same way as she’d been doing for the last half-hour in the bathroom.

With a jolt, the clip ended after almost a full minute and looped back to the start where Jess found herself staring at Sophie resuming her naughty sleepover role-play once again. As the clip played for a second time, there was something about the way Sophie had her back turned to them, with the pillow over her head, that made Jess start fucking herself harder. This time Jess knew exactly where the clip was heading and Jess licked her lips as Sophie teased the camera by pulling her G-string to the side and exposing that tantalising little pussy. As Jess’ fingers dragged herself so close to the brink, she heard Sophie taunt her about all the risks she’s been taking, before asking her why she isn’t being more careful.

As soon as Jess’ eyes closed, with her two fingers pumping so hard between her legs, Jess dropped the phone from her hand as her mental image of Sophie started to fragment before smashing to pieces. After a moment, Jess’ mind showed her the same scene she imagined earlier that night at Lana’s. All Jess could see was Lana lying in her bed under a sexy black bedsheet, with her eyes closed as she played with her wet pussy…thinking about Jess turning the key…

In her mind, Jess was staring directly down at Lana as if she were positioned on the ceiling. The sexy, black silk bedsheet clung to every one of Lana’s sensational curves as Jess could clearly see the seductress rubbing her fingers across her own hard clit. Time seemed to stand still as the same unseen force in Jess’ mind started to slowly pull the bedsheet down, inch by inch, until it reached the foot of the bed and Lana’s hypnotising figure was fully revealed. With her hand slowly teasing her slick pussy, Lana opened her eyes and looked straight up at Jess before curling her finger and beckoning her towards her. Immediately, Jess felt the unseen force snap her forwards, dramatically, violently, until she landed directly on top of Lana’s naked body, with her lips merely inches away from hers.

Jess braced herself for the fantasy to crumble, like everything else outside of the steel web had done, but this one started to calcify. Immediately, Jess realised that whatever this scene was…her kink was determined to show it to her. Just then, as Jess stared into Lana’s deep brown eyes, she felt the black silk bedsheet start to slowly make its way back up the bed as it started to cover her feet, then her ankles and then all the way up to her knees.

Lana leaned forward even closer until her lips almost brushed against Jess’, before purring. “You know, Sophie wasn’t lying earlier when she told you about this. Just how much I’ve been lying in this big bed…playing with my wet little pussy…thinking about you turning that key…” Softly, Lana giggled into Jess’ face as the bedsheet slowly rose and covered Jess’ bare ass before creeping up towards her waist. Just then, Lana lifted her right hand into Jess’ view and softly snapped her fingers.

Jess saw a brief flash of light before the fantasy remained, seemingly, unchanged. But just then, Jess noticed a delicate silver necklace had appeared around Lana’s neck. It had a thin silver chain that ran all the way down to her cleavage, with a small silver key resting between her heaving breasts. Lana’s right hand snaked up her body until she took the small key between her fingertips and slowly rotated it for Jess to appraise. There were two engravings, one on each side of the diminutive silver key. On one side it simply read “Jess” and the other read “Mark”.

Jess was positioned on all fours as she rested on top of Lana and started to pant as the significance of the key made itself painfully clear. All the while, Lana’s silk bedsheet crept further upwards until it was halfway up Jess’ back. Just looking at the key, with all the innuendo that Lana and Sophie had deliberately fed to her mind…straight to her kink…was making Jess breathless in her own fantasy. She tried to close her eyes, but Lana simply whispered into her ear. “You don’t have to do it alone, Jess…we can turn it together…”

Even trapped in her own fantasy, Jess expected to wince in disgust at the suggestion as the silk bedsheet finally made its way up to canlı bahis Jess’ shoulders and covered them both in Lana’s bed. But all Jess could do was move her hand up and take the silver key in her own fingertips, alongside Lana’s, before parting her lips and slipping her moist tongue directly into Lana’s mouth. As the black bedsheet rose above their heads, Jess gave Lana a long, slow, deep kiss as she positioned her dripping wet pussy directly against Lana’s and started to grind her hips.

Back in the reality of her own bedroom, Jess couldn’t make it any further in her fantasy before exploding as she kept pumping her fingers in and out of her desperate pussy throughout every second of the powerful orgasm. With no one else in the flat, Jess called out in equal parts horror and ecstasy. “Fuck…fuck! Fuck you, Jess…you’re fucking sick…you don’t want that…listen to me…I don’t…how could anyone fucking want that…?”

It was just after 5:00 am when Jess’ orgasm finally faded and all of the energy she had left had been completely expended. And so, after the most chaotic night of her young life, Jess passed out and fell fast asleep.

A few hours later, just after 11:00 am on Sunday morning, Jess was sat on her couch with her laptop balanced on her knee. As her left index finger slowly danced across her touchpad, Jess couldn’t stifle the latest in a long line of extended yawns which showcased exactly how exhausted she felt. She’d managed to get some sleep, but her dreams were lurid and filthy. So much of what had gone down the night before was being fed back to her by her subconscious as she slept. Jess was a captive audience for her kink to remind her, again and again, of all the things it compelled her to do to satisfy it…with the looming threat of so much more to come…

Jess had rested her bare feet on the living room table as she caught up on the morning’s news, while taking care not to spill the extraordinarily large mug of coffee she’d poured for herself. With her blonde hair tied back into a ponytail and clad in just a black t-shirt and matching leggings, Jess cursed herself for not trying to go back to sleep for at least another hour. Just as she bent down to take a further sip of the hot beverage, Jess was startled by the sound of the front door opening and the sight of Mark walking into the living room.

She moved the laptop from her lap and tried to jump to her feet, but her body was stiff and tired from her exertions, so the best Jess could manage was to stand up in instalments. Once she made it to her feet, however, Jess found the energy to scurry across the short distance towards Mark and wrap her arms around his chest in a powerful bearhug. Buoyed by the receptive sound of his laughter, Jess looked up into his eyes and held his gaze. “Oh, babe…my perfect boy…before you say anything, I just want to tell you…how thankful I am for everything you did for me…for us…last night. I love you so much…”

The surreal nature of the exchange, considering everything he’d done with Lana and Sophie only hours ago, left Mark with as wide a smile as he could muster in his exhausted state. After spending the night on a date with another woman, and everything that happened afterwards…here he was getting a loving hug from his girlfriend who watched him do so much of it in front of her face. The contrast to the week prior when he felt so much guilt was remarkable. Mark felt like he could do no wrong. “Jess…you know how much I love you. But last night, with you there…as you said, close enough to reach out and touch…it just amplified everything so much for me. We didn’t get to talk much last night, but…whenever I’d look across…the look on your face…babe, it looked like you were completely swept away.” As he felt Jess’ bearhug start to relax, Mark traced a fingertip against her cheek. “Just tell me though…did you get what you wanted from last night?”

Jess took half a step backwards before looking back into his eyes. “Listen, babe, I swear, you gave me even more than I could ever have imagined. Ever since that night we met her in the bar, I spent…so long…thinking about being there to see her kiss you…I’d think about it over and over and it would always light me on fire. But seeing it last night? Up close? Honestly, the way that little slut poured that water all across that tight fucking shirt…before pulling your lips in towards hers…it was so much more than I was prepared for. It was just…the virus in my mind…it loved every second of it, babe.”

Mark allowed himself a tired stretch to soothe his limbs but the discussion with Jess had his mind in overdrive. “I know you told me so much about what’s been going on in your mind last weekend, but when I met Lana last night, Jess…she made everything make sense. Do you remember last weekend when we were trying to understand just how she knows so much about what’s going on with you? Well, babe…she explained it to me in the bar before we came to the club, and everything she said lines up perfectly with what you’ve been telling me. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s more than just being perceptive, or streetwise…or intuitive. These games she plays, the situations she’s created…she just knows, babe…and she knows exactly what buttons to push…and just how hard she needs to push them…to bring that kink of yours out into the open…”

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